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James Axelrad chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
fun chapter.

the omake is more properly one one omake, not three.
Krimzonrayne chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
Dark frat boy? That's a redundency! All Frat boy ARE dark.
Crys chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
A dark cult based around beer. You're one of the few people I know who can actually pull that one off.

Oh, jeez. Those names weren't even subtle. Funny in a frat-boy way, but not subtle.

Dumbledore sampling every lemon drop in the world? I suppose that's one way to keep him out of the way.

Tonks. Undercover with Tentacle Monster as her partner. Against Dark Lord Jeremy. Oh, boy. How come I have the terrible feeling that Tonks will end up a willing Dark Bunny?
Bobboky chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
Innortal chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
LOL, excellent.
Nosferatum chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
Now it's good time to find out that Voldemort is really diabetic... and allergic to citrus :)
Erik MacRorie chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
FenrisWolf here!

These are really fun! I've always thought Remus and Narcissa would make a fun couple, and the potential for humorous interctions are endless. Narcissa could turn Remus into a 'project' to make him over into an acceptable escort for her, making him update his wardrobe, sending him to her hair salon to do something about his scruffiness, etc. I actually played around with that in my story "Of Wolves and Ravens"(on Portkey). One of the scenes I wrote (which you're free to borrow in whole or in part) went as follows:

Narcissa made her way across the floor of the restaurant and towards the bar, struggling to resist the urge to tug on the hem of her extremely short skirt. Hermione had gone with her to pick it out, and while she knew rationally that what she was wearing was perfectly acceptable among Muggles, by Wizarding custom she was practically naked. The deep red silk barely reached mid-thigh, for Circe’s sake, and the skin tight waist and scoop neckline made it abundantly clear that marriage and childbirth had had absolutely no effect on her figure, other than to perhaps give a slightly more womanly roundness to her hips and breasts than in her Hogwarts’ days.

She scanned the bar, looking for a particular head of salt-and-pepper hair, and tried to hide the hint of nervousness she felt at venturing wholly into the Muggle world. It wasn’t completely alien to her; there were any number of establishments that blurred the lines between the two sides, but in most cases the Muggle appearances were camouflage, wizards and witches playing dress-up and emulating their peculiar neighbors. But Remus’s condition and the attitudes of Wizarding society towards it meant that he had spent a fair amount of his life living wholly as a Muggle, and he was comfortable there, so much so that he wanted to share it with her.

Narcissa finally spotted the person she was looking for, and she chuckled evilly as she beheld the results of the compromise she’d demanded before agreeing to meet Remus for a Muggle date. If she was going to have to dress the part, then by Merlin so was he, and that included doing something about that roughly chopped, shaggy mess that he called his hair.

At her insistence he’d made an appointment with her favorite stylist, Raoul, and the results were nothing short of phenomenal. Instead of the overlong mass that always looked as if he just hacked it off with a pair of shears whenever it became annoying, his hair was now neatly trimmed, with just enough styling gel to give it control without looking artificial. At his temples it was swept back, taking full advantage of the streaks of grey that made him look distinguished, while at the same time exposing what she thought was one of his sexier features, the slight pointing of his ears that was a side effect of his lycanthropy. On top and in the back his hair was long enough for its natural waviness to emerge, and Raoul had added some highlights to blend the streaks of grey into the whole in an appealing manner.

All in all Narcissa thought he looked incredible, and from the looks some of the unattached Muggle women were giving him, she wasn’t the only one to feel that way. She was suddenly reminded of something Hermione had told her, how she was constantly having to restrain herself from running her finger’s through Harry’s messy black locks, and looking at Lupin, she could finally sympathize with the younger woman.

She paused for just an instant to appreciate his outfit; low heeled black ankle boots (he was quite tall enough without artificial lifts, thank you), a pair of black leather pants she loved to see him wear, especially on those occasions when she happened to be walking behind him, and a long sleeved cambric shirt of deep forest green with a collar that accentuated his broad shoulders, and open just enough at the throat to show a touch of the thick mat of soft, grey hair that covered his chest. She shivered as the memory of how that hair had felt against her skin, and smiled. Yes, Muggle clothes definitely suited him…

A moment later she was standing beside him, the small smile still playing about her lips as he completely ignored the trashy brunette who was trying to chat him up. She suppressed the urge to let her smile turn into a smirk as the bar tart stomped off in a huff. “You look incredible, Narcissa,” Remus said, his eyes traveling appreciatively over what her dress revealed, and his expression displayed a hint of the hunger that thrilled her.

She felt a slight blush climb her cheeks, and wondered once again how it was he was able to slip through her defenses so easily. “Thank you,” she replied, her eyes deliberately lingering on his new hairstyle. “You look pretty good yourself. Didn’t I tell you Raoul was a genius?”

It was his turn to blush, a phenomenon she found endlessly amusing, especially now that she could see it extending to the tips of his ears. He took a sip of the frothy white concoction sitting before him, grimacing slightly at its taste. “First time I saw myself in a mirror, I thought I was looking at Gilderoy Lockheart,” he muttered.

“Well, I think it’s perfect,” she declared, allowing her impulse free reign as she quickly ruffled the top. He laughed and batted at her hand, but she slipped aside and reached for his glass. “Whatever are you drinking?” she asked, taking a sip of the sweet, coconutty mixture.

“Something Harry suggested when I told him where we were meeting,” Remus answered, his tone slightly puzzled. “He said that if I was going to play to the cliché, I should do it properly.”

Narcissa thought about it for a second, but finally shrugged. She had no idea why dinner at Trader Vic’s should be a cliché, but there were so many oddities about Muggle culture, it wasn’t at all unusual not to catch one. “What’s this called?” she asked as she took a second sip, and almost sprayed the mouthful across his face when he replied, “A Pina Colada.”

She struggled to keep from laughing, but refused to clue her date in on the mystery, much to his annoyance. She’d had no idea that Harry possessed such a wicked sense of humor; perhaps it was a side effect of his recent foray into happiness. Still smiling, she took her date’s arm as he escorted her into dinner, her steps bouncing to the catchy song that now kept playing over and over again in her head…

Keep the updates coming, I really like them! And if you do use the above scene in any shape or form, you have the author's permission.
Wonderbee31 chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
Nice part here, and can't wait to see what happens next time.
Rebel Goddess chapter 28 . 8/23/2007
LOL at DFB names and Tim the Tentacle Monster bringing nothing but the arm of the Death Eater to Amelia. The Lemon Drops were even better. I also loved the spell that stopped Fudge from stomping. Poor Tonks! Loved Neville just roaring instead of his nice calm explanation. Omake 6 was superb.
Krimzonrayne chapter 27 . 8/22/2007
The plot makes so much sense it's scares me
Butler chapter 27 . 8/22/2007
Again good. I like the fact that your stories make the public out to what we really are, in the dark and make up our own stories.
Morrolan chapter 27 . 8/22/2007
Love this.
dontfryyourbrain chapter 27 . 8/22/2007
hillarious as always. More death eater sodomy, it brings a tear to my eyes. looking forward to the next entry
Rebel Goddess chapter 27 . 8/22/2007
Fantastic chapter. Poor Harry! I guessed it was Remus and was very pleased to have my guess confirmed. So funny.
asdfjkl chapter 27 . 8/22/2007
well done. more harry/hermione. do you watch the show dirty jobs on the discovery channel?
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