Reviews for Haunted Jaded Eyes
KittenSnape chapter 52 . 11h
I have to say, you never cease to capture my attention wholeheartedly! You are amazing and brilliant! And I love that scene with Rita!
PleiadesWolfe chapter 52 . 22h
Glad to see Rita finally has what's coming to her
Lyn1991 chapter 52 . 7/24
Ohhh finally something is done to Rita.
Guest chapter 52 . 7/24

Poor Rita! Stuck in a magic suppressing cell under the Ministry... maybe she'll take time to think about what she did to Harry?
Bookwrym chapter 52 . 7/23
I read the entire story thus far in one day and have to say I am somewhat disappointed. Multiple chapters ago it was mentioned that as head of the Black family Harry could disown members. I was fully expecting to see at least Bellatrix disowned, her dowry reclaimed and her magic decreased. After all she did kill Harry's godfather. As for Draco and Narcissa I expected Harry to give the first enough rope to hang himself and the second the benefit of the doubt until he knew more.
In this chapter Harry says he has known about Rita being an Animagus for FOUR years which would mean he learned about the secret in THIRD year NOT fourth, which is the correct year in the books. Also this is far from the first timing inconsistency in this story due to the time bubble.
Thanks for writing.
Hari Datenshi chapter 52 . 7/23
I want to see the annoying blight on the profession of journalism suffer in the most humiliating fashion, so pull out the stop like you had done for dumbumbles and drag her spiteful and annoying ass through hell! Can you do the last choice and make her suffer through a three-parter for her downfall? She is most annoying person to ever hear/read about because she just don't know when to quit the bullshit! She seems to think that her shit don't stink and this trial/interrogation will fucking destroy her and that will be the perfect irony when she ends in a cell reading her trial and interrogation for what it was.
littlesprout chapter 52 . 7/22
Fantastic chapter.
Rita is getting what she deserves
Salinia chapter 52 . 7/22
Great chapter!
Can't wait to read more!
Ebenbild chapter 52 . 7/22
Sweet! I was just surprised that the aurors didn't tell her and everyone in the Daily Prophet what she had done and read her her rights...
Anyway, I loved seeing Harry taking action and finally standing up to Skeeter. I wonder how long it will take until the trial and how long it will take until Harry is called as a witness and Skeeter finally finds out that it was Harry who brought her there...
I'm looking forward to Fleur's reaction of her boyfriend's new 'lover' and her parents reaction when they find out the rumours... xDD
Will Molly know and what will she think about it?
Continue soon, please!
rozielrie chapter 52 . 7/22
The only thing i can say is it about da*n time and what took them so long
staar chapter 52 . 7/22
man that was good to see her gets hit on ! everyone should be there to see Rita be burned to hell ! let them all know all the crap she has done ! thanks for the update...can't wait to see what ou will come up with when snape gets his revenge on GINNY shit !:():):
Autumngold chapter 52 . 7/21
Fabulous new chapter! Thank you for making Rita pay for her crimes. Like most bullies, she cares nothing about those she hurts but when she is called to pay for her sins she's all tears and pleading. Hopefully Molly doesn't find out about the Prophet story, otherwise she will be all over Bill about either Fleur or Harry. Outstanding update! Can't wait to see what will happen next in your wonderful story!
yukino76 chapter 52 . 7/21
ah ah you reap what you sow
SoulMore chapter 52 . 7/21
Niknakkitkat chapter 52 . 7/21
Haha ritas going to jail *sings and dances*
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