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bnjones2000 chapter 44 . 9/28
Dammit Debs I love your fanfiction. but I wish that you would finish this one this fic is great. I love it I wish it was finished. please pretty please with sugar on top.
Merlenyn chapter 44 . 9/27
YAY they found the potions/spells working on Ginny! Though I wonder if they'll be able to create an antidote that can be administered while she's pregnant? Or will they have to wait til she gives birth. The problem I can see right now is that since this potion obviously lingers in her body and bloodstream thanks to how it was designed and his magic activating it, what would that potion do to the baby? Would it filter into the fetus enough so that when it was born and old enough to understand commands that the poor defenseless baby would have to obey Dumbles too? That would be ONE way to practically raise a loyal minion... Of course considering the fact that we're really hoping for the old fool to die soon, there's a chance that he won't be able to get his mitts on the baby at all. I'm sure that if the baby's born and her "visitation time" comes before they can free Ginny, she'll be forced to take the baby with her... Though would they even let a baby go anywhere near the island, regardless of what Dumbles wants?

But anyway, yay for the trio of staff working on the problem! I wonder if they'll approach Minerva with any of this as they're researching or if they'll leave her out of the loop until they're ready to pounce with the evidence? I'm sure if they can free Ginny, she'll sing like a canary about everything the old man made her do and did to her the moment they were alone after their marriage. Though I do hope that they manage to get her to agree to LEAVE HARRY ALONE afterwards, like a magical restraining order or something to make her back the frell off and stop trying to chase him when he's made it VERY obvious that he wants nothing to do with her. lol

Rest of the chapter was cool too, what with Neville approaching Harry with a gift to celebrate his bonding to his mystery partner, and how happy it made Harry... I hope when you get to some Harry/Sev time, you show them opening Neville's gift as I'm sure Harry would want to open it when they're together and then write Neville a thank you card or something... lol And yes I really want them to finalize their bond! XD Though watching Sev try and resist would be rather hilarious... Of course while Harry denies his power in the sense that he wouldn't think he's strong enough to become pregnant, I think Sev would hopefully try to discretely use some form of spell or potion to stop it from happening unless he forgets in the heat of the moment. lol

as for Dumbles learning... I suppose it depends. If he asks questions of Ginny that would lead her to answering it, then yea she'll tell him, otherwise she might try and withhold that information because I can't see her ranting to him about how unfair it is since she can't badmouth Dumbles and saying it was so unfair that she can't have Harry and has him instead and that Harry's bonded would probably trigger the pain... But who else would visit him? Does he have ANY friends/allies left who would WANT to be seen visiting him? Or would it be an Auror or the Minister or someone checking on him to make sure there are no problems? Like making sure he's not trying to give the guards a hard time or that the guards aren't trying to go easy on him out of lingering hero-worship? Since Fudge had made the mistake before of taking an old newspaper with him on his rounds before (Since that's how Sirius learned where Peter was and got up the gumption to escape finally), it wouldn't be surprising if he was carrying the paper gossiping about Harry being bonded to some mysterious man... It'd be front page news after all with probably a rather large headline. I do wonder though if Dumbles would even consider that Severus is the one he bonded, or maybe Remus, or who else he'd think might be the one... XD And if he suspects Severus, would he say anything in the hopes of getting the man in trouble or not? XD Maybe order Ginny to try and hurt Severus? Hmm...
CaseLC chapter 24 . 9/26
I just wanted to comment that children can get PTSD. Depending on the child and trama experienced, it could be chronic and lifelong or only temporary. I am not sure if it is common or even if you already knew this and you were simply writing what Severus believes. However, personally I would think Severus himself would have suffered from mild, if not severe, PTSD as a child and would recognize what it was he later in his life. And because of his own experiences, he would not think a child cannot suffer from it because he knows other children have similar or worst experiences than he did at their age.
So, did you purposely make Severus believe otherwise?
Yankeegomera chapter 44 . 9/26
Dumbles deserves a lot of Hell!
Ginny is being raped, forced to act and pregnant agains his will...she is no saint, but this is cruel...
acetwolf94 chapter 44 . 9/25
Hatake Tsughi chapter 44 . 9/25
I really enjoyed that the actually adults identifying and trying to solve a problem instead of the students :)
thephoenixandthedragon4ever chapter 44 . 9/24
I love babies but I think it would be best if the baby is never born.
Melikalilly chapter 44 . 9/24
I love this story
yukino76 chapter 44 . 9/24
Guest chapter 44 . 9/24
Wow, so many ideas to draw on. It's interesting to see where this goes
PleiadesWolfe chapter 44 . 9/24
Yes please, we need some Severus and Harry time! I look forward to seeing Dumbledore's reaction to Harry being bonded.
julesa66 chapter 44 . 9/24
Great chapter. I am glad you updated this story. I think you should have had Ron and Hermione take a vow not to reveal who Harry is bonded to. Ron always opens his mouth and says the wrong things when he is mad and Hermione would ask questions about anything no matter where they are. I could see Ron getting mad and spouting off who Harry is bonded to in the common room when wveryone keeps bugging about who is Harry bonded to. Hopefully when Dumbles finds out Harry is bo ded he doesn't have Ginny try to give Harry something to try and break the bond. Please up date soon.
Pennieyoung chapter 44 . 9/24
Great update :)
Zyenna chapter 44 . 9/24
Next chapter is gonna be interesting. Pleeeeaaaaase update soon!
Tinshaw chapter 44 . 9/23
They should finalize the bond so one should be holding off. Can a device be placed on Ginny for when visit Dumble so they can hear what he is saying to her.
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