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nap2606 chapter 37 . 8/27
I had my suspicions. But this chapter tore me up. Well written
nap2606 chapter 27 . 8/27
Late to the party but I starting reading last night! I haven’t been able to stop reading. The voice you have given to the characters is on point. Also I really want to scream at Ron 95% of the time!
LadyScarlettDixon chapter 62 . 8/24
Great story, I really enjoyed reading it! I loved the Soul connection between Severus and Hermione, his interactions with Poppy and Minerva and I really liked how you brought the Dursleys into the storyline; one of my favourite scenes is Snape interrogating Dudley with Veritaserum lol. I also really loved the trial scene, I could see it happening clearly in my head.

It felt a bit slow at the start with very little conversation between Snape and Hermione but then it picked up with the Australia storyline and I couldn't stop reading after that, I think you handled the dark parts of this story really well and I really felt for Hermione when going through her PTSD, it was very believable.

Snape on a plane wearing pink with no wand was awesome lol!

Loved the Percy plot, did not see that coming! Would have loved to know what happened to him, did George ever forgive him?

My only criticism is that after all those chapters building up to the moment they declare their feelings to each other the scene was cut off after Hermione told him she loved him too. It cut to the scene at the Hogwarts train really abruptly and I was like ? That scene just seemed so important to me and the build up had been fantastic; the really slow build (which I adore), the tension, the longing looks, the frustration of the characters - especially Snape - and then we don't get the pay off of him realising she truly loves him and then maybe a big kiss scene? I'm sorry, I was just really disappointed with that, it just seemed to fizzle away at the end instead of the happy relief of finally having that special moment between the two characters.

Anyway enough criticism because I loved everything else including the Epilogue, I like how you fit it in to the Epilogue of the books and told us what their happy ending was like with each other.

Sorry for the enormous review I just had a lot of feelings about this story lol. Congratulations on finishing a great story! I hope to read more of your work someday :)
Guest chapter 25 . 8/8
Love your interpretation of Dudley!
JellyToastx chapter 62 . 8/8
Not gonna lie when I say that this story is difficult at times to read. The themes that are touched upon are quite rough, and in graphic detail. It is also an incredible slow burn. Nevertheless, it is so well written, has lots of detail and is overall lovely. Thanks!
dee bowker chapter 51 . 8/7
Squee indeed, he does love her and is becoming more 'feeling', finding his own emotions closer to the surface. That darn empathy!

He should be turning against his harsh ways with others as well as with Hermione, but is he? Thanks for this and yr portraiture of Neville, Zee. (:D) Kissing btw the lovers soon please! In real life.

And making out, without clothes on. And moaning. And heavy breathing & declarations of love, you know. What? I'm just saying. I've waited long enough now, really.
Addyledbrain chapter 21 . 8/7
Loving your story. Was the file Sense and Sensibility?
dee bowker chapter 50 . 8/7
I know this was written long ago...but I sincerely hope you are completely well now. The idea that I'm enjoying this fic while you were ill while writing it distresses me greatly. Best wishes to you Zee.
dee bowker chapter 49 . 8/7
I'm having a very hard time liking Severus, his past terrible transgressions are what they are. Here he is now continuing his viciousness by tormenting Neville.

I'm hoping something changes his heart & mind to make him worthy of Hermione Granger. I keep wondering how many women he watched being raped (by Lucius, etc.) during his D.E. days. Just who is this man?

I'm ready for things to change and for him to be insightful and grown-up when it comes to approaching H.G. Others at Hogwarts show kindness to Severus - it's time for him to realize that he owes others the same.

Without this kind of transformation, in S.S's thinking he remains a bitter, nasty man like his father. A man Granger could never love.

Her spirit pulled him back from death, so she must 'know' on some level that he has true goodness and the ability to love, in him. I'd rather have her with Longbottom, if she has to be with somebody.

Thanks again for writing Ms. Zee:)
dee bowker chapter 37 . 8/7
An eleven hour grave-yard shift oh my goodness how are you able to write at all Ms. zeegrindylows? And I love yr name, really rolls off the tongue. Yes, I am so happy to see the story moving along so nicely, wanted him to know her worst experiences and for her to know some of his.

I know that touching each other's skin (skin to skin contact) is important for the connection of their souls and I'm hoping for that to happen more often. Heck I want them together, with next to nothing on in a bed together kissing, etc. but that's your call (;D).

You're such a good writer and it's been a privilege to read 'Where Your Treasure Is'. A true piece of art...blessed be Zee.
dee bowker chapter 32 . 8/6
This has been so exciting and complex and terrifying really. I have to say though that killing off Hermione's parents in such an excruciatingly painful way makes you quite an evil author! (:(l) But I'm sure you have good reason.

I find myself waiting anxiously for some 'action' between S.S. & H.G. Yes I am the impatient type (:D) Thank you for all yr hard work in writing this long and lovely story zeegrindylows.
dee bowker chapter 7 . 8/5
You are so incredibly talented, author dear:) I've been ensnared right from the beginning. Loved finding out what happened between S.S. and L.P. enjoy wondering about whether Harry could be Severus's son. Thank you for showing an intensely intelligent Hermione who could love someone like Snape. Adore Poppy here too. Thank you for sharing this wonderful work of fanfiction!
analise17 chapter 62 . 7/29
Completely lovely. We need more stories about real love.
Guest chapter 51 . 7/15
"Let us not begin casting stones. I may be a more obvious target, but I have far better aim than you." oh snaaap, snap snap snap, that is such an amazing retort. I've read too many poorly writen Snape-speak to let that one pass. You have mastered his speaking pattern, and I'm grateful for that. I love this fic.
Priya chapter 62 . 7/8

Can you please tell me what was in the letter that Lily left for Severus
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