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Mazzola Jackson Snape chapter 24 . 3/25
eager to continue reading this fic continues ... please
HalfBloodPrincess1999 chapter 24 . 3/12
Great story please update soon :)
Guest chapter 24 . 3/7
Great story

Update please
Joleigh13 chapter 24 . 3/6
Hi Love! Your story is amazing. Just one correction! I am a psychology major and one of my focuses is going to be PTSD. Children can get PTSD if they have lived through a traumatic event that has gotten themselves hurt or someone they care about died. It is a bit different than adults getting it but children can experience it. In case you were heading in that direction, just wanted you to know!
Jostanos chapter 24 . 3/5
Not to mention: Relieved that he doesn't have to marry Ginny and Glad that DUMB BELL's manipulations are biting him (Albus P.W.B. Dumbledore) on the arse! XD

A question to all and sundry:

Does Albus Prefer Widdle Boys?

hmm... 'Widdle'.. "RIDDLE"! *eye go wide* Does Albus like Tom Riddle Jr.?
LeaniaSTL chapter 24 . 2/28
One of the few stories I still am interested in. It's good to see Ron standing up for Harry for once; its refreshing. I only feel a smidgen of pity for Ginny [_] that much, and I'm being generous. It's also only based on the fact she has to...*gag/shudder* with Dumbledore. So here's a question, if he's impotent or sterile, does that get them out of the 'heir' clause? Or would they both be screwed? Bad pun... Can't wait to see what you have in store next!

Beth9891 chapter 24 . 2/28
Much hahaha love the way you had albums and Ginny's scheme bite them in the as$! Genius! Can't wait for more :-)
whitebuffalowmn chapter 19 . 2/27
great chapter! that's just what Dumbles needs... a taste of his own medicine! maybe now Ginny will give up on Harry. after all she tried her best and that didn't work.
snarrydraughtofdeath chapter 24 . 2/27
cant wait for next ch
adenoide chapter 24 . 2/25
Ginny never has a regret, she's too must selfish, me and myself. The Weasley have one girl but she does what she want. Maybe it's time for Harry to go with Severus before Dumby make an other move.
Guest chapter 24 . 2/24
Love the new chapter. Just one comment though. I saw that you mentioned in the story in chapter 24 that children don't get PTSD. I'm currently preparing to enter a PhD program in clinical psychology, and I know that it very much does occur in children, but they communicate their PTSD through play scenarios. This is a somewhat new concept, so I doubt it is commonly known.
Merlenyn chapter 24 . 2/24
Woo! Going backwards a bit... nice to see the Weasley family meeting... was kinda amusing to see Ron snap like that! I love how he's totally defending Harry... and even Percy's rather upset that his father would even contemplate signing the contract without talking to Harry first, regardless of who begged him and told him that Harry was totally ok with it. I'm curious as to what they're going to do now though... so far they seem totally against any thoughts of disowning Ginny to save her from marrying Dumbles... is that even an option here? I know it was hinted at once but if she was disowned, what would happen to the contract? Would they end up being fined instead? I don't wanna go back and reread stuff right now... lol I just love that Arthur's taken control though... I wonder what the rest of the Order'll think when they find out that the Weasley's have withdrawn from the order because of the contract? XD

And as for Sev and Harry... lol love that confrontation over the book! And Harry kinda trying to get around telling Sev about his wondering about bonding to him... at least he was genuinely curious as well! But also at least he was honest and admitted that yea, he'd kinda looked into the book because of wanting to be bonded to someone (Sev) on his own terms as protection against Dumbles and so that he could bond to someone he liked instead of being forced to be with someone. Also the idea that being bonded would mean that he could be with Sev during the year... I hope to see more fun scenes of them getting closer to each other in the Chamber though... and Sev helping Harry work through his insecurities about loving and being loved... and getting closer to bonding themselves together! Because they're just too cute. I love how possessive Severus gets at the mere idea of Harry being with anyone else despite his thinking that Harry should "have fun" and date other people he's all "grrr no! mine!" and stuff. hehehe

Also, will the issue of his Dark Mark ever be addressed during the summer? Being in the Chamber so much, what'll that do when and if Voldy calls them all? Would he feel it in the Chamber or would it not affect him like how bringing Remus down to the Chamber will prevent the moon's phases from affecting him while they make the potions and watch him? And if the Mark doesn't go off on Sev while he's down there and thus he doesn't answer a summons... what'll Voldy do? Think Sev abandoned him or was compromised? Or just brush it off and try again later thinking he's too busy fooling the old fool? I'd figure that he'd be summoning him soon just to ask for more direct information possibly over the contract... lol perhaps it'll be a cause of Rowena alerting him to the fact that he'll want to be outside of the Chamber. But Harry would probably be spare with worry being down there for who knows how long Chamber-time waiting... unless he finds somewhere else to hide in the castle until he returns from meeting Snake-face. heh

Happy writing! :)
Utau neko chapter 24 . 2/24
Dumbledork had that coming from the start... please update soon because I can't wait to see what he'll try to do next...
AniCharisma chapter 24 . 2/24
the story kreps getting better and better.

I thought Dumbledore told Ginny 1 heir ? Arthur said 2?

And what will be done about the potion Arthur is under?
XxZessxX chapter 24 . 2/24
Good that Harry and Severus talked. It's understandable that Harry didn't want Severus to find out about his reading but this way it's better so Harry can't overthink the whole issue
By the time they have to move out of the chamber they will be so used to sleeping next to each other it will be next to impossible to sleep alone for them. But hopefully they won't have to :)
PTSD could be an explanation for some things happening to Harry.
Ginny has a hard time ahead of her. To be forced to have Dumbledores children . Horrible! Arthur is right, the press will be all over them.
Looking forward to read more.
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