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Mathiilde3 chapter 20 . 10/3/2010
Oh wow, I finished it and what a pleasure! I am going mad waiting for november, and this was a really nice distraction! I loved Ginny's tale and her relationship with everybody else, but I sometimes think you forgot her age, or you just have a completely different idea of who she is than me, but most of the time, I really did love it! You are a really great writer, it was very easy an pleasing to read! So great job, it was very interesting to see how she changed as she grew older.
Anne chapter 5 . 9/26/2010
Lol! Cool stuff.
Anne chapter 3 . 9/23/2010
So perfect. Great description of Ginny.
Anne chapter 2 . 9/22/2010
Brilliant! ! !
Anne chapter 1 . 9/22/2010

Great story. I'm gonna love it. The idea of JK approaching Harry with the idea is very interesting...
Ginny.QuinnTargaryen chapter 21 . 9/22/2010
this is really great.

i'm glaf that someone bothered to write HP on ginny's POV..

as much as i like harry, sometimes he's just soo mental!


and it doesnt hurt that Ginny is obviously my favorite character
Mathiilde3 chapter 14 . 9/20/2010
I still love it, so please do not hate me for writing this! I know you are finished with the story and all, and therefore I feel very bad for writing this cause there will be nothing you can do about it! I also feel really bad, that the first, or second actually, comment you will read from me, will be negative, because I really have enjoyed reading your story, and feel bad for not telling you all the times you made me smile with your words, cause there were so many. You even made me cry once, that is how much you story touched me! It really is a great story, and I think you should be very proud of yourself for writing it, but I was having a very difficult time with chapter 14 especially & 15; I really cannot stand the way the story turned out with Ginny practically knowing as much as the Trio. I find it very hard to believe that is how the ‘real’ story unfolded itself. She might overhear them talking about the horcruxes, but knowing about the Medal being one and the sword’s function to destroy them, that was too much for me. Along with her almost discovering Snape’s secret, that is just too much for me, and I almost wanted to quite your story. I think you are giving her too much credit, yes she is brilliant and smart, but I feel it is out character for her, to know so much, and be so strong. She is only 16 years old I think, and despite her growing up with so many brothers, I do not think she is that kind of person, but really that is only me, and you are totally entitled to your kind of opinion, so please do not be mad at me for not liking chapter 1415 as much as I adored all the others. And please do not think I did not like the chapter, cause I did, it had a lot of great things, in my head, she just should not know that much.
Mathiilde3 chapter 2 . 9/2/2010
Okay so I have only read the first two chapters, and I absolutely love your story, it is fantastic, totally amazing. I cannot wait to read this rest, I cannot imagine it being anything other than marvellous! Expect at least one more comment from me, I just wanted to let you know I started reading your story and that I love it deeply!
Guest chapter 23 . 8/23/2010
First off, congratulations on an absolutely amazing story. It was... refreshing to read something of this quality. I've never really found a long Ginny-centric piece that I've liked. Sure there are a couple of short and unfinished pieces floating around that have caught my eye over the years, but I have to hand it to you. This is a cut above. I'm not surprised that it's being translated, although I hope you realise quite how lucky you are to have found friends in the writing world that are prepared to do it. It's a daunting task.

As well written as it is though, I wonder how willing you are to give it another polish after all these years. As I went through this fic, I decided to keep a log of the things I would point out if I were editing it. I don't do this often, and sometimes I find myself too involved with the story to pause and act like an editor, but it seemed a shame that something as well written as this might be spoiled by the simple mistakes and typos that inevitable end up in a fic of this length, even with multiple beta readers. Three days later, and I have 15 pages of notes. Don't worry, I'm just talking about correcting small things, not tearing out half of chapters 5, 7 and 14 because they're superfluous to the story or anything. I was generally very impressed with the story progression and character building. If you would like to see the notes, I'd be happy to email them to you. Just get back to me with an email address.

Once again, congratulations, and I wish you ever literary success in the future.

Chris (another bloke, in this world of female teeny-bopper FF authors)
travelstopigfarts chapter 20 . 8/13/2010
I love love love love LOVED this story! Although it took me a while to read, it was well worth the time and it was hard to stop reading. It's even kept me up to 1:30 AM when I need to be awake at 7 AM tomorrow- now that's good writing! Can't wait to read more from you.
LauralHilll chapter 23 . 8/12/2010
I've only just gotten into fanfic recently, and I really enjoyed this. I love alternate viewpoint fics.
Anmylica chapter 3 . 7/20/2010
Again, you've nailed Ginny as a real person. Parts of this chapter even brought tears to my eyes.

I find that I agree that Ginny probably would have been considered for Slytherin because of the diary's influence on her, but I don't quite agree that's the same for Harry. At least not in its entirety. You see, I believe that the circumstances that happened to Harry (first defeating the most powerful dark wizard of all time at the age of only a year old and then being raised by Muggles who kept every part of who he was from Harry, not to mention the abuse his aunt, uncle, and cousin inflicted on him) shaped him to imbue some characteristics that Slytherin possessed. After all, he was cunning, he was resourceful, and he did have ambition (the Sorting Hat itself saw that Harry had a "thirst to prove himself"). Cunning and resourcefulness could come from having to avoid being punched and kicked around by Dudley and to keep from being starved by his aunt and uncle (after all it implied in the first book that Harry had to frequently sneak food out of the kitchen before he went to Hogwarts). Like Dumbledore, I believe it is Harry's choice to not be like the stereotypical Slytherin that makes Harry a true Gryffindor.

Anyway, sorry for carrying on about that. I just got caught up in a character analysis that is probably best saved for something else. :) I'm going to go read more on this story!

Anmylica chapter 2 . 7/20/2010
Okay, so I'll admit: I'm a big stickler for canon details. I very seldomly read fics that don't follow the details of canon (and I consider the things JKR states in interviews as well as the books as canon details). But I think this one is pretty special.

I found a fanart image for the first chapter on The Leaky Cauldron fanart page, and decided to try the story out. I read the first chapter... And let's just say I wasn't exactly thrilled with the way the timeline worked out. Like I said, I like sticking to canon details. But I understood the reasons for you making the timeline a bit different, so I decided to judge how much I liked the fic and wished to continue on the second chapter.

After reading this, I think it's one of the best characterizations of Ginny that I have read (so far, seeing as I've only read two chapters). She's relatable, believable, and real-seeming, and it really makes me want to read on. :)

Looking forward to finishing!

LoreorLegend chapter 23 . 7/17/2010
To start with I think you had Harry, Jenny and most of Herminey as i saw them in cannon. I love the story and have read it 3 times now. I do feel Ron Neveal and Mrs weasly where watered down. This is not so bad but Luna I think you missed her totally.

Ever wonder where Herminey found out how to read people between Azcaban and GOF (How about Luna).

My thing is I see nothing on these web sights that puts Luna in her proper place. I love Luna she is bright(Ravenclaw). She is funny (come on I laugh more at her then fred and george.) Witty most people miss this as she covers it up so well with gnargles snorkouts and whaterver. (Think about it She sees how the dark lord is isolating harry. she knows how everyone feels even the enemy not an easy task.) She is even quicker to love others and never holds a grudge( her close are missing "I suspect gnargles." later "people have been taking my cloths and hiding them Oh it's all good fun but as I will be leaving tomarrow I will be needing them back." This girl can relate deep dark truths and make you laugh " her patronas a hair (bobbing and weaving as elusive as she was.)

Now I am no writer even this review is so full up mess ups I would be pleased if you got half of it. I don't know sqat about writing but I do know about Personalitys and passions.

Oh yeah by the way always felt Neveal was over DA in the end not Ginney. "Her and Luna just backed him as a Ron and Herminey."
oceantreefurysun chapter 23 . 7/14/2010
hi.i was really impressed with this entire story. i am quite the harry potter freak and it really impressed me to find out that you had actually done your research. you fit in all the right scenes, and with them the right emotions. you found logical explanations to a lot of stuff, like how Ginny named Pigwidgeon. i thought that was great! the words you used to describe feelings and actions really baffled me, and i had to look alot of them up on :] dont think im stupid, i just was really too lazy to look them all up before. :] i think you could be a really good writer. seriously. you have an amazing talent for it. i started reading this story at nine in the morning today and i didn't stop till i finished cuz i was so engrossed. i appreciated you didn't make any atrocious coupling like hermione and draco, too. you told the story how it was. great story, keep writing! your one of my facorite authors now !
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