Reviews for Butter Tarts
Depopulating chapter 1 . 7/24/2007
...lmao. I used the 'senseless' bit in the last review. XD And Tsukidora LOVES her Ameita to death as well.


... do NOT know how happy this makes me. I LOVE, LOVE this to DEATH. There is NOT enough LarsaxBasch, LarsaxGabranth in the fandom, damn it, NOT enough. I swear to Gwib, you have made me the happiest fangirl alive. Those two pairings are GOLD.

...ahem. Sorry, but I CRAVE those pairings, and I am SO, SO in love with you for writing this. It was just...gar, I can't express it in words.

The best birthday gift. Ever.

...besides the Loveless ears and tail. They pwn all! -

-DM. You deserve a MEGA glomping attack, but that just wouldn't exactly show how much I love you!