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Snickerdoodle97 chapter 16 . 2/23
oh god! :)
Gal Can't Help It chapter 16 . 2/14
There? You choose to put your story on hold THERE?!

I mean I want to find out how the rest of the Konoha crew deal with the news of Sakura being 'dead', the build up of more anguish for Naruto, the consequences of Kakashi delaying his return to the village, the rematch with Sasuke and friends, etc. But right now there's a naked Deidara on top of Sakura, and a miffed sensei walking through the door.

It's a little irresponsible of you. Just a bit. Leaving me to my own wild imaginings of how the rest of that scene pans out...tsk, tsk.
Gal Can't Help It chapter 10 . 2/12
Inner Sakura about Deidara: "A damn hot body". reference to my review from last chapter, I will start eating my words now, thank you very much.
Gal Can't Help It chapter 9 . 2/12
I like where this story is going. The description of Sasuke essentially being a lost cause and Sakura coming to terms with it was nicely done. At this point, I'm also liking that Sakura's inner thoughts are wary and insightful reminders - not "zomg, he has such a hot body"...unless that is mentioned in a later chapter, at which point I will then eat my words.
The Eiko-sensei/Kakuzu thing is also an idea I haven't read in other stories before. I look forward to further interaction...or a serious beat-down. Either way, I'm sure it'll be thoroughly entertaining. But only another 7 chapters before the 'hiatus' stage, so I'll just have to read and hope more ground is covered before then.
kayla chapter 16 . 2/12
Wright more PLEASE!
goldenlucario1 chapter 16 . 1/3
Okay, no matter how much I worship you story here, I have to finally give some criticism: No one's perfect, so I wasn't surprise I found something that I disliked. You're losing your touch. I don't know how to put this all...the final battle with Sasuke was just pure epic-ness, I have nothing on that but the whole situation with Kakashi is to OoC. Because no matter how much he loves her as a wonderful student/daughter-like, he wouldn't abandon his village for her. Sorry, but that just wouldn't happen. And the fluff/romance moments between my 2 favorite ninjas have gotten...somewhat...I dunno. What to say? Just not like the beginning! But it's still good and I can't wait for an update. Take your time so it'll turn out great ;)
goldenlucario1 chapter 14 . 1/3
Of course Sakura will come out unharmed because she is a hell of a woman in this story! Gosh, here you can really tell you like her because she gets the credits and screen-time that Naruto usually gets! I've been planning on making a fan-video for this but I lack video-editing skills...but believe me, if I could, I sure would! :) I wish this would SO happen in the Manga, wouldn't you, too? Heck, I think everyone would (those who read, follow and favorite this story and don't like Sasuke that much. Karin neither) want this to happen. This is by far the best Fanfiction I have ever read without exaggerating! And I can't wait for Sakura's battle with is simply kick-ass. I am about to compare her to Chuck Norris...
goldenlucario1 chapter 11 . 1/3
Why the hell do I keep misreading things? Like, I read "This was soooo hot" instead of "this was sooo not happening..."
A wise guy once said "You only understand what you want to understand..."
Haha, guess he's right! _"
O/O Erm, yes, in fact! XD I love this story! I love it when Deidara's attempts fail so epically! It just gives the story more spice! Then again, wouldn't it be totally (1) boring and (2) OoC for Sakura to give in? LOL keep writing bro!
goldenlucario1 chapter 10 . 1/3
Pure goodness! I enjoy your chapters more than I enjoy my precious Reese's and that says something! *small squeal due to the fact of little DeiSaku* Random fact: I was so excited about the little scene with DeiSaku in it that I quickly read the first part only to stop at the one sentence to read it over, and over, and over and over again - "And suddenly Deidara had leaned in, his lips brushing against HERS." and I read I over and over again but FALSELY! XDD I was like "WUHOOO! Their relationship is getting a huge boost!" Only to realize later that I left the 'her ear' out XDDD LOLOLLOL I wasn't disappointed though, I found it equally awesome and laughed at my mistake -keep up this crazy sh*t. It's the best Fanfiction featuring Deidara that I have ever read
goldenlucario1 chapter 9 . 1/3
If I were in the Fanfiction at the end, I would be standing on the boat when Deidara slammed Yashuhiro against the wall. I would then taunt, while having the famous troll-face on, Deidara: "Did I just see jealousy?" and after that I would have probably gotten killed by him but whatever :/ I love have the whole panicked race-against-the-time counts for everyone. You built fine suspense there with of course my fav Akatsuki guy and Skuuura :D
goldenlucario1 chapter 8 . 1/3
.GAWD! Is it normal that tears swell up in my eyes while reading this? I blame it on your emotional story. It ripped my to it's grasp before I could prevent it! I FEEL WITH SAKURA! *blinks tear away* .EVAR! :'3 Long live your fic! By the way, that flinch from Deidara owned this story! "Damn dog, I heard u wuv Sakura" how I would love to shout that line in Deidara's face right now X3
goldenlucario1 chapter 7 . 1/3
"Then you wouldn't mind if I do this, right?" -I was squealing like a retarded fangirl (You made me like DeiSaku) when I read that line, eyes greedily swallowing all the words in front of me. I gasped to myself in a high-pitched voice "Is he gonna kiss her? *pervy smile meme*" but then he ate her rice ball I was like "WHY U NO KISS?" but I laughed so hard at the rice ball scene and in general the boys bickering over her XDD You're such a genius! Only you could write such priceless scenes. Right now I'm so happy that this crazy sh*t is for free -I'd pay for this!
goldenlucario1 chapter 6 . 1/3
I absolutely love that "his angel looked so much cuter when she was angry." Glad you built that angel scene in at the beginning X3 Guess what? I actually almost cried at the last part XDD And I really mean it! LOL I'm a lot like Sakura. But I do get to wrapped up in stories. Anyways, I also love how you portray Deidara, geeze, you perfected it! Not to caring and not to cold. A perfect mixture! And I do not see Sakura as a weakling. This last part with the flashback and all actually made philosophize about her. At least this story's Sakura. I mean, always being the one to comfort everyone is also hard work. Men often don't recognize what women do -hidden in the shadows. Besides, she always gets put down for being a girl and crying, and this leads to her being even more hurt and eventually crying even more. But you know what? Sometimes it's easy to lock your emotions away and it can take courage to show them! Sorry, I'm getting all into philosophy...I still love the story as much as I did when I started reading this!
goldenlucario1 chapter 5 . 1/3
:'( This chapter was especially emotional! *sniff!* At first everything was full of fluff (F.O.F.) and now it's emotional! :) I'm really curious how Sakura's and Deidara's relationship will turn out. The best thing about them is the game they're playing -her play of being easily manipulated and his fooling of him being nice XD Let the games begin!
goldenlucario1 chapter 4 . 1/3
Once again you made me squeal in delight with Deidara's sarcastic comments and Sakura's blissful replies! Those 2 are just so cute together Come to think about it, almost every pairing is nice if you give thoughts to their relationship and word it right . In fact you do but I think you already got the idea from my last 2 reviews. And we can't forget Sakura's clumsiness which seems to get her extra points with Deidara LOL By the way that pick-up line made me think of Zetsu O.o Well, anyways, I don't have anything else to say since it was for me perfect as usual and no criticism...I wish I could criticize you though,so you could get better and all that crap. :)
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