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Carolyn chapter 1 . 7/8/2022
Would love to read this again but noticed that it is still unfinished so will refrain from doing so. Hope you are able to complete it soon.
bev chapter 22 . 5/23/2021
Hi have enjoyed this story up to this point, however I can say had I noticed it didn't say complete I never would have started it. I am sure you can agree there is nothing worse then getting into a story and then bam it leaves you hanging as it is not complete. Please excuse me for saying I am disapointed if there is a very good reason for not finishing, perhaps you became ill, or a loved one, that I can understand, however if you have just left it, or finished it and decided not to post due to someone;s comments or the like well. I am saddened for those of us that would loved to read more.
If you have finished and just not posted,I would love to get the copy of the story so I can read it please. I am have a look at your other stories, however will so with caution as I do not want to fall into the same trap again. You have a well written story here, and I hate to think that you just left it.
Chrischime chapter 22 . 10/4/2020
Very well done story. You handled some very difficult topics with sensitivity and realism. Thanks for sharing.
Queen Jewell chapter 22 . 12/24/2016
Hi Molly, Con This is such an amazing story I've never read such an excellent story. It has everything angst, hurt/comfort. joy, sadness I could go on and on. I'm so happy Harlan was put in his place he is such a bastard just like Johnny said. I wanted to strangle Harlan for wanting to take Scott back to Boston and lock his grandson away because he thought of Scott as an embarrassment being a cripple. Oh and poor Johnny having to deal with guilt. I'm glad Scotts excepting his disability. The way you have written this very hard to write subject is done so beautifully. Love how you have all the Lancers equally in it. I also want to say that I hope and pray that someday you gals will continue this AWESOME story and that this is by far one of the best if not the best Lancer stories I have ever had the extreme pleasure to read.
JMCP chapter 22 . 11/25/2014
Please, please continue this! It is really too good not to!
Charity62 chapter 22 . 11/3/2014
I enjoyed reading all of the chapters, you have written so far. I hope you will be able to finish writing the rest of this story. I would like to find out how Scott does when he goes to town on Saturday night. And find out how the talk between Scott and Cara turn out.
Heather Mallard chapter 22 . 8/1/2014
It is a great pity that this excellent story remains unfinished...2007 is a long time ago now and I very much doubt if this will ever be finished...not now. I know real life events can come into play but...its one of the reasons I do not post a story until it is complete...(yeah I write fan-fiction myself) I know only to well that writers can get fed up, loose the will or the desire to continue for one reason or another. This seems to have happened here but I can tell you this, it is damned frustrating for the reader who had invested their own time into reading 22 chapters! I don't mean to lecture but this has happened to me before and from now on I am not reading any story incomplete or unfinished. It is just far to annoying to say the least. Excellent story but we will never know if Scott will marry Cara...and if Tom will manage to escort Scott into town without mishap...and that's very sad.
Heather Mallard chapter 22 . 7/31/2014
Type your review for this chapter here...Do you think you will ever finish wants finishing...such a lovely story...dark in places, fun in places...heart wrenching in others. I truly pray that you will endeavour to finish this, for as much yourself as for your readers...take care ... I wanna know what happened Saturday ...and I am sure I am not the only one but 2007 is a long time ago now...gosh is 7 years ago...So come on now don't you all think we've all waited long enough to find out? Please finish this story...PLEASE.
Heather Mallard chapter 20 . 7/31/2014
Yay this was the best chapter last Murdoch tells it like it is...and claims his son...sons... I loved this...well written was high time that Murdoch stood firmly with his sons against Harlan. Honestly this chapter made me feel so good for all of the Lancers...and I thank you for it. So many unsaid things finally getting said...well done you...truly. I don't normally start a story that is not finished because it seems like a waste of time but this one was and is so well written it grabbed me and pulled me in. So despite that fact that it isn't finished I read on...once again thank you so very much for this wonderful chapter...Lots of love Heather
JMSL chapter 22 . 5/2/2014
Is this finished? It's very good and I hope there will be more of Scott and Cara?
LEA chapter 1 . 9/12/2012
I cannot tell you how many times I have read this fantastic story. It is exceptionally well written again with the attention to detail second to none. Absolutely love it and is one of my all time favourites. I know RL must have impactted but I hope the author gets to read the latest reviews and hope more than anything that the story may be completed in the not too distant future. All I can do is live in hope but grateful thanks so far, LEA
Antiga chapter 22 . 7/23/2012
I hope you could be back and finish the story very soon. Thanks a million, by the way.
Sun Rising chapter 22 . 6/23/2012
Initially it was rather difficult to get into the story but after the first couple of chapters were read...I was hooked.

This isn't just a review of chapter 22 but the whole story which, after reading each additional chapter I was hooked.

Upon reaching chapter 22 and seeing the TBC then looking at the date of submission I am quite horrified that the story is unfinished. Please forgive me for my harshness but truthfully I'm really frightened that there will not be a finish for this wonderful story.

ALL I CAN SAY IS, PLEASE GIVE US A CONCLUSION TO THIS WONDERFUL STORY! Please don't let us have done a wonderful job thus far...hopefully this is taken as a compliment.

I sincerely hope that we will see a conclusion and that somehow I have been able to push you into finishing this wonderful work.

PJ in PA
sherry57 chapter 22 . 4/20/2012
I just discovered this story recently and have devoured it with great enjoyment. I presume seeing the date of the last update that it will not get copmpleted but I want to thank you for all the chapters you posted and let you know how much I liked it.

If one day you could see your way to finishing it that would be great but if not, thanks for the chapters you did write.

I have just quite recently rediscovered Lancer...a series I fell in love with at a young age. The years may have passed but with stories like this, the characters remain as young and living as ever. Thank goodness for fanfic!
lea chapter 22 . 3/19/2011
I am relatively new to the fan fiction only finding these stories 2 months ago and recalling Lancer. I absolutely adored and still do the character of scott lancer and any story where he is the main topic especially with angst thrown in is eagerly anticipated. This rates as one of the best stories and I note it is quite old but would hope that there would be a sequel with the typical angst and then feelgood ending. Great writing and I would hope this excellent author will continue to submit
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