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Hi chapter 11 . 9/28
Re read and still very good! Thanks for putting in the time and effort. I hope you are doing well.
Guest chapter 11 . 6/12
Is hermione pregnant? Can she even have children after what happened to her?
Guest chapter 11 . 6/12
If calla landed on a pregnant hermione snape wouldn't that have harmed the baby?

The tangle of bodies sorted itself out, although Hermione somehow still managed to get the wind knocked out of her. The child facing Hermione looked exactly like a miniature Malfoy, and Hermione was thrown for a moment before she remembered the charm they had performed to obscure the true colour of Calla's eyes.

The little girl blinked. "Aunt 'Mione?"

Hermione smiled at her. "Yes, angel. Are you feeling alright?"

The child giggled. "I mostly fell on you, and you're mostly squishy."

Hermione realized that she'd been echoing, almost word for word, the speech she had given to the then-unknown child the first time she had landed on Hermione.

"That was the plan this time around, as well," she answered, getting them both up off the ground, Calla once again in her arms.

"You know, you might have considered a spell," a voice drawled from the other side of the hall.

Hermione made a face at her husband as he sauntered in their direction.

"I did consider one, Severus, but this was more fun, wasn't it, Calla?"

The little girl nodded, beaming up at her godfather. "I want to do it again and again and again!"

Hermione laughed. "I think that would be a little trying on the nerves of your parents. Shall we go tell them you're back?"

Calla nodded once more, and Hermione made her way down the hallway with the slender burden in her arms and the silent presence of Severus at her side. In no time, they were at Harry and Draco's quarters, and the little girl had burst through the door ahead of them.

"Daddy! Father!"

"Calla!" came two answering bellows, and Calla was soon scooped up and crushed in a three-way hug.

Severus pulled Hermione close, arm curling around her abdomen, and she leaned back against his chest as they watched the joyful family reunion.

"Thank God," she whispered. "I'll sleep easier knowing this is done with."

"Where's that Gryffindor courage," she could hear the rumble of his voice against her back, "always ready for the next adventure?"

"Politely told to bugger off, Severus, by some form of common sense."

He laughed softly, but she knew he agreed with her. Since Severus and Hermione had been unwilling to take the chance of overlapping Calla on herself on her return to the present, Calla had been absent for the last week. It had been torture for Hermione, faced as she was with two frantic parents, and she had been agitated enough to make it quite difficult for Severus, as well. They all knew Calla had disappeared from the past, but none of them knew for certain that she would reappear in the present. Draco and Harry were distraught, and there were only so many times that Hermione could vaguely reassure them that everything would turn out fine. As each hour passed from the disappearance with no sign of Calla's return, everyone had become steadily more frazzled. She and Severus had guarded the secret of their involvement well over the years. In the last week, however, the Slytherin had been forced to remind Hermione more than once that ruining that now, especially to tell the parents that she thought they'd done it right but couldn't be certain until Calla reappeared, would serve no useful purpose.
Guest chapter 10 . 6/12
They hermione and SEVERUS did the spell to send her back?
Guest chapter 10 . 6/12
Why are Harry hermione and Ron trying to save the older malfoys from prison after all they have done and for what Malfoy sir did to ginny!?

Why do this? When clearly they are guilty ?! "You chose to follow Voldemort," Harry explained. "He fell, and you chose his side once more. He has fallen again, for good this time, and this is your final opportunity to make the right choice."

"You think we're going to have the opportunity to redeem ourselves in this cell, do you?" Narcissa asked contemptuously.

"No, which is why I don't expect you to remain in it."

"You expect what, then, that we'll make a break for it?" Lucius demanded, eyes narrowed suspiciously.

Harry rolled his eyes, reminded exactly where Draco got all his annoying traits from.

"Of course I don't expect you to try to break out; no, this is not some evil plan for me to gain more glory and acclaim by single-handedly apprehending you, though you do get points for coming up with the stupidest reason I could possibly be here." God grant him patience. "The trial has to be got through, of course, but Hermione has attested to your displeasure at her torture and the threat to Calla. Ron has testified to your cursing the other Death Eaters and permitting Professor Snape and me to get out with Hermione and Calla. And I have expressed my desire that you be given, as I said, your third and final chance. For the last time, you're getting as clean a slate as you'll ever have, but it's not because you've bought your way out."

"Why would you do such a thing?" Narcissa demanded, sounding both stunned and distrustful.

Harry took a deep breath and rather than thinking uncharitably about not looking gift horses in the mouth, reminded himself of how he would feel were their situations reversed, and Lucius Malfoy had suddenly appeared promising to grant Harry his freedom.

"Ron and Hermione did it because it was the truth and the right thing to do. I agree with them, but I may have been … additionally motivated." He craned his neck to look over his shoulder. "Are you going to join in the conversation at some point, or leave your parents thinking I'm talking to myself?"

When even this elicited no response, Harry reached back and found the solid object behind him by touch. He pulled off the Cloak.

Draco blinked at him. "I thought they were in Azkaban."

Harry was a little alarmed that Draco was stuck at that realization, but said, "I … er … suggested it might be more convenient if they weren't. Go on, I'll stand over here," he gestured at the corner of the room furthest away from the Malfoys, "and let you get reunited."
Guest chapter 10 . 6/12
Why are Harry , Ron and hermi
Guest chapter 8 . 6/11
Why was it signed only professor snape and not hernione SNAPE too?
Guest chapter 7 . 6/11
Would hermione be able to walk again because of her injery scans will she be able to have children with no difficuties?
Guest chapter 6 . 6/11
OUCH ! Poor hermione Harry sought out the source of the noise and found a man who was writhing under Voldemort's wand … a man who was writhing a short distance from the crumpled form of a horribly-still Hermione. She was deathly pale, arms and legs akimbo, robes torn, and surrounded by a pool of blood. Harry's breath caught in his throat. Oh, no. No, no, no, he denied desperately. I didn't come for this. I came to rescue her, dammit! What had he been thinking? He should have taken out the bloody coin in the middle of the meeting – he would have been gone before anyone was the wiser.
Guest chapter 5 . 6/11
Celia Calla sorry about that

Poor hermione and poor Calla !
Guest chapter 5 . 6/11
So HERNIONE was finally defeted and since she is awake she will be raped? Hermione felt a strong sense of déjà vu as the crazed Death Eater came hurtling into her field of vision. Gathering every ounce of her diminishing will and magic, she non-verbally and wandlessly screamed the strongest Protego she could. She didn't even have to see his lips move or hear his voice to know what spell the predictable bloody bastard was casting.

The flash of purple flame sizzling through her weakened shield and impacting with her body was the last thing she saw and felt, the irony of Voldemort's cry of anger lost to her as darkness overtook her, her last thought one of regret: I really wanted Calla to be right.
Guest chapter 5 . 6/11
She has Chastity Charm on her or an anti rape charm on her? Can I have those spells please?
Guest chapter 5 . 6/11
Their going to rape her
Guest chapter 5 . 6/11
Why did Celia cause this?
Guest chapter 5 . 6/11
Did snape betray them? What the fuck? How did that happen?

Of course he gave a very loud yell, as loud a yell as a hobbit can give, which is surprising for their size. Out jumped the goblins'–" Calla started, and that's when things went horribly wrong.

Author's Note: This story is neither HBP nor DH compliant. Feedback is always appreciated; reviews feed my muse and make me smile.
This chapter contains depictions of violence that may be disturbing to some readers.

Anti-Litigation Charm: It all belongs to JKR; I play for my non-profit amusement.

It All Started when the Girl Fell from the Sky
by Silver Birch

Chapter Five: Into the Fire

Despite what Hermione had at first expected, the last three weeks had passed much more enjoyably than the first two following Calla's arrival. Although the Death Eater threat lurked constantly on the periphery of all their minds, Voldemort had not stepped up his attacks since he had rescued his followers from the wizarding prison. Everyone knew the Death Eaters were free because they were no longer in Azkaban, but there had not been a single reliable sighting of even one convicted follower of Voldemort since the escape. So while attacks continued to take place, primarily against Muggle-borns and their families, the release of the imprisoned followers of Voldemort might as well not have happened for all the effect it seemed to have on current activities. Harry said it made him nervous, and Hermione agreed with him wholeheartedly, but there were no hints to give them a correct direction in which to constructively worry.

In fact, the rumour that suggested that all the escapees had gone abroad was steadily gaining ground day by day, but the Order at least had a reliable source to deny that (and as Harry had pointed out cynically, he'd known straight away it couldn't be true, because there was no way he could be so lucky). Severus reported that the Dark Lord was quite self-congratulatory about the return of his confined Death Eaters, even though he was still displeased with them for failing him in the Department of Mysteries. The meetings also contained plenty of ranting about Harry and hinting at big plans, but as that was business as usual, Severus noted with disgust, there was nothing definitive or useful which the Potions master could bring back to the anxious Order.

Malfoy and the other escaped convicts were holed up with Voldemort at an undisclosed location; the rooms to which the other Death Eaters had access had neither windows nor doors to the exterior, so Severus had not been able to ascertain even a general notion of where they hiding. They could rule out Malfoy Manor and other traditional haunts, as these were under the strict watch of the Ministry (although Hermione wondered disparagingly how strict it could possibly be, since Severus had also informed them that Narcissa had been present and reunited with her husband at the two meetings which the head of Slytherin had attended). The vast majority of Britain was left as a possible location of the new headquarters, and neither the Order nor the Ministry had the manpower to effect such a search.

Draco had made it clear that his father was not a topic he wished to discuss, and as Lucius Malfoy was hardly one of Hermione's favourite people, she consented easily. Severus had relayed to her (and she to Harry) that a brief inquiry had revealed that Lucius had not attempted to enter into contact with his son since his escape. Hermione believed strongly that if anyone felt the need to question the Malfoy heir about the habits, haunts, or possible whereabouts of his father, it was Severus who should get the honour, because otherwise there was no hope of keeping everyone calm and rational during the discussion. Fortunately, the Ministry appeared to be using that small quota of common sense that they possessed, recognizing that the seventh-year boy stuck at Hogwarts was even less likely to be a gold mine of information than his mother, who had proved quite intractable.

The Gryffindor girl had no liking for the elder Malfoys, but had somehow softened a little towards them since she had gotten to know Draco, and she couldn't help but smile a little at the image of the hapless Ministry officials confronted with the haughty Malfoy on her own estate. If Hermione and Harry could fall for Severus and Draco, it hardly seemed fair to simply dismiss the rest of the Malfoys. On the other hand, she was sure that Ginny had very specific feelings about Lucius Malfoy, feelings which Hermione echoed for Antonin Dolohov, and which Harry felt in spades towards Bellatrix Lestrange. And her little mental imagining became rather less amusing if she envisioned Tonks or Kingsley Shacklebolt performing their duty and being rebuffed by a snobbish Narcissa Malfoy. The Gryffindor let out a gusty sigh. Sometimes the shades of grey they were dealing with were a little trying.

Since no one officially knew anything about the Malfoys or the other escaped Death Eaters (and since those who unofficially did knew nothing useful), Harry and the Order were left playing the waiting game, trying to get on with their lives as though everything were normal. With N.E.W.T.s being less than four months away, Hermione certainly had plenty that she could concentrate on instead. She was pleased that Severus had not yet felt it incumbent upon himself to point out that thanks to him she now had one less N.E.W.T. to worry about than everyone else. Although, maybe that was less consideration for her and more his trying not to think about it, as it meant he had given a distinct advantage to the Gryffindor Brain.

Subsequent to Draco's return to Harry's good graces (Thank God!), they had fallen into a comfortable, if misleading, routine. Thanks to the Potions master, the school—and the Slytherins in particular—had been inveigled into believing that there was nothing odd about Hermione taking care of Calla when Draco or Severus were busy; primarily, it was amusing to the Slytherins that Severus assigned her detentions in so blatantly unfair a manner whenever he did not wish to deal with the child. While the amusement value would be higher for them if it were Harry being so-punished, it was readily conceded by anyone with an ounce of common sense that putting the Boy Who Lived in charge of the Malfoy Bastard would be a foolish plan. Although many of the dungeon inhabitants might look down on Potter's Mudblood, they were fully convinced that the Head Girl wasn't about to jeopardize the safety of any child, or sully her pristine reputation, for a little bit of revenge. Capable of being as disingenuous as she was adorable, Calla had no trouble persuading the Slytherins that she was not overly enamoured of this "detention time".

Today, Hermione was attending Calla in the lab after dinner because Severus was brewing a rather complicated philter that required all his attention. When her attempt to discover what, specifically, he was brewing resulted in a scathing glare, she gathered that it was a particularly nasty concoction for the Dark Lord. Despite her two summers of brewing with Severus, he still displayed the oddest scruples at times. Catching sight of some of the more outlandish and Dark ingredients on the table currently, Hermione reflected that perhaps his consideration wasn't completely unwarranted. She and Calla retired forthwith to the other side of the room to continue with their much tamer and entirely-legal potion lesson.

Severus was still hard at work when their rudimentary burn salve had been cooled and bottled, so Hermione settled Calla onto her lap and continued with the little girl's literature education. Calla seemed delighted with Hermione's choices, and if Draco occasionally shuddered when he overheard whatever they were reading, well, so much the better. There was no time like the present to begin pure-blood reeducation (and since she'd caught the blond Slytherin actively listening when she'd started reading The Hobbit during the last detention, she had hopes for him yet).

After each chapter thus far, they had had a lively discussion about the differences between that magical world and their own. Calla had laughed herself silly at the idea that trolls turned to stone in the sunlight (and she had evidently heard about Hermione's run-in with one in first year, because she had slyly inquired about the presence of windows in the girl's loo), but she was equally determined to keep her eyes out for those quick-to-hide hobbits. Hermione thought it was all to the good if the reading made them think critically about the world in which they lived, and she loved the fact that Calla was so taken with the non-magical creatures in Tolkien's world.

A short while later, they were startled out of the world of Middle-earth by the sound of breaking glass. Looking over, Hermione saw a broken vial on the flagstones in front of Severus … who stood there, clutching his left forearm. The Gryffindor quickly set the book on the table in front of them and clapped her hands over Calla's ears just in time. Hermione didn't even know all the words that flowed smoothly and fluently off Severus's tongue, and she didn't suppose now was the time to ask.

Whirling as he remembered them, Severus's grim visage lightened slightly, his lips quirking up at the sight of them and their unusual position. He gave her a nod of appreciation, and ducked through his office and into his quarters for the necessary wardrobe change, raising his voice to issue the necessary instructions at the same time.

"Let Albus know I'm gone. There was no indication that the Dark Lord would call us this speedily again, but he is, as ever, unpredictable. Besides, a Friday evening 'adventure' of some sort is hardly out of the common way." Hermione wondered if he even realized that he was taking the time to reassure her. He was often more perceptive than he let on, and he had passed enough nights at Grimmauld Place to kn
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