Reviews for Haunted Jaded Eyes
Jessica01329 chapter 67 . 11/20/2022
I thought he already bought the daily prophet. back when he sent Rita skeeter to Azkaban
Himechi99 chapter 27 . 11/17/2022
The only thing that upset me is the fact that, they prefer to have her married to a "pedophile" old guy, than being a squib and living in the muggle world, I mean, she could study, go for college or everything and have a good life, without magic, losing its not that bad. It's tiresome.
Guest chapter 67 . 8/4/2022
good story, but a question I thought Harry had already bought the paper after he put down Rita?
Arethea Lattif Odinsdottir chapter 67 . 8/3/2022
you are an amazing author.
I enjoyed this book
can't wait for another.
Dxgirl17 chapter 67 . 7/13/2022
I loved this story!
Millie072 chapter 60 . 5/26/2022
Isn't Remus the DADA professor? There was a section on Hermione realizing he hadn't missed any classes this year. How can he leave in the middle of term without someone noticing? I know this is a reread, but it's been quite some time since reading originally. So I don't remember if that plot hole was missed. Certainly it's better with 67 chapters than 30. You're an excellent writer so twice as much to enjoy. thanks
Millie072 chapter 43 . 5/25/2022
Horrible to say, but the baby would be better off if Ginny died in childbirth. Molly could raise the child hopefully better than she did Ginny. Deluded as she is Ginny will make every effort to still get her own way. If they find a way to neutralize that potion it isn't beyond believe she would induce a miscarriage. Your Ginny is thoroughly dislikable. Not one iota of sympathy due. Great chapter.
Millie072 chapter 22 . 5/25/2022
Just out of curiosity. why didn't Severus banish the gunk out of the pipe & rid the landing of the sludge at the bottom? Seems easier than cleaning robes every time the slide is used. Doing reread and enjoying. Thanks
Saissa chapter 49 . 4/17/2022
Of course Skeeter is going to cause trouble for Harry and Snape - that is what she lives to do.
I just hope that Snape can actually BUG her to death - maybe with some anti raid insect repellent!
Saissa chapter 47 . 4/17/2022
That was interesting. Having Dobby tell Snape the news!

Clearly the wizarding world is centuries behind the muggle world when they refuse to talk abour sex and pregnancy! Both male and female pregnancy!

I used to dream that I wanted to be part of the wizarding world, but not any more.
I would never want to live in any such world that is so incredibly IGNORANT as this one is!
Saissa chapter 43 . 4/17/2022
Dont worry about Ginny. She is nothing more than a slut and magic (karma) has dealt with her and Dumbles as a payback to what they both planned to do to Harry!

And if Magic Kills Ginny because she refuses to obey her husband - her marriage vows said she has to be faithful and speaking to another man who is not her husband or her brothers could be construed as breaking those vows - then so mote it be. Wont bother me at all if Ginny the slut dies.
Bloody well serves her right.

I have never liked Harry and Ginny shipper stories and that canon epilogue was just so incredibly HORRIBLE!
Saissa chapter 38 . 4/17/2022
Dumbles finally gets a REAL Sentence for all hia manipulations and illegal potions usage.
Life Imprisonment and his magic bound for the rest of his life!

But since we are only half way through this story, I am thinking that either someone helps Dumbles to escape - possibly Ginny his wife. Or Voldie starts taking over the Wizarding world!

Great story so far!
Saissa chapter 19 . 4/17/2022
LOL THat was SO DELICIOUS! Serves Ginny and Molly RIGHT!
KristieRoxie chapter 58 . 3/20/2022
Are they really debating on whether or not to kill Voldemort? Like…Tom Marvolo Riddle aka Lord Voldemort aka The Dark Lord aka He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named aka You-Know-Who deserves to have his entire body (bones, muscles, and all) ripped to shreds for the damage he dealt to both the light and dark side. Evil doesn’t deserve courtesy
KristieRoxie chapter 55 . 3/20/2022
Wait what did he even say that was so bad? Wasn’t the “I’m sure your mother wouldn’t want that” in response to Harry saying he would rather be dead than alive and angry at the past? Why would that make Harry mad? I don’t get it at all
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