Reviews for Three
Faye Dartmouth chapter 1 . 7/23/2007
There is so much to love about this piece. You capture the feeling of this season-Sam's doubt and Dean's depression-they were both such real factors this season in a way that made the boys almost OOC sometimes in the show. They were off because of circumstance.

I adore Sam testing himself here. And his way of doing it is strangely right-very creative of you to think up something like that. We do see holy water drinking as a test via Bobby and I can only imagine Sam taking that one to heart.

And I love Sam's psychosomatic response to the second drink-and Dean's subsequent freak out. Then they do it together, which is so perfect I could hug you.

Congrats on a fic well done!
Ster1 chapter 1 . 7/23/2007
very nicely done!
Phx chapter 1 . 7/23/2007
I am so miffed with the site! I just had a wonderful long review written and the site swallowed it up. Silly me didn't copy it before I hit submit and it got eaten!

I will try and remember... basically I wanted to say I think you did a wonderful job with Dean. I am tired of reading stories where the writers took Bobby's "Do you think so poorly of yourself..." (not exact words, lol) to mean that Dean had low self-esteem. When it is pretty obvious Dean doesn't. He thinks highly of himself, he just puts his brother and father first and values their lives more than his own. So it was refreshing to read a hurting Dean - cause you know it has to hurt him to see what his deal has done to Sam - without him being pathetic or weak. Because those are two things Dean Winchester is not!

And Sam. What can I say about Sammy? He has so much more put on him now than ever. I know everyone was 'Oh poor Dean' last season because of the secret John left with him, but Sam has always had just as much, just in different ways. And now this is the topper. If he can't find some way out for Dean, he WILL lose his brother in less than a year. And on top of that, Sam came back from the dead. He has to be terrified that he's changed. He wouldnt' be Sam if he wasn't. And he has justification for being so messed up. Look at how badly Dean dealt with his father's sacrfice for him last year, well this is even worse. Sam WAS dead. Not almost dead like Dean had been. But stone cold dead... that has to scare Sam on so many different levels.

Anyways, sorry for the book but I enjoyed seeing a tag for the end of season 2 that let Dean still do what he feels he does best - looking after Sammy.
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