Reviews for Imaginary Friends
HeraOfFrey6260 chapter 5 . 8/21/2016
omg I still love this fic no matter how many times I reread it it's still my all time fave D'8 yu are the best and I love you!

Happy Fanfic Writer Appreciation Day!
Convenient Alias chapter 8 . 8/18/2016
Literally so much drugging. Christine's definitely going to get addicted to opium. And Philippe's like, "Brother you cause me all the problems will you please stop running off by yourself and getting kidnapped I am worried about your wellbeing."
Guest chapter 14 . 9/16/2013
I know where this is going. Oh geez, I hate those managers! And Erik and Raoul are both morons!
elderwolves chapter 34 . 11/10/2012
I absolutely LOVE this story! It took a long time to finish, but I loved every second! One of the best stories I've read in a long time. You are an EXCEPTIONAL writer!
Mantinas chapter 34 . 10/22/2012
This was beautiful, a page turner in its way. Good day to you.
Keyklee chapter 34 . 10/8/2012
Oh, I think they cut it off. Or maybe I did something wrong/was too stupid to properly copy and paste. I'm sorry! I'll just repost the rest.

It's really sad, but I really loved Raoul sitting by the window waiting for Erik, and I especially loved Philippe being so protective of him and also kind of that he he got angry with Erik for hurting Raoul like this. And imaginary-Erik trying to cheer him up was kind of really sweet and funny too.

I really, really loved that last line, of Raoul saying how he's no longer a child and how Erik won't have to protect him from monsters anymore, and imaginary-Erik replying that he just might want to do that. That was really great, and I especially loved it as a (so far) final line from imaginary-Erik because it feels a little bit like he's giving Raoul a reassurance that he will always have someone to protect him from monsters (or Mme Girys, whatever comes first I guess). Which is just the sweetest and for my overinterpreting self all sorts of meaningful.

I kind of like that Philippe actually punched Erik. (although I didn't really think I'd ever say that.) I know he doesn't really deserve it, but just feels appropriate I guess looking at it from Philippe's POV. And it also serves as a pretty smooth send-off from him for this story.

And I actually really liked that Erik accepted it. I really love too that he actually went through this fight and inner turmoil before returning to them. It feels kind of right too that he didn't just immediately follow them. I really like that he went back once again to the Opera House and that it was there where he finally made up his mind about returning to Raoul.

Ooh I just... the ending is awesome. I love Erik trying really hard not to get too close to Raoul, and I love, love, love Raoul being Raoul and refusing him this very civilized way of reconciling and jumping onto him. And Erik then being unable to hold himself back. It's the sweetest thing ever. Ever.

Now. ….I don't know what to say now. I kind of wish this story was never ending. I ...usually I don't tend to be so sad about last chapters* (unless they are sad of course, but this one really isn't. It's kind of one of the happiest ever, because, besides Reluctantly Willing, it might just be the only long E/R fic I've ever read which had an ending, and this one is fluffier and ...happy-ending-ish-er than the one for Reluctantly Willing.), but for some reason, I'm really super sad that this is over. I think it's because it has so many great characters that I will miss.

I really loved all of the characters I think. From Philippe to imaginary-Erik to the managers and Carlotta. Also the special guest appearance by the butler.
I think I'll especially miss imaginary-Erik, I think that's really one of the main reasons why I'm so sad about the end of this story. He's just the best imaginary character ever. He had all the best sides of Erik plus the great side that would have come out if he actually would have had Raoul for so long.

And I really adore this backstory, it's such a great idea and I ...just really love it. I think the idea of Raoul and Erik having had each other as children/adolescents (just at all, any time more than what we get is wonderful) is the best thing ever. It makes you feel like Erik's life wasn't all that bad and also like Raoul was less ...Idk, lonely. I mean, I don't know if he was a lonely child but I always found it kind of ...noticable that he doesn't seem to have a lot of close friends and I think that's one of the reasons why I ship them so much because they really seem to be so much for each other, not just lovers but also best friends/companions/confidents etc. So yeah. I just love the idea of them having each other more than usually I think.

So, trying to finish this without blathering all too much more. I really want to thank you for this story, it's really wonderful and I love everything about it. And I'm really, really sorry for my reviews being the way they are and turning out the way they do no matter how hard I try. But I guess that... if I can only convey that I really love this story and that I'm really, really thankful that you wrote it and shared it, then that's the most important thing.

I'm so sorry for taking so long to review this, please forgive.

Thank you so, so much for this story!

*I just loathe reviewing them because I always feel like if there's one review that shouldn't be completely messed up and stupid, then it's the one for the last chapter. But then I write two phrases and already hate my review, but no matter how hard and often I try, it just doesn't get better. And I feel really bad about that, and am very sorry for it. Like... the Raoul kind of I'm sorry.
Keyklee chapter 34 . 10/8/2012
I've got to admit that I feel really, really bad for Mme Giry and the other two here. I mean, there are probably only very few things scarier than being chased by someone of whom you think that they want to kill you and your children. I feel really bad because she's starting to think that her children will die because of her, which I guess might be the worst kind of guilt imaginable. I think it's kind of great that she considers standing their ground (even though she eventually decides against it at first).

Even though Erik's being really cruel here (though sometimes I'm not sure if he's always aware of how cruel he's being at times. I kind of think that he knows, but ocassionally I start feeling like he might not really think much about those things.), I've got to admit (again, I think) that I kind of love those moments of him being all powerful and imposing. Like a Superhero. Or a Supervillain. He's even got the cape.

I really liked Mme Giry standing her ground there. And I really liked how she, even after she saw Erik falling into the lake, doesn't believe so easily that he's really dead. Although that also makes me feel bad for her, because now she still fears him coming after them.

I love Philippe's initial reaction to Erik's suggestion of staging another kidnapping. I really can't blame him for being against that though, poor guy has had to deal with enough kidnappings in his life. I've got to admit that I kind of love though how Raoul being all :D there just seems to piss him off more.

I really like that Raoul himself actually doesn't seem to care all that much about that kidnapping plan there but that he is mainly just concerned and thinking about Erik.

I loved how worried he was about Erik falling into the icy lake (and I mean, that seriously must have hurt really badly), and especially how Erik seems kind of unable to deal with people (especially Raoul) being worried about him. Oh, and Philippe giving him what in my head is kind of a „Are you stupid?“ look for not quite believing that Raoul could care about his well-being. (In my mind, Philippe tends to have a lot of really gif-worthy expressions throughout this story.)
Erik being tempted to ask Raoul to kiss his pain away is the sweetest thing ever. I really kind of love how he feels both, the sexual attraction to Raoul, but also that really sweet and kind of innocent desire and need towards him.

I really like how Philippe's trying (and suceeding) to work everything out and keep them focused so they can really leave this mess behind and start anew. He's got really great leadership qualities I think. Sometimes I feel like, when Erik is with/close to Raoul, he starts getting distracted and less ...focused on other (important) things or starts making less intelligent plans in order to stay longer with Raoul, so I think it's really great that Philippe is there now, keeping him focused and just generally being flawfree.

It's just dreadful how incredibly stubborn both Raoul and Erik are being about convincing themselves that the other one doesn't really want them/that they won't get an happy ending. Imaginary-Erik really has a tough job there.

I really liked getting a bit more of Mme Giry and her contemplations on the relationship between Raoul and the ghost and his possible intentions. It's a little sad that it seems like she can't really believe that Erik really cares for Raoul or that he's not necessarily as terrible as she thinks (given the circumstances). But I guess given everything she knows and has learnt about Erik (including his threats to kill both her and Christine) it's really understandable. But I'm glad that she at least seems to feel like/realize that somewhere in this story, there must be a mistake.

I love Erik being all anxious and insecure around Raoul. And I love how he feels a little helpless as to how he should act towards Raoul once this will all be over.

I loved that little conversation between Raoul and imaginary-Erik. It's kind of hilarious to me how both Raoul and Erik are super uncomfortable and uncertain and imaginary-Erik is totally chilled and conversational. I kind of had a „Well that figures.“ reaction when Raoul (upon imaginary-Erik's suggestion) actually apologized. Again. Actually, I'd bet you $10 (if I could) that he would have gotten there even if imaginary-Erik wouldn't have mentioned it. Even if he'd desperately tried to make him say/talk about anything else. Raoul would have ended apologizing. I rather appreciated Erik's fierce dismissal of Raoul possibly doing something wrong, though I feel bad for him thinking he frightened Raoul and fearing to get too close to him now.

Okay, so, I totally read the "Let's get you dressed and layered again," -line as „Let's get you dressed and laid again“. And, at first I was like „what does he mean with again?“ and then I was like „...nevermind, I'm here for that now.“ And then I realized that I misread and... well, while I guess that „getting layered“ could, with the right mind or simply the wrong grasp on the language, also mean something naughty, it really meant quite the opposite in this context.

I think it's really sweet that Erik actually wants to confess about the kiss, and that he generally seems like he wants to be really honest with Raoul. More often than not, I feel like Erik's fear of really being truthful prevents him from getting what he wants (like Raoul. Or also Christine.)

I love how they both get this moment here where they can start clearing up what has been so long burdening them (especially Raoul). It's still rather amazing how he still manages to keep thinking that Erik can't forgive him.

Although I hope that he'll overcome this soon, I've got to admit that I like Erik feeling somewhat helpless and powerless towards Raoul.

I'm actually glad right now that Mme Giry told Raoul about Erik's murders. I feel like Erik being torn between wanting to confess these things to Raoul and not daring to do it might have caused a whole lot of problems and conscience issues more, so I'm really kind of relieved that that's already out in the open. It's really sweet and sad how Erik is afraid of Raoul running from him and being disgusted with him now, and I kind of love how he insinctively blocks the door. Oh, and that he doesn't want to lie to Raoul about his motivations to make himself look better actually. I think that's a great sign of him really being honest towards Raoul.

I felt so bad for him when he realized how much time that they could have spent together was lost, and how afraid he seemed of confessing all his reasoning for not going after him to Raoul because he feared how revealing that might be.

I really loved Raoul there. He was super awesome. I love that he's willing to give up getting every piece of the puzzle for the sake of keeping their trust and bond.

I loved the scene with the mask. I really liked how Erik seemed to be getting back to his old stubborn and defiant self for that moment. I think I kind of like that it's still an issue for him. I mean, that's really sad of course, but at the same time I feel it would have been perhaps a little rushed if he'd immediately no longer cared about that. I do love that Raoul doesn't care about it though. I really like that he's keeping the mask as pledge. I think it's kind of nicely fitting in with the last time Raoul took Erik's mask and how it eventually made him go after him.

I'm not sure how to feel about Christine. I think I tend to not dislike her here because she's not really been doing much and was just kind of there, which is okay. And for the most part I feel bad for her. She's probably quite traumatized and I kind of hope that she doesn't really ever learn why Erik started and finally also stopped wanting her. I think I like Meg though, she seems really compassionate and just like she's trying to do the right thing.

I just love how imaginary-Erik is totally seeing through the whole holding back vs. giving in fight that Erik is having, while Raoul has absolutely no clue.

I love how Erik is holding on him a little too tightly. And I really liked that little chase actually, especially how it reminded Raoul of them running away from people who wanted to separate them for the first time. I really like those little repetitions of things from their past story.

I really liked Erik being tempted to just steal Raoul away (like he was back then). Altough, that's kind of what I meant earlier, when Philippe's not around and Erik's too close to Raoul, then he gets those other plans which really seem super tempting but in the long run not really very well planned. (also they exclude Philippe, so I disapprove.)

I really loved though how Erik seemed to be kind of put back into that situation years ago and instinctively tries to hold Raoul close when Philippe appears and gets a little desperate when he faces that Raoul will go with him. And I LOVE that Philippe seems to understand what Erik is going through right there. He has no flaws I swear.

I've got to admit that I also kind of liked him giving Raoul a bit of a hard time for having been kidnapped by Mme Giry, but I guess that, after all that Raoul has put him through (not on purpose and all, but still) he kind of … well, I think it's understandable.

I really liked how they finally resolved it all. Mainly that they finally resolved it all and that Mme Giry is no longer going to be (unintentionally) in the way. Perhaps I wish it might have been nice if Philippe would have been able to learn what exactly motivated her to do what she did so he wouldn't be angry with her because eventually I don't thinks she necessarily deserves that (at least not for a longer amount of time) as she really only meant well in the end. But oh well. I think I'm mainly glad that they really won't have any more misunderstandings in that regard.

It's really sad, but I really loved Raoul sitting by the window waiting for Erik, and I especially loved P
Grayanotoxin chapter 34 . 9/12/2012
Well, POTO fan fiction is turning out to be a wonderful mind-occupier at all hours of the night. Reading about a ghost who doesn't eat or sleep much. How appropriate. :) Because I apparently haven't done so already, I'm going to name off a few reasons I really liked this, in no particular order:

• Carlotta, in a huge (and, importantly, believable) twist of fate, taking up the temporarily vacant position of Opera Ghost. Irony abounds.
• Basically the entire backstory.
• Philippe not being fratricidal. The whole Philippe/Erik tag team thing is pretty nice as well. Talk about the revenge dream team.
• Along those lines, Erik breaks down a damn door, and Philippe just basically rolls his eyes, completely unsurprised. He's hit that point where the continuing absurdity of their entire situation doesn't even faze him. A band of murderous mariachi players could burst in, and he'd probably just sigh and casually run them through with this sword.
• Eating apples in a mausoleum was probably the sweetest part. No pun intended. Raoul literally needs a man to lick him seductively to realize something's up.
• Raoul is SUCH a damsel in distress, it's ridiculous. Erik has his work cut out for him.
• Imaginary Erik is so snarky- it's wonderful. God knows how clueless Raoul would be without voices in his head telling him to wise up. The story would have ended about 20 chapters sooner if Raoul wasn't so aloof.
• 199k words, and all we get is some cuddling and a one-sided kiss. You pretty much wrote the book on UST here. But you know what, it works.

You're right; a drinking game COULD be made for this. Drink once when someone feels guilty. Drink once when someone feels jealous. Drink once when someone loses consciousness. Drink twice when someone bleeds, gets sick, gets beaten, or is otherwise injured. Drink twice when Raoul is kidnapped. Finish your drink when someone dies. Alcohol poisoning ahoy!

As a side note, do Raoul and Erik look like any particular people in your mind? Because let's be honest- Gerard Butler came out of nowhere for the role in the movie. He's not a trained singer (though I actually prefer his gritty voice to the Broadway phantoms)…and he's really, really good looking. But who's complaining, right?

P.S. Looks like La Belle et La Bete isn't the only story gathering dust. Your sequel was last updated on my birthday. Almost three years ago. You're killing me. ;) LOL I'm joking- seriously, bless your heart for writing so much POTO slash for us when we're such a small audience. And we're not even paying you. You need a patron like Raoul.
paisleygirl chapter 34 . 9/9/2012
Wow...just WOW! This story was fantastic in every way. The premise of them meeting at the carnival and of Raoul's imaginary Erik are just Brilliant. BRILLIANT! As usual, Erik is Erik, and I love him no matter what...but Raoul here is so many things, wonderful things, but I wanted to slap him sometimes for being so thick. Also, Christine comes off pretty well in this story, and you preserved her innocence very well. Now, Carlotta! BRAVO for the treatment of her and the managers here...couldn't get enough of that! I know I'm rambling, but there is a lot to say about such a long involved story, and I didn't want to take the time to log in and review every chapter because, frankly, I was just too anxious to get to the next chapter.

I definitely warmed up to Philippe here, which wasn't easy after Unmasking the Chains, but I enjoyed your portrayal of him very much.

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this...and thank God I wasn't reading it back then and having to wait between updates. I think I would have gone crazy with wanting Raoul to remember.
Keyklee chapter 33 . 4/22/2012
I feel bad for Raoul having to expect a lecture now, but I can definitely see why Philippe considers it more than necessary. I think I feel actually worse for him at the moment, after everything he had to go through. And to be honest I think that in his place I would probably end up being even more angry than he is with Raoul (in the end it seems more like concern to me too.).

But waking up to seeing Raoul about to do again exactly the one big thing he's not supposed to do definitely seems like a good reason to give him a lecture.

I really loved their hug there though. And I especially liked how anxious Raoul grew when he learnt that Erik had helped Philippe searching for him. It's really getting time for him to have his doubts taken from him.

I thought it was really sweet that Philippe actually feels a little bad or at least doesn't really like to give Raoul a lecture.

I was really glad they discussed the kidnappings (and how to prevent further ones). I think it's somewhat important that they really got the opportunity to discuss them and I think it's really good that Raoul gets to look at what happened from Philippe's POV.

I can't help but love how Raoul is all embarassed and pouting like a child. He's just so cute. No wonder Philippe can't stay mad at him for long.

I got to say that, while sometimes I really felt like it would have been better for Raoul if he were different, if he were less trusting and didn't tend to always doubt that some people really are bad in many ways, I really think I wouldn't truly want him to be any different than he is.

I just love the relationship of the two of them. They're so cute together and they just have this amazing bond and share so much devotion and caring for one another. It's just so... Idk, it always makes me somehow really happy when they're together.

Philippe teasing Raoul about him escaping from three women was sweet, and it was so funny when imagining Raoul's embarassment. (I feel bad for laughing about it though.)

It's funny how different Raoul and Philippe see Raoul remembering as an indicator for knowing if Erik wants to stay with them. I'm sad Raoul still feels so guilty.

I'm genuinely relieved they finally get the opportunity to clear up all those confusions, especially also the one about Christine.

I feel really bad for Erik sitting in limbo like that, though I think it would have been too complicated if he were there as well when Philippe and Raoul discussed everything, and I guess Raoul probably wouldn't have been able or willing to say everything in front of him as he does in front of Philippe.

I've got to admit that, while I feel really bad for Erik being so worried now, I like that he regrets the bad things he's done. I mean... I don't know. I guess on one hand it's perhaps somewhat wrong that he only regrets them because he feels that they might keep him from Raoul and not because he genuinely has a bad conscience. But on the other hand I think it's really good that he does have regrets at all, and it's not (imo) like it's a really bad reason. I honestly think that if he'd never lost Raoul he wouldn't have done those things.

I really love how he wants to get to know Raoul more than anything. And I'm glad that he admits to himself all the things he wants them to be.

I really like that he's come to the conclusion that he wants to tell Philippe of what happened and of his plan, if only because it means that he finally trusts him somewhat and is grateful for Philippe treating him equal. I really want the two of them to have an amazing relationship too so badly.

I liked that it really was somewhat unintentional that Erik would hear them talking. I honestly can't blame him for listening I think. I think... I would have done it too.

It's so sweet how hearing Raoul's voice helps him so much to calm and relax.

I just love that whole scene, with Erik feeling all the relief of Raoul being well, with him being so happy to be close to him and especially with him getting determined to be and show that he was a better man than what he fears Raoul will think him to be.

I love that Raoul, when he speaks of Erik, actually mentions his artistic talents with all of the other things. I remember really liking that he noticed and appreciated Erik's talent and artwork when he was at his place. I think I really love that he seems to genuinely care about all the things that make Erik up, and how the bad things don't prevent him from seeing the good ones. But then he's Raoul, so what would one expect?

I love that Erik is so sure that Christine would have fallen for Raoul, I think that's kind of a nice twist on the canon. He's also really right, in the end it was really good that he made those demands of Raoul so that he eventually made up his fiancée and like that kept Christine away.

I love (damn, fourth paragraph that I'm starting like this, sorry! But I honestly love it all.) how Philippe seems to immediately get the whole confusion about Christine and if and who's actually in love with her. ...and that thankfully none of the people present is.

I totally adore that Raoul seems to be back to his old self.

OMG I loved Erik bringing down the door when Raoul tells Philippe about his belief to have ruined Erik's life and chances with Christine. It's so awesome. And I just... Idk, it's so funny, and sweet and while it was not really …smooth I still find it all sorts of awesome.

I also love how incredibly cool (that seems kind of too outdated a word to be appropriate here but I don't know how else to say it) Philippe is through all of that.

I love the scene of Philippe forcing them to have Erik carrying Raoul to the other room. I also think it really is perhaps the best punishment for Raoul disobeying him again and trying to get out of bed.

It's so amazing all around.

I really love how it gets more and more obvious that Raoul really is in the process of falling in love with Erik. It makes me so happy. Now if he just can get over that guilt then everything would be fine.

I'm really glad that imaginary-Erik is trying to help him sort out his feeling and especially his wishes regarding real Erik.

I do feel really bad for both of them though. Now they're close but so unsure and uncomfortable and afraid and just seem to have no idea how to get started, which seems really understandable too. And they both have so many regrets regarding another too. It really is kind of sad and you just want them to finally go ahead and let the other one know that nothing of it matters. So, thankfully matchmaker-Philippe is there.

I've got to admit though that, even though it's really sad and frustrating, in a way I like how they're tip-toeing around each other because it just seems so realistic and in a way also really relatable.

I loved this chapter, I love them finally getting together and in all the frustration I really love the way they're treating each other (or in Erik's and Raoul's case, stay away from doing so) and the way they think about another. I love those three characters so much, they're just awesome.

Thank you so very much!
Keyklee chapter 32 . 4/15/2012
I feel bad for Christine. That must be pretty shocking and really confusing too. I almost want to give her props for not fainting on the scene.

Somehow I had to laugh at the prospect at Mme Giry paying for Raoul. It makes me a little sad how certain she is that Erik definitely has no friends whatsoever. She also sounds so ...certain that that would never ever change.

I kind of love how she doesn't have a clue about Erik and Philippe teaming up, and although it's kind of sad too that she assumes Erik might have killed him, I do kind of love the irony in all of that, because if she learnt how things really are, she would have to really change her mind about Erik (and also seriously stop trying to steal Raoul).

Generally though, I feel kind of bad for how all of those things turnt out because basically I don't think that Mme Giry is really all that bad (I mean she does seem to have good intentions) and I feel like maybe, if she understood how things really are, that she might even have helped them perhaps. Or well, at least I think she might have left them alone. Maybe.

And I can definitely see how she (given what she thinks happened) resents Erik and considers him really dangerous now. Ah, I wish things just weren't all that complicated!

I kind of like a darker Erik (especially when the reason for it is him being protective of Raoul), although the imagination of him killing, or considering to kill, the three women is rather goosebumps inducing. I really liked the way his thoughts developed though because they really seemed in-character for him to me.

I really love how (and that) Erik actually hesitated at one point and that his resolve started to falter somewhat when he thought of what Philippe had told him and the possible consequences of him losing Raoul if he were to kill the women. On the other hand I think it really makes sense that when looking at it from his POV he would hate nothing more than constantly having to live with the fear of someone/Mme Giry coming and taking Raoul away from him again. I think after all he's been through that's more than understandable, poor guy.

I definitely feel bad for Christine here. Having to go from knowing Erik as her angel to realizing that he's the opera ghost to actually having to run from him because he wants to kill her would probably have me faint to be honest.

I also feel bad for her being jealous (in that regard it might perhaps be helpful (as in making it easier) that she starts viewing Erik as less of an angel and more of a dangerous man, although the two of them parting with her thinking he wants to kill her and him actually considering it makes me sad too.) But yeah, I feel really bad for her here.

Ooh yay for Philippe wanting to protect Erik. That's so awesome. I totally loved how he almost compared Erik to Raoul in regards to his behaviour. He'll never get a rest with the two of them. :)

I loved him comforting Raoul. I'm such a sucker for stuff like this.

I was really worried that Erik might not find them, I'm really glad he did.

I kind of like how he's angry with Philippe for disobeying his commands, though I guess perhaps underneath it all he's mainly just worried about the others catching up with them yet.

I can see how he would feel treated unfairly when Philippe seems suspicious and questions him about killing the women, though I think Philippe's concern in that regard are definitely understandable. And Erik doesn't really help make it easier for him either.

Although I really love it when they get on well, I've got to admit that I kind of love it too when Erik and Philippe are trying to indimidate and best each other.

I'm glad Erik finally gave in somewhat (definitely seems like an accomplishment for him), although it might be due mainly to him fearing that Raoul would side with Philippe.

I really loved that moment of him checking on Raoul, and of him wanting to prove himself as a man of his word (yay!).

I just hope Erik won't turn ill too now given how wet his clothes are.

I kind of loved how suspicious Erik reacted to Philippe asking him to leave to change his clothes. It's sad in a way, but I don't know, it was kind of cute somehow to me how he was all „And that's it? And you'll still be there? And you'll wait?“

I'm glad he eventually seems to trust Philippe enough to believe him (although I guess he's already considered all possibilities of how they might get away yet, and of how he might follow them in that case). I guess... well I guess both he and Philippe might just need some more time until they can really trust each other. And I don't think one can really blame either for staying somewhat suspicious towards the other one, especially because all their concerns eventually center around Raoul.

I had to laugh so much at imaginary-Erik declaring that he's always happy. I don't know, but that was killing me.

I love ethat Raoul actually wants to get up to see where he is (or rather if he can find Erik) and while I'm a little sad that he still thinks Erik wants to be with Christine, I like that he really doesn't want that to be true.

I've had to laugh at how serious Philippe is about keeping Raoul in bed, although, I mean, he has every reason to be. Raoul will never learn in that regard, I'm afraid. I love how cute Raoul is when getting caught.

I really loved this chapter. I'm so, so glad Philippe and Erik have Raoul back and that Erik and Raoul might finally get that really overdue talk and meeting. I also really hope Raoul will finally get healthy for good.

I really loved the interactions between Erik and Philippe. They're both so awesome.

Thank you very very much!

I'm sorry for taking so long again to review. I'm kind of... Idk, to be honest I'm getting a little sad if I think of how the story is almost over and though I'm really looking forward to finally reviewing it until the end, it somehow makes me sad too. Well that's stupid and makes no sense, I'm sorry!

Thank you again, and I really hope you're doing well!
Keyklee chapter 31 . 3/24/2012
I feel really bad for Philippe that he still carries all the memories and fears from back then with himself wherever he goes. I admittedly tend to forget how the whole experience must have been just as traumatizing as for Raoul. Well, in a way I guess that, if I think about it, it must have been even worse for him because unlike Raoul who wasn't really that afraid for that long (once he and Erik got together), Philippe was under complete stress and panic the entire time until Raoul was returned.

I feel bad for both of them (Philippe and Erik) for having to deal with the idea that they can't trust anyone or really on other people to /really/ help them. It's another reason to be glad that they have each other here. :) And I'm really glad, in spite of all the things that seem to work against them, they stay so firm and certain in their search for Raoul and their hope/certainness to find him.

Poor Raoul.:( I fear that with all the kidnapping(s) he's been through, he might just sooner or later grow paranoid and develop a persecution complex. DX

I really liked the way you wrote that part though, I thought it really rose the tension because you just kept on wondering if he was actually really getting delusional due to his sickness (and when he was telling Erik to be more quiet) or if he was indeed right and there really was someone following and trying to catch him (or if it was both). It just made it really thrilling and I was torn between „oh no, poor Raoul, he needs to rest!“ and wanting to yell „omg run Raoul run or they're gonna get you!“.

It's also kind of funny because... given that the worst thing that could happen was him being caught by one of the three women and taken back to where they stayed I was really on the edge of my seat (metaphorically speaking... I'm sure I would have been but I'm reading in my bed which makes being (or getting) on the edge more difficult in practice than when you're on a chair or something like that) during the whole scene like he was actually being hunted down by gigantic spiders or ...Idk... the scary child-eating monster from Pan's Labyrinth or the killer tomatoes (...I guess you get my drift). Basically I just mean to say that I think you wrote that scene really well.

I really loved the way you had him have this déjà-vu and re-experience the panic and the distress of the kidnapping and the escape from back then, mainly because Erik (and Philippe too) comes to save him here, which makes me like to think that it might on one hand ease his trauma and on the other soothe the bad conscience any of these three (Raoul, Erik and Philippe) might still have about what happened back then and how it eventually all played out. Though I guess that them saving him now might not necessarily really have to help in that regard. But it'd be nice if it would.

I really loved imaginary-Erik's argument about how Raoul can't refer to real-Erik as ghost because his brother doesn't call him vicomte either, and especially how you brought up again the thing with him being /an/ Erik and Raoul being /a/ Raoul, which was so cute.

Mme Giry... I know she's meaning well basically, but she's really kind of getting on my nerves there. I mean... I think she should have explaint to him her exact reasoning as to why she thinks he's in danger much earlier because it just seems really ...rude and impertinent how she's acting like she's got a right to dictate him where to go and what to do or what's best for him.

I feel really bad for him starting to remember his parents in that moment. That's terrible timing. :(

And also that he now starts to have an even worse conscience when he finds out that Erik killed someone to get his freedom.

I'm glad imaginary-Erik understands and sees through real-Erik's entire reasoning and motivation for escaping. (I mean... I guess he should understand it because he's Erik, but, you know... I'm glad he gets it and tells it Raoul because I doubt he'd make that connection, alone because he doesn't seem to dare to believe that he might have been that important to real-Erik.)

Raoul needs to stop being so hard on himself. :( It's like he's literally trying to find reasons why everything bad (even if it's not even real) that has ever happened to Christine and Erik is his fault. It's like he wants to punish himself by making him feel even more guilty.

I loved that moment of Raoul losing his patience and yelling at Mme Giry that Erik won't hurt him.

And I'm glad she finally gets that he's the boy from the portraits (although it unfortunately doesn't really change her opinion of the situation) and that he finally understands her actual original motivation for „saving“ him. (which doesn't really help him either but... I think I just like it when some of the confusion is being resolved or so.)

I loved Erik's entrance. I mean... DAMN. (he's probably taken lessons from the butler and Philippe in addition to his own talent for this kind of stuff.)

I felt bad for Christine here because I just realized how incredibly confusing and probably rather shocking this whole revelation must be for her. Though I fear that I (rather quickly) cast her and her problems aside again.

I love how Raoul (although still having a terribly bad conscious for thinking he betrayed him) instinctively knows that he's safe once Erik is there.

I loved their tender little moment together, with Raoul recognizing Erik and even saying his name (again)! That was so great and sweet. :)

In spite of Mme Giry being so annoying, I think she deserves props for being so brave and courageous towards Erik.

I've got to admit that I kind of loved how possessive Erik grew in that moment of Raoul.

I'm really glad Philippe came up too. I think I really like his attitude about the test Erik has to take, and how him killing or not killing the women will decide if he dares to allow him into their lives or not. And especially that he really hopes for the latter to happen. I love that he basically really wants Erik to join them, but also that he does have those concerns. It just seems really realistic like that I think.

I love the dramatic ending with the cliffhanger (I mean usually I hate cliffhangers but given that the story is finished they're not really as evil) and how Erik appears to come to the conclusion that he will have to kill them in order to be able to be with Raoul.

And his final line is so amazing.

That was such an awesome chapter! I'm so glad for them finally being reunited with Raoul.(in spite of the problems coming with it).

Thank you!

This review has turnt out to be much longer than I wanted, which I'm really sorry for. (Although I think if you skip the ridiculous amount of ramblings and the generally useless commentary that length-wise it'll actually only be somewhere in between really short and pretty much non-existant. Sorry again!)
Keyklee chapter 30 . 3/23/2012
I kind of like how imaginary-Erik seems all angry and irritated at the beginning. It feels like such an Erik-y way of dealing with his concerns and worries for Raoul (and I can totally see him as resenting Raoul for making him worry so much about him, although I guess that he might not be able to hold on for that anger for very long, because at one point he'll just be happy that Raoul is well after all.)

I feel really bad for Raoul feeling so guilty, especially because, with this really complicated and confusing situation he's in, and with Erik and Philippe being so far away, I think that it really would just not go away because he's so far away from the possibility of actually working things out and finally clearing everything up with Erik right now.

LOL Erik's reaction at Christine entering the room is hilarious. I feel kind of bad for her too, he doesn't really seem to give her a chance. (Not that I necessarily think it would make him change his mind about her though.)

It's sweet how Raoul really tries to be nice to her.

I really liked that little moment of imaginary-Erik suddenly becoming so earnest when he assures Raoul that he's always on his side. :)

It makes me feel really bad for him, but at the same time I'm kind of glad that Raoul seems to be jealous of Christine and the suspicions he has of her and real Erik, if only because that means and proves that he does have feelings for him too.

I love how imaginary-Erik seems genuinely shocked and almost affronted at the prospect of him and Christine getting together. He's so awesome.

I really like how Raoul's thoughts and feelings towards imaginary-Erik and his connection to real-Erik seem to have altered and now make him doubtful, and how, because he has started to really care for real Erik, Raoul fears now that he won't be caring for him at all, and that he will have completely different/much weaker feelings for him (or just none at all) than imaginary-Erik does. And that he even fears that real Erik might not even want to have anything do with him. Which is actually really sad, but I guess it only makes sense. He just really needs to get back to Erik so they can finally sort things out and clear up all those misunderstandings. No wonder Raoul keeps on getting worse.

I kind of love how imaginary-Erik sometimes goes like „Um... what are you doing?“. Idk It's just really funny in my head. I also really like how he sometimes can't help but give in to Raoul and his awkward reasonings/explanations.

I really like that Philippe appears to really have thought a lot about what Erik's obvious feelings for Raoul will mean for them. I like that he's done out of love and genuine caring and nothing else.

And I love how cool he is when handling that issue with Erik.

I love how Erik seems genuinely unsure if he really wants to harm Philippe, not just because of Raoul, but also because of Philippe himself.

I really loved all the thoughts Erik had about Raoul and them being together. I really love the way you wrote that, how he wants to have and be everything with and for Raoul. That's just so great and for the sake of sounding painfully cheesy, really beautiful I think. (I also like that, while Erik tends to get a little... melodramatic when it comes to the possessiveness part, in this verse he doesn't really seem like it could really get that far or bad that it would make him hurt Raoul in the process. And I really like how he's cool with Philippe staying in the picture too.)

I have to admit though that I do kind of like how Erik gets kind of Phantom-y there at the end with his refusal to ever leave Raoul and his conviction that he would be able to fix whatever problems might arise even if it means rope action. Though I also really like that Philippe on the other hand makes his own standpoint in that regard clear to him.

:( Poor Raoul. Poor driver!

Ooh I LOVE that they're back in the same town again! That is so awesome, I love stuff like that. So much greatness all around this chapter!

Thank you!
Keyklee chapter 29 . 3/11/2012
I feel kind of bad for Andre. He comes across like someone who's basically a nice guy and wouldn't really hurt other people on his own and just kind of got caught in all of this.

I loved the addition of the „scrap metal“ line, I thought it was really funny that even in this situation Andre would still persist on the proper term.

Oh, I feel so bad for Erik (and for Philippe). After all they've been through and given how much and how hard they had to fight, with Raoul gone it seems more than just in vain.

I'm really glad that Philippe still, in spite of all that, seems to be able to stay somewhat calm and think. That really seems to be a strength of his. And I love how much he trusts Raoul.

I really love that Erik is more concerned about Raoul than about getting his vengeance towards the comtes and the others. If I think of his usual way of thinking or just the way his priorities generally appear to be lined up, that's really awesome. (though I guess by this point there's not really any need to question his feelings for Raoul or how strong they are anymore.)

I'm really he's actually trying to stay calm and think too instead of just running off to look for Raoul without having any plan or idea. And I love that he actually wants to involve Philippe (although they might still get into quarrels). I thought that was really... nice about Philippe worrying for his health and how surprised Erik was about it.

And YAY for the butler's cameo. How cool is that guy? He really needs to randomly pop in more often.

I actually kind of like how Erik is still so easily annoyed by having to explain things /he/ considers obvious to other people (I feel like it's a trait he might never truly lose, but I kind of like it because it's somehow really funny to me.), but that he notices how Philippe actually doesn't really annoy him all that much and how he attributes it to him being a de Chagny.

I'm really, really, really glad they're on the right track with Mme Giry!

Poor Raoul. :( I hate how he blames himself so much for everything bad that happened. (though it seems so typical for him to put other peoples' happiness (or what he believes it to be) above his own.)

I'm really glad he has imaginary-Erik here, because I feel like, if he was completely on his own with his thoughts, he would really go mad. And given how ill he is I'm really getting worried for him.

I'm really glad that Erik on the other hand at least does have Philippe to help him let out his frustrations. I think that definitely helps to keep him sane and rational too. (and I think it's a good way/possibility of bonding, which is perhaps the one good thing about the whole situation, because I have the impression that Erik would otherwise be rather reluctant to trust or share his feelings/thoughts with someone else if the situation didn't almost make it vital.)

I think in that regard it's kind of a good thing that these two have some time to spend together so they can actually really start out finally. I think it's really good that they can do this now, before things will get even more complicated, and especially because it would hopefully prevent Erik from kidnapping Raoul again.

I love that Philippe is so direct and honest with Erik, especially also him thanking Erik for taking care and returning Raoul, and how it seriously takes Erik aback to be thanked.

But oh, poor Erik! That's a mean cliffhanger! Though I guess in a way Philippe really does have every right or at least every reason to question Erik about his intentions, especially given that he might be helping him realize them. Though I do feel a little bad for Erik here.

Awesome chapter!

Thank you!
Keyklee chapter 28 . 1/21/2012
Aww, the flashback was so bittersweet to read. It just makes you remember again how cruelly they were torn apart and how long they were without each other, and that's just so sad.

I love little Raoul so much. He's ridiculously adorable.

I really love how effortlessly the beginning takes the story (and the reader) back to this place where they first met. There's no awkwardness or anything. It just makes me realize that I really missed those interactions between them, and that it's getting time for Erik and Raoul to get back together again (and to stay like that).

Raoul clinging to Erik so fiercely is so sweet and sad. I really love the way you worked in adult Raoul's state of being and feelings of loss and missing Erik, and especially this feeling that little Raoul has, as if he already seems to subconsciously know that they will be parted, like adult Raoul eventually does.

And I love how Erik feels bad for making Raoul feel like he'll betray him and not keep his promise, and the part where he tells Raoul that he'll always stay with him in one way or another, because it fits so perfectly with the existence of imaginary-Erik.

Their whole interaction is just so awesome. I love Raoul checking Erik's wounds and kissing his bruises, it's so precious. And I love Erik brushing Raoul's tears away and holding him on his lap.

I love how Erik is jealous of Philippe. I mean, it's really sad actually that he feels like that, but at the same time it seems so logical that he would be jealous of him. I love the way Raoul tells of Philippe and how his admiration and love for him shines through. One of my favourite parts was how Erik made a mental note to learn and teach himself every single accomplishment and talent of Philippe that Raoul named. I think I love it so much because, well, first of all it's adorable, but I like it especially because it works out so well with the canon I think, with Erik having (in the ALW version) this really great handwriting, that he has apparently learnt how to swordfight and especially that he taught himself to make and throw all these voices, and more than anything that he worked so hard on his singing or simply that with Raoul, he grew aware of that talent he has. It just works out perfectly.

I love the idea of Philippe helping and tutoring Raoul.

I also always feel a little like Philippe and Erik are actually really somewhat similar, and this makes it all the more logical.

Aw, I felt so bad for Raoul waking up suddenly having to face the realization and all the memories of who Erik really is and of what truly happened, especially also given that he already isn't really doing well to begin with and now he's all the more confused with the situation he is in.

Ugh, I feel so badly for him feeling so guilty and blaming himself for literally everything that happened (even the fire and Christine's future or what Erik had planned there). The thought of little Raoul praying for Erik not to be taken to prison with the monsters and waiting every day for him with him never coming is so freaking sad. :( It really makes one kind of glad that Raoul actually did forget about all this, because the idea of him living with the guilt of thinking he ruined everything and might be the cause for Erik's death or pain is way too painful to think about it. It would have messed him up so badly.

I feel really bad for imaginary-Erik too here, for trying so desperately to make Raoul understand that nothing was his fault and how Raoul just seems to get deeper and deeper into that belief.

Ah, that's such a mess! Raoul has all those terrible things and thoughts coming over him and his health being in a terrible state, and he's kidnapped by Mme Giry and the other two. I feel so badly for him because I feel like he has neither the time, nor the energy or really the support to deal with all these things. Erik and Philippe need to get to him as soon as possible before he'll get even worse than he is now!

That was an awesome chapter! Thank you! (and I'm sorry for taking so long to get back to reviewing this story, I actually forgot that I still have to do that, I'm sorry!)
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