Reviews for Ozai's Vengeance
drm9473 chapter 21 . 7/2
I don't know if you'll read this but I have to say that this is an impressive story. The fact that you wrote about struggles after war is more realistic than any other story about fire nation being rich and extravagant. We know that's not how reality work and I appreciate your work about it. Great writing about characters. Thank you for posting this, even if it was a long time ago.
drm9473 chapter 17 . 7/2
I knew that he was bad news!
Dasgun chapter 2 . 11/22/2022
Dasgun chapter 1 . 11/22/2022
KatrinaEnchanted chapter 14 . 4/4/2022
I must say I’m quite impressed that you guessed about the bloodbending. I wouldn’t have. But I’m also glad you put that note at the top because I had forgotten that you wrote this before the show ended, so I kept getting confused about why some things were different.

Also I love the scene with Zuko and Katara and Kurzu after everyone else leaves, it made my heart melt. Especially this line, “I don't know what you want. If I did, I'd be doing it already. But in an ideal world, this is what I want. Right here, in this room, this is what I want.”
Kitkat chapter 1 . 3/12/2022
Wow, this made me cry (in a good way). Impressive and unusual for a fanfic. Looking forward to the rest.
Cyan Quartz chapter 1 . 2/9/2022
That summary is awfully suspicious, psychic.
JuliaE.k5 chapter 21 . 9/19/2021
Absolutely incredible! So well written!
The plot, the characters, the relationships… the secret passages and OCs!

I loved every word I read, you have so much talent and skill, I am very impressed.
jhaekarmen01 chapter 21 . 3/12/2021
Omg this story was flipping amazing! I absolutely loved how you weaved parts of the past/show into it!
The-Red-Lip chapter 2 . 9/22/2020
ye olden day covid-19
Guest chapter 21 . 9/19/2020
This was really beautiful. Thank you for sharing. I’ve enjoyed this very much!
Guest chapter 21 . 8/14/2020
This was such a wonderfully done and in-character story! And tastefully sexy and fun :) thank you!
Guest chapter 2 . 7/8/2020
Me reading a fic about a mysterious illness during the coronavirus pandemic

But for real this is off to such a great start! I love the banter between Zuko and Katara
Tess Seasalt chapter 17 . 7/5/2020
Oh my gosh Zuko called him nephew because of Iroh and osbdjdksns that was just to precious
Sg Fuzzy Bear chapter 21 . 7/1/2020
i just bing read Stormbenders and now this fic. i know I'm late to the party but by sages you are amazing. I've been a lurker and now I'm a believer.
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