Reviews for Haunted Jaded Eyes
Saissa chapter 49 . 4/17
Of course Skeeter is going to cause trouble for Harry and Snape - that is what she lives to do.
I just hope that Snape can actually BUG her to death - maybe with some anti raid insect repellent!
Saissa chapter 47 . 4/17
That was interesting. Having Dobby tell Snape the news!

Clearly the wizarding world is centuries behind the muggle world when they refuse to talk abour sex and pregnancy! Both male and female pregnancy!

I used to dream that I wanted to be part of the wizarding world, but not any more.
I would never want to live in any such world that is so incredibly IGNORANT as this one is!
Saissa chapter 43 . 4/17
Dont worry about Ginny. She is nothing more than a slut and magic (karma) has dealt with her and Dumbles as a payback to what they both planned to do to Harry!

And if Magic Kills Ginny because she refuses to obey her husband - her marriage vows said she has to be faithful and speaking to another man who is not her husband or her brothers could be construed as breaking those vows - then so mote it be. Wont bother me at all if Ginny the slut dies.
Bloody well serves her right.

I have never liked Harry and Ginny shipper stories and that canon epilogue was just so incredibly HORRIBLE!
Saissa chapter 38 . 4/17
Dumbles finally gets a REAL Sentence for all hia manipulations and illegal potions usage.
Life Imprisonment and his magic bound for the rest of his life!

But since we are only half way through this story, I am thinking that either someone helps Dumbles to escape - possibly Ginny his wife. Or Voldie starts taking over the Wizarding world!

Great story so far!
Saissa chapter 19 . 4/17
LOL THat was SO DELICIOUS! Serves Ginny and Molly RIGHT!
KristieRoxie chapter 58 . 3/20
Are they really debating on whether or not to kill Voldemort? Like…Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort aka The Dark Lord aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka You-Know-Who deserves to have his entire body (bones, muscles, and all) ripped to shreds for the damage he dealt to both the light and dark side. Evil doesn’t deserve courtesy
KristieRoxie chapter 55 . 3/20
Wait what did he even say that was so bad? Wasn’t the “I’m sure your mother wouldn’t want that” in response to Harry saying he would rather be dead than alive and angry at the past? Why would that make Harry mad? I don’t get it at all
hzlanderson chapter 59 . 3/16
'For a drink wizard' huh. I think this chapter (and most likely others) need further editing.
excessivelyperky chapter 65 . 3/11
Excellent chapter! Great battle choreography, and glad that so many came through alive.

Nice last minute arrival by the Vendicatori, too.

Yes, the Slytherins who stayed out of the battle will have some adjusting to do (to be fair, not all the Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs and Ravenclaws joined in either, but of course nobody will remember them, right?).

Harry and Severus and Willow are alive and will be together out in the open now.

And I suggest Hermione will find something to do in the next few months; I worked right up to the day with both of my babies. And I'm sure Molly will teach Hermione all the baby and housekeeping spells, so she's not stuck doing everything Muggle style. Once the baby is past the Cry Every Two Hours For No Reason stage, I suggest that Hermione will find something to do to help with the family budget.
excessivelyperky chapter 64 . 2/21
Oh, how wonderful!

And I hope you are able to recover everything.

So good to see the baby being born!
snapecastle96 chapter 55 . 2/10
He only took 1 pain potion that was supposed to wear off soon once he got into the chamber you didn’t mention him being healed. Just thought you might want to know about the plot gap.

Also myrtle was a ravenclaw not a slytherin

Keep up good work
Gottahavemyncis chapter 67 . 1/30
Wonderful, this has been a wonderful story, you deserve a standing ovation! And much thanks, I've thoroughly enjoyed it!
Aathi chapter 67 . 1/28
Awww this is so beautiful and sweet and pure
excessivelyperky chapter 63 . 1/9
Actually, Severus could have popped down there several times a day; even if he was only gone for five minutes 'to visit the loo' in top time, he could have been down there for hours in 'down time'.

Though someone needs a plan to take out Voldemort fairly soon, the Order is useless and the Ministry even worse.
excessivelyperky chapter 62 . 12/12/2021
You would think a woman who has already shown she can have pureblood children would be in more demand, not less-how many pureblood families are dying out? Ginny should be a well-courted widow when that time comes.

But yes, it's time Harry went into hiding for his own safety (and given his accidental magic, everyone else's). Since he'll be down there a month for a day, he shouldn't be absent from Hogwarts' timeline for very long.

As for Ginny, eh, she needs to grow up. I hope Molly makes her care for the infants as much as possible; that might help.
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