Reviews for Where Your Treasure Is
Astiza chapter 1 . 5/2
Thank you so, so much for this incredible story! I read it in 12-hour sessions. Your transitions, characterization, and plot twists are so well done. And the humor here and there :)
Absolutely incredible.
Guest chapter 62 . 4/28
I couldn't stop reading this amazing, wonderful, awesome story. Wow! This was so well written; it took my breath away.
Ritabhash Das chapter 16 . 4/25
are is probably in his late 30s.I remember this because in the deathly hallows , in the part concerning snape,s memories of them being sorted into houses , after snape's sorting ,Rowling mentions that lucius malfoy was a slytherin prefect meaning he is 5 years older than the order of phoenix , when the daily prophet says that hogwarts needs changes blah! blah!..., one of the newspaper articles has lucius also distinctly mentions his age to be snape probably will be 38 in your 't think you'l remember. I recollected it as I was reading the ORDER OF thePHOENIX yesterday.
Ritabhash Das chapter 14 . 4/25
Nicely you could rewrite twilight, it would be ten times better than it is.!
Ritabhash Das chapter 13 . 4/25
pretty awesome. Refreshing perspective from the most ambiguous character in the series.
Ardastra chapter 62 . 4/6
That was lovely! The story combined with your excellent language and narrative talents created a story that I had a hard time putting down when I had to go to work, and instantly started reading again at the end of the day.
Every chapter was a joy!
BlueDorid chapter 62 . 4/4
I have very mixed feelings about this fic. It started out really well and I very much appreciated a Hermione after the war, dealing with the consequences of watching friends die. I thought your descriptions of PTSD was both subtle and convincing. The beginning chapters were very well done.

However the main issue I have with this fic is the constant use of stupidity as a plot progression device. Hermione never learns from her mistakes and insists on gadding off alone like a fool over and over despite the dramatic and serious consequences each time she does it. The thing is I spent a large portion of the fic just disliking Hermione. I also just couldn't help but notice that in the confrontation with Draco and gang, she could have easily just sent her house elf to alert Snape - again, stupidity for plot reasons. Not to mention the fact that Draco can somehow slip away while surrounded by Aurors without anyone noticing.

I know it's been such a long time since you wrote this and there's not much point in this review. It's just that I read such a glowing rec of this on Know it Alls that I expected a lot going in. I can't help feeling that this fic had a lot of potential to be one of the really great ones.

One thing I did love, was the tree room! I could vividly picture a young Severus in his retreat.
Perry Downing chapter 43 . 3/31
This is my second reading of this story. I read an embarrassing amount of SS/HG fanfic and I have to say your storyline about Percy has always really stuck with me. Excellent job.
sunstella chapter 62 . 3/25
you had me hooked .
could have given it a different ending after 19 years
Katie Lady 8 chapter 62 . 3/16
Ok, great writing and lovely story line. I feel that both Severus and Hermione were in character.

Spoiler Alert!
My beef with you lies largley in the fact that you literally make people wait for 61 chapters before any real relationship happens and then we don't even get to really read /experience their first kiss. Seriously WTF?! The rating should really have been K For the relationship with Severus and M for her dealings with Draco. Blah! So frustrating.
snivellivellus chapter 62 . 3/15
In one of your author's notes you said your intention was to convey love between a soul-bonded Hermione and Snape that emerges independent from the bond they find themselves in-that the bond would not force romantic attachments or sentiments onto them, like you claimed most other stories so often do. I realize this story is nearly a decade old now and that it was written for fun, but I thought you, as a writer, would not be adverse to some honest feedback. I just wanted to point out that reading this was kind of frustrating and tedious. Your writing is great and I was rooting for you, but you did exactly what you set out not to do. I don't think for a second that Snape and Hermione would have considered one another romantically had the bond not forced them together. The intricacies and subtle development of their relationship might have happened flawlessly in your mind but they certainly didn't translate into the final product. This story was...disappointing, and the pacing definitely left a lot to be desired. I'm all for the slow-burn but this was just sloppy. I'm so sorry, I hope you don't find my comments to be too harsh. I just felt like: "Gosh. So close. There was so much potential." This is an old work and you're probably kicking it out of the ball park now. I'm just ranting. Thanks so much for sharing your brain child with us.
88forget-me-not88 chapter 62 . 2/25
I feel like they fell in love very fast. I mean there are 62 chapters and they fell in love just in a few chapters. The story should have at least contained 70 chapters so that it won't seem it went too fast. In my opinion the short chapters about their romantic relationship made Snape a bit ooc.

I really think that Draco should have been tortured to death by Hermione. She should have made him suffer to the point Draco would be begging Hermione to kill him. I would love if that moment actually happened or at least Draco is imprisoned in Azkaban for so long he went utterly mad but the government in Harry Potter universe sucks so yeah Malfoys strikes again -_- FUCK YOU DRACO

A message to Severus: Why in the name of Merlin do you only have one kid with Hermione!? You are almost turning 60 years old and you have only one kid. WTF. Seriously Severus, go to bed. Do "it" with Hermione every night.

Oh and dear author this is bloody brilliant. You made me fall in love with Severus again.
shoeychocolatXD chapter 31 . 2/20
What Is That Mysterious Ticking Noise?
Runaway Roadkill chapter 62 . 2/16
WOOOOOOO. 5000th review.

But srsly I really liked this story, harrowing as it was at times it was a great read.
Guest chapter 11 . 2/16
Enjoyed this fic a lot!
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