Reviews for Like That
Sabrina chapter 1 . 1/14/2008
Ok if even possiable that was cuter than the one i read before it. I love it!
intstebri chapter 1 . 8/13/2007
Sorry to have been late for the review.

Such nice little thing with a great ending.

Like Max tentative to cook, Max conversation with Marianne about Logan (a very girly conversation!) and Max plain reaction and her short resume which cause Bennett to try and explained her what Logan had did, and Logan merely repeated Max words to summed up his winning basket.

And the great ending: Max's figth to convince Logan that she allright and trying to bring him where she want to go...

Very good story.

Thanks for it!
Mari83 chapter 1 . 7/30/2007
Well, Tigrou is a lucky duck, to quote your words.

Needless to say that this is a much better ending than S2, but Max being shot but not recaptured really is an ideal point for starting an AU, including all the good stuff of S1. Loved the part with Logan’s emotional collapse in the bathroom.

Like in all your stories, you do this friends slowly merging into couple-ness so well, with the familiarity and newness and all the back and forth… and on top of it you made me laugh with Max cooking and the chest-hair discussion. (Thanks a bunch for spoiling Bennett for me by the way)

"Completely ignoring the meal on the stove as her hand hovered over the knob, wondering if she should go check on him because maybe more than just his ego had been hurt as the exo decided to malfunction, yet again, while they’d been taking a walk in the park after the storm and into a giant mud puddle he had fallen while trying to coax her towards the swings."

I really like all the little things summing up to their evening in here, having a walk in the park, a bit of playfulness with the swings, the same old issues, the same old insecurities of how to deal with them - but still some progress:-)

"All three turned to face Logan, clad in a long white towel, tightly secured at his waist that landed just past his knees, another towel bunched on his lap to dry his hair and a rather exposed chest."

And you’re sure that this is _not_ M-rated...

"Logan offered a charming smile trying to move past the issue"

Great detail, would have loved to see this on screen.

“Up until those few weeks,” he stroked her cheek again, “it was all planned out for me. Business major with a minor in computer science, Daphne, Cale Industries…It forced me to see those weren’t the things I wanted, like basketball. I was doing it because it was expected of me, one because of my height; the other my lineage.”

I love to see Logan’s defining moment, the reason and developments of why he didn’t fit the expectations…. and I never would have thought that this could be done over a basketball game.

I can perfectly imagine his cool reaction and Bennett’s overgrown-kid obliviousness (it has a bit of older cousin- younger cousin dynamics, even though I think it was you you made Bennett older in some of your stories?)

Also love Max offering her admiration for his wheelchair-basketball achievements and the way Logan diminishes all of it. (Good thing Max needed an explanation for the bulldogs, because I was just as clueless)

“You’re not fine,” he stroked her cheek, “why can’t you admit that? You still flinch when you bend the wrong way.”

Ha, sounds somehow familiar, just the other way round:-) It’s so enjoyable to see how Max tries to find a way around doctor’s orders, just like every other couple.

“Secretly touched, but nevertheless still annoyed with three weeks of being treated like a delicate flower. “

Ah, love it.

This challenge really was a genius idea!
TigrouAngel chapter 1 . 7/30/2007

My alltime favorite AU: Max wounded but not in Manticore!

Logan SHIRTLESS! OH MY GOD, you guys know me so well!

I love the cooking part, it's so funny! Penne vodka, yummy!

I adore your Bennett and Marianne!

"It would be Bling, for a PT session Logan would have forgotten to mention or forgotten all together.

Original Cindy announcing Sky was being held for ransom….Druid had gotten himself signed up for indentured servitude and was being shipped off to South America as they spoke.

Lydecker announcing he had a new ‘surefire plan’ to bring down Manticore.

Zack announcing one of their sibs was in trouble and they had to go immediately.

If it was Zack, she was just going to hit him. She decided before going to look out the peephole. At least he’d be able to take it. "


"“A glass,” he shook his head in mock disgust, “how are you a Cale?”

“You married me for my liver didn’t you?” she laughed and waved the knife at him"


I LOVED the chest hair conversation!

I am so happy about the basketball part... Well done, both of you!

OH MY GOD; that last part... and the ending... PERFECT!

(Really, you have me in front of my computer, half dancing for joy, a quarter in tears (because of happiness)and a quarter in lunatic giggles)

I LOVE THIS STORY: thank you so much for my great gift! It was even better than in my wildest dreams.
Griever11 chapter 1 . 7/30/2007
I woke up to this beautiful wonderfully fluffy story.

Best way to wake up!

The ending was NOT cheesy. It was Perfect. Notice the capital P? :)

Favourite line : Max and Logan equaled 'like that'.
Kyre chapter 1 . 7/29/2007
lol...So YouTube exists in 2021 Seattle. Wonder what else is on there by now? ;)

I enjoyed reading this story. (Among other reasons, Max & Marianne discussing male body hair cracked me up.) I was looking forward to the Normal/Logan convo, so I'm a bit disappointed it didn't make its way in here (unless I missed it), but I really liked the fic on the whole.
Moonlite Star chapter 1 . 7/29/2007
loved it! heh, perfect ending : Max and Logan equaled ‘like that.’

great fluff, excellent story.

keep writing!