Reviews for Back Again, Harry?
EevyLynn chapter 20 . 9/18
Well, THAT was quite the cliffhanger to leave us on for almost 2 years. Lmao

Oh well, at least I was aware that it's a work in progress going into this. It really is amazing. It's no wonder you have so many following this story.
Ohmymerlin24 chapter 20 . 9/13
Hi I just wanted to say I love this fic. It’s a really interesting take on time travel fits especially because harry is not over powered or he suddenly knows everything or is perfect at everything. It is written very well I just adore it
Izaleana chapter 20 . 8/26
This is really cool. The plot is great and I really liked how Remus and Sirius had dreams about their alternate lives. Loved reading it.
klamisid chapter 20 . 8/24
What a wonderful story! I do hope you’ll continue this till the end! I’ll be waiting for ithope everything is well on your end too
Scarlet chapter 10 . 8/22
i'm sure this fic is probably abandoned, but i just wanted to say that the moment when harry says that he'd like to see hermione explain snape's behavior away then realizing that he is the one trying to say that snape is on the side of light really made me smile. thank you!
Hillnerd chapter 20 . 8/8
i like this and am excited to read more! well done
rowenasheir chapter 20 . 7/30
Ideas: touch Quirrel in front of everyone in the hall. fall over/ trip up and grab him!

send AD a letter telling him only what he needs to know! use Ariana and gG to prove credentials!
Akela2Bears chapter 20 . 7/28
Great story. I hope someday you'll continue, but if not thank you for posting the wonderful 20 chapters.
dragonfox123 chapter 1 . 7/24
Interesting chapter and plot and idea
Musikrulesok chapter 20 . 7/20
ahh! Such a frustrating cliffhanger! I'm so keen to see what happens next, this is such brilliant way of writing Harry time traveling- you've managed to keep it realistic without falling into tropes that often come with time travel fics.
I've really enjoyed reading this and I hope you get the chance to update soon!
BeccaRave chapter 20 . 7/11
such a cliffhanger
Saphira Veera chapter 5 . 7/8
I admit, this fic is really quite intriguing. But nothing remotely good is going to happen in time-travel AUs. I've read and seen too much scenarios to know that shit's going to go down sooner or later. There's something about meddling with the past that's not right; the past happened for a reason and we don't have the right to dabble with it. But so far, I liked how you narrate the story. I expect Harry's in for a lot of hard work. Redoing 7 years is a long time
nikprosta chapter 2 . 7/6
Guest chapter 20 . 7/5
good story
Guest chapter 20 . 6/27
Keep writing! This is great!
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