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Guest chapter 26 . 6/18
indeed, opposites attract and clash, likes meld together
Knightmare Neko chapter 63 . 6/14
you repeated a scene from awhile back in this chapter (63)
LovesDragons chapter 83 . 6/13
Well. This was absolutely ridiculous. And funny. But mostly ridiculous.
You know chapter 1 . 6/9
The crazy thing is that the Potter family isn't rich from Wards/magical computer programming, it's more like they're rich based on really old Intellectual Property of pre-cursors to modern medical potions like skele-gro (that's what the wiki says, at least)

So really they're the equivalent of Bayer/P&G, not Microsoft/Intel.
MP chapter 38 . 6/5
Ronald Weasley, you ARE the father! (more than TEN TIMES!)

Arthur W: Son! I am so proud of you!

Molly W: So many grandchildren and daughter-in-laws! We need to expand the Burrow!

Ginny W: Why can't I be a Dark Witch? Ron gets all the girls and they're all pregnant! If I was a Dark Witch, Harry would have impregnated me twice already!

Molly W: You're still grounded!
Just a guy chapter 17 . 6/5
"I demand that you take my daughter with you when you hunt those thieves down," Luna's father appeared suddenly. "They refused to ravish my daughter and that is an insult I can never forgive."

(blinks a few times) Wut? Xeno, that is not... Never mind. You're a Lovegood, so that explains it all. Him, or his daughter, has probably already seen Luna in post coital bliss with either one of them, probably while they are rocking the bed next to her. Or 'cleaning' up in the bathroom. Or celebrating after the Fox and Hound stripped a place bare, then stripped Luna bare and pillaged her sacred vault.

Gods, I'm too perverted today. I haven't even read 'Hermione's Furry Little Problem' or 'Neko's Mate' yet!

I wonder if Luna really does love good... Let's ask Harry and Hermione!
Reader chapter 10 . 6/4
I wonder how long it will be until Snape and the 'Draked' squad realize that they can Obliviate the experience away... Probably never, since Stupidus Snape is in charge of them.

Either way, probably the best action they'd ever get.
ExceleKurokami chapter 2 . 6/4
Lesson one: when it comes to owls, Hedwig is the only one that will get Harry's bacon. (Hermione and Harry's other wives get a very different type of bacon) Other feathered bitches will be eviscerated by his lovely white raptor. (I named the school owl Mary)

Second point: Pure blood customs. But Harry's a half blood, and we all know that Half Bloods are a good and extremely steep step below Pure Bloods. (they probably used to be treated like muggleborn at one point) Still, it is nice to marry your best female friend. (That should be the case any way, not some fangirl whose screen time was to run away, then be possessed, then become like air until, out of nowhere, Harry suddenly loved her)

Still, better than someone later pointing out that offering your wand to another magic user (of the opposite gender) was to propose to them, meaning Hermione asked Harry to marry her during TDH, and he accepted the proposal. A rare story where Harry became a Granger rather than Hermione becoming a Potter. That was a good fic, especially with how dark and pissed off Ron became because HIS Hermione was taken away. (love potions/spells stop working on a married person, unless the potion is keyed to their spouse, in that fic. Arthur was quite furious when Hermione pointed that out to him, and he found out his wife had been spiking his food for years)

Wait, maybe that last paragraph was one of my own ideas that I have yet to put into text... It is a Lunar Harmony, so it is possible... (Luna, blushing, allows Harry to use her wand so that Dork Lord Riddle doesn't realize Harry has the real Elder wand)

Three: Poor little Ginny. (Yes, I checked to see if this was a Lunar Harmony. Funny how it is a Shifty Lunar Harmony) Sorry Arthur, but little Ginny will be combing your spell books to see if Harry needs a fourth girl to bang for a magical ritual. (If the Weasley magic is good for raising crops, and children, she should hook up with Neville, a person who would make a great magical regent farmer)

Four: Potions isn't the problem, it is the snake "teaching" said subject that is the problem. (So many would-be British potion masters probably turned from their destiny due to the biggest emo of the Wizarding World with a chip the size of Hogwarts on his shoulder and an inferiority complex so huge that it cannot be accurately measured)
chronos136 chapter 83 . 6/4
Gawd i love this story
Karou WindStalker chapter 83 . 6/3
got weird at the end,
Tharl chapter 69 . 6/3
Ha! I love the idea of Dark Lord Ron's "magic street." He's like the Santa Claus of babies. It's fantastic.
Tharl chapter 36 . 6/2
I love this. I love this story so very, very much.
duskglow chapter 83 . 5/30
One of the silliest stories I've read since "Sword of Griffindor" and "Partially Kissed Hero".
bluemesa356 chapter 10 . 5/22
Lord Barinthus chapter 5 . 5/22
Five chapters down and still NO CLUE what school year this is occurring in? And now the GRANGERS are ALSO master thiefs? Seriously?
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