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mydarkillusion chapter 7 . 1/2/2013
Now we know the reason Narcissa lied to the Dark Lord about Harry being dead Female revenge is a dish best served cold
LinnScarlett chapter 7 . 4/26/2010
Awesomous :3

I finally got time to get around some of your stories (respect! 20 chapters on most! I wish I had time to write so many long Harry Potter related fanfics in my spare time next to the other stories i write -and my study)

This story totally cracked me up. Like. Enormously. Halfway down tuesday I couldn't stop laughing. I especially liked saturday. I feel so sorry for poor Luciwuci, the poor man... Geh... it suddenly makes sense why he hates guests so much (a never explained theme in my TYA).

Oh well, keep it up girl!

You're hilariously funny when you try :3


NextChristineDaae chapter 7 . 12/19/2009
*NCD flops in a heap after a thoroughly exhausting week from doing so much OCD cleaning, talking to cut-outs and spending hours thinking up suitable innuendos ...*

"Tell Narcissa she has much better taste in intimates than her sister. I never could see the point of gussetless panties. I mean, why wear them at all..."

*loses it totally and has to be restrained for several minutes before being compos mentis enough to continue without destroying the keyboard through spilled Vimto*

You know, I think Voldermort could look so fetching in snakeskin thongs, don't you? :D

Right, back to all seriousness for ... oh, four minutes, maybe ...

This was, in a word of multiple syllables, !

You never, ever fail to surprise me with the extent of your writing ability, young lady!

I swear, you must be able to tap into the psyche of these authors whose characters you play with (no innuendos meant, honestly) to create such spectacular stories!

I have said it before (on an INFERNO review – and yes, it was, no need to ask) that regardless of our amazing friendship, you are a genius, and once HB has sorted Davina and Della's little spell issues (maybe bring Sev and Lucius in on this), you shall, one day, be on a book cover, of that, I am quite certain!

Thoroughly loved every second of your weekday tales! As always, the flow, quality and humour is beyond top-notch and publishable! (And in as many languages as possible. One must spread the word!)

In a final, final word ... MAGIC!



*goes scuttling off still thinking up totally unsuitable phrases and getting odd looks from folks ...*
NextChristineDaae chapter 6 . 12/19/2009
*NCD wakes up bright and early (having not gone to bed) and decides to take a swim in aforementioned 'drool pool' from Kimmeth's previous story, Inferno*

Yes, that was another hint, people! If you like HP, you'll ADORE Worst Witch!

*points again to Kimmeth's profile button, this time, using a wand covered in pumpkin spatter for extra emphasis*

Now, where was I? Ah, yes ...

"... and I'd finally got my leg over."

*says nothing ...*

No, really, NCD can't talk through laughing ... This is being typed by Dennis ... ;)

"Did you know that faking burns three times as many calories as the real thing?"

*makes mental note to let women's magazines know and pick up the copyright proceeds*
NextChristineDaae chapter 5 . 12/19/2009
*NCD has Friday afternoon off, owing to an emergency call-out, owing to a severe fit of hysteria, owing to the image of Severus Snape three sheets to the wind*

"Lushiush," said Severus. "I'm teeny bit shtuck. Help?"

*snorts and going ...*

"He pondered for a while."

*going ...*


*completely gone ...*

And a spell with water at arctic temperatures ... A phrase springs to mind ... 'Chilly on the wi— um, walkway, walkway' ... yes ... that's what I meant ...

*points out this is entirely Kimmeth's fault NCD's mind is now well and truly gutterbound*

Moving swiftly on ...
NextChristineDaae chapter 4 . 12/19/2009
*NCD takes Thursday off and spends the day rereading Inferno*

Yes, people, that WAS a direct hint to go and read Kimmeth's Inferno story ...

*points finger to Kimmeth's profile button*


Now, this chapter ... um ... I'd say it was well and truly up and coming, but perhaps that is the wrong phrase to use here ...

"On the other hand, that they were doing it in my living room when I hadn’t had any for over a month just added insult to injury…"


It was certainly big, bold, hard and fast and riveting!


I suppose it's too late to mention I am talking about the hilarity and overall premise of it and nothing else?


Oh, and the disclaimer ... *sniggers*
NextChristineDaae chapter 3 . 12/19/2009
*NCD goes head-on into her tale of Wednesday's woes before noticing Kimmeth is, in fact, a giant cardboard cut-out*

Ah, so Davina and Della's spell to get you on a book cover backfired, I take it? Damn Foster's!

Moving swiftly on ...

“What?” cried Wormtail, clutching Percival close to him. “That’s a mass-extermination! That’s genocide! That’s rodentist!”

*insert NCD having gasping rounds of hysterics, calling Oxford and INSISTING to the nugget on the end of the phone that 'rodetist' needs to be added immediately, and all copyright goes to Kimmeth with a small portion to NCD for her persuasive phone skills ...*

The final lines were outstanding! Though I do wonder precisely HOW inhumane Ciss would be willing to extend to ...

*ponders use of the phrase 'caught with tail between legs' mixed with the phrase 'break a leg' mixed with the phrase 'get stuffed' ...*

One word: nasty!
NextChristineDaae chapter 2 . 12/19/2009
Hi, honey – I'm home!

*waves to Kimmeth, puts down bags, washes hands and wipes door handle, then takes slippers out of oven ...*

Oh, toastie warm!

Time for imaginary Tuesday's review!

“I believe he enjoys using it to strike fear into the hearts of those he is about to maim and kill.”

Killer line, that one!

“Can’t he do it quietly?”

Even better comeback!

Also, getting aside from the sharpness and general fantastic flow of the language for one moment, please refer to former comment regarding 'women', more specifically, 'woman', and argument continuations ...

Is the tea ready yet, dear? One needs replenishment in order to continue such witty and funny reviewing in order to match the story's quality ... or try to, anyway ...
NextChristineDaae chapter 1 . 12/19/2009
*NCD, upon browsing Kimmeth's HP section, decided it was time she continued in her RRathon, and got started on another fantabulosa tale ... *

Well, well, well ... as usual, what can I say! Knowing how much I love to have multiple reviews, preferably each chapter, I shall review each and every one, if only to make it blatantly obvious that this story is HIGHLY WORTHY of individual reviews!

You listening out there, people?

*stands on chair on table on roof and glares HB-style at missing readers yet-to-read-and-review-this-better-than-JKR-story!*

We shall, therefore, take it in stages, pretending that I am reviewing per day of the week, along with anecdotes and wisecracks just ... well, because, okay!

*NCD cracks every bone in body, clears throat, coughs, stretches, looks at spot of damp on ceiling momentarily, curses, facepalms, then gets on with reviewing ...*

So, Monday ...

*insert long, convoluted tale here about what a day I've had ...*

Ah, the delights of OCD cleaning ...

*whistles and says nothing whatsoever before checking bleach supplies ...*

Ah, seventeen bottles, everything is fine!

Suffice to say, whenever a man says something after the woman has spoken, it is the beginning of a new argument ...

Brilliant start! Just superb! Incidentally, Lucius getting interrupted whilst sitting in the bathtub, naked ... and wandless to boot ... not a very good start to his week, really ...
typicalRAinbow chapter 7 . 11/8/2009
oh, my GAWD! XDXDXDXDXD...yes like my other reveiw, I am utterly speetchless...WIN!
Aleksandra Hardbroom chapter 7 . 5/18/2009
it is so good very funny. I like the last part of the stain remover. LOL can you do another?
Stardawn chapter 7 . 5/14/2008
It's hilarious. And really good.
amortentiaaa chapter 7 . 3/22/2008
Whoa, Lucius in a towel! haha. Draco has an odd sock collection... interesting side to him.

Macnair the house elf. :D I feel so bad for Narcissa; no wonder she's not a DE herself.

Hahaha, this was great.

Whoa whoa whoa there. Why did Draco go down to look?

The alcoholic Potions Master, eh?

...that is SO weird. Hahaha, I love the last line.

That is even weirder. I love the last line even more. :D Brings meaning to "And we'll always hope Harry Potter is here to save the day."

Funny side to Death Eaters! Great job.
LadyBolina chapter 7 . 1/31/2008
This was seriously fabulous! Thank you so much for posting it! I love poor Lucius and his "friends" at his house. You really do have to wonder what it would be like to have that lot staying at your it! Thank you!
Little Obsessions chapter 7 . 11/7/2007
Possible the funniest thing I've read in a long time!

Very good, loved it. The dark Lord, in Lacies...well that is something!




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