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that1dude chapter 7 . 2/16/2009
dude, that was freaking sweet. i really liked the plot, it was really interesting, with rarely a dull moment. i found this fic to be really well written. also, the quotes at the beginning of each chapter were really neat, as they reminded me of one of my favorite books, as it incorperated a similar technique.
bright snow chapter 7 . 6/10/2008
Ch'ya! Another finished fanfic in the dead of morning! Hurrah for all nighters!

It''s 5 in the morning. Oh goodness.

In any case, I was so very happy with what you've written for this. As usual, fantastic characterization. I love Matthew and Jaffar so much. Poor Matthew, though. Poor, poor Matthew. But it's so nice, at the end. Yay...Matthew.

Gah, I find myself unable to form coherent thoughts and sentences. I'll just kind of...leave now. Wrap it up and get some sleep. Hoo.

Just to let you know, I was extremely pleased with this story. I got the same satisfied-reader feeling as last time with Volkey's story, Reyson's wander in the forest, and-of course-Lethe's encounter with Insanity. If I ever find the time, I will sit down and seriously pick out every single thing I liked and disliked, but for now...Not such a good time.

Thank you very much for writing this!

On another note, to your review reply...haa, I almost never reply to replies, though I definitely should. Gaah. Anyway, I'm very happy to hear that there's a possibility of you writing about Nephe and Marcia/Makalov. I just seriously love Nephenee, and I absolutely cannot find any decent fanfics about Marcia in general, and maybe her relationship with Makalov. Makalov by himself is omfg-get-away, by Makalov and Marcia sibling-ness is much looked forward to, what with word abuse and bashing of heads. Or maybe some childhood memories...ha.

Hope to see you later, then.
piratelore chapter 7 . 4/3/2008
I loved it
ThorHammer17 chapter 7 . 3/29/2008
Fushibidamn. That was the most amazing piece of literature I have ever read. I think that this would be better reading for English class than what I have been doing (A Seperate Peace).

If you haven't considered taking writing further than this level, I really think you should. This is an incredible work, and words fail to describe it. And, yes, I did read all of your quotes. They added a personal touch to the story.

Ok, that was what I liked. What I didn't like:

-Occasionally, you over-used a phrase or word or something like that. Especially within an adjacent paragraph, you sometimes used the exact same word or phrase to describe something that you used in the previous paragraph.

-Also, there were some SGP errors that I would be happy to go through and correct if you would like me to.

Overall Rating, on a scale of

Golden Awesome:Legendary:Fushibidamn:Uber:Classic:Awesome:Nce:Wow

Rating: Golden Awesome

This is the highest award that ThorHammer17 can possibly give. Be very proud, this is an incredible work. Consider writing as a career. chapter 7 . 3/12/2008
I read the quotes. I actually found them quite an intersting addition.

I think you did pretty well on portraying Matthew and Jaffar and how they would act around each other though I think it was a little biased towards Matthew. I always imagined Jaffar as a little bit well... smarter than that and such, and Matthew has never seemed as strong as Jaffar but maybe that's just me. Matthew always seemed less severe and more about not getting seen and being to fast for his own good while Jaffar was too strong for his own good.

It was a good story none the less, even if it's not the kind of story I normally read. So Great Job! I wish more people on here wrote as well as you do. .
Kitten Kisses chapter 7 . 11/27/2007
Hello again! I'm sorry to hear about the mounds of homework (and the family problems) that kept you from updating. I know how stress can be, especially when it just builds and builds.

Anyway, my last review to this wonderful story!

[You're loosing your strength]


Oh, and I don't know if mentioned it or not, but I like that you wrote Lyndis coming to see Nino often. In the game when Nino dies, Lyn is the only one to say something, and I'm curious to know if that's why you put her in there or not. And perhaps Nino brings out a little of that "motherly" instinct, too? Hmm...

Poor Jaffar... Hector would probably find it hard to forgive him for his wrongdoing. The Ostian Lord has always struck me as the type to hold a grudge, you know? Once you'd wronged him badly enough, you'd be on his bad side forever. XD.

Oh, here are some more things I liked:

-When Jaffar mentions Leila's name.

-When Matthew decides that he doesn't want to be like Jaffar, and that he doesn't want to become him.

-The ending two sentences. They really wrapped things up, didn't they? Great work, there!

[this ability to feel thathis fellow man

Just two runs that ran together.

And wow! That's it. It can be really hard to officially end a piece of writing, but you pulled it off without a hitch. Great job!

Oh, and to answer your questions, I haven't heard of Apocalyptica, and yes, I do read EVERY quote that is put at the beginning of each chapter/'fic. And not just your 'fic, either. Anyone who bothers to put one in there gets a read. I like song lyrics, and quotations from anywhere, because they can really set the mood for what you're about to read. (Plus, I can mentally store them away to recall again at a future time.)

I agree on your view(s) of Matthew and Jaffar, too. I can see them working together, but I can't imagine them hanging out and becoming "buddies". It would be really creepy...actually.

Anyhow, thanks for writing a wonderful story! I'll be sure to keep my eye out for more "Rekka" 'fics by you. Anyway, until next time, keep up the wonderful job (and try not to let college stress you out too much)!


Kitten Kisses chapter 6 . 11/27/2007
Oh look, I'm back yet again. I just never seem to go away, do I?

I'll tell ya what... that scene with Matthew and Jaffar, right before they jump into action to attack? Absolutely flawless. It sure kept my eyes glued to the screen!

You know what the scene where Matthew and Jaffar attack reminds me of? Record of Lodoss War. In that anime (it's old, so if you haven't heard of it, forgive me), there is an army that is attacked by a bunch of...I dunno, animal-people. I'm sure they called the kobolds, but I'm not sure. Anyway, the way you had the enemy leader shouting to restore order reminded me of the king of the "good guys", because that's what he does in Loddos. "Stand firm, men! They're no better than animals! Animals can't fight! Stand firm!", he shouts, and it actually does some good.

Yay! Matthew to the rescue! (I sounded like an idiot there, didn't I? Oh well.)

Whoa, what a great way to end it! Of course, I'm being thankful that the epilogue/last chapter is already posted, which saves me precious time being all panicky and such about what will happen.

Sorry that I don't really have anything of relevance to say, but I did enjoy reading this thus far.


Kitten Kisses chapter 5 . 11/27/2007
Poor Nino...she has to be utterly worried about Jaffar... I know I would be (if I were her)! The way you describe Bolting, it sounds positively horrible, and it would have to be scary to be forced to sit there and just not know what exactly was going on.

The part about Nino perhaps being afraid of Hector was amusing. :D

Whoa, a nice idea, to burn the supply convoy! I hadn't thought of that for more than an instant, but it's great that you used it. What a wonderful distraction!

Unfortunately, I must leave for work now, but I'll be back in...well, a long time, and I'll finish this review. :)

Oh look, I'm back. It's almost five o'clock...darn that overtime!

I didn't really think Matthew's dislike of assassination was all that strange, really. In all honesty, I can imagine him being a little bitter about it after Leila's death, and I can understand your reasoning about how he didn't want to seem "like" Jaffar in any way. The question didn't even come to mind, really, because first and foremost, he's a spy- not a killer. Killing is something that has to be done sometimes, but not always, and I'm sure Matthew is not one who was continually killing, anyway.

(And darn it, he's weak in the game if you don't level him up straight away.)


Kitten Kisses chapter 4 . 11/27/2007
Hahaha, I totally forgot to mention school in the last chapter. I don't remember school all that well (I'm not old, I swear), but I wrote year-round, so it never affected me much. Then again, that was High School, and I'm guessing you're in college, which is something else entirely. Where an actual effort is required. P

My younger brother is already on Winter Break- it lasts more than a month for him. It makes me wish that I had saved up my money and gone to school, but alas! I'll just keep working... I have a car to pay off, heh.

Anyway, onto the 'fic!

[You understand nothing about the efficiency this bolting technique!”]

"efficiency of". )

I liked Matthew's misgivings about killing, and of course, all his thoughts of Leila. It's too bad that she died in the game, because she was one of my favorite characters...

Anyway, another good chapter. Sorry again about my lack of comments. I'm so tired that I can hardly stay awake, and at the same time, I feel like I'm freezing half to death. I'll try to read/review the next chapter before I leave for work, but I can't say if I'll get through the whole thing or not.

Keep up the great work.


Kitten Kisses chapter 3 . 11/27/2007
Wow, especially nice quote for this chapter. And it very much holds true, also.

[You requiremy help]

You only forgot a space, there. )

Poor Matthew. It seems as if Leila's death weighs rather heavily on his shoulders. Not that I can blame him, of course. If I were in his shoes, I can imagine I would have a hard time getting over such a thing... and even then, I would never truly get "over" it...only past it.

Wow, I like the line about how Matthew needs to hate Jaffar, to fight off the guilt that perhaps Leila's death had been partly his fault. It fits really well, I think.

An interesting way to kill off the enemy, I think. Not what I would have picked, but still very good! Too bad it'll take so long to complete their mission. However, their plan does make absolutely sense, so now I'll just have to wait and read about it.


Kitten Kisses chapter 2 . 11/27/2007
Forgive me if this review doesn't contain much substance, 'cause it's 4:45am, and I swear that my brain doesn't start functioning properly until...oh, at least 10:30. Plus I'm freezing to death!

Anyway, this chapter was good. I especially enjoyed the scene with Nino (where Hector and Lyn argue).

[“There is absolutely no point arguing over this. It simply burns our energy and leaves us divided, so let us forget the matter entirely."] was my favorite line. It sounds very Eliwood-like.

(You know, the poor pathetic friend who is always stuck in the middle?)

I kind of feel sorry for both Matthew and Jaffar in this 'fic, be honest. I mean, Jaffar might not be feeling much of anything (except the usual), but Matthew has to be horrified that, out of all the luck in the world, he's just lucky enough to end up with his bitter enemy in a cave. That's gotta suck.

But I think Jaffar's feelings make complete sense. He's actually not very old (between 16-18, I'd think), and as such, he's not nearly as set in his ways as one might think. After all, Nino has confidence in him.

Anyway, I'll try to put more intelligence into my next review.


Kitten Kisses chapter 1 . 11/26/2007
Wow. First of all, forgive me if my typing is off, because I should be in bed, and I wear wrist braces to bed. They make it very difficult to type, unfortunately, so I'm always messing up, lol. I try to catch my mistakes, but sometimes I just utterly fail at it.

Secondly, I'm definitely pleased with this chapter. Even though it's nonpairing, the friendships that you have sprinkled around are absolutely fantastic, and really sweet (especially Jaffar and Nino, and even though they aren't my favorites, they're too cute not to like). Let's see... I liked the entire thing, but the way you paint a scene with words is absolutely fantastic. I liked the part where everyone starts off at a dead run for the mountains, and this next line was my favorite (because it made me laugh)!

[The Lords and Lady turned towards the mountains as well, falling into an easy and rhythmic loping run (though Hector clanked and crashed horribly in his heavy riding armor).]

I just was cracking up reading that. It reminded me of one of those daisy-and-flower scenes with Eliwood and Lyndis running gracefully by while the flowers in the background sparkled, and then the scene shifted to Hector clanking by like a loser. (Don't get me wrong, I love Hector.)

I totally expected Kent to pick up Lyndis. I didn't expect Sain to pick up Nino, though, and that was a great twist! Loved it. Especially Jaffar's hesitation (though it was a mere second) in handing her over to that rogue night.

Bolting is annoying as hell, and I'm glad you came up with an interesting way to explain it! Very cool. It definitely held my interest.

Also, poor Sain... I guess I don't blame him for feeling guilty about leaving Jaffar behind, but if they had gone back, they all could have died. /

Again, wonderful character interactions. They're believable and realistic, without going over the top with the stiff formal speech or underdoing it with too loose a tongue.

(Keep up the wonderful work! I'll be back in the morning to read more, I promise.)


DreyaCira chapter 7 . 11/16/2007
Hey! Finally got a chance to review! Oh man, you had me worried during that last part - I was like, Omigosh, she's gonna make 'em fight, and one of them is going to die! But then you totally pulled a peaceful ending out of thin air. It was great. I don't know anything about Apocalyptica, but I usually read the quotes. Eheh, poor Kent, just trying to help out. Your descriptions of Heath and his wyvern were really elaborate and interesting, that was some neat stuff. I want to ride a wyvern now. So yeah, amazing in general, very well written when looked over again - this is because nobody's looking at your writing in the beginning, they just want to know what happens! It's suspenseful! Well, I look forward to all your other stuff. Keep writing.
Inkmote chapter 7 . 11/15/2007
Wow, this was a really well written 'fic. :)

You work wonders with subtlety and human emotions. The way Matthew's blatant hatred of Jaffar- (well founded and exploited, good job) -and their interaction really adds a different angle to their characters. Especially how it changed both inside and out of battle.

Gotta give you a thumbs up for portraying the grit of the human spirit so well.

The ending was nice too, where you leave us able to reflect on Matthew and Jaffar's unsteady likeness, as well as their relationship- being "somewhere around nothing", ha ha. ;)

All in all a beautiful piece. I look forward to more work from you.
Kalisona chapter 7 . 11/12/2007
Yay! The ending to this fabulous tale!

I understand why it took so long. School is indeed dictatorial, and it, unfortunately, comes first. Unfortunately. After all, my brother was the first to go to the game store and ask for Radiant Dawn (turns out they hadn't shipped it yet. However, we did get a shirt from them, because we were the first to ask for the game. xD) Anyway, we got the game the next day, but we're only at the third chapter, because we never have time to play... D:

Hmm...Well, it's easy for me to get supports during the game...If I think about it. Normally, my thoughts are completely on the storyline/the tactics necessary (Hector's hard mode is brutal! O_o). But I agree. The Sacred Stones is a lot more forgiving in that sense; I also found it easier than Rekka no Ken. Or Path of Radiance, for that matter. Whee...Game runthroughs. Plenty of those! :D

I most definitely expect you to keep up the good work, so that you can continue to dominate the Fire Emblem Fandom with wonderful works of fiction (which, might I add, it sorely needs).

I'm most definitely looking forward to a Path of Radiance story! :D It should be interesting to see where you go with that!

Yes, that's what mellon nin means. . You use drow? Well, I am impressed. I'm afraid that knowing bits of the elvish tongue is not much of an accomplishment in the LotR fandom, but oh well. . It is fun to use, and becomes quite the habit! ;)

The quotes you use are wonderful. Honestly, they give so much more to the fic. Almost appetizer to the main course. They get the reader into the mood for the actual story!

Yes, I understand their logic in attacking outright, but it still made the Tactition in me cringe. I suppose that's all I should expect from playing with the intention to not lose a single soldier, but you and I both know that if we stuck Matthew and Jaffar into a large mass of soldiers and spellcasters, they'd either slaughter them, or die. It depends on our luck, I guess. (I have terrible luck, by the way. If the enemy only has a 25% chance of hitting, and that hit will kill, say, Lyn, they'll most definitely hit.)

I most certainly agree. You take a ring, and suddenly someone like Serra can use light magic? It doesn't make a lot of sense. So I'm glad someone shed some light on the puzzle finally. ;) Now maybe you can explain why silver (an extremely malleable and soft metal) does more damage than something like steel. ;)

Whew, these things just get longer and longer. Now I'm finally ready to read the last and final chapter! :D

First: Heath and Hyperion. I love it when you introduce new characters, because you never fail to give insight into something that I had never thought about before, or just provide more in depth explanations into a character's thoughts. I was as interested as Pent in the explanations of the saddle, and flight. And of course, your wonderful thought when concerning details always shows through, as in when you have Heath suggest to Pent to remove his cloak (Which is most definitely a good idea, but not one that I would have thought of.)

Wow. What a perfect way to wrap up this tale. It isn't as fast paced as the past few chapters have been, giving us the chance to catch our breath, but it didn't drag on, like many final chapters of stories do. And thank you for not making Jaffar and Matthew best friends. Because they shouldn't be. It would be /wrong/. Le hannon, mellon nin! ;)

Ah...Apocalyptica? You've asked me that before, and I, being the smart person I am, forgot to answer. *shakes head* Anyway, no, I have never heard of them before you mentioned them, but now I have looked them up on iTunes, and a few of their songs are enjoying the hospitality of my iPod. :D

And, as you know, I read the quotes. I love quotes, though (almost as much as I love riddles), and I have a journal that I am slowly filling up with quotes. So if you ever need a quote for a chapter but cannot find one, I might have something. *shrugs* :)

Hmm...Thanksgiving break...? *counts on fingers* That's only a little over a week! :D Hoorah!

Well, I should probably wrap up my oh so enlightening rambling */sarcasm*. Great story, great job, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

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