Reviews for Beware the Left Eye
The Watchman chapter 2 . 10/27/2007
Wow... Expertly done man. The love way you integrated the Hawkeye into the story, I also liked the FM4 character cameos plus McGlynn. Though I don't remember Elsa's accent to be that heavy...

And dang! You did it again! I got inspired to make another pre-CotF fic after reading this! Must be either you're really good writer or you've got some strange voodoo working for you. BTW, can drop by to check out "with everything to lose"? If you have the time that is.

I'll looking forward for that next story of yours, no matter how long the wait.

Good luck on your studies man
F-14 Tomcat Lover chapter 2 . 9/25/2007

Saito did THE damage, but I'm a bit surprised.

All that shooting and no one investigates?

I bet a large number of Orb Politicians are now asking questions, the kind Seiran doesn't want ask.
Ominae chapter 2 . 9/23/2007
Damn! Love the cameos by McGlynn, Epcar and Ishikawa. Absolutely loved her. It's a LOL part for her and Epcar to be here. Those two are brilliant...

Yeah, I'm trying to ask Solid on doing a Gaiden on the siege of Section 9 HQ. I'd ask the second one for permission, but that'd be silly to ask myself. LOL.
FraserMage chapter 2 . 9/23/2007
Hmm, Macross style Mecha ftw.

Beam Sniper Rifle VPS Camo 3 Variable Modes That thing would be insane to fight. Hmm now it has me wondering WHAT it looks like.

Good chapter too, A Sniper is a dreadful thing and this sniper has enough fire-power to take down Warships.
Storm Wolf77415 chapter 2 . 9/23/2007
Goose, you are brilliant! This was a great little slice of the BOF universe. Saito is a man you do not fuck around with. Ken has a very reliable ally in this man.
The Watchman chapter 1 . 9/10/2007
Even though I know this episode in GITS:SAC so well, but still.

I say wow... backwards and forwards. You got the whole story nailed in so well. You even nailed DiFalco's personality perfectly!

This is so going straight into my faves.
Storm Wolf77415 chapter 1 . 8/19/2007
I liked this. A worthy addition to Ken DiFalco's universe.
Groovy chapter 1 . 8/10/2007
Don't mean to be like a bugger, but I spotted some error in the grammar and all.

"my because the jamming was cut and we can’t confirm the position."

Just thought you may want to look into that.

Cheers! And good story too.
Solid Shark chapter 1 . 8/10/2007
Now THAT was a good story, comrade. Riveting from start to finish...

You definitely had me confused about the nuclear warhead at first, but your explanation at the end made perfect sense; particularly considering how Birds of a Feather established the Earth Alliance's near-cavalier use of nuclear weapons toward the end of the War. I can easily see them attempting to use such a thing in the Equatorial Union Civil War, especially considering how much trouble the EURM's mercenaries were giving them toward the end.

Good explanation for the use of the Land Warrior system too, by the way; I've always been skeptical of it, myself -the bloody thing is too likely to go kaput if the soldier wearing has to, say, cross a stream- but considering how many years have passed between the present time and the SEED era, they'd doubtless have been able to greatly improve the system.

Nice touch, including Batou; I wasn't certain it was him at first -I couldn't remember his hair color, and I couldn't find a very good image of him- but it seemed likely, even before he was identified by name... *chuckle* Bet HE'LL never question "the Boss" again...

You know, I was actually half-expecting Ken to slice off Saito's entire arm; unlike Motoko Kusanagi, he's a genuine swordsman, so I wouldn't have put it past him to do that instead of simply using a combat knife... but then, I suppose doing THAT would've resulted in Saito bleeding out before he could be recruited. Severed limbs tend to do that...

Heh; nice use of Lesson Eighteen. I never could figure a way to actually use that in my own work, but it works very well here... Well, I have to say that's one of the most well-crafted SEED stories I've ever read, both in terms of plot and readability (all too many people have WAY too much trouble with grammar and spelling; this style is a very nice change). I shall be greatly looking forward to the next such story... ~Solid Shark
Ominae chapter 1 . 8/10/2007
Yo! Nice to see you've updated the story! About time too...

I was impressed how you molded our (Solid and mine) together. A masterpiece.

BTW, I noted a spelling mistake. I saw that you misspelled grab as "gab".

Otherwise, waiting for second chapter...

I'm currently passing the time to do Full Metal Panic. In a few more weeks, I'll be doing a FMP AU story.