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Gay Mormon chapter 12 . 1/22
Hey! I disagree with the sentiment that Rei is a basic bitch when you take the Yui out of her.

Firstly, how exactly is there a Yui in her besides that she's a clone? They are completely different people, in fact, if Yui had been more developed in canon she probs would be something like the opposite of of Rei.

I believe in the idea that people form themselves ( you know what I mean, I can't word it good. Like form their identity, who they are, yknow theifboy or goody two shoes) through how they were brought up, not where they come from. Meaning that Rei truly doesn't have anything to do Yui besides being a clone of her.

I guess you could say that the "Yui in her" is the Yui that others see in her, which would only affect, say, Gendo (mostly him), Fuyutsuki (he probably doesn't care so much, although it still freaks him out(I think?), And Ritsuko (she cares too). But these chars keep it a seceret and don't rly act on it so.

The potential charm in Rei ( I say potential because she never rly had the chance to develop in canon, the poor lass) that I see is the character development she can go through by exploring her emotions and discovering her own identity. She would start to see herself as less of a tool and become her own person. This development happening through interaction w/ others other than Gendo (maybe shinji can help w/ that ;) ;)

This is probably super annoying, sorry.
Gay Mormon chapter 12 . 1/22

There's a bit of a shaky internal terror when you realize it isn't exactly clear who he's talking to at the end. O_o

_shudders_ I need to clear my mind...
Jeff Oliwek chapter 12 . 1/17
Wow... just wow... i almost think that this would be wonderfully tied into EoE and OtS with a slight change in the last chapter.

I will never be able to watch the episodes referenced in this story the same way ever again. although in either 1.11 or 2.22 Gendo hints at getting Shin and Rei together... it may have also been mentioned in the actual series as well.

The whole DNA part, that would make him and Rei half siblings? i mean... it's Yui and Adam's (Lillith's) DNA? still kinda of creepy, but as they say, love knows no bounds.

I thought OtS was going to be impossible to top, and then i found this one. i definitely think that you have written the perfect alternate telling of the latter half of NGE. to tie this in with EoE and tag OtS on at the end would be the perfect way to go. I do however wish there was more to the OtS story, i would love to see Asuka and Shinji progress farther, and you know, maybe some other characters decide to come out of instrumentality to keep the story going a little farther.
Gay mormon chapter 12 . 1/11
Part 2 to my review because I accidentally hit post

Just some thoughts n stuff:

I like how Ritsuko -after destroying the dummy's and Reid suicide- is kind of like "Oh. Oops. She killed herself." And then she goes on to tell shinji she destroyed her dummy's all aloof like, nice
Gay mormon chapter 12 . 1/11
You write really damn good!
Like others said already you capture the characters pretty well. Damn well.

Kinda sad how it turned out though, I like to imagine that shinji and rei would really build the foundations of their relationship without fucking like bunnies before hand (yknow, to avoid the tragic shinji running from her and such) but maybe that's giving shin too much credit. I actually believe something like this could happen in the range of canon for a shin/rei story. But it could turn out good also, right?

I don't rightly believe that the shinji/rei pairing parallels with oepidus. Being that rei simply isn't shinbois mama, shinman doesn't replace his father (kills him in this, though), and shinny skinny was separated from his mum at quite the young age ( likely in the middle of the year after the "toddler amnesia" takes place) so he wouldn't be able to remember her completely clearly and thus not forge subconscious connections to rei and yui (would he form those thoughts w/ any female lover, not just rei?)

Plus, the way that their relationship was very one sided. (rei lovin up shinji and telling him he can do no wrong, clearly like a mother would, tragic irony at work) Could that really be exsclusive to rei because she's a clone of sheens 3-d printer? I'm sure if Gendo Bendo just cloned some random thot and the thot clone fell in love w/ the shin man - the clone having no life or self value whatsoever as Bendo intended - that the thot clone would love shinji just as rei foes in this fic.

I think you hit the nail on the head on how shinji would react to finding out that Reis a clone of his mother ( in the context that their relationship isn't super strong. like the only reason shinji likes rei in this is because she babies him unconditionally, and shin doesn't love her unconditionally back (wtf shinjiboi!)
rjcelona chapter 4 . 10/24/2017
That was a nice chapter. I know it was in character but the interaction between Rei and Shinji made me feel like taking both of them by the shoulders and shaking some sense into both of them. I guess that, to me, was a successful chapter.
Asukared chapter 12 . 6/13/2017
You are very much a cruel bastard but you rule. I think you handled everything perfectly. At the end of the day, Rei/Shinji is creepy regardless if I like it or don't, and I'm so glad you took that huge detail so many people ignore and grappled by the horns. It made for a far more interested, a tragic read than I am used to in the Rei/Shinji tag. Thanks for the wonderful time!
Simple Unicycle chapter 12 . 5/25/2017
Just finished this. Absolutely amazing fic.

But that fucking ending... I need a drink. Actually, make that a dozen drinks.
fairydragonflies chapter 1 . 3/5/2017
One chapter in on this oldie fic but I can already tell it will be a golden story!
Guest chapter 12 . 10/1/2016
Jesus Christ.
Octo8 chapter 12 . 7/21/2016
Well. That was... quite a ride.

You're most certainly right that all too few S/R fics feature that problematic aspect of the relationship. But that doesn't necessarily mean people are running away from the creepiness. They may simply have different definitions of creepy ;) Genetically, Rei would be something like Shinji's half-sister, with some of her genetic material coming from Yui, but some of it also clearly angelic. But the thing is, there is no reason for Shinji and Rei to view each other as siblings. There never was a chance for the Westermarck Effect to go into, err, effect. So it are just two people who *happen to be* genetically related. I'd find it creepy if they had been real family, instead of just genetic related. Something like Sword Art Online (if you had the misfortune of watching that), where the siblings may not be siblings by blood but grew up as such - yeah that is what I would find creepy.

Of course, you still managed to have a lot of creep enter the fic. Shinji's mental associations... and then the scene at the end. It seems clear to me he's talking to Yui (being in EVA-01 and all), but he talks as if he were talking with Rei... So yes, if you were going for creep, you have it there.

And of course, it's good that this topic is in fact brought up by a fic. And in what a way! Your writing, especially in the later chapters, is magnificent. The characters were pretty fleshed out, you didn't drop Asuka or Misato (or demonize "the other girl" as many fics do), and the path to a relationship between Shinji and Rei was believable. And then there is a certain... aesthetic to the later chapters, as everything comes crumbling down and Shinji and Asuka are too broken to even still argue. The beauty of despair. And then it seems Shinji is finally getting over his self-imposed issues, and hell, even Asuka is cheering him on, even *after* Shinji explains the background to her... and we could have a turn to the right here, in a "lover conquers all "fashion...

...but of course when you cross Greek tragedy and NGE that just can't happen. And it could have been avoided. If Shinji had just come a bit earlier... come over himself a bit earlier... but well. I suppose that's Greek tragedy in a nutshell. And of course, following the source material. Still arghhhhhhllll...

But I must say, you don't see a story very often where an Angel actually breaks through. In most fics they are just plot devices; it is taken for granted that they will be defeated. So, having it all end with one of them breaking through is kinda original. Then again, so is Commander Fuyutsuki. *sighs* An EoE scenario with him would also have been interesting. And could have allowed for a happy end. But noooo... ;)

Overall, sterling work! The story, especially with its tragic end, had really affected me for a while after reading it.
sozsirk chapter 12 . 4/21/2016
It was one of the best fanfic I ever readed. It really do it's job to show us Shinji and Reis relationship, but don't fall to happy go luck scheme, and still has this dark Ewangelion vibe. Excellent work.
Velshard chapter 12 . 12/3/2015
Well that sucked.

But it was really well written so kudos to you for the excellent story telling.
John Spangler chapter 1 . 5/3/2015
I've never liked the Rei/Shinji couple, but I liked this story. It's a real masterpiece.
Kobayashi Riku chapter 12 . 2/3/2015
This piece was indeed a very riveting read, and I applaud you for writing it. It was short, but it was *meaningful*, it was filled with such emotion, and a take no prisoners approach to how teenagers approach sexuality. As such, it has earned a place in my favorite stories.
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