Reviews for Stardust Shot Glasses
Paosheep chapter 1 . 8/29/2009

This was really good.
ellesugars chapter 1 . 4/26/2008
ohmygawd, you are too good at writing! honestly! this made me cry...all of your stories seem to do that. xD aaggh, too well written!
haru-teri22 chapter 1 . 11/18/2007
gosh i love your stories!

i really really do!

poor sora...

i understand his place :[

love riku in this!

he's awesome :)

"we're luckier then that"

i loved that line.

you're so descriptive in your works!

it makes mine look like poopie xD

ahahah great story!

Lil Tanuki chapter 1 . 10/14/2007
Right about now I would be leaving a, detailed, heartfelt review professing my love for you and your writing. But as it is 4 in the morning, this will have to do:

There are not enough synonyms in every thesaurus combined for the word /adore/ to describe how I feel about this story. I'd elaborate but my brain is currently mush, nothing coherent will come out. I shall return to review your other works after hibernating for a fair amount of time.

Namilaa chapter 1 . 8/19/2007 i REALLY liked that one. you really made their friendship pop out a lot; something that a lot of people ignore. seriously...i really really really like this, its made of awesomee...

lol, yeah...sorry i havent reviews in a long time...ive been on vacation and stuff... not dead

well, i think this definitely qualifies for FAVE, cuz you totally owned the meaning of friendship drama and angst. the bar was genius, by the way. bars do seam to attract lost souls...

well anyway, awesome...make more friendship was a wonderful change

( but dont forget kaiora :))

kingdomskeys chapter 1 . 8/15/2007

It's brilliant beyond words; I love how every single phrase of yours is necessary, beautiful but almost sparse. Or, rather, not overdone. Your descriptions, characterizations, EVERYTHING, is wonderful.
raron2ride chapter 1 . 8/15/2007
wow. Just...amazing. it's been too long since I've really had the time to sit down and really read your stories, and I wish I'd have been able to read them more often.

This was just incredible writing. I love how you can put emotion into every action, even just the fact that Sora can't leave the bar, hoping that Roxas'll be there. I honestly could simply not stop crying when Sora was giving Roxas the will and tickets... you just made the scene so heartfelt, darnit!

Great job, as always. Faved!
Sequizurx chapter 1 . 8/14/2007
well that was pretty awesome, it has to be said. like, with all the description and long complex sentences full of interesting stuff make it really good to read.

the idea and the plot seem really good as well, and i like the way you incorporated your challenge word right at the end, and the sentence "'cause we're luckier than that" made me go ~aw!~

so overall, ya, it's preety good! my only problem is that it's really really really long and drags on a bit, and there's no real story, it's just reminiscence and sora wallowing in self pity. but apart from that, i really like it. good job!

mOOnlite-duskk chapter 1 . 8/14/2007
O !



this is like a replay of my life O


LOVE it )
angelofsweetness chapter 1 . 8/13/2007

Do you know how much I was squealing when I saw this alert in my inbox? I was so excited because I missed your writing. Okay, I'll shut my lameness now. XD

Okay, I am overly jealous with how much you're talented in describing emotions and stuff. Seriously, the way you potrayed Sora just made my heart wrench. I felt so sorry for him. I understood why he wanted to kinda give way for Riku and Kairi. Sobs.

And Roxas's such a betch. How dare he! He's such a meanie but after reading what Sora said to him at the funeral, I then felt sorry for him. Poor Roxas AND Sora. -cries-

And Riku's such an awesome dude. You just made me love him more. -grins- Kairi's a sweetie as well. Hehe.

Beautiful piece. Loved this to bits. I hope you don't dissapear for too long again because your writing is the besh!

xoRaining Diamondsox chapter 1 . 8/13/2007


Okies, to the review now... xP

You have a beautiful way with words, it's just... splutter-tastic, cuz you leave me so speechless. The way you captured Sora's grief and remorse was just... wow. I don't know what else to say to that, cuz I'm blown away.

Your characters are lovable as always. :) Sora... so caring about all of his friends, he just wants to be the best that he can be, but he doesn't realize that it's his friends that will help him do that. Roxas... an ass, but in no way was he shallow. He was really hurt by Sora, that much one can tell, and I couldn't help but reflect on how broken their relationship was. It seemed like there was too much to fix, especially with what Sora said to him, and how Roxas reacted. They have a long way to go.

Riku... HA! So awesome. He doesn' take shit, and that's the way we like him. ;) He's blunt and to the point, confident and smooth, and what's most touching is the amount of care he feels for Sora, overshadowed by his protectiveness. And Kairi, with her forever unyielding faith, always supporting the two, and coming to Sora's side whenever he needs her, voiced or not.

I like how you introduced new characters! And the interactions with them were well done - Cloud, the bartender. It's so funny how he's so stoic, and it doesn't really surprise me that Sora, of all people, managed to befriend him, per sae. I was expecting it. ;) And then Hayner showing up? Leave it to him to get straight to the point - hey, so this means that Roxas and Hayner fell out too, right? Because of Sora? OH! And Roxas was SO dating Axel at the time, you totally know it. xD

Alice in Wonderland... LOL! Amazing. xD

Anywho, sorry this review is LONG, but holy hell, you haven't updated in like FOREVER! Update something soon, again, ya hear?

Oh wait... good god, I still have to review your other fic. AH! Where has the time gone...? Yeah, so I'll get around to that, too, I SWEAR!

And something else, before I forget... the sentence length in this one was much better! :D Keep up the great work!

Okies, time to wrap this up. So yeah, uber awesome job in all its friendliness-ness, and leave it to a sweetheart like you to capture it so well!

So 'til next time then!

pinkaffinity chapter 1 . 8/13/2007
Ahh... haven't read a fic of yours in a while... so, I was really excited to read this bad boy. lmao.

I'm always astounded by your writing style- such description in EVERYTHING! Blows my mind, really, it does.

But, getting onto reviewin'-

The friendship aspect was really good. And their was so much of it too. The broken SoraRoxas, and the Sokairiku, too. And the HaynerRoxas... yay. And CloudSora, too. THAT was great.

And Riku- LOVED Riku. Because he was such a good friend to Sora, first of all to forgive him for leaving like that, and then calling Roxas to come even though he didn't like him. Ah, Riku. The loyalty.

Great use of the prompt. Sneakin' it in right at the end, there. And Riku's line- 'cause we're luckier than that.' gah. loved that line.

and it turned to to have a happy ending- yay~

thanks for the entry-
silver moon droplet chapter 1 . 8/13/2007

like all through it. it was riku. hehe xD his plot, the four leaf clover. mwahaha. wonderland bar? cloud? omfg alice. yus. yus. yus. SORA HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT TO ROXY. well i guess its okay. i really liked his speech before he left that i did. and your word omfg that was brillant. and just hayner hehe hayner.

i really liked it.

good luck~