Reviews for Ozai's Vengeance
Kloger chapter 21 . 5/6
Hi ! I really liked your story. Read it all in two days. Lovely written and depicted well the characters I love so much. Only things I deplore was :
- Not enough lemons (you wrote them so well, I just wanted more)
- Too many children.
- Not long enough (can I have more please ?)

Haha ! Anyway, good work, really ! I don't know if I'll find a fanfic as good as yours. I loved how Zuko and Katara were equals. It was perfect.
LilithRisen chapter 12 . 5/1
Tom-Tom you’re like 12 calm yo ass down
LilithRisen chapter 11 . 5/1
‘You’re in love with me’ Jesus don’t sound so disappointed
It’s zuko
He’s a bloody 12/10
LilithRisen chapter 4 . 5/1
I love how the majority of this has been Zuko’s POV
MaxandFang101 chapter 21 . 4/24
Amazing. You're so creative and omg pakak being the next Avatar and her being from the swamp, that's so genius, I love it. What a wonderful story you've written. Thank you for letting us enjoy it :)
MaxandFang101 chapter 20 . 4/23
Oh my God you're amazing. Seriously, you're fantastic. You're writing is poetry and your creativity must literally pour out of your brain every night. How do you keep it all in? Please write a book I beg of you. I'd pay to read anything you wrote. And to have it sitting on my bookshelf forever.
MaxandFang101 chapter 19 . 4/23
Holy cow, this story is GENIUS. Love it so much :-D
MaxandFang101 chapter 18 . 4/23
D: oh no, I love suki please don't have her die.
MaxandFang101 chapter 17 . 4/23
Oooh, so intimate, such partners. I love it :D
MaxandFang101 chapter 16 . 4/21
Family coming together is really wonderful. Your writing makes my heart feel full. I absolutely love love love your writing!
MaxandFang101 chapter 13 . 4/21
Wow, that was really good. I also like how I'm learning about babies because I'm an only child and have never taken care of one. It's really nice to see Zuko and Katara work together .
MaxandFang101 chapter 8 . 4/20
I love the way you portray everyone's relationships. Very believable and I love it.
MaxandFang101 chapter 4 . 4/19
Toph being a lesbian or bisexual makes me smile :) glad you added that in
MaxandFang101 chapter 3 . 4/19
The way you write tension and fear and wit is wonderful. I love every bit of this story
MaxandFang101 chapter 2 . 4/19
Your work is absolute art. Your writing is poetry and beautiful and I cannot believe I have the privilege of reading it because it touches my soul. And I know that seems overdramatic but it's true. I love your writing.
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