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dankpickle chapter 1 . 5/31/2017
I love the Bible.
tommywommywoowoo chapter 1 . 2/7/2011
Heres the beautiful translation kinda...

Smoke-filled rigid body around in the juvenile, when he tipped into the cold darkness. Kept his eyes carefully searching the illusion of the TV drama like entity to find the object of all his turmoil. Suddenly, he saw a ray from the mist outside the platinum blonde hair.

"Potter." Cold from Draco's mouth spit out a word. When two long-standing close to each other when the enemy seemed to pale a bit of smoke, the two are very close Beng looked and seemed ready to fight. But why fight? Feelings? Resentment? Desire? Anger?

"Malfoy." Harry answered with the same tone. His fist clenched beside unconsciously, inside and out of the tightened.

They face a few inches away from each other is just stopped, smooth young face filled with clear contempt.

"What will bring us here at this time, like this place?" Tenth Five-year-old Harry Potter questions. The enemies of his pale gold hair, looked thoughtfully at him, shook his head and raised nausea on his lips. Draco pulled Harry's hand rude and black hair with a full defense to an unknown place of the boy.

Harry like a faithful dog followed him like, want to know how the hell all this happened.

Draco rarely any occasion to touch him, unless he has a damn good reason. Still holding the hand of another boy, Draco finally abandoned in an old house and stopped before the door opened tilt, as if waiting for them.

Quiet, without any warning, two boys and went, Draco will be thrown behind the door tightly. Two teenagers looking at each other, heads one after another emerging problem. When Harry came to Draco once again to lead a luxurious spiral staircase, they were not an answer. Covered by dark red carpet stop at the top of the ladder, Harry Draco out to hang him by the hand of another boy, it feels as if afraid he would run away or something or other.

Harry was Darco deep, sharp Lanmou scared, they are filled with some cold, some insist, almost can be called a desire. He felt some disturbance in the lower abdomen, but he did not know how it is or why. His eyes drift uncertainty, unable to comprehend or explain these disturbing new feeling.

Harry Draco pushed his arm into a suddenly open the door, he will shut the door and locked.

Them face to face, and now Harry is extremely tense.

Malfoy going to do to him? When he was standing there when the idea of a variety of terrible turn in his mind, considering all possible defense program when the pressure of sudden-Draco leaned on and used his lips gently brush off Harry.

He did not back or scream, so be brave and Draco deepened the kiss. Harry felt a flame of pure plunder his entire body, his heart beating violently.

When Draco's mouth left him, Harry felt a sense of abandonment, a sense of loss. He longed for them to come back, but did not try to touch it blond.

Draco difficulty breathing, his breath as the breath walking towards me, "Why?" Harry asked awkwardly.

Draco just smirked, "you have to ask me? Potter", Harry just looked at him and nodded. Draco sighed, his large, comfortable bed, purple velvet sat down with the Italian said Harry. He is full of hesitant to do that.

"You know, you may not believe this, but I've been watching you all these years. I know we can not make up the distance between there, but I hope that tonight we can do something about this." Draco stopped, waiting for Harry's reaction .

He was scared, at least. He was so amazed that his mouth open but can not say anything.

Draco smiled to him, when he saw Harry was his vision to become soft, that children who are still silent. "Well, I, uh, I do not, do not know what to say, Malfoy" finally, Harry stammered.

Draco put his fingers covered with lips, "Hush, call me Draco, so maybe you will change your mind."

He put his hand and the gentle face of the glasses from the Harry won. Harry looked at him carefully place it on the bedside table.

"Stupid things you do not look much better, I can clearly see you"

Spoke words of praise, Draco slowly before the movement, until his lips, covered by Harry. Harry could not believe it happened.

Give him 100 years he would not have thought he would be such a result with Malfoy. That kiss is not unpleasant, but ask on Draco's lips when he, Harry can not quite accurate definition of discomfort.

Draco to Harry's back to the bed post by the left to explore his lower body. Harry Draco quickly to trouble clothes off, and stopped. Harry looked up at him full of puzzled friends / nemeses (What do you mean ...?)

"Enjoy it, enjoy what we, Potter ... tonight belongs to us ..." Draco whispered.

Harry stared at Draco fascinating blue-gray eyes, here are some things not quite right, he felt himself falling into a deeper and deeper chaos.

Harry tried his best to keep in mind this situation, but he damn well aware of Draco gave him what he wants: the helpless and vulnerable.

Every time Draco with his lips to please him, Harry's eyes blurred, unable to breathe correctly, his avatar in another hard every touch of the boy's quiver; from Draco slightest movement can make Harry in resistance in weak moan.

For some unknown reason, he let Draco possession of yourself to belong to him. Hardly know what they are doing, the rhythm of his hips in rhythm to meet Draco, nails embedded in another boy's back. Draco cursing, volume gradually increased, more and more rapid. Look of pure evil and desire to write the sweat shining in the face of Draco, Harry found himself hard to stick to it.

"Call my name, Potter" Draco whispers into his ear mass. Harry clenched his teeth and refused to surrender. Draco suddenly grasped Harry's throat, almost cut off his airway. Harry could not breathe, grabbed his arm, trying it out himself, but his strength is far greater than themselves.

"Said." Slightly loosen his fingers, spit out the word to Harry. "Mal ... foy." Harry said, struggling, about to faint. Draco forward closer to the pressure on the forehead and swept his cheek.

"No. Draco, say ... Draco." Harry almost hot warm breath on the skin bears the printed record. He nodded, staring at the pale blond boy.

"Draco." Harry muttered. He began to feel cramps avatar. Draco released his clamp, a hand gently ask on the Harry's chest, his back arched in pleasure in his head. Harry no longer could hold, when the fishy sweet sticky white hot exhaust from the top, he could not help but groan. Draco's palm covered with cloud of white liquid.

Smiling, Draco licked the palm of your hand clean, moving his tongue erotic, more stimulating Harry. "A word is not allowed to mention to anyone, okay? Potter." He nodded silently, still trying to recover his breath, and back to reality.

"Good. I'm glad we understand each other. I do not want what happened in my little Ainu (love slave) who," Draco bent down and, again, snout, Harry. He is not a bad Kisser, Potter is.

Back to the fraternity house Gryffindor, Harry Potter in the face of the cold sweat of woke up.

What a nightmare. His deep breath, severe hand trembling. Suddenly sat up, glanced out of the window, squint darkness.

Through the thick white mist that promise, he thought he saw a mysterious, shadowy figure appeared in the moonlight, but they immediately disappeared. Harry managed to convince himself it was only one of his fictional imagination.

But he sure saw it. He did not go crazy. He shook his head, his mind has faded from the remnants of the dream in the clear.

Damn that in the end come from there? Why did he suddenly dreamed of Malfoy, but also a very erotic scene ...? He rubbed his sore neck, it feels like a bruised and bruises.

This did not make sense.

He lay back on the ups and downs 曡 hands on his chest, trying to calm down. One second after he rolled his body and closed his eyes to force himself to sleep.

But outside the window he saw that figure, and sweet kiss Malfoy still remains in his mind, with the excess of desire and fantasy into his thoughts.

Even when he tried to return to stable sleep, he still can not understand why his neck pain.


Hard to find that letter of authorization letter ... I thought I lost

Sorry its a pretty bad translation but an amazing story
AraQuest chapter 1 . 11/15/2008
Nice, the translates not bad, pretty good actually. My mom said she likes it (my mom's Chinese).