Reviews for A Gold Digger Parody
Kira066 chapter 1 . 5/16/2012
Wow! I must say as a parody of the Golddigger comic it's spot on! I literally Lolled and fell on the floor! I- It's to funny!
XeroP chapter 1 . 7/21/2009
Okay... This is the biggest piece of bull I've ever seen when it comes to "parodying" anything ever. It is so horribly underinformed that it insults all other parodies.

Okay, mild flaming complete, primary frustrations gone. Now I shall address the matter in a much more proper and coherent manner.

If you're going to make a "parody" then at least READ THE COMICS FIRST. You latched onto a couple of single characteristics each of which not only applied to only ONE character in the entire history of the comic, but are now, as a result of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT, no longer accurate to the characters. Gold Digger's characters are FAR from the deepest chars you'll ever see in a comic, but to look at one book(more than likely) and assume this about all the characters is an insult to the time and effort Fred Perry put into making this comic. If people would look past the fanservice they'd find a surprisingly well-written, well-developed story with a vast but coherently-created universe, thoughtful concepts, and some VERY well-written characters.

I shall now address just how far off your "parody" characterizations are. Since you have obviously failed to bother looking past your own first impressions of the comic(which, I have to admit, are identical to my own. I was reasonably surprised when I pushed past them), I am not going to hold back on spoilerific details.

Gina: Is a bit boy-crazy, but throughout the comic has generally been EXTREMELY well-controlled. She is a scientific and archaeological genius and, at this point in the comic, a professor of archaeology(before you say anything, Gina WAS originally conceptualized as little more than a "female Indiana Jones" so of course such shout-outs are around). The comic also has been building up a story around Gina's future self from the past(trust me, unlike so many things in comics in recent years, it makes PLENTY of sense in context), trying to stop some great disaster that will either destroy the universe, or cause every clock in the universe to lose exactly one second.

Britanny: WAS an extreme shopaholic, much to Gina's ANNOYANCE. Over time, her habits have been at the very least toned down, and since getting MARRIED and having a daughter, quite possibly vanished completely. She's probably the character who has undergone the most development over the course of the series, and was never in any way as boy-crazy as Gina is(though it was Brit who triggered, accidentally, Gina's boy-crazy attitude).

Brianna: Quite possibly has the most depth of any character in the comic. Her having the memories of both Gina AND Britanny has spawned several moments where her psychological development and attempts to find who she is, beyond just a clone of Gina and Britanny.

I would strongly recommend you set your preconceptions aside and actually take a closer look at this series - it's easy to get ahold of all of it now, thanks to the GD-ROM discs which collect literally every comic published up to issue #100 for only $40. But hell, I'd settle with giving you a Torrent link if it had any hope of removing this insult to Fred Perry's work from this place.

There's a difference between a parody and talking out of one's $$. You're far beyond parody here, but I won't say you've reached talking out of your $$ since your impressions aren't exactly an interpretation that's difficult for one to develop when they haven't actually read the material in question.

I make it a point to not ever talk about or form opinions on things I know next to nothing about. I strongly suggest you do the same.
Vilkath chapter 1 . 11/13/2007
It could been more subtle but you are pretty acurate, sad to sayp Or at least in fan fiction, I can't say I have read to many the orginal comics to comment. The main theme of gold digger was always bothering me, finding ancient technolgicaly superior ancient ruins, to make a few bucks and pay off their obscene spending habits.

And they do that almost every week/month what ever, I mean how many ancient forgotten ruins can there be? Not a whole lot of unexplored places left on earth, yet they always find super advanced technolgy, magic or wealth just lying around.

What is reall surprising is they should be able to live pretty well on Gina's technology royalties alone, so it begs to question how much do they spend?

And yeah the sex thing gets a bit old, I don't mind hot girls having sex who doesn't? I just find their I'll sleep with nearly anything and near raping of guys additude anoying. Many gold digger fan fictions certianly stretch the 'you can't rape a guy with a hot chick' sterotype.