Reviews for Naruto and the Goblet of Fire
aewea chapter 5 . 10/30
oh this chapter was grear!
I loved the last part!that was sooooo sweet!
aewea chapter 1 . 10/30
this story is really great!I love it
Juliet'lovestory chapter 14 . 10/27
Juliet'lovestory chapter 13 . 10/27
Kakashi did a prank! A PRANK! He must be bored to death if he did so. GINNY YOU LITTLE BUNDLE OF SUNSHINE, I LOVE YOU 10 YEARS AGO AND I LOVE YOU NOW! And Obito, how much I wished he could be alive. Sigh.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 12 . 10/27
Ginny was and always will be adorable, cutie, literally I screamed over that part. Kakashi always breaking the girls hearts. The sexy jutsu! I didnt know he would have it within him to do it, but I guess Naruto doenst care whatsoever, thats why we all love him! Amazing! And well, as always i just want to hug Gaara till he finds me annoying.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 11 . 10/27
Im in love with Harry character because hes just the same boy, he finds the shinobi to be amazing humans and hes quite scared of how often they talk about death but they are always nice to him anyway, besides Naruto and Harry are somewhat alike, i would have loved to read Kakashi trying to fly and getting scared for a reason.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 10 . 10/27
All the time I was in a rage, stupid Malfoy, they could have killed someone! I just cant accept the fact that they didnt cause more chaos, I would have been terrified to talk to them after that even if I knew it wasnt their fault.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 9 . 10/27
I loved Kakashis intercation with the children, he's just that amazing person who cares and lvoes so much his students, ready to teach them, something he never quite got around to do in the real Narutoverse. And loving how the same rules do not apply in their universe, like the magic they do with their chackra and viceversa.
Oh Malfoy, how much I hated him right there and then.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 8 . 10/27
I laughed out loud with the last phrase "Ill kil that woman" How i hated Rita Skeeter, she was awful, really ontoni awful! And Fred and George, jesus christ, they never cease to amaze me and make me laugh! You have their characterization down to the beat! ITS JUST AMAZING! I CAN NOT DISTRESS YOU HOW MUCH I LOVED READING YOUR FIC
Juliet'lovestory chapter 7 . 10/27
I love Naruto¿s "get better" justu or whats its name, I always loved that no matter what Ron and Harry always stuck by Hermione whenver someone said something bad about her, or in this case attacked, both boys just love and care about her so much its endearing, however in different ways they are amazing. Even Naruto is mad now. And of course whenever Gaara is out of sorts in incredibly adorable. Naruto fianlly knocked some sense into him
Juliet'lovestory chapter 6 . 10/27
I loved how Kakashi kind of didnt fit anywhere, he was no student, he was no teacher either, too young but not young enough to assit classes, however i love how his mind is always pondering things, learning, with a book in his hand to know more things, I would have killed to see his powers back in their world and have Sakura all marveled at it.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 5 . 10/27
I love how the shinobi are like ¿the forbidden forest? PLIS! I laughed so much and by this time it made me realize how overreated the wizards are, the shinobi have killed more people that any of them will ever have to, faces fears they dont understand and I do Believe Naruto could kill Voldemort if he wanted to. I adore how Harry and Hermione and the rest are so in character.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 4 . 10/27
That "moody" already seeing how they could work for Lord Voldemort, honestly, your writting its amazing, you totally remind me of JK Rowling and THAT is a lot, like waaay alot, gotta run but I WILL COME BACK TO REVIEW THE REST OF THE CHAPTERS YOUNG WIZARD!
Juliet'lovestory chapter 3 . 10/27
Gaara in this chapter just literraly went five bars upon my schale, hes so cute! He doesnt know how to react o be treated kindly! And Ron and Harry, I love their interactions, besties being besties, Kakashi learning magic from them and everybody being impressed with his abilities.
Juliet'lovestory chapter 2 . 10/27
I laughed at Naruto running for Sir Nicholas and I loved how you portrayed Dumbledore and how lost they were at the beginig unable to comunciate because they spoke japanese, OF COURSE it would be dumbledore the one who know how to talk and I loved how they were glancing and everything in the aparadors, Naruto, oh my god, he is lovable, Kakashi's way of thinking never gets old.
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