Reviews for After Humanity's Judgment
Admiral Larsen chapter 1 . 7/18/2015
Too bad you are not continuing this story. In fact this is the story that should have been actually used in SEED Destiny.
Zero H Gundam chapter 1 . 8/3/2007
Love it. As always great story.

I can't wait to see Kira's sons mobile suit. I hope it is Epyon. That would be very nice.

Also will Kira have any other children? I kind of hope so it would really go long with him having so many lady friends.

And I hope he gets Lacus this time. After all it was her fault that he turned out that way leaving him what he needed her most. Though some might say she did invite him to come with her. But I say they're wrong he hated the plants because of the war. So going back there would've been hard on his mental state even more so. Even through your first story she claimed to still love him but that was the biggest lie have ever read.

If she really loved him she would've stayed by him until she was share he was OK and not just acting she has good enough abilities that seemed to be able to tell his mental state not to be fooled by his act. The fact that she didn't proves in my book she was using him like Flay did to him. At my reason for this is very simple she needed him to help with her mental state after the death of her father.

Lacus in this story I think it's very manipulative. And I hope she gets what's coming to her.

My Kira's judgment pass on her. Die Die Die Lacus.
Tsubasa no Michi chapter 1 . 7/31/2007
Yes! I loved your Dark Kira in Humanity's Judgement, and now there's a sequel! Perfect :D

And don't listen to those whiners who can only cry about how dark and evil he is, jeez, shut up already and go find one of the hundreds of fics where he is a goody-goody..
1267223 chapter 1 . 7/30/2007
Alert system must be down these days , or having temprory problems , good thing I had the RSS feed as a backup .

Ryu's story doesn't sound that convincing , major changes in this world don't usually happen because of malfunctions you know , but as long as he has evidences , not pretty much can be said (especially against Ryu and Kira).

and ZAFT is using naturals as slaves \ labors , sounds like something a middle ages kingdom would do .

but still there's traitors , such situation and are already selling their people case in exchange of their luxury , how pathetic .

"...and down on earth as we speak"

as 'we' speak ? , oh well..

Defects in birth and deformed children , a typical effect of strong radiation effects.

And a rebel forming , kind of expected , as a situation like theirs is a fertile soil for a rebillion , "Eternal Freedom" , I really like that name , sounds perfect .

the question is what do they expect to acheive , if they're going to die because of the radiation anyway it won't be a much lasting freedom , but I can still understand their reason anyway , freedom is worth fighting for nomatter what .

Eight years , and it's time for the action to start , this time against a rebel force instead of a nation , I like that a lot more (a closer situation for me than having the world split into two sides).

I wonder how Kira spent that long time ,

"...focused on two things , expanding his own abilities, and training the next generation meaning his ultimate son"

training for eight years ? that must have gotten him to a soaring level .

so they are a husband and a wife now , barely

and Sarah has got another child and kept him from becoming an ultimate , strong move .

so now Kira has a total of five children from two women , such a big family .

"Lord Hibiki" the title has that royal sound , now it does look like a middle ages kingdom !

the lord arrives and the resistance going into action , but how could they think it would be that easy , poor people , even a suicidal bombing would have a better chance , and that's no chance!

A new uniform , red , black and gold ,sounds great , but couldn't you descibe it a little more ?

Raven , sounds dark but not that strong , anyway satisfying enough as you said .

"Danger,...Can you not feel that?”

“Faintly sir…eight of them.”

and he's eight years old !

Cagalli sounds really weak from how you described it , and Lacus' children are twelve now , by the way have you picked names for Cagalli's ?

and we have some nice combat action , that boy is truly impressive , especially for an eight years old , and their MS function with voice commands, nice but why did they get them there ? I mean neither they used them nor they were needed in the first place , unless they have some new suits to show off .

as a whole this was an excellent beginning of the new dark story , really exciting , I was more than satisfied with the chapter , great job as usual .

See you later
nick2951 chapter 1 . 7/30/2007
Is there even a point to this fic? If all you are doing is writing another dark fic where Ryu and Kira win again, then there is absolutely no point to reading it.

Not meant to be a flame and I apoligize in advence if it is viewed as such.
Irui chapter 1 . 7/30/2007

How come i didn't know this came out? (runs into a corner and hides before i face evil Kira's wrath)


Anyways, imma go read the chappie now; didn't i put you on author alert? o.O HOW COME IM NOT GETTING ANY ALERTS THESE DAYS _

-sniff- deformed babies are "sad"; it's scary too.

So it's 8 years total for now?

GO SARAH X did i just say that? I meant "go Kira!" ;)

You changed his title to "Lord" ) KAWAII

O.o OMG OMG OMG Kira still gets his 18 year old phsyique? 0D


Raven...sounds like a "dark" name...

/quote/The boy looked at him, “Nothing, both are useless and better off dead, well stray dogs at least work harder.” /end quote/

whoa; the boy speaks so...

Poor Cagalli

/quote/Kira put it towards his mouth and spoke, “Awaken.”

The suits took off and headed for their owners. /end quote/

OH you "invented" something cool!

Kawaii! i hope you finish the second path soon. )

sparda chapter 1 . 7/30/2007
Just a thought, shouldn't you finish the other story first (The Greatest King and "The Worlds Fate") before moving on anymore futher after 1st chapter? Especially "The Worlds Fate". Last time this was updated was last year.

Agreed, especially The Worlds Fate.
SeraphChaos chapter 1 . 7/30/2007
Wow, that was great, though in the time line, it was sorta skipping, well anyhow, how did the rest of the people (Cagalli, Lacus...) Survive the radiation that long?
cipherknight chapter 1 . 7/29/2007
now THIS is just too sweet...athrun had two kids? and Dante & Isabel are 12...interesting...i see you possibly made Cagalli sick with the radiation disease...which may mean she'll die soon...that's too bad but at least she'll be with Athrun again...i hope you finish the other path soon cuz this is gonna be one hell of a family feud! good work!
GoH-IV chapter 1 . 7/29/2007
Wow, after five day sequal already. You got some amazing story writing.

Just a thought, shouldn't you finish the other story first (The Greatest King and "The Worlds Fate") before moving on anymore futher after 1st chapter? Especially "The Worlds Fate". Last time this was updated was last year.

Anyway, keep up the writing. Don't let anyone stop you.