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Sevtopia chapter 1 . 3/20/2008
ValidEgo, where are you? No more updates? :(

Pwease finish this, i need closure on the best written snape ever.

Ps, hope everything is ok with you. x
Sevtopia chapter 4 . 12/20/2007

It's been months! i cant take it any more! This is the best fic ive ever read, and your other one. what is this? some kind of fan torture session? please write some more. i even registered so i can review your stuff. i'll review every chapter, every line! just please, dont make me wait any more!
Annie Elliott chapter 4 . 11/19/2007
You know those kind of people that just read and think how great it is and simply move on without submiting the review?Thinking that someone else will take the time to encourage the writer? Well I'm that kind of bastard, I leave that job to others. So imagine how much I love this story that I took time to more. Your 'some time between updates' is becoming really long :(for me and reminds me why I used to read only complet stories.

I really like this story, it's so realistc, the atmosphere is palpable...I'm all in, so please, pretty please, write more...SOON.
bookall chapter 4 . 10/24/2007
I linked to this through your other story - and i have to say they are both fabulous. I love the way your portray Snape, justifying his actions, and giving him full credibility as the spy he is supposed to be. I love the snarky dialogue between him and Albus, and it is very believable. I also like that you make Albuse responsible for his mistakes, and i can't wait to see where you go with this - ohh the anticipation of the first classroom scene lol.

Update soon, on both stories please, and i look forward to seeing your progress.
Delaine chapter 4 . 10/6/2007
Loving it every bit as much as Word Up. Nice job indeed. I'm looking forward to more from either of your great stories. Albus and Sev together rawked!


IvyLady chapter 4 . 10/3/2007
I think I like the verbal sparring between Severus and Albus in this chapter more than I like the actual fights. They really have matched wits, and though Albus has more skill at the game, Severus was a worthy opponent.

I also liked how Albus was able to express his pride in Severus as well as feel sorry about the path that his life and many others took. Dumbledore thought he understood Voldemort, but not really as I do think that Severus's statements came as a shock.

The debate over the word evil was well done. Evil is such a subjective term, and the fact that Severus didn't call Voldemort evil tells a lot about the two sides in the war. Also, Severus doing what he had to do and having no remorse is the mark of a true soldier, as is not liking fighting non-combatants. There's a difference between killing Aurors and killing citizens.

This chapter is my favorite of the four so far, but I hope there's more to come. No pressure, of course. *grins*
IvyLady chapter 3 . 10/3/2007
Can I just say that I really love your Severus? He's not the emotional basket case or damaged man that JKR portrayed him (I'm sorry-I refuse to believe love was his motivation), but a complex, multi-layered, intelligent character (how I like him best).

His fear at the end was well-done because Voldemort did throw a wrench into his plans that will be a gift to Dumbledore. Great.
IvyLady chapter 2 . 10/3/2007
I like Albus when he's introspective. I like to think that he has regrets and desires just like anyone else, and his use of the pensieve is well done in this chapter. I wonder what he's going to do with the information that he has discovered.

Albus is such a complex character. He's benevolent one minute, manipulative the next. Everyone thinks he knows everything, but as he found out about the Wolfsbane from a friend, he clearly doesn't. This was a good chapter.
IvyLady chapter 1 . 10/3/2007
So, I just finished chapter 22 of "Word Up" and saw that you had another story and I decided to try it. I'm glad I did. I like how you jump into the action and the story, giving the reader necessary information as well as keeping us entertained. This chapter is a good beginning and I'm off to read more.
fuwa fuwa shite iru chapter 4 . 10/1/2007
hewo! yes its me again! Fuwa. I didn't even think about looking for other stories you wrote! I'm so preoccupied reading word up, that i never clicked on the author link...(duh) so i cane by this one on pure portray Snape so well! I hate it when Snape is out of character in peoples stories! you really do an awesome job. welp, i'll keep reading if you kep typing...
fussbudget chapter 4 . 9/29/2007
Ah! You've been too good at fussy-proofing your other story, but at least there is a bit here to work with *smirk*.

Yes, I still love this (as out of character as it is for me to say so) ... *shock* Dumbledore admitting he isn't infallible? Stop the presses! *grin* And good work on portraying Sev's struggles to make the best possible decision under the circumstances, then sticking with it, no matter the immediate and personal cost.

Nice to see that Hagrid is part of Sev's positive memories.

Well, since I've found more than a few nits to pick, I'll PM them to you rather than put them all in here. Ah! Stuff to fix!

I know you're putting most of your writing time into the other story, but I hope you don't keep this one waiting *too* terribly long,

wynnleaf chapter 4 . 9/28/2007
I just found this story having seen the title mentioned in a review of your other story on Potions and Snitches. This is a truly fascinating story! Much more interesting than JKR's version of the events. Of course, it's AU, but - while that generally matters a good deal to me in this sort of first war fic - I really don't care at all. The writing, story, and characterizations are just too good. Hope you can update again soon.
skeptic chapter 4 . 9/28/2007
I am glad to see another chapter. I had feared that you had dropped this completely in favor of your other story. I am finding this chapter heavy going. I like watching Snape make decisions without Dumbledore's support. He doesn't have the excuse of "Dumbledore ordered me to maintain cover. Or I am more useful to Dumbledore if ...". Behaving discretely instead of gloriously is entirely his own decision, and he realizes that it is a nasty one. Snape is rather ambiguous over "the ends justify the means", possibly the end does justify the means, but the means are still horrible and unethical and painful, and in strict justice; he will/should have to answer for these actions.

I don't understand why Tom and Dumbledore want Snape at Hogwarts. A good battlefield commander is something to be treasured, and Tom doesn't have that many. If Snape is at Hogwarts, Dumbledore loses his greatest battlefield ally and an important source of information. Of course Snape could steer the young students to either Dumbledore's side or to Tom's; but that seems rather too long term.

Probably I will have to read your story again.
HaIareaj chapter 4 . 9/27/2007
I've already told you that I just love the way you write. And now let me add a few words on feelings. S**t! I'd like to have a bigger vocabulary, and I'd wish youspeak Spanish! Ok, let's try: the way you described Severus' thoughts before he killed (with the others) that family. The fact that he could have done the right thing. There's this commandment from G-d (in the jewish law): 'If you are ordered to kill under the threat of being killed, you must let them kill you. You don't know whose blood is redder'. In other words 'who are you to think that you're the one that deserves to live?' And he chose to kill. For the greater good. That must hurt, because any choice would be the worse.

Thanks for updating it!
snarky Beth chapter 4 . 9/27/2007
YES! I'm really glad that you updated this storey, and this chapter was very, very good, just like the others. I realy think that you're ideas of how Severus thinks of the war, what he did, and how be became a spy for the light and the Potions Professor is very well thought out, believable, and I can without a doupt imagin that is how things happend. Yep, if Rowling didn't have ideas at least SIMALAR to these, YOU should have writen the last two books because they won't be as good as you're ideas. I'll just have to find out when I finaly read them, which will be as soon as the sixth movie comes close to theaters. Now, I know what you're thinking 'how can I wait that long?' well, that's how I've been doing it for years, and only because that way the info is still freash in my mind when I watch the movies. Which I love, but they tend to cut alot of Snape's funny lines/scense which kinda suck. *huff*

Can't wait for either stories next updates! You know, you REALY ought to be a writer/auther. I know I'd read you're books! Too bad you can't publish these two stories, I'd buy 'em.

I'm planning on working some more on my story this weekend, can't wait to post it!


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