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jcampbellohten chapter 2 . 9/22/2017
Okay, there's a lot that's way off from canon, which judging from the posting dates is because this was written before that canon happened. Unfortunately, I can't look past it to continue reading. There was also the matter of using a lot of words to say something simple in an attempt at purple prose, like when Arturia blushed over mention of falling in love.
jcampbellohten chapter 1 . 9/22/2017
What does he mean, "Who would have thought Rider would be Medusa?" The organization of angels ought to have always known that, because Algernon must exist outside of time if Mio retrieved Arturia in her time yet they know about the HGW and the other servants are there. Also, it's not a stupid slip-up to call her Arturia because he could have just gotten her true name from the file they obviously have on her.
Guest chapter 16 . 7/9/2017
So, in this story Archer never was a counter guardian under Alayas contract? An investing take on the storyline.
Guest chapter 2 . 4/19/2017
You lost me at angels. Maybe it's just me, but when ever you get someone trying to reimagine a Character by adding wings it just stinks of a nerd with a sephiroth fetish. Pass.
chibi313 chapter 1 . 7/14/2015
...well this sounds pretty interesting owo
epiclink8480 chapter 23 . 3/6/2014
I love how the author seamlessly blends his own creation into the fate stay night world. I (being a typical girl) was very upset when shiro lost saber in the anime. You have saved their relationship and made it even better. I would like to congradulate the author for making such a humorous, love-filled yet awesomely action packed story. Five stars! You are now my favourite author. If only i could get this in book form...
0Amethyst0 chapter 18 . 7/30/2012
." saber alter in the story? unbelievable! but have you played fate/unlimited codes
DeathIsABishi chapter 6 . 10/1/2011
This story is actually turning out quite nice. I found the moment in this chapter were everyone went to the door to listen in on Tiaga and Shirou absolutely gut busting. I couldn't get the image out of my head of everyone draining their drinks and using the cups , leaping across the room, making thunkthunkthunk noises as they slapped up against the door, trying to listen in.
Belthasar chapter 1 . 6/9/2011
Medusa not being able to turn people to stone? You clearly haven't read the visual novel...
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 42 . 2/28/2011
Well, and so I finish reading my first Fate/Stay Night fic. Great job with this. I would've liked to see a little bit more in the epilogue about the other characters, but this is fine too. Overall, I really liked the bonds of the characters throughout the story and how the develop with each other. The battle with the grail felt a little rushed, but it wasn't bad. Forcing the heroes to be heroes without their noble phantasms was a nice touch. Anyways, great work, once again. Thank you for sharing this with us.
MissUzumakiHinata chapter 42 . 7/25/2010
Brilliant fiction which I could easily see being the direct sequel to Fate/Stay Night, I believe you handled characterization and pairings beautifully, not too much romance which is a good thing whilst you managed to get a good balance of romance, action and plot, I especially loved your OC's amongst the story specifically Gallium, who i won't lie about this, I cried twice about his sacrifice, I don't know why it's just It really hit me, especially when he said it was an honour to be Shirou/Archers Guardian Angel, usually its the one who is being saved that says its an honour to have known them, but in this case it was opposite and it just made me cry, I cried in the following chapter when he appeared in the void during teleportation knowing that he was happy, or at least wasn't being haunted by all the tragedies and deaths that he had beared with throughout his life.

Gallium was a brilliant character and really fit in with the cast, and it saddened me when you sacrificed him for Shirou and Archer, I was also kind of expecting his death after you revealed all his past and how he made Kat stay behind as he faced Lucifer alone, I was thinking he was gonna die in battle with Lucifer, but I was wrong yet at the same time at least I predicted his death.

I am wondering though, and I hope you can message me with an answer, Is he actually still alive? since I presume it was him who gave Einzheimer to Archer right at the end of chapter 41 and the angel or being that Rei was speaking too was in fact him, but the sword wipes out ones existence which makes me unsure what happened to him, and since it seems that you are not making a sequel (which is upsetting but I'll live) I'd like to know please?

What happened to Assassin and Rider at the end since they weren't present in the epilogue so I was curious about them.

I liked how you incorporated new ideas into this fiction, like tracing being divine, and you expansion on the horrors of the 4th Holy Grail war, I enjoyed some of the villains too.

All in all this is probably the best Fate/Stay Night fanfiction on this site, though the summary of the fiction doesn't fit until the end when you find out everything, and I am honestly surprised that this fiction hasn't had as much reviews as I expected, and I mean this when I say it, you are a fantastic author, since I also read your Tales of Vesperia Black Brigade, giving you the insanely long review at the end of it, and when I realized it was Infact you who wrote this fiction I was already preparing for an epic story and I wasn’t disappointed, the only thing that has disappointed me is there is no SEQUEL to this fiction, which isn’t related to the story telling in this fiction, I enjoyed every moment of this reading experience like I did with Black Brigade.

So finally I would like to complement you on the brilliant job you did with this fiction and hope to see more of your fantastic writing in the future, lastly I would like to ask if you can answer the questions I have already asked, mainly on Gallium since I was really torn by that part and want to know the full story.

So this is it the end of another story, three days of reading well spent I say.

-Fate xxx
ShadowFlame1 chapter 42 . 4/21/2010
This is by far the most mature F/SN fanfiction I've ever read. I can't express my emotions after reading this. It's just... superb.
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 4 . 2/15/2010
Wow, most of the servants are back. I was kinda confused while reading this, since I wasn't sure if you were renaming some of the servants to conceal their identities for later or not. I figure you're not now, since most of them were revealed to be angels anyway. Well, back to reading
Ancestor's Dragon chapter 3 . 2/15/2010
Aw, that was cute. Nice to see these two happy after the sad endings in the series. Well, good job so far. I'll continue reading then.
Dudtheman chapter 31 . 1/15/2010
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