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Guest chapter 6 . 10/25/2012
I was enjoying this story up until this chapter. Rewriting 4 people's memories to fit an doesn't even sound good to me "in theory" let alone in practice. Ted seems like the only rational person in the story. We are shaped by our history and our past. Harry is a new person- because the real Harry Potter has been murdered.
LGilbert1982 chapter 7 . 10/24/2012
Hmm... I came to this story because another author writing "Gilding the Son of Lily" mentioned they were inspired to write theirs b/c of this one and as I loved the idea so much and this one was complete I figured I'd give it a shot. Starting out, I enjoyed it as it is pretty well written, but here I am half way through the story and I'm going to have to quit. And it's not even due to the Snape bashing, despite being an avid Snape fan.

The moment I saw you were taking this in the direction of basically rewriting Harry's childhood through memory modification I almost stopped. I liked the idea of Lockhart becoming his guardian through the blood transfusion. I thought that was original and kinda interesting. But now there is the complication he has got to be when Harry and the Grangers' would rather he not. Not only that, you have this quickly pretty much estranged Mr. Granger. Memory modification to that extent is just wrong, and frankly dangerous. Even Lockhart wouldn't have been that stupid unless he intended to ruin the person's mind entirely.

Of course, even then I decided to keep reading for a bit. Give the changes a chance. Then you pull out "the scriptures" and start giving a biblical lesson on why you don't drink tea or coffee. I brushed off the constant religious references throughout earlier chapters despite personally feeling they have no place in the Harry Potter world, even swallowed harshly against a not-so-thinly veiled insult against my own beliefs as a Catholic and kept on reading, but this...this is just too much... People don't read Harry Potter fan fiction to get a religious sermon about the Mormon (or frankly any other real life) religion, they come to read about the life and events surrounding the Harry Potter world. If religion is mentioned at all, it's usually only on the traditionally accepted religious practices of the wizarding world, like Yule and Samhain. How likely would any "Muggle" religion react to actual witchcraft and wizardry? Witch burning ring a bell? That is why it is usually considered unacceptable within the HP story itself. Not to mention the strong risk of stepping on the toes of other religious beliefs, like you did.

So...this is where I stop. I sort of feel disappointed that I just wasted the last few hours of my time reading a story I refuse to complete, but...well, there is always that risk isn't there?
kitza chapter 1 . 10/14/2012
eww.. just lost all respect for your OC. prison for the parents fine. what they did was despicable, but I don't buy your "greater good" justification for murdering them (even dumbledore wouldn't have gone that far, because you've just skipped down the slippery slope into evil territory). and lets not forget that no matter how much of a bratty bully Dudley was (indulging a child that much is a more subtle form of abuse, but he would almost certainly be mentally, and emotionally unprepared by them for the real world, not to mention the obesity that will almost certainly cripple him socially and physically in the long run) he was still a twelve year old boy, whom you (your self insert) just murdered in cold blood.
JannaKalderash chapter 14 . 10/1/2012
Read the whole thing in one afternoon.

I must say that this is an interesting use of an unapologetic dunce from that series.

I do wonder though, just what happened to the original personality? Was he shunted into the subconscious or merged with Jared and the others?

This kind of reminds me of Rogue, from the X-men, who could do the same thing to people, but she accomplished it by touching them. But she had no control over how much she absorbed from a person.

She tried absorbing from Loki, the God of Mischief and Evil once; the poor kid nearly got fried from the overload.

Interesting way to get rid of Dumbles in this. Leaving him a boneless wreck; original!

Bringing in the Addams' was a nice touch. Of course, Morticia and Gomez would like Jared, when he was in his cuckoo for cocoa puffs phase.

That bit about Jared fainting after finding out that he not only kissed a real spider but ATE one was absolutely hilarious!

I was giggling like a maniac at work as I read that on my tablet. Fortunately, my co-workers are used to me giggling like that.

With Jared/Gilderoy's new movie company, they can put Disney to shame by introducing 3-D movie making, and churn out Aladdin, Tangled, Brave, Toy Story, Monsters Inc., etc.

Then move onto Star Wars, all nine Star Trek movies, Jaws, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the list is endless!
Gundam Kaiser chapter 1 . 9/28/2012
Interesting use of a moron.

I approve.
Random number generator chapter 7 . 9/25/2012
Sorry, but this copy-by-transfusion is absurdly effective, breaking worldbuilding and killing story.
Random number generator chapter 6 . 9/25/2012
"'the road to hell is paved with good intentions' is Catholic doctrine" is ridiculously and thoroughly untrue.
Jimbocous chapter 14 . 9/19/2012
Too bizarre, but good grins. And yes, JKR's Dumbles was indeed a very evil man. That left me as perplexed as her vision of relationships (Molly/Arthur, R/Hr, H/G, etc). Thanks for a fun read!
AminaS chapter 8 . 9/18/2012
you stinking son of a malodorous hooker you...hahahah...genius...
AminaS chapter 5 . 9/18/2012
i read the part about lockhart curing the st mungos patients atleast three times...i sorta wish he actually spoke to the longbottoms...i feel like there perspective would be very interesting toknow
Natara chapter 8 . 8/29/2012
I wouldn't worry overmuch about that tendency. It's that it comes in text form. You mean it as a complete and rational explanation, but the medium removed the body language and vocal intonatins that would reveal the education bend to the experience. That's one reason people don't like reading in the first place. They lack the imagination or patience to fill in the details that the rest of us just add in as a matter of course.

When you're doing a total mental or moral point of view scene like the Snape explanation, then you lack any of details to make it feel like a natural point of the story. It feels less like an introspective pause where the character is working out well thought out point and more like the author got on his soapbox to evangelize the masses. This can be well done to the point that even well known and staunch atheists(or in this case Snape Supporters) will respect you position or at leadt be entertained by it, but this takes practice.

Terry Goodkind is famous for putting these moments in the Sword of Truth series. I always sat up and took notes, but a lot readers found it to be too preachy. I've always thought society could use a few preachy moments in our media. Sew it in carefully and you don't even break the story flow.
Devil Reader chapter 14 . 8/27/2012
That was an excellent story! And best of all, he accomplished it all in one summer. I loved this self-insert!
magical fan18 chapter 14 . 8/21/2012
Great fic and many of your points and arguments/rants I agree on, hope that there is a sequel or you could at least put an Epilogue with a basic run-down of what has happened after this chapter like a time-skip from 10 or so years on with the Gilderoy/Jared Character talking about that..
bishop2420 chapter 14 . 8/16/2012
OK. I waited to complete this story before reviewing.

I have to say that I don't usually like self insert stories but yours was well done and well reasoned and I liked that a lot. I thought it was a little preachy at times but that is the right of the author to deliver whatever message they would like, it didn't really take away from the whole.

Comment 1: I find it interesting that a lot of people will identify "Lemons" before in their stories to give readers the opportunity to avoid descriptions that they find offensive or just dislike while not having to abandon the story as a whole. However authors never do that with any other message, be that political or religious.
Question: Do you believe "lemons" should be separately identified and if so why should that treatment not apply to religious and political commentary.

Comment 2: Throughout your story you use logic as the foundation not only for your characters decision making but also as a tool to make logical conclusions based on JK's cannon as well as her subsequent comments and interviews. Then you get to Ron and you just amp up his evil without real logical justification. You admit freely that JK's character development was ridiculously flawed only to do the same thing to Ron. You correctly identify all the reasons for his behavior and then simply abandon him. Bellatrix is the second only to Voldemort in her evil and you find a way to forgive her and integrate her but the best you can do for Ron is chuck him off to France. And even in that supposed opportunity for him you still leave him threatened against something you made up him doing to justify your dismissal.
Question: Where does all the Ron hate come from?
Mistress Anko chapter 13 . 8/13/2012
What the hell? Ron gets a book on how to talk to and complement girls and it never says he has sex with Hermione. You made it sound like he controlled her and raped her. what the fuck is wrong with you?
Also I can not take the ranting anymore. We don’t need to know all the thoughts in his head.
You have a great idea here and a really interesting plot, but I also think it would be a lot better if you trashed 50% of each of your later chapters. Most of the extra info really makes your story less enjoyable to read.
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