Reviews for Haggis from Algernon
Heather S Black chapter 22 . 5/25
absolutely loved the story! Ate every second of it!
Can't wait to read more from you too.
You're helping distract me from a breakup 3
love the characters and especially Algernon
doesItMatter chapter 4 . 3/18
I don't think I've ever laughed this bloody hard for a fic before loved this story, it was brilliantly written!
limdork chapter 22 . 3/5
After reading this for the third time I have decided. I really like this story and is definitely one of my favorites. Please, if you can and still check this account, at least consider writing another series. It doesn't even have to be a sequel. Even a one off. Please please please. I know it takes a long time and lots of effort and chances are you wont see this but on the off chance you do, at least talk about it. Thanks, -Liam
limdork chapter 4 . 3/1
I can imagine Sirius just shouting "THEIF" at the end
mspstar97 chapter 22 . 8/16/2016
These guys are idiots. Of the best kind. Completely hilarious idiots, like I'm sure you guys intended. It's nice to see where all the writing and overlaps started.
aquilaleo chapter 22 . 8/12/2016
Hey, I just finished this aaaaawesome story. I loved it. You portrayed the characters very well, it is rare that I'm that so pleased with a portrayal of Lily :)
It was funny and I just wanted to keep on reading and it was just sooooo good! :D
Keep on going guys, you have a fan here :)
dancer055 chapter 22 . 6/30/2016
This story was a blast from start to finish! Thanks for writing it :)
Thebookthief chapter 22 . 6/29/2016
I love how simple it is yet how hilarious and cute it is.
lupn chapter 22 . 6/26/2016
This was the best fanfiction I've read in a long time. So different and special. The characters are marvelous. It is absolutely hysterical. I'm in love with you guys for writing this I've laughed my ass off.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/28/2016
This is good
M chapter 22 . 3/16/2016
This was so brilliant! Binge read the whole thing, absolutely love it!
loonymarauder chapter 7 . 12/17/2015
I love this story. It kind of reminds me of lots of drabbles. But it's also quite funny.
komaeda chapter 22 . 10/5/2015
i love karl . i hope he is okay
FlubberyFlobberworms chapter 22 . 8/26/2015
HOLD UP. Real-life Karl Pilkington? Man, I wish that dude was friends with me! Karl is adorable. Thank you both so much for writing thisI look forward to the next time I re-read, completely forgetting Karl's patrinus is a poodle and laughing my ass off as I read that bit over and over again. This fice is gold in text form and it will always have a special place in my heart
FlubberyFlobberworms chapter 15 . 8/25/2015
LOVE the dramatised recounts of conversations from Lily and James! They are so ridiculous, those two.
Also, you guys are brill at including the darkness/drama yet keeping it all light-hearted sighsighsigh I love this fic so much you have no idea.
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