Reviews for Second Sakura
Aiselne Phoenix Nocturnus chapter 1 . 11/21/2009
"It’s been more than fourteen years yet the wounds still bleed."

Right in this story's first scene you summarized Juli Mizrahi's character, and her pain, superbly!

One thing is for certain with this story: character portrayals are flawless. Juli is a rare choice for fanfics, but your story captured her aloofness and unspoken pain excellently. In many ways, Juli is oxymoronic: on the outside she acts detached and cold, but on the inside she's obviously hurting (or, as the aforementioned quote beautifully stated, her wounds still bleed). It's understandable that Juli is an uncommon fanfiction subject, b/c it's difficult to portray her as a woman carrying the burdens of a heavy hardened heart, while also carrying a broken heart that may/may not be mended completely. The beauty about this story is that you captured both sides of Juli, balancing her conflicting emotions and providing some terrific angst.

I also have to commend your fanfic for reusing canon dialogue/cutscenes without tweeking them to suit your story. Instead, you obviously comformed the story to fit the canon, along with smoothly tying together Juli's key scenes in Episode 2. But most impressively, you didn't just rehash the cutscenes, either. You provided some great insight, digging into character feelings and providing greater detail than what could have ever been offered on screen. My favorite example was this:

"“Dr. Mizrahi... this is just an idea, but why don’t you imagine that you had two daughters?” He says it in that quiet, dignified voice of his, and she can tell that he would be more than glad to call the girl his daughter, real or not."

I've always considered that quote to be one of Ziggy's most defining lines. However, your added comentary regarding how Ziggy considers MOMO like a daughter also adds an exceptional amount of emotion. It not only helps Juli come to a fateful choice, but it also helps readers appreciate characters' lines. Honestly, simple details as seen in your story have helped me better appreciate Episode 2's dialogue. Again, you didn't just rehash the dialogue, you expanded upon it, and may I say, you did a great job doing so!

Needless to say, I think you did an excellent job with this one-shot! Juli was a joy to read for an angst-lover such as myself. The added insight on characters like Ziggy and Jr. were particularly noteworthy, too, especially since they both assist in Juli's final decision to take the necessary steps towards a relationship with MOMO. You effectively brought out Ziggy's fraternal side towards MOMO, without making him too emotional and OOC. And Jr.'s portrayal was dead-on (and many thanks for acknowledging that, *yes,* Jr. is a man. Many fanfic authors forget this, especially whenever topics of Sakura and/or MOMO surface). And sweet MOMO, she was an uplifting breath of fresh air in this tension-heavy story. The warm heartfelt ending wrapped up this story more than splendidly. I'm sure Sakura *would* have been proud. _ And I certainly hope you, as the author, are proud of this fic, b/c it's very noteworthy!
ldrn chapter 1 . 8/20/2007
Aw, nobody commented yet? Hmm... well, I can't say this is constructive in the slightest, but:

I liked it; it was sweet, and I thought it was a nice look into Juli's head, her reasons for treating Momo like she does, and how her view changed. I also liked seeing her views toward her husband and Jr, and how what happened to Sakura had determined that. I think Juli is really in a rough spot regarding Momo, and I'm glad Ziggy was able to help.

Now to try really hard not to think about how it turned out in the end...