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oceantreefurysun chapter 23 . 7/14/2010
hi.i was really impressed with this entire story. i am quite the harry potter freak and it really impressed me to find out that you had actually done your research. you fit in all the right scenes, and with them the right emotions. you found logical explanations to a lot of stuff, like how Ginny named Pigwidgeon. i thought that was great! the words you used to describe feelings and actions really baffled me, and i had to look alot of them up on :] dont think im stupid, i just was really too lazy to look them all up before. :] i think you could be a really good writer. seriously. you have an amazing talent for it. i started reading this story at nine in the morning today and i didn't stop till i finished cuz i was so engrossed. i appreciated you didn't make any atrocious coupling like hermione and draco, too. you told the story how it was. great story, keep writing! your one of my facorite authors now !
Bookaholic711 chapter 20 . 7/14/2010
Yo. Hi. Ugh, you know what, I'm no good at this.

I was going to try to write a very friendly review, just a casual, "This is good, good job, see you later," type thing, but I can't do it. The fangirl and the horrible critic inside of me can't stop hitting each other.

So first of all, I'll give into the fangirl. Let me say that that was amazing. I have never seen a Harry/Ginny story as good as this one, and seeing as how Harry and Ginny aren't really my favorite couple, it attests to how good your story is that I stayed up until past midnight two school nights in a row reading it. It was far better than other Harry & Ginny fanfiction I have ever seen. So kudos. :)

Also, I just have to comment on other people's idiocy. I know, I know, I'm a terribly cynical. I'm sorry. I can't resist. For some reason, the overwhelming amount of people who were shocked that there is a guy out there who can write love scenes and is on fanfiction pisses me off. I was completely shocked as well as to strangely skewed ratio of male to female. Although I'm a girl, I have to say it was very refreshing to see a guy on here, and I assure you that I mean absolutely no offense by the comment.

Now the raging critic inside takes over. I don't flame, I CC, so hopefully none of this will come across as me being mean to you or your story, because as I've already mentioned, your story is amazing and it is not intended that way. Mainly, my problem was that Ginny seemed a little too lovesick. I'm not talking about during her earlier years, I totally understand that. I'm saying while Harry, Ron, and Hermione were gone searching for the Deathly Hallows. During the fight, all of that part. The thing is, during that, it kind of seemed like her every action was motivated by Harry. Now, I'm going to go ahead and admit, I'm only 15, I've never been in love, but that was never how I thought of Ginny's character. When I imagined her fighting during her sixth year, always imagined her doing it for the good of the world, for the students around her, but for some reason (and it may be my twisted imagination) in your story it kind of came off that she had a secret motive for Harry to be proud of her. During that year, and even kind of the year before, it seemed like Ginny's every action was motivated by Harry. I just imagined her having a bit more going on and being in it a bit more for the world she cared about than the specific person. But, like I said, I'm a terrible critic and appalling nitpicker, so don't take what I say to seriously.

My slightly less important CC is something I hate dreadfully. Cheese. Cheese annoys me horribly, and I'd like to say that the majority of your story was fantastically cheese free, but there were two cheesy scenes that I would like to point out, just because I can't help myself. The first part was the ending, with Ginny being pregnant again. It just rubbed me the wrong way as being too coincidental, and well, cheesy. You know? I mean don't get my wrong, it was a good ending, but it seemed a little (tiny tiny) bit cliché to me. And cliché, well, let's just say it annoys me.

The other part that was a bit cheesy was how Harry asked Ginny to marry him. I know it was very romantic, but like I said about the other one, something about it just rubbed me the wrong way. It was almost overly romantic, if you know what I'm saying.

No? That's okay, most people don't. Anyway, that's just a personal opinion, because I cheese is very very annoying, but a lot of people like it. Just saying.

Alright, I'm wrapping up now, I promise. Again, your story was amazing. I actually cried when I was reading the part about Fred's funeral. (I cry every time I reread the scene where he dies. I can't help it.) It was very entertaining and you have an amazing writing style. You kept all of Rowling's characters in character, even though the whole thing with Ginny did bother me a bit. Your writing seems very real, like something people would actually say and do, not just something some hopeless romantic would write. So again, great job. Thanks for the ride. :)

A.P.W.B.D chapter 23 . 7/1/2010
thank you so much for this wonderful read XD

i'll keep a look out for more of ur stories

Wish you Luck in ur Dreams

( \-/ ) LOL.(")-(")
Goutt2mer chapter 20 . 6/14/2010
Hey hey :DD

So I finished to read your story - well, the French translation actually - even if that takes me a little time to read.

I prefered to review here because even if it's good to translate for the french readers, the translation has many mistakes, in spelling among other things - my obsession on that matter :P - and then, it's you who has imagined all the story so all the congratulations come to you.

I liked very much this story. For me who am not a very good fan of the couple Harry/Ginny and the stories with Ginny in narrator, this one gratified me. You had very well (highlighted ?) Ginny's implication in Harry's life. It was so romantic. :DD

I liked the end too. You'd concluded it very well. I don't see no other better manner to finish than this one.

I don't see what I can say more... You've answered to my questions after this epilogue.

Anyway, you've done very good work and thank you to have shared this vision to us all.

Good continuation !



P.S : Sorry for my english, if there are mistakes. :P
Isolde136 chapter 2 . 6/12/2010
It's an interesting take on things that the Potters meet JKR and tell her the story! So far well-written. I like Ginny's voice
Martionmanswife chapter 1 . 6/11/2010
I loved this on SIYE when I first read it. I HIGHLY recommend this to any Ginny and Harry Fan. IT is a wonderful story.
AngelMorph chapter 18 . 6/10/2010
I much enjoyed your entire story; its mice getting another perspective of all the books especially the last one and I found it well thought out and delivered.

The reason I'm reviewing this chapter and not the last one is that one of you lines really struck a cord for me: "I can look at you because you are just as much a son to me as the one I lost." Well written and encapsulates Molly and Harry's relationship perfectly.

Thanks for the story and keep up the good work...
ladybugbear2 chapter 23 . 6/9/2010
Wow that was an amazing story. I love the way you portrayed Ginny. Haha i was definitley surprised when i found out that you were a guy, but i think its awesome that you were able to write this amazing story all from the view point of a girl. Most definitley admirable. D Congrats on a job well done.
Falcom Whole chapter 6 . 5/28/2010
First Moody would never have taught the third years about curses. Even in the book it is implied that Dumbledore gave permission to teach fourth years.

Now Ginny over powering Imperius. I don't think so. In FAQ you mentioned that Ginny fought Voldemort memory. No, she didn't. She couldn't remember what she was doing or how she was doing. She got sneaking suspicion that she is connected to it somehow, because she was always present at the crime scene. At last when she found herself at every crime scene, she arrived to a conclusion.

In OoTP Ginny herself-ly said that she had blank peroids in her memory, that clearly showed she didn't have control on herself when Voldemrt possesed her.
Falcom Whole chapter 5 . 5/28/2010
Twins said particularly about Bat-Bogey Hex. It doesn't make Ginny powerful. It just makes her a good Bat-Bogey caster.

And before you contradict me, you know about Oblivators. Their speciality is memory charms, but you can't except them to be good in everything.

So, yes you make Ginny, super-Ginny. By the amount of power she displayed, Ginny should have been able to kill Bellatrix without much trouble.
Falcom Whole chapter 23 . 5/28/2010
The story is really good except some small gliches I would be mentioning.
Auditory Eden chapter 21 . 5/24/2010
I have to say, that I intensely, passionately enjoyed your story. Ginny, running a close third to Luna (#2) and Snape (#1), is one of my favorite characters. I find her the easiest to identify with, and also, sadly, one of the least expounded upon, so I really appreciated the fact that you delved into her story and character.

I was recommended to read this by the excellent author GingerNinja1 (another fanfiction author who is, like you, a male), who writes the fantastic story "Teddy's Story". I have to admit, when I first began reading, I had serious misgivings. An autobiography of Ginny Weasley? I was, forgive me, quite certain that it would turn out to be rubbish. The first chapter actually made my worries worse, instead of assuaging them. The very idea of pulling Jo into the HP world as a character has never agreed with me. Despite my enjoyment of your story as a whole, the element doesn't really sit well with me.

But putting that aside; The next chapter, did begin to end my worries. _

I was immensely gratified to discover that you are, in fact, a male. It is extremely rare to find a male fanfiction author who can actually write from the perspective of a girl even semi-plausibly. That being said, your depiction of Ginny was, while...quite accurate in some respects, was actually a bit two-dimensional from my perspective. while I understand that in you view, the whole Trio and Harry thing was very important to her, it seemed that most of your "characterization" was driven by Ginny pining over Harry or being really, really angry. After that, the whole story seemed primarily events based, and I simply felt that Ginevra Molly Weasley was not really present in the story. I don't say this because I didn't still like your portrayal, but so you can maybe improve on it in the future.

So, overall, I have to say that your story was immensely enjoyable, although certain elements of characterization and mechanics irked me. From a simple reading perspective, it was lovely. From a more literary standpoint, it was quite nice.

Thanks for your time,

xturkeyxsexygranneh chapter 20 . 5/20/2010
I really loved the way you incorporated Ginny into Harry's lives. Some people who read the series were not satisfied with J.K. Rowling's decision for Ginny to be with Harry. But if they read this and if this could be actually true - in a fictional way of course- then it would all make sense. I loved the missing moments. I love the fact that Ginny intervened way earlier, before Harry even realizes it. I love the scene after the Final Battle. I love how you fit in those parts into the canon, without it being suspiciously fishy or wrong. This is really one of the best H/G fics around. Great plot. Great point-of-view, great execution. (although there were a few grammatical errors) Thank you for gracing us with this story. Btw, are all of the 'inspirations' you listed in the beginning of every chapter recommendable?
thecivilunrest chapter 23 . 5/19/2010
You, sir, are simply fantastic. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic. I wonder how many times you've been called that today?

Anyway, do I really need to say how much I enjoyed this story? Because I did. All of it, immensely. Great job! I love how you made Ginny seem so real and how she had a bigger part in Harry's life than he would have realized. You seriously have a gift, and I could gush and gush about this story, but I'm not going to.

shine lots chapter 1 . 5/18/2010
You really portray their relationship well. Ginny understands Harry: "Been thinking, have we?" I asked him." and they have a healthy dynamic which really shows why they are involved romantically.

I'm going away to read more of your stuff now - I'm hooked!
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