Reviews for Mr Bennet's Daughter
Wolf Rebellious chapter 39 . 6/24
Hooray for (more) mature Lizzy! I renew my wishes that you both continue this story and write a new one - please do!

I hope you are doing well also.. I did read your notes and I understand that some events (trying or otherwise taxing) have prevented you from finishing this story as soon as you wished. Best of luck on your endeavors etc etc. But here, I can't resist to be presumptuous: You seem to have mapped the plot of this story for some time now and I do very much wish that you haven't grown bored of the project or of P&P for you to not finish it.

But alas, the best of luck to you (again). Truly, you have written a wonderful story and I can't wait for what you have for us.

Best of luck (again again), -T
Wolf Rebellious chapter 22 . 6/24
hmm, when did you ask this question?
I'll preface this by saying that I'm a very very selfish creature
with that said, I'd love for you to do both! that is, continue this story (as you already did judging by the number of chapters written) and still continue with the third installment
pretty please?
I do love your writing

okay, I will attempt to catch up with you now
a fervent reader, -T
jackercrackers27 chapter 39 . 6/10
So I'll have you know that I just binged on both your stories in one sitting. And I am DYING to know what happens next. This story is absolutely fabulous! UPDATE SOON AND OFTEN PLEASE!
Fifteensweets chapter 39 . 5/31
Please continue, it is an interesting take on Pride and Prejudice.
carolineonestop chapter 39 . 5/30
Please continue with this story. Cant leave it before the wedding. Enjoying it so much
YelloMarker chapter 39 . 5/24
Cant wait for their wedding!
I really love your writing style, its beautiful and nothing is out of place. Ive been following your story since CI and this is the only P&P fanfic that I faithfully read. Please keep writing, your story makes my day :)
dorothybert chapter 39 . 5/2
Awesome. I have totally enjoyed you stories. I hope we get to see these two work it out.
Shortstuff chapter 39 . 4/30
You are a fantastic writer, I have read many p&p fanfiction stories and I found yours to be one of the best I have ever read. Fantastic idea for the two books kept me riveted the entire time I stayed up very late one night as I just could not put it down. Please please say you will be updating soon, and is it likely to e a trilogy as I think there is lots more wonderful story's and adventures for lizzy to get up to at pemberly and as a mother. I can't wait to see how there love for each other grows and how they finally realised there love of each other to. Thank you for sharing your story so far
DizziZilla chapter 39 . 4/25
AAGGGGHHH! hah. that's all i'm going to say in way of impatience. you are glorious. I shall wait meekly.
Alexandra chapter 39 . 3/30
Please, please, please continue with the story!
loriinor chapter 39 . 3/23
Lady Susan, I have just spent the better part of two days reading every word of your remarkable stories! I usually get frustrated when I discover after all that time that a story is unfinished, but I've had such a good time that I'm content to wait. I'm looking forward to whatever you write next!
Conjectured chapter 39 . 3/22
Ah, you liar! I believe you wrote that the next chapter would be the wedding, and not only part of the wedding morning. Perhaps I was mistaken into believing 'wedding' meant it would contain the actual ceremony! Haha, but I digress. I LOVE this story.

I'm ashamed to say that though this story (and of course the one before this) has been around for a while, this is the first that I have read of it. And I must say, it was very enjoyable. Though Lizzy's character, her intrinsic being, was so changed, it was very interesting to see how the story played out.

Also sorry if the tone of my review seems...weird, I've been living in a regency period, BBC induced bubble. In any case, a most wonderful story! Can't seem to sing/write enough praises for this. I also apologise for the overly long review, merely think of it as proportionally overdue one for the 60 plus chapters I didn't do.

Can't, can't wait for the continuation. OH that Elizabeth and Darcy - they think themselves so cunning but they're only fooling themselves! Goodness, my anticipation for the reveal is at an all time high! Ahem...I'll end this now. Hopefully a new chapter will be arriving relatively soon!
Guest chapter 39 . 2/9
Please, please finish this
Jon Stark chapter 37 . 1/7
Was there a chapter 40? I got an update but there is nothing here.
TiaMaria710 chapter 3 . 1/6
I didn't read CI, I have to laugh though as I struggle with this unique representation of Lizzy. Maybe I'm too dull to embrace it? I must say it is interesting but I'm worried it could be too much for me. I'm going to exert some faith in your abilities since you are a great writer. Thanks for you story.
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