Reviews for Haunted Jaded Eyes
excessivelyperky chapter 59 . 4/28
Excellent transitional chapter. And I feel for Ron, I really do, I'm a Boston Red Sox fan (it was a mightly long time in the desert from 1967 to 2004).

And I am a little surprised that Macnair doesn't try a bit of fisticuffs, but it's probably just as well.
FanficYoshi chapter 34 . 4/8
What the absolute hell. Ginny/Dumbledore! Jesus. Does anyone know how to do a memory charm? I kinda need it after this chapter.
Stacy Damato chapter 67 . 4/1
I love this story hope to see what happens next
excessivelyperky chapter 58 . 3/28
Good chapter; yes, the cuffs are a possible solution, and Nurmengard a good place. Of course, it's a pity that Lockhart can't put a Global Obliviate on Voldie, but you can't have everything.
Eagle-Eyes chapter 67 . 3/19
Wonderful ... Wonderful...Wonderful

Keep writing as life allows
Silkylove13 chapter 67 . 3/16
Loved every minute of the story, just like all your others. I hope you continue to be inspired to write such amazing creations. Now to continue reading and catching up on the rest of them :)
someofusarereachingforstardust chapter 67 . 3/11
I loved this! Thank you
Stacey's Universe chapter 67 . 3/9
Im sure ive read this one before to an extent... But reading it again reminded me how much i love the Snape/Harry relationship wagon )
excessivelyperky chapter 57 . 2/20
Yes, Minerva should know that if she fired Snape, he and Harry would be dancing out in the parking lot in half an hour.

Excellent explanation to Minerva, though, and she finally got it in her head that dissing either partner would not turn out well.

And yeah, Hermione must have been super busy not to notice that Remus hasn't been 'ill'; given that she was probably a smidge traumatized in PoA too, you'd think she'd have that on her autoscheduler.
excessivelyperky chapter 56 . 2/7
Minerva passing out would be funny...ok, it is funny.

But she'll recover soon enough and yell at them for not telling her sooner. I have faith.
Izu-nyan chapter 34 . 2/4
I dunno if I'm the only one but I'm absolutely disgusted at this part. No offense to the writer but imagining Dumbledore and Ginny doing the 'deed' is absolutely disgusting. If it weren't for the plot, I would've skip this chapter already. I need brain bleach T_T
Harryliada chapter 67 . 1/21
Bonjour de France.
Merci d'avoir terminé cette histoire qui sort de l'ordinaire. Bon courage pour la suite .
heidlebergchick chapter 67 . 1/12
Wow... I can't believe I lost an entire fay on this. The beginning had goid ideas, drama and suspense. I enjoyed the entrance of the founders, the exiatance of a time bubble, but thats where it ended ffor me in the enjoyment category. You've got a non existent Dark Lord until two chapters before the end, a Light Lord that's more evil than he could ever hope to be, mpreg without any warnings (i wouldn't have read anything if I knew that crap was coming). Then you've got another moment of brilliance with the entrance of the Flamels and I thought, nah I'll just read a bit more.. the whole story just fizzled out. No character developement, a story that might as well not be beta'ed, pointless school whinging about who's pregnant cause that was your favourite reoccuring theme... i swear to god... I thought someone had started the story and someone else came along and finished it for them. What a damn shame.
RHW chapter 67 . 1/10
Great story as usual. Can't remember if I commented after either of the times I read it before but just to say while it's a great story you have a lot of small inconsistencies. For example you have two first school morning in sixth year with different things happening. I assume youryour beta's) difficulty is that you have so many stories on the go at one time that you forget what is in what! Possibly a second beta who each only does one story might catch more of these!
I also had difficult in following your timeline during the 7th year, not because of the time bubble but because you jumped ahead without clear indication. This time reading through I didn't find it as confusing but only because I eventually worked it out before. Again, possibly a new data reader would help sort this out with their fresh eyes to the story.
Thanks again for your writing, I very much enjoy it and look forward to the next finished story! (I seldom read a story before it's finished!)
excessivelyperky chapter 55 . 12/31/2020
Yes, Snape did the right thing by dropping all of his shields and just show Harry how he feels (though the way he got to the Chamber reminded me of when my dad would hit the Vicodin and drive 20 miles to see his girlfriend, shudder).

Here's hoping they can use their words, but right now their feelings are more important and the bond makes that possible.
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