Reviews for Shogun Vs The Kamikazes
Yami no Kokoro chapter 2 . 8/10/2007
I mainly skimmed through this just 'cause, as you said, it was pretty roughly done. You should probably wait until you've got time to actually write everything out and develop it fully before you post since, as there are tens of thousands of YuYu fics on this site, not a lot of people are going to spend time looking at something that states in it's summary that it's only a rough draft.

Which is kind of sad, because this looks pretty interesting. Maybe not to me, personally, because I can't stand Keiko and she seems to be the only OC you're keeping around for the time-being, but I think that you'd get a decent number of readers if you posted the completed story rather than a rough draft.

Your basic writing skills seem pretty good. Um... yeah, and from what I can tell by this rough you're pretty decent at writing battle scenes (lol, I've always sucked at those).

Anyway, so, yeah. I recommend that you wait to post this until you've got it completely written out. *shrug* Just friendly advice.