Reviews for Most Ordinary Days of Our Lives
Line chapter 3 . 1/2/2008
Hilariously awesome.
hasleftthesite chapter 3 . 8/22/2007

first of all a small advice. When you work with new characters in a one shot then don't keep using their first names and last names through each other cause it is sometimes confusing to know than exactly who you are talking about. I know I had to scroll back sometimes to see exactly whose last name or first name it was and so know which idiot you were talking about.

Yes, they were all three idiots and let us just be glad they didn't make it within the original Schwarz team although it also could have been fun and in a way the two remaining idiots did kinda remind me of a certain other two Schwarz memebers who still had to show up within the team.

Loved how Nagi refused to use his gift to get away the annoying smoke cause than he couldn't express his displeasure anymore. How Nagi, the youngest and the teenager of the bunch, wasn't the one getting drunk and doing all kinds of stupid things like teenagers normally do but had to be the responsible one and the babysitter at that. Poor Nagi, LOL.

The way Nagi believed that any facial work on Chris' face would be a definite improvement no matter how thorough that facial reconstruction would be.

How Herr Mehrwert the telephonic was as useful as, ... well nothing and how he spend his Saturday nights in a half coma. What a life, LOL!

Nagi's deduction that Crawford must’ve realy hated Ingwer since Crawford always said "Keep your enemies close…" and Ingwer was now snoring on Crawford's shoulder.

Ingo's pink elephant phobia and how Christian was an ex-junkie whore with a collection of sexually transmitted diseases to impress any biologist (well according to Ingwer at least).

And then we haven't gotten into the two deaths at the end of the chapter yet. The clumsy Leugner accident with the train (accident my ass) and the suicide from Mehrwert with that fantastic suicide note. I wonder if the chairmen believed the suicide story?

Yes, Nagi has a hard life, LOL.

Kisses and hugs

MikaSamu chapter 2 . 8/19/2007
A drunk Crawford is hilarious, not to mention having Schuldig as the 'only' responsible and respectable member of the team. Another great chapter.
hasleftthesite chapter 2 . 8/19/2007
Haha poor Nagi! I'm sure his pride took a real big hit but than again what else did he expect from playing against a first class strategist like Omi? I didn't need Crawford's gift to predict the end of the battle before it even started.

But I do wonder what poor Crawford was suffering from if it wasn't drunkiness when he saw the table moving all the time and managed to clone Schuldig without the use of some fancy expensive technologie. Not to forget the killer headache he's going to have tomorrow when he wakes up. What's he going to blame that one at?

But Crawford brought it upon himself, now didn't he? After all he was the one who taught dear little Nagi to be sneaky and stab people in the back. The student has learned well from the master, LOL.

All the Schuldigs Crawford saw was I think my favourite part especially since Crawford gave each Schuldig his own facial expression. Then again maybe the Schuldig to the left was indeed friendlier, LOL.

And I also want a dragon! A white one with green eyes! If Crawford can have his blue dragon, uhm I mean green dragon, than I don't see why I can't have mine.

But Crawford's concern for Nagi's well being was very touching although I feel it was a bit misplaced. Just as Schuldig believing himself to be the only responsible and respectable person in the team. If that were true than Schwarz would be in a lot of trouble, LOL.

Thanks a bunch for the good laugh!

Kisses and hugs

aquafina rain chapter 1 . 8/14/2007

i think the thing that made me laugh most was farfarello commenting on the pink matching schuldig's hair. HAHAHAHAHAH that's great. just classic. i love farfy-snarfy type comments.

lolol and crawford... being the calender boy? upstaged by youji? AHAHAHAH it just keeps getting better and better.

this made me laugh tons haha. and it was written in nice style, too. i'm keeping an eye on this. ;(
hasleftthesite chapter 1 . 8/12/2007
Haha poor Schuldig. The man really has it hard as a memeber of Schwarz now doesn't he?

And stuffed rabbits don't count as victims was just the best line of the fic. God how I laughed with this especially since we all known whose bunny we're talking about.

Yet I'm not surprised Farfie won once again the award of "Most Creative use of a Blade". The things that man can do with a simple knife (shudders at the thought).

An dlet's not forget the awesome pink button, Weiss' hero welcome at the convention and Balinese having pushed Crawford off the calender. Just some great ideas that gave me some nice laughs.

Very well done! I loved reading it (yes, I admit, I read it twice)

Kisses and hugs

MikaSamu chapter 1 . 8/11/2007
Hilarious and delightful! Poor embarrassed Schuldig. Perfect name for the convention. I love that Weiss were honored by the convention's hosts in front of Schwarz.