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Aya-Airi chapter 3 . 2/18/2011
Good gracious, i really took my time for the next review. Sorry for that.

The summary confused me a bit, by the way. Though, it actually sounds really alluring!

About the PainSakura-Thingy : I love the pairing ;) Just wanted to state this.

#21 – Akatsuki in sissy-mood. Well, they are men, after all. Men are bound to be sissies, when they are ill at least.

#22 – Awww! They even share their secret-space! Soul mates! (I’d love to read Sakuras journal of this Akatsuki-time :D You’re not writing it, are you?)

#23- I can really imagine this scene. Sakura would be a person to be worrying for something like this. And those are reasonable fears, I think. Though it is a little heartbreaking to see her in fear I love this one!

#24 – Yaye, a family bath! And four crying out loud, Deidaras pout will be in my head for days now :D Though, I kinda pity him in this one…

#25 – I guess this one is in the beginning of their relationship? It is so understanding and yet delicate, how he waits for her to accept his touch. Well done, Deidara :D (And you too, as a matter of fact, dear author *grin*)

#26 – Aww, so Tobi got a little screen time, huh? Nice twist. Deidaras ‘boys’ caring for his ‘girl’. But… Tobi…after we all know who he really is … I feel kinda sick thinking about the man underneath the mask…

#27 – Ah, this one is also at the beginning, I guess! And I think Deidara wouldn’t be pleased about being ill. You are right there :)

#28 - … Sakura had a ‘special’ dream about a longhaired Uchiha. While being in a relationship with Deidara. And because of reading love novels. Oh, my heart is in utter joy. I love triangles. And ItachiSakuraDeidara is my most favourite one, as a matter of fact :D!

#29 – Wow! This photo is more romantic than a love letter. This is so pure and heart-warmingly sweet!

#30 – It is a happy family and it would be a happy family, if it would happen in the manga. And the cuter you write it, the more badly I want it, and the more saddening is it, that it will never be this way D:

Lovely, absolutly and utterly lovely.


Kakashiz chapter 2 . 12/31/2010
Love no 14. Under pain of death, eh? Lol
Aya-Airi chapter 2 . 10/23/2010
#11 – Earth

Aww, it was so adorable! I wouldn’t have given Zetsu the credit for being this nice *laugh* But it is a little…strange. The earth comforting people? In my mind, there is now a realy wrong picture. Sakura hugging the earth? Sakura, who shatters it with so much as a flick of her finger?

#12 – End

Whaaaat? Deidara made it a bet he could kiss her? D: And here I thought he was a sweet, little crazy but absolutely in love with Sakura kind of guy in this story. Tch, scratch jealous Hottie! He is a moron! I hate bets!

#13 – Fall

I loved it how you made the rules sound so much like Deidara (especially the first one). And it was so cute, how he made that promise. I may forgive him num 12 xD

#14 – Fire

Sakura knitting! Sakura knitting for Akatsuki! Sakura knitting for Itachi! Oh, oh and … HIDAN of all people protecting Sakura from Deidara! Oh dear. I will die from laughter whenever I read this amazing little on! I love it! It is my fave one in this chapter ;)

#15 – Flexible

*_* Aww, is this the first meeting? So cute! And the way you described the tree was realy hilarious :3 I like it!

#16 – Flying

It is realy a completely different Deidara to read here. How he cares for her and the babys well being. I would love to read a longer OS about it. Deidara appears in a completely different light.

#17 – Food

A bet! Yet again! Troublesome men, realy. I have to beat them for it. (Even if it suits Kisame very, very damn well, I dare say.) It is about time that Sakura makes a bet!

#18 – Foot

Do they really to this to the baby? The ink-thing? I’ve never heard of it, but it sounds… reasonable. Still, it was a nice thing. A little strange, but nice.

#19 – Grave

Oo Oh my, you really, really had me there ! I thought is was real Zetsu who had died…. Dammit! *laugh*

#20 – Green

Aww, green clay? I’ve never seen it, but it sounds nice *grin*

As creative as ever :3 I’m still amazed!


Aya-Airi chapter 1 . 9/2/2010
Hello and good Evening )

Finaly I have the time to review, at least to the first chapter. But, first things first, The pairing : I absolutely love it. I’m much into crack and Sakura with the Akatsuki and such stuff, and it is so disappointing what some people write about them. Or , even worse is, that you won’t find much of this on german sides! So anyways, yours made me happy *grin*

#01 – Air

Aww, I realy like it, because, as you put it, Sakura “met the other members of the Akatsuki” and also because I like jealous men…at least in fanfictions :P And it is so subtle explained!

#02 – Apples

Yeah, I liked the style you wrote, but honestly… I did not realy get the point in this one, I think .

#03 – Beginning

I guess I nearly choked on my apple, when Deidara mentioned this terrible, old fashioned, german name….So, a very interesting interpretation of “beginning”. And a funny one.

#04 – Bugs

Oh yeah, I absolutely felt what Sakura described, nothing could be more important than to get rid of bugs, not even Deidara :P The last sentence was really the icing on the cake

#05 – Coffee

Ah, hell, I love how adorably small the fragments are and still how pure. It’s so amazing how such big feelings like this kind of cheesy love is put merely in one or two sentences.

#06 – Dark

Honestly, what could a woman want more than a man, that lies on the floor for her, without her asking for it?

#07 – Despair

You realy got me here, I was very much wondering “How much worse could it get?” when the clothes came. I like it.

#08 – Doors

Well…this was….a cliché? Deidara making a sculpture of Sakura…. But I don’t mind it. I just wonder how one would get there from the word “Doors” xD Really amazing!

#09 – Drink

Awww, I just love the idea of them having a kid. (Even if I would like to see Deidara with a babygirl 3) And it seems he would be a … helpful father *grin like a mad one*

#10 – Duty

I may be huffing also. You described it so good, it’s like I can actually see it.

I try to add the next review soon.
Ahmose Nefertari chapter 5 . 5/28/2010
I truly loved it! I specially liked your comments during the text, such as when Daichi used yeah in his speech. Great job here.
bobalinabokonon chapter 5 . 12/4/2008
Ah, Non-psycho!DeiSaku is like...delicious, delicious candy. (Made of crack, obviously, but you knew that...) Must either go read more or study for that Hamlet test
Deidara's Sugar Girl chapter 1 . 9/16/2008
GREAT so far! I love it! I'm gonna read the next chappies 2 of course. Good work!


P.S. Please Read my story too, called Konoha High, and Review, because I want your opinion on it, 'cause you're sucha great writer.
lady blitzkrieg chapter 1 . 6/16/2008


Sorry. Great story. :D
montycrowley chapter 3 . 5/25/2008
Lovely thing to read on occasion. And seriously. WTF is up with this? Perfectly awesome fic here that NEEDS MORE REVIEWS. Blargh. D:

And I loved the little "sneak peak" of your new idea of a Tobi fic...just plain brilliant! :D
crazysmile15 chapter 3 . 2/25/2008
#24 - Hope was hilarious, and #28 - New was burst out loud hilarious. I can't stop laughing when I read you work. ByE;)
crazysmile15 chapter 2 . 2/25/2008
I really do love your writing, it is great. ByE;)
crazysmile15 chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
Oh, that was cute. I really do like #10 - Duty, it is so adorable. Do you think maybe, just maybe you can explain what Daichi looks like. Otherwise very nicely done. ByE;)
red champagne chapter 5 . 1/31/2008
this is such a sweet story. it's great. i love the different sections and how you organized it.
Krisymkk chapter 5 . 10/22/2007

How cute! I loved them.
Cherry Explosion chapter 5 . 10/1/2007
Ah! I take it Daichi did not die! ...I think. That was probably just my inner drama queen acting up in the first place.

I really liked #45- Ugly! It was strangely reassuring to me and I realized a few things while reading it. Not to mention it was sweet! :D And more of that hilariously frustrating parenthood!
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