Reviews for Mr Bennet's Daughter
Guest chapter 39 . 9/21
I doubt at this point that you will ever finish this story, and that's such a shame. This is truly an incredible story, and I hope one day you can dust it off the shelf that is , and give us an ending to this fantastical tale. I doubt it, though. Two years is a long time; long enough to grow up.

It's been a delight to see this story grow and mature, and if it never ends, then so be it. The heartbreak of reading this incomplete masterpiece was worth it.
P.S One day, you might be old enough to write fan fiction again though! And if you ever are, I'll take an ending no matter what happens.
Thankyouchi chapter 39 . 9/19
Please please finish this book. and thank you fir writing it.
crystalhikari chapter 39 . 9/4
I'd like to thank you for sharing this wonderful, delightful story.
I hope real life would cooperate and bring back your muse to you.
Your fic was so different and yet it felt familiar at the same time. I was somehow dreading the time Lizzy had to grow up and be ab adult but I am glad the dreaded Blondebeard pirate was not lost.
Again, thank you and I wish you well.
NotACursedChild chapter 39 . 8/15
Please update soon. I have been in tears over this story many times and I want to be in tears of happiness when Dizzy come together. Please update soon. Please. This is a beautiful story, but you have not updated in nearly three years. Now I will be dramatic. PLEASE DO NOT LET MY TEARS GO WASTE. PLEASE UPDATE. There. Done. :) And I love this story.
NotACursedChild chapter 29 . 8/15
Though I am reading this chapter a LOOOOONG time after you have written it, yes, I have watched all of them :-)
NotACursedChild chapter 9 . 8/15
Guest chapter 39 . 8/7
I love your fic, and I have so much fun reading it. Each day I treat to be a little more like Lizzy, and your characters help me in a unique way. Thank you so much for your story.
romanticsoul49 chapter 39 . 8/6
Is it too much to ask you to finish this most endearing story, if you are able. No updates since Dec. 2014. I trust you are in good health. It is too good, to simply abandon. What say you to one more long chapter, a declaration of their true love, a wedding night and possibly an heir. The latter should calm and mature (much needed) Elizabeth somewhat. An epilogue would also be much appreciated. Thanks.
HelenFD chapter 22 . 5/6
I always am a little hesitant to ask authors to finish a story even a good one like this. One doesn't know what may have happened to them..illness, accident, even death, OR they may have just moved on to other things and forgotten us.
BTW I don't think there are fireflies in England just gloworms which I think are wingless fireflies.
I'm.Lizzy.Bennet chapter 39 . 4/23
sweet! I loved it.
AnoushkaNair chapter 39 . 4/18
Please update!
KariSue chapter 39 . 4/11
I'm so sad that you have given up writing this wonderful story. :( I truly believe it should be published.
Btroisi chapter 39 . 4/10
Oh no! I soecifically looked at the chapter titles and assumed "wedding" compleion. How wrong i was.
I very much enjoyed the story. I nice departure from the standard fanfic fare. At first inwas bothered by the silliness but your characters are endearing (or infuriating). And your style is wirtty.
It would be nice to see a few more chapters to see how they fare and eventually open to each other.
But hooefully the hiatus means that you got into law school and slaved away diligently and are now happily engaged in real life.
Thanks for sharing your work with us.
caligate chapter 39 . 3/20
I just discovered these great stories and along with other reviewers I do hope that real life will give you a reprieve so that you can continue this great world you created for our Lizzy and Darcy. You have created a great story here and it is well done. Thank you for sharing your talent.
Guest chapter 39 . 2/23
Omg amazing story! Definitely one of my Favorite P&P fanfics. I like grown up lizzy but I also miss the childish lizzy even though I know it was necessary to grow up. I wish you could come back and finish this story even though I know it's been years. But just saying I love this so so much!

Funny thing though (off subject) I started with the 11 doctor as well and worked my way backwards and as much as I love the 10th and 9th doctor 11th doctor holds a very special place in my heart. Besides you can forget your first doctor.

Anyway I'm glad Amelia had a happy ending. And again amazing story. Hope you can come back and finish sometime
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