Reviews for Zenons Birthday Cruise with Zoa
Leanna chapter 3 . 11/4/2013
Hey. I'm not logged in. but do more please! -
saddlebrat chapter 3 . 5/27/2013
Please please update I know its been a few years but please this is a really great story!
Motionless 666 chapter 3 . 3/7/2013
Please update even if it has been 2 years
PigmyPhoenix16 chapter 3 . 7/19/2012
Oh my god! Please finish this story, I would appreciate it major.
wickedchik500 chapter 3 . 3/15/2011
Hahaha ;) nice got some action in there lol
joyousrebellion chapter 3 . 3/2/2010
this is a very good piece. Keep it up bcuz I love Zenon!
Dolphin0150 chapter 3 . 10/24/2009
AAH i love it so cute please keep going!
Stefany Lopez chapter 3 . 7/21/2009
I really like where you're going with this. And watching each of the three Zenon movies, I've always thought that they had a relationship that was...more than friendship. But there was always the huge age difference between Zenon and Proto Zoa for anything to go down. So...I hope you write more...much more...and include "DETAILS" major! ...or I'll be pancaked major. Thanks!
isabellamasens chapter 3 . 6/14/2009
Nice. That's the only pairing in the Zenon movies I actually liked even though it was never acted on. Well, besides Commander Plank and Aunt Judy.
Hinderfan24 chapter 1 . 11/8/2008
This is so good. I wonder how Zee's trip is going to go. Please Update soon! I can't wait to read Chapter 2!
Miss Ginny Granger chapter 3 . 6/21/2008
You should really update this!

King Buster chapter 2 . 3/6/2008
wowwhat happens next? please read my storys too!
mary chapter 3 . 2/27/2008
what happens next
mary chapter 3 . 2/23/2008
please add more chapters
mria chapter 3 . 2/22/2008
what happwns next
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