Reviews for Daddy Dearest
Team Leo for eva chapter 10 . 11/27/2016
Umm...where's Ron?
Princess-of-the-Pen chapter 10 . 7/17/2016
Wait. That's it? That's the end? It was a wonderful story but it feels... incomplete. Maybe an epilogue, a look in the future to wrap it up nicely?
Guest chapter 4 . 6/9/2016
In England it rains almost every day. We ignore it and go outside anyway xx
Himanshu.99 chapter 10 . 5/11/2016
This chapter leaves more questions than answers. What happened to their other friends like Ron, Ginny, Luna etc.. Did Harry and Hermione marry, so on and forth?
giboh92 chapter 10 . 11/16/2015
Update soon...
hhrforever chapter 10 . 10/14/2015
I like the concept of the story, but there is so much missing. Their relationship when from 0 to 60. There wasn't really any romance.
tkim619 chapter 10 . 8/17/2015
whhao... Dudley really wants to make things better with Carla... and the uncle is still the same as always...
rowenasheir chapter 10 . 7/15/2015
Needs tightening up but a good story. Please update soon
marthapreston4 chapter 6 . 9/14/2014
wheres ron
marthapreston4 chapter 5 . 9/14/2014
trying to figure out how old carla is
marthapreston4 chapter 3 . 9/14/2014
I am glad for the explaination wish we had it earlier
marthapreston4 chapter 1 . 9/14/2014
Confused where is dudley
starlite22 chapter 2 . 4/14/2014
This chapter repeated to much of the last chapter for me, also a bit strange Carl's doesn't mention her Gran or parents when Teddy talks about his.
starlite22 chapter 1 . 4/14/2014
This is a good start, but very strange that Molly and ted never ask who girl with Harry is.
Little Kunai chapter 5 . 1/10/2014
way to go harry!
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