Reviews for Kataang Oneshots: The Story of Aang and Katara
Ms. Maria and Ms. Kiera chapter 28 . 11/23/2007
That was absoulutly amazing! In one sentence it was... Totally Freaking Amazingly The Most Beautiful Thing I have read! I loved it! Thankyou! :)

KataangKiddie chapter 28 . 11/22/2007
OH YEAH! I am so good! I finished it finally! *Dances around* Love Kataang! Stupid zutara... it stinks! GO KATAANG!

AppleTart290 chapter 28 . 11/18/2007
Oh My Gosh I totally love your stories, so fluffy

Zen chapter 20 . 11/17/2007
u actually made me cry with this one... wow.
smc1214 chapter 28 . 11/16/2007
Aww! I feel so bad for Katara. I mean, she was in such a horrible state! That would be nice to have someone like Aang comfort you when your down.
akirethe12th-to-last-airbender chapter 28 . 11/16/2007
Okay, that was awesome! I like how the tables were turned, but I think I definitely like Aang torture better ;) Call me cruel, but...well, maybe I am cruel. But whatever. Only one critique, I noticed (and maybe I didn't read this closely enough to see if you included it) but they are inside when Katara, ya know, threw up, and then Aang...sleeps on the floor? I don't know, but it worried me slightly. Did he clean it up first? Just something I noticed, but my mind works in strange ways. Can't wait for another update!
FairyGardenCorgis chapter 28 . 11/16/2007
Yet another wonderful, fluffy AangXKatara comfort stories. I just love these. They're what make the world go round! -jumps into sea of fluff- I'm so glad you updated; you didn't disappoint! Can't wait for the next chapter!
Summer Sweetheart chapter 28 . 11/15/2007
Aww. That was sweet. Not EXACTLY what I had in mind, but I think this is better! Thank you for writing this, and I'm looking forward to reading more! _
joesweet110 chapter 27 . 11/12/2007
hey,i love ur oneshots.

ive read all of them so far!

ur a great writer!

can u please update faster?im dying to hear more.

this chapter waz really cute.

the characters are very realistic and beievable.

let me just say there's a fine line between great fluff(the good stuff) and over fluff(the bad, soppy stuff that is predictable).

ur oneshots are great fluff!and entertaining!

once again great job and keep up the good work;)
RabbitGal chapter 24 . 11/8/2007
4 GOT SOMETHING LOL!WHAT I LIKED BEST ABOUT YOUR STYLE-CALM'S down- Is that this made me cry, hell I didnt cry when my gram gram died!*And I feel bad about it.*and to continue I love how in this scene for example,I felt like it was actually raining out here, in the winter chapter I almost could see a fresh sheet of the frozen liquoed glazing over my windowsil... It was touching,heart warming and I loved it. I know how awsome it feel's to get good reviews. I hope you reach the 200 mark, something im yet to bask in the glory this is sounding like a one-shot now, so I'll rap it up. You have such a wonderful style of writing that I could not stop reading long enough to make a half-way decent reveiw. Gomen and Domo for the lovely series of one-shot's.
RabbitGal chapter 27 . 11/8/2007
The absolute cutest one-shots ever I cried,laughed,and blushed, then I wrote this cheesey reveiw!lol cute though, seriusly you should be a proud person. The reason i'm so calm is that I had no sweets today...TT~TT I-its just soo unlike me I feel weird -sniff sniff-OMFG CANDY!-eat's- YAA!AA!AA!AA!AA!AA!AA!AA!1!1!1!1!HYPERNESS SWEET SWEET CANNDY!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!1! 1 REQUEST DO SOMTHING HAPPY INVOLVING SWIMMING -Nothing dirty, just like Katara's giving Aang bending lesson's- PWEASE!1!1!1!1!1!1!\!1!
RabbitGal chapter 6 . 11/7/2007
"I kind of have to at some point." LOL IDK Y but that was soo funny! Sorry 4 not reveiwing amideitly i kinda...erm...Forget cause I was having 2 much fun reading? lol Kawaii 1-shot's!
Winnywriter chapter 20 . 11/7/2007

Geez! You made me cry! That's only happened like TWICE in all the time that I've ever been reading fanfiction!

Great writing! So sad though...
Winnywriter chapter 11 . 11/6/2007

akirethe12th-to-last-airbender chapter 27 . 11/4/2007
YAY YOU'RE BACK! You've been gone a while :) But I totally understand; I'm up to my ears in homework all the time too. School sucks :P And I didn't think this was a bad oneshot, I thought it was very sweet. The way Katara kisses Aang on the forehead made me faint with happiness. But I recovered quickly enough to write a review ;) I can't wait for another! Update soon please!
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