Reviews for Eberron: Welcome to the Jungle
pacificuser chapter 26 . 5/5
yo! any chance this great story will ever be updated again? its been seven years...
Kagerei chapter 26 . 9/19/2016
T'was quite interesting, and due to this work of art, I have gained new insight and knowledge in regards to alignments and their shifts, gods and their followers, and those who walk the path of hatred. Having read all there is to read so far, I do believe that the only issue I have is the lack of further content. Though years have passed with no updates, I remain hopeful.
The Iron Rose chapter 26 . 9/29/2012
Well, it's been two years since this updated, and I just found this.

And can I say, I'm absolutely amazed. I mean, I never have high standards for fanfiction, but this is seriously well written. Especially since I can never find remotely decent femslash, I'm impressed that you've written this so far and saddened that it seems abandoned. Nevertheless, I do hope you end up returning to fanfiction, and I'll certainly read anything you write.
1WiththeButterfly chapter 26 . 4/20/2012
Well, this has been a very cool read.

Your characters are interesting and compelling, and the story takes place in a setting that is very dear to my heart. Your writing is engaging and fun, and the dialogue is brilliant (Neana's diary entry was amazing), and you've skilfully woven the mechanics of D&D into the story in a very cinematic way, which I really enjoyed. I've really enjoyed reading about the adventures of Neana, Sam, Razze and Chandra, and gaining this insight into their lives.

But, seeing as you said that you had a few chapters already written and ready two years ago, and then the story went dead... well, that's not too encouraging :(

I hope that you return to writing Welcome to the Jungle at some point, because I'll be waiting eagerly to read more.

Till Next Time
Solaris Arin Behemoth chapter 26 . 12/6/2011
Well... Let me first say that I am thoroughly impressed with this story. Absolutely love the characters and the setting... After reading through your entire story, I can only say that I am disapointed in one thing... it hasn't been updated since april 2010... This makes me have a sadfayce...

At first, when reading this, I thought that the lesbian relationship between Sam and Neana was cliche'd at best, but as I read on, i was quick to realize how well it worked for both characters: Same because she can't even really be considered bi due to the nature of her race, and Neana likely due either to her messed up mentality, or simply because she is... either way... point is, it was written well.

I also like Razze... great char... he seems very realistic

I do have one thing though... as a GM of v3.5 who is completely disgusted with v4.0... and who has over 70 d&d 3.5 reference books, i would like to actually make up some CS's for the characters, show them to you, and see how you like them... My idea for Neana for example... Unearthed Arcana has a game alternative called Gestalt... i would make her a gestalt fighter-warmage... it may not have all the spells that she does (i'll have to look) but there are other alternatives, and instead of taking the warmage as an actual class, im sure i could find feats for wearing armor with no arcane spell failure chance while wearing armor... Once again, this would be for 3.5, not 4.0, but i'm sure that a great deal of people who have read your story still play 3.5 and would love to see these characters show up in games that they run.

If you want me to do this, get back to me.. if not, leave this alone... but i'm begging you. continue this story... you have, at the very east, one fan who wishes to see more
Emote Control chapter 26 . 9/29/2011
This story is superb, in every way. And I was ecstatic to find you are the author of one of my favorite humor stories ever, Barack Obama and the Pirates of Wichita.
Judah chapter 13 . 7/2/2011
This is enjoyable and well written. I have hard time considering it true female x female when one of the 'girls' is the changeling who can change her gender and even get her lover pregnant.

Additionally, you should definitely author's note that you've written a prequel in the first chapter-prologue, and I found this first and luckily looked at your profile before starting.
sadfru chapter 26 . 1/8/2011
Long, well written, excellent characters...Makes me want to pull an Oliver, 'Please, May I have some more?' hands outstretched, mournful pout on my face

And since I'm a bearded, 6ft 2" male with muscle padded in fat, not to mention I make Orcs look pretty, it's kind of disturbing :)

Looking forward to 'more' sooner then latter
Makwa chapter 9 . 6/20/2010
I really love these characters, and the way you tell their tale. I'm only on chapter nine so far, but enjoying it. From a critical perspective, I see some typos here and there, but overall it flows well. I only got a little lost during the big fight in the hallway. Can't wait to read some more chapters tomorrow.
Vyrexuviel chapter 26 . 4/17/2010
Nice. I like those last few lines. it's always been my belief that all changelings have to have at least a little bit of multiple personality disorder. or Dissociative Identity Disorder, if you prefer. being able to shift your externals around so easy makes it very easy to forget exactly who you were when you woke up this morning.
pacificuser chapter 25 . 4/17/2010
Nice work my old friend Shay Stringer! I'm very glad you are still updating!
MissGardenia chapter 26 . 4/16/2010
Yay! It's back!

Beautiful imagery once it got to the memory part. )

Also, I utterly broke at 'chubby girl' line.

greyfall chapter 25 . 2/17/2010
Yay, I was just thinking of your story and hoping for a new chapter, and here it is! I've missed your characters!

This was a fun one to read, intense battle going on. I'm sad to see Victor gone, those lizard folk are going to regret making Neana mad!...more than they already are.

thanks for sharing!
lilmagi chapter 25 . 2/17/2010
Amazing, just amazing story. Especially this chapter.

Don't have much else to say, other than that i love everything about this story. From the way you describe scenes to our antagonist Neana. Everything just pushes my buttons for wanting more.

So, please continue writing. :D
Vyrexuviel chapter 25 . 2/17/2010
Getting really good now! I'm gonna hafta go back and re-read the story to figure out where they are now, tho. ;
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