Reviews for Ozai's Vengeance
Yeoyou chapter 21 . 8/18
Thank you for this beautiful epilogue to this wonderful story! Zuko with his extended happy family is everything and the perfect ending to this perfect story (even if parts of it basically made my heart stop). It was such a ride and your writing and especially your characterisations made it so vivid I could see and hear everything clearly. Sometimes a bit too clearly - like that epic fight at the end ... I'm half expecting nightmares about that. Hopefully this happy ending will stave them off.

Thank you for writing this, I'm so very glad I found it!
Yeoyou chapter 20 . 8/18
.On. ! That battle was terrifying?! Oo ...

But I love the aftermath. I love how Zuko comes full circle back to his speech in the beginning. I love that they'll be one messy, sprawled family, hopefully happy for ever. I love snarky Tom Tom (even though I keep thinking of satnavs), I love how readily Sokka adopts the child of his child's killer (poor woman though!), I love those waking up moments with everyone, I love Toph's and Zuko'd friendship, I love great-uncle Iroh telling everyone that saving nephews and nieces is what uncles do, I love the necklace becoming a betrothal cuff for Zuko (because honestly, the poor boy would have been awful at carving and this one is infused with so much history between the two of them anyway).

Brilliant. Brilliant story!
Yeoyou chapter 19 . 8/18
this chapter had me crying. For real. I don't even know what to say it's such a roller coaster. I mean, you already know I love Zuko with the kids but him ushering them all to safety - reluctant, surly Tom-Tom in two - and then having to keep them occupied was both terribly sweet and terrible because of the reasons. And then Katara's break down and Zuko confronting and comforting Sokka and then the daring plan and escape and just ...EVERYTHING. I hope the worst is over now. Because I'm not sure I could take more of that...
Yeoyou chapter 18 . 8/18
WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO SUKI AND SOKKA?! I mean, I know, the poisened food was probably meant for Zuko but THAT DOESN'T MAKE IT BETTER!
Ling's "Always" gives me life though. I have yet to say how much I love her and her relationship with Toph and how great you write them, too, because I keep getting distracted by Zuko feels but I think I need to distract myself from them right now and from everything else that's happening by saying that yes, I do love those two.
Please make everything all right!
Yeoyou chapter 17 . 8/18
Ouch. Just ouch. God I want to punch Ozai for putting Zuko through so much and for making him doubt himself and being afraid of himself and just GAH!

on a side note: how do firebenders manage not to set eveything aflame any time they have a bad dream?!
Yeoyou chapter 16 . 8/18
I LOVE Zuko and his extended family! He so deserves a great family who actually loves him and it just fills my heart with joy - plotting in the shadows or not. This was good. I love everything and everyone in this.
Yeoyou chapter 15 . 8/18
YES! *punches fist into the air* gosh, those two ...just those two, they're both so fiery!
I absolutely loved the moment of Zuko going 'wait, we talked about marriage in-between all the fighting" and running after her. I COULD SEE THAT SO CLEARLY IN MY HEAD! All the dramatic whooshing and the dramatic music and speed blurring and then everything stops and becomes so clear when they're standing there and just ... ALL THE FEELS!
Yeoyou chapter 14 . 8/18
I LOVED this chapter! Oh man, Sokka and Suki's children are THE BEST! "Sokka is a braver man than I" is a wonderful line and just MY HEART! ZUKO AND CHILDREN! I mean, the stuff with the baby is cute and all but I admit I'm not much of a baby person so Zuko with children who can ask embarrassing questions IS SO MUCH BETTER!
Yeoyou chapter 13 . 8/18
So good. Just so good. Zuko really seems to have found himself somehow? With Kurzo's help? I knew he'd make a wonderful father and I do hope he and Katara will have plenty eventually!
His little temper tantrum of "alert the palace messangers, the Fire Lord cares about his people" was just gold XD
And A Sokka entrance!
Yeoyou chapter 12 . 8/18
Wow this ... just wow. This chapter is SO INTENSE and SO GOOD and it feels like Zuko has finally stopped caring about everyone else and just being himself and it's both scary and kinda good? He knows Tom-Tom, he knows the boy's anger and if he'd refused the duel, things would have gotten even worse, probably, but still ...uh ...scary good?
Yeoyou chapter 11 . 8/18
NOOOOOOO how is everything derailing SO FAST?! As if Mai would like Zuko battling her brother - whom she admittedly hadn't liked much as a toddler - but I mean ... that's no way to honour her!

This whole thing is going to hell in a handbasket and damn you for forcing this challenge on Zuko and those two alternatives because of course he couldn't choose between them and just ...*exhales smoke* ... guess I better go and read that next chapter, hoping things will get better (AGAINST ALL HOPE BECAUSE ...anyway, see in you in the next, possibly enraged, comment)
Yeoyou chapter 10 . 8/18
I knew it couldn't last and here I am anguished about them! Which is not a word I use lightly but there it is!

Poor Zuko, so close to having everything he wants and being happy and now this ... poor boy just got used. How did Katara not realise that he still really and very deeply loves her?! It's enough to make me want to tear out my hair!
Yeoyou chapter 9 . 8/18
This was HILARIOUS and I just love Iroh so much and everything else about this chapter, too! XD
Yeoyou chapter 8 . 8/18
asdfghjklöä# I have SO MANY FEELINGS ABOUT THIS CHAPTER ... and am slightly worried because there's still quite a lot of chapters left so happy ever after can't be quite there yet and ...but never mind. This chapter is beautiful and I adored the description when they first come together and that whole "narrative unfolding between two people" and just everything. I NEED THEM TO BE HAPPY! (especially Zuko because he deserves it so much!)
Yeoyou chapter 7 . 8/18
I love how they're so seamlessly slipping from fighting about Zuko never courting her to figuring out what the illness is and getting back into action to help these people! As always, I could really hear everybody's voices so clearly here!
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