Reviews for Irony
El Gringo Loco chapter 1 . 8/15/2007
An excellent little piece. Am glad to see you back.
Immi chapter 1 . 8/14/2007
Now, you see, what I don't get is why Grissom decided that talking to Natalie was better than going along with Brass' plan of dripping bleach on her. That would have probably worked better. But no... he wanted to talk to her. And didn't that just work so wonderfully? Idiot. Torture for information first, dissect miniature killer later. That's how it should have gone in Immi's not so humble opinion.

...Actually, what should have happened was Grissom should have told Natalie that it was just one moment of weakness at a crime scene, and nothing more, so since they aren't really together, could she please tell him where Sara is. I prefer thinking that that's the truth, but even if it isn't (*shudder*), why not say that? Belittling Sara's importance so that Natalie will give up the location... you know what- Grissom should have just left Natalie to Jim and Sofia. I'm sure they would have gotten something useful out of her one way or another.

Okay, rant over for now. The PD's Parking Garage doesn't have surveillance? Well, Sofia, as sarcastic as you were being, that actually is pretty funny. A darn shame you couldn't have had a laugh at that earlier- when it didn't matter. Not that it really does matter, now that they have Natalie.

"Little Miss Bleach-a-Phobe With a Barbie Girl Name" Brilliance itself. Why can't they have such creative titles on the show? Maybe they will. That would be pretty awesome. ...Well, it would make me fall out of my chair and nearly laugh myself to death. That equals awesomeness, right?

I feel really bad for Sofia... it isn't fair that she has to sit all by herself and think about how things could have been avoided. Staring at the miniature killer for who knows how long... *sigh* Poor Sofia... hey- I recognize that line. Isn't Greggo's name supposed to be there? You excel at making Immi feel bad for any number of characters.

Go Jim and Sofia! Use the bleach! Use it! Make her scream the location while dipping her into a vat of bleach inch at a time! Didn't people do something like that in the middle ages, only with oil? I think they would stop when the person passed out, and start again when the person woke up. Hm... doing that to Natalie could get Jim and Sofia in trouble. Better stick with Bleach then.

I have to admit, Natalie does good work. Crushing Sara with an already crushed car? That's a slow death. The CSIs have quite a while to scramble around and think about how their friend is suffering, too, which makes them miserable... Seriously, it's genius. Yay for widespread suffering!

Poor, poor Sofia. Geez. One day, Immi is going to think up something better to say when it comes to feeling sorry for characters.

Sara probably would appreciate the irony... I know I certainly do. Exquisite fic, Master Puppeteer. *salutes with shiny purple lightsaber* Lots of shiny and sparkles for you. This was just amazing.