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origin of summoners chapter 15 . 1/31/2010
great fic.
Greki chapter 13 . 9/11/2008
I vote for Aika's flag. xD

Well, those are all the reviews that I owed you, yay! Sorry for the long wait. And sorry that these last reviews were... more or less crappy like. I've not been that inspired these days.

Anyway, gotta go now, take care! Have fun!
Greki chapter 12 . 9/11/2008
This is one of my favorite chapters. It's so well-written and heavily action-packed that it makes an awesome combination. This story certainly has all! x3
Greki chapter 11 . 9/11/2008
OMG! Fina? GLARING? The world's ending, I just know it... xD

Greki chapter 10 . 9/11/2008
"Tsk, tsk, Aika, don't you know your manners?"

Lol, looks like even pirates have to take care of their language in front of children. xD

Yep, when we're midgets we think we're the coolest person on earth.

Hehehe, I like Grandma! She's so col, lol, poor Aika and Enrique though. xD

I like how you clashed the "world's flat-round" theories. Imagine that for the pirates! But, OMG, I love Aika's imagination! LOLZ.

Vyse: These Valuans~~!

Enrique: None taken.

Vyse: Hey! You got ahead.

Enrique: Whoops, sorry!

Bad influence alright.

Oh, btw, sorry if my comments are truly random. I'm kinda lazy right now to write the whole ideas. xD
Greki chapter 9 . 9/11/2008
First of all... it's not "juevos", it's "huevos". In Spanish the "h" is not pronounced.

Lol, Clara is... determined. xD

Aw, Enrique's also cute, lol.

It's quite a nice touch that you added Dyne in this interlude. Adds to the overall feeling.
Greki chapter 8 . 9/11/2008
Certainly Enrique is awesome. And he's such a wonderful leader too!

But most of all, I LOVE THE DELPHINUS!
Greki chapter 7 . 9/11/2008
I'm back, again! I suddenly remembered that I owe you still seven reviews. xD I can't promise to make them as long as I used to, but I'll say something here and there. For now I gotta say Enrique is damn awesome... and what a happy reunion, not as cool as the first one, but... xD
Greki chapter 6 . 3/25/2008
Oh, I think I really forgot about back then... I was a little lost at first, but then I just remembered the game and managed to gather my thoughts. I'm not sure so far which book I like the most, I mean they all have their very unique characteristics... I think it's just great! Good job!
Dancing Spirit of Sol chapter 1 . 2/25/2008
Great stuff! Its great that I've found Skies of Arcadia fictions here!
Greki chapter 5 . 12/29/2007
Aha! Found it! w. ficwad story/ 3267

Remember to delete the spaces. I just read it again, and I think I find the ending a little bit... disturbing. XD It was sweet, though.

Anyway, on to your fic!

I loved this chapter very much! Especially some very interesting parts regarding their reunion. xD Just like everyone else!

But let's go by order.

Well, I don't think it's really weird that even though they dislike each other and "they're not [even] twenty kilometers apart at their closes point" as I quoted from Aika, they don't attack each other or are not that surveilled. As she said, the Valuans are located to the south and more central points of the continent (one very big continent). So if they don't see much worth in protecting their northern and eastern lands, I don't think they would bother diving their troops—and as a consequence, their forces—, and send them into lands so far from the main population area (which you also mentioned are heavily populated with monsters).

Nasr as well wouldn’t see much profit into entering and attacking those lands, not even if they wanted to ambush the capital, because it would be useless with those mountains surrounding it. Perhaps, though, they would consider entering it just for the supplies of moonstones, but I can’t quite recall when or where you said that the Valuans already exploited the continent’s moonstones, so truly, it would be a waste of time protecting those areas that much.

Anyway, I think I got too involved in that. xD

Lol, Fina bored and annoyed? I think this is the only part you've written her as such. It must be a sight!

Whenever I play that part I make sure to train the girls as much as I can. Those enemies are not that strong, and the girls' magic is *that* strong, so it is actually quite easy. xD

Damn, I want to glomp Cupil! D:

Hmm, I always wondered. Both ships came from Nasrad, nope? Why did they dock on different places, and also how is it that they didn't see each other's boats? Is it because they followed different directions? o.o

I love Gilder's move. I forgot how it was called, though.

Whoa, poor Looper, though I hate 'em. xD Lol, I take my revenge, though, by using a Black Map, and then have Vyse use Rain of Swords. That works like magic and they offer a great lot of exp. Better than Elcian, even. Just go to the Looper lands and train there. Best way I say.

Lol, I think the way Vyse convinced Gilder to help him is extremely efficient. xD

"Mes De Tormentas"? Lol, I have to admit that at first I didn't understand. I didn't think of it in Spanish until I saw the translation. It's just that in Spanish we don't capitalize that frequently the other words except for the first one, even in titles. Unless they were names for associations, or acronyms.

Anyway, that was a interesting subject you made. It makes it all the more real.

I absolutely agree with Daccat's Razor. Here we call it, common sense. xD

Ahh, one of my previews questions was answered. Hm, though, I still absolutely find it weird that the girls didn't notice the smoke from their breakfast cooking. o.o

Oh, and how the hell did that Zivilyn Bane enter? I mean, they needed to step on both stone scaffolds in order to open them, didn't they?

Aw, it would have been interesting to see their reactions to moving stairs. xD

Aw, Fina and Cupil are too damn cute for their good!

LOL, THAT WAS PRICELESS! Just like everyone else I'm sure, I fell of my chair laughing when Fina said that, especially when you added Aika's reaction! xD I love it! I've read it many times, and I still find it funny! I love it! Poor Vyse! And she did nothing to make it better! Ah, you should keep doing more of these embarrassing situations! You haven't done one such as this one in a while.

Lol, I wonder what kind of kind of jokes those would be. xD

Awesome ending! I can guarantee that this one is one of my most fave chapters! xD Whoot!

Lol, I think I broke my record with this one! Sorry if it bothers you that it's so long, but hey, you deserve it! xD You've been doing an awesome work!
Greki chapter 4 . 12/28/2007
Oh, thanks for telling me what those things meant. (Regarding your last replay.) Lol, and sorry this review was so late, I was working all day on my dog's house. It's lovely.

Anyway, recalling the last chapter you've done, I just noticed something that I didn't notice before. When Vyse got shot, he couldn't be cured with Sacri as he needed to get that bullet out, but back then, in Strange Clothes, when he and Aika were on top of the train, and Aika got shot, you said (or rather Aika said) that Vyse should use Sacri, that it'd dissolve the bullet, and effectively, it did. So now you've got a bit of a discrepancy there. xD

Oh, and something I forgot to add on that review, I thought for sure that Lapen would betray them, that is until I saw him say to his brother that he did a good job. Great job on that one!

Anyway, now to this chapter! Way back, no? I still can remember my thoughts for this one, though, so I'll just write them. :D

You know? Some years before I would have not dared even to look at it, some time later I would have looked, but still blushed madly and be very nervous. Now, I gotta say that while I always connect to a story as though for sure I was living on it, therefore invoking some very particular, natural, homonal reactions regarding to their activities, I've seen so many of this sort of stories that didn't feel bothered at all.

I even have to say that I enjoyed it very much. It is the first time I've ever seen such sort of scene with that theme of certain innocence. Of course, Aika had this tone of mischievousness, which certainly added to the humor, but it was all so very innocent.

I think I've only seen one other fic, also of Aika and Fina, and also a lemon, that has obtained a certain amount of innocence to it (that is, speaking of the characters), but it was somowhat more mature, and dare I say, experienced. However I cannot recall how it was called, nor where to find it, but I will investigate and tell you in a review. Perhaps you've seen it.

Well, for today that's all. I think I did leave a pretty decent review, no? Btw, not many authors update with your quality as fast as you. I have to say that you're doing an amazing job, and I'm sure I can speak for everyone when I say that we're thankful for it. Great job!
Darth Elecian chapter 15 . 9/9/2007
Awesum, the third book is finished. Onto the third! Weird, is it just me or did this book actually take you longer to complete than the first two?

Nice job, I look forward to how you portray the Gregorio fight and the upcoming Yafutoma and Land of ice scenes.
majinbuu7985 chapter 15 . 9/9/2007
Nice chapter, although the Vyse/Enrique kiss near the end was disturbing (no yaoi please). Liked the lemon last chapter, and I am waiting for at least one Vyse/Fina one (maybe to "calm her down" in the Dark Rift) and at LEAST one featuring all three blue Rogues. Looking forward to more soon, now if you will excuse me, that Clara doll of you sent me seems to have mistaking me for Gilder... AH GET IT OFF GET IT OFF!
Greki chapter 3 . 9/9/2007
Yay, way to go Aika bouncer! Too bad we don't see some serious butt-kicking action. Oh well, she's still cool either way, wouldn't want to see her mad. That'd give me nightmares.

Hmm, if the Elders didn't give her some Sex Ed, then how did she manage with her monthly visitor? o.o Specially with that white dress... lol, btw, you haven't written a good embarrasing moment in the newest chapters. I wanna see Aika and Vyse writhing under one of Fina's comments! Those are priceless! O

Lol, that dealer was kinda cute! "Good ship. Go far. Cheap cheap." Reminds me of a Chinese friend when she was just learning Spanish. I wanted to hug her to death! XD

When I first saw that scene on the game I was, "MOVE GILDER, MOVE!" when he covered Aika and Fina passing by the open door. It's strange, though, that they didn't recognize his voice. I mean, he was telling Gilder about the map, no? Oh well.

Lol, nothing like good ol' Gilder running from our dear Clara!

Aw, Fina's as always to damn cute! x3 Poor Aika, though, not knowing what should she decide! Aww, the first time I saw this chapter I had to stop at the end of it, 'cause I needed to do stuff. I don't think I've ever seen a most horrible cliffhanger in my entire life. I couldn't sleep! XD

Not to mention that this scene was certainly cute and funny. I wanna Fina plush. T-T

Anyway, enough for today, great job as always!

Lol, I was just finishing the review when your response came in. Anyway, if you want, I can help you with your Spanish, just mail me whenever you have doubts. Btw, now you've made me angsty! Damn you and your damn cool fic with those dammed cliffhangers! XD
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