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Ame no Ryuubi chapter 14 . 2/27
still a good story hope you write the sequel soon also what happened to the trailer you had up for it? I remember reading it before but I cant find it anymore did you take it down or something?
Ryuus2 chapter 14 . 2/24
Rozalin: Author! Where is the sequel I was promised? I demand you fix this oversight at once!

Ryuus2: What The F*ck?! How the Hell did you get into my review?!

Rozalin: Hmpf. Overtaking this message is child's play for an overlord with my incredible power and immeasurable beauty.

Ryuus2: That answers neither of my questions adequately. Now get out!

Rozalin: Quiet, wretch! I am speaking! *Ahem* You, so called Blu Rose, promised me a sequel to properly convey the greatest depths of my power and ability, and have yet to so much as pen a single chapter. I demand recompense immediately! Else I will be forced to dirty my hand and show you the true power of my Rose Thorns!

Ryuus2: *sweatdrop*mutter* Okay, this is too crazy, even for me. *glares at Rozy* You've said your piece, now get out! *grabs her by the back of her dress and unceremoniously tosses her from the review*

Now that that's over with, back to the review I intended before I was so rudely interrupted. I-


For the love of Christ! What Now!?

Rozalin: How dare you manhandle me in such a disrespectful way! Learn your place! ROSE THORNS!

Ryuus2: Crap! Gotta go!

Keep up the great work!
BanefulWarrior chapter 14 . 1/26
I was kinda hoping that Naruto and Rozaline would kiss but meh, good story nonetheless
Guest chapter 15 . 11/24/2013
Read this fic again and its still great. As for the sequel, I think I read it already but it seems to have disappeared. The last chapter of this sequel that I read was where Naruto and his supposed baby Cashew took a stroll in the Forest of Death.
Wish there was the sequel again. Oh well nothing can be done now. Besides there's a only few good NarutoDisgaea stories these days and this is one of them, even though it is a old fic it still is good.
God of the Tsukuyomi chapter 8 . 8/4/2013
Sigh, I was kinda hoping that she would use Dark Liberation.
Guest chapter 15 . 12/25/2012
As I have said before I read alot and have been known to read several books of different series at the same time but when I started reading this just like with pokemon gray I ended up dropping everything so I could sooner find out what happens in both of these fics my advice is to keep writing stories like the ones that hit people hardest
azure grimoire chapter 15 . 10/8/2012
I have read this fanfic several times now, and i can honestly say that i really wish you would try to write the sequel. PLEASE, I AM BEGGING YOU!1!
BukkakeNoJutsu chapter 15 . 9/16/2012
Not bad. I wished that Naruto and Roz kissed in chapter 14 just like the ending of Disgaea 2.
dark lord king beelzemon chapter 15 . 8/15/2012
Taeniaea chapter 15 . 4/28/2012
cool story
Twilight-Lloyd chapter 1 . 11/20/2011
Down with the fourth wall.
14HaLfBeAsT14 chapter 15 . 7/30/2011
This is really good.. I hope you make the sequel some time soon.. You are definitely one of my faves..
GlassesCactus chapter 12 . 3/6/2011
This is a very good story so far but it seems like you have gotten some facts wrong. Bigstar is NOT Master Big Star's name. "Master Big Star" is literally his name. You can't take out the space or the Master part. They make a big deal out of this in the game. I'd also like to point out that Mao is 1578 years old and Almaz is actually 18. Sorry if that sounded rude,
Reishin Amara chapter 15 . 3/13/2010
deathsilver chapter 1 . 1/31/2010
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