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Guest chapter 7 . 4/4
I cannot believe it took me 10 years after this story was published to comment...but OMG. I am in tears. How moving and beautiful. Thank you!
Blackpantherprince chapter 5 . 3/22
So sweet and fun! Now I am really looking forward to that celebration... wish you would write that! :)

Loved Lily's slight kind of "manipulation" of Harry... that was kind of fun, the comment that Ron and Hermione had to drag him to his 50 birthday party... soo very Harry, indeed...

The house painted violent pink... the same shade as her hair, I guess... just so Tonks, on the spot! :) Her reaction was hilarious... falling on her bum... Lovely reunion, and Remus is now finally free from the wolf... Of course they have wathched Teddy... Harry seems to have been a great godfather, of course...

Loved the twisit with the Longbottoms, they being there all the time... instead of lying braindead at St. Mungos... they were already in the afterlife, banding togehter with ttheir friends James and Lily... Wonder where Neville is? I assume he is still alive?

Loved, loved the reunion with Sirius!:) And the surprise prank on him was just too funny! Harry does indeed look very much like James... and Sirius... so in character... motorbike and all... and so oblivious... his reaction... super hilarious! :)

Great that you still have your magic in the afterlife... Lily as an animagus... wonder what animal she is? And magical animals... Hagrid raising dragons... so Hagrid... would love for Harry to meet him again, I am sure Hagrid would be overjoyed to see his old friend again...;) Actually, I Think Hagrid was Harry's first magical friend... would love to see their reunion! :) Great that he has Olympe!

Loved th concept of Hogwarts as still an institution of learing for young people who die, and Lily, James and co care for Philippe... so sweet... would love for Harry to visit the heavenly Hogwarts and have that talk with Dumbledore hinted to in next chapter! :)
Blackpantherprince chapter 4 . 3/22
Oh, that was such a sweet, sweet reunion! :) Beautifully written... really powerful chapter, so moving... so many emotions... I seriously teared up, it touch my heart!

Loved the imagery of James and Lily dancing in the moonlight... so romantic... and I could literally feel their exploding joy in seeing Harry, reunited, at last... Such a powerful chapter, I loved in particular the passage where Harry reflect on the void the Death of his parents left in his Life, a void not even Ginny, Ron or Hermione could fill, a void now finally filled... Such a sweet, wonderful reunion... however, I still ponder why Lily and James were not the ones who met him at Kings Cross... but the element of surprise in your story is a nice, fun, twist...

Interesting note on James looking like his mother, wonder if she is there too? And Lily's parents? ( wonder where the muggles end up?) Would love for Harry to meet his grandparents! :)

Loved the your interpretation of the priori incantatem, that Lily and James really were there with Harry, in a way... Also loved the concept of the river... the ones we love on the other side being able to watch over us... Ithe scene with Lily and her grandchild was so sweet... I guess Harry must have been really old when he died, being a great granddad... And Hannah, marrying a Malfoy! Interesting... I have always imagined even Rose, Ron's and Hermione's daughter, marrying Scorpius...

So much joy... soooo sweet and beautiful..."Harry could not stop smiling, as he gazed around at the people he loved".
Blackpantherprince chapter 2 . 3/15
The replay of their lives was AMAZING!
Let's the next great adventure begin...

P.S wonder If Dumbledore hade been waiting for Harry At the station/limbo, ( the first time Harry got there) or If he went back to meet him?
Blackpantherprince chapter 1 . 3/15
So, Harry died peacefully of old age, that was kind of anticlimatic, as Ron says, considering all his adventures and being Head Auror and so on... but very well deserved ... Wonder how old he is? I imagine him as a very old man, Dumbledore's age, ir even older ... Ron and Hermione too, Loved the reunion of the there friends!Although I hade kind of experter his parentes to mest Harry first ..

Fred! Imagine he has been there all this time, waiting for George ( The separation of the twins by death was one of sades things in the whole series)...great reunion! Last, but not least...Harry's abd Ginny 's reunion... So sweet and romantic... you can feel their love and exploding joy in being together again... Loved the music!
Fantasywings7 chapter 7 . 3/14
Loved the reunion, reconcilation between Snape and Harry... this was a very powerful chapter indeed... it was heart wrenching...and sweet, and beautiful, loved the forgiveness between them... I have tears in my eyes... very well written... and so in character... and now Snape knows that Harry named one of his sons after him... but I wonder if he not already knew that ( the river... hint, hint...Lily, hint, hint...)

Wonder why Snape looks his earthly age, and not looks like 25 as everybody else? No matter, he seems to have found peace at last, and I am so happy that he and the Marauders are friends... I bet he is still in love with Lily, but I hope he one day can move on, and, like Sirius, find a new love and marry... ( however, it seems a bit odd that people gets married in the afterlife).

So, now everybody knows about the Horcruxes ( but I think you forgot to mention Nagini, would have loved to have Neville there), however, I had expected( and hoped) Harry to wait until the big celebration mentioned previously... still looking forward to that!

Lily's sacrifice was really more powerful that anyone could have imagined... I agree with you, love cannot die, love does not end, like you, I firmly Believe in an afterlife...

This story has so much potential... Harry talkning to Regulus ( he should have been there and told them about the locket horcrux togehter with Harry), the meeting with Dumbledore at Hogwarts, Neville...Draco, and, OF COURSE McGonagall! And so many more! I had expected the great celebration to be the GRAND FINALE to this story...

A bit of an abrubt ending, but fitting in a way, however, I wish you would continue the story, it has such potential, and it was such an AMAZING ride, I have laughed and cried throughout reading this wonderful, lovely story, absolutely beautiful! So full of joy and happiness... So many emotions... beautifully written... loved it, thanks for sharing! :)
Fantasywings7 chapter 6 . 3/14
Loved the game!:) Both Luna's and Snape's commentary... so funny!

Speaking of Luna... where is Neville, as he is not mentioned here... is Neville dead or alive? I would love for Harry and his friends to meet him...

The fate of Neville's parents... that was so cruel... I am so happy for them that they actually died and have been at this wonderful Place the whole time...

Also, I hope that Draco is there? Or, maybe is he still alive?

Dumbledore as chaser! that was cool! A nice surprise indeed, and now he looks young again, as do everybody in this place, no wonder they did not recognize him at first, but, I imagine that Harry really was about the same old age, when he died, maybe even older... so, now, in regards to their earthly lives there is no age difference to speak of anymore...

Interesting concept with Hogwarts, as still a place of education for people who die young... I see that this story (unfortunately) is marked as complete, but I really REALLY would LOVE for Harry to visit Hogwarts, REALLY looking forward to that conversation with Dumbledore mentioned here! Please continue!

Mad-Eye as beater was not so big a surprise... I guess he knows that Harry is ( or formerly was) Head Auror?

Loved Regulus being there, so happy for him and Sirius! I would love a meeting between Regulus and Harry...
Fantasywings7 chapter 5 . 3/14
Loved the reunion with the Lupins and the prank on Sirius, and his reaction was hilarious! :) A bit surprised, though, that he did not notice Harry's Eyes sooner, but the scene was sooo funny, and sooo Sirius, you nailed his character... I almost laughed my head off... Again, you could really feel Sirius happiness in seeing Harry...

So, He married Ariana? That was unexpected, but I am happy for him..., however, do you really still people still married in heaven, their existence seem in a way very similar to the "mortal Life"
Fantasywings7 chapter 4 . 3/14
That was very emotional and powerful, beautifully written, Harry finally meeting his parents, so happy and bittersweet at the same time, I have tears in my Eyes Reading are they finally reunited... love conquers all, even Death... I can imagine that his parents many times watched Harry and his friends in the river... loved that idea!
But, as I said previously, I am a bit surprised that his parents were not the ones to meet him at Kings Cross, and he was able to surprise them ( as they did Molly and Arthur)... somehow, I like to imagine that your loved ones on the other side get notified when your arrival approaches... however, the element of surprise fits very well with your story, you can really feel Lily's and James exploding joy when they see Harry, who they have watched, and waited for so long... beautifully written...

Phillipe? That was interesting, but as you mention Teddy marrying Harry's niece, I guess Bill and Fleur still get their daugher Victoire, as well as Dominique and Louise?

One thought, is this "wizarding heaven"? With Hogwarts, Hogsmeade, and so on... but where do the muggles end up after death? Now have both Ron and Harry met their parents, but what about Hermione's parents?

Where do the bad guys go?
Fantasywings7 chapter 2 . 3/14
The "replay" of their lives was really amazing!:)
Fantasywings7 chapter 1 . 3/14
"Well, if it isn't the Boy Who Finally Died!" That opening line was hilarious! Typical Fred...

The thought of Fred being there all this time, waiting for George... that was really touching, and powerful... ( but his parents and co must miss him), but, I had expected someone else being the first one to meet Harry when he passed, kind of expected his parents to be there to greet him... and Ron and Hermione do not realize that he has arrived at first? However, the surprise element was kind of fun, and Lovely portrayal of the reuion of the Three friends, of course they waited for him in "the Limbo".

Wonder how old Harry really is, as you later on refer to his great grandchilden...? I Imagine him at least a bit over 100 years old...

I see that this is published in 2007, so I assume it was Before J.K. Rowling announced that George married Angelina, as he appears to be singe?

The reunion with Ginny was so sweet and romantic! :)
Blackpantherprince chapter 6 . 3/12
Really fun game! Loved it, not to mention Snape's commentary, and a young looking Dumbledore as chaser...! And Regulus! So happy for him and Sirius!

As for Snape... I fotot to mentorn in my reviews on chapter 7 that I absolutely LOVED his and Harry's reunion/ heart to heart talk, so moving... just as I imagined there afterlife encounter... and I am so happy that he and the Marauders are friends
Sorry for any spelling mistakes, I am reviewing by my Phone.

P.S:As there are only magical folk here, where do the muggles go after death?
Where do the bad guys end up?

Again, I absolutely LOVED your portal of Snape!
Beautiful story.
Blackpantherprince chapter 7 . 3/12
Is tis the end? And here is one readet who was looking forward to that celebration mentoined previously! I thought Harry would tel everybody his story then... and did he not fortet obe Horcrux here...Nagini, who was killer by Neville, bet his parentes Would love to hear that (If them not already know...) Another thought, where is Draco? Hope he is there... Would love to read more of tis beautiful story.

Thanks for sharing, very beautiful, sweet and moving!
mspstar97 chapter 7 . 8/12/2016
I finally found this story! This was my favorite HP afterlife fic by far, but I couldn't remember the title or the author for the life of me. I'm so glad I found it again. Fantastic job.
Charmander chapter 3 . 4/22/2016
That's a pretty dark sentence to say so happily. xD
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