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Dragoon 725 chapter 44 . 6/6
This review will be shorter than my usual review until the story progresses. I know that AAA is a military fic so the idea Im thinking may not be compatible with this story. While the magic is interesting, I wish to know if you can install some weapon techniques into the fic since I want a little variety in number of abilities that the Archangel team can utilize other than simply magic and technology. There is one particular universe that while the storyline isn't really that impressive, the fighting/weapon techniques, technology and magic skills are really nice considering the game is a classic. The game Im talking about is the Saga Frontier 1&2 Universe for PS1. both games has really nice techniques and when done in combinations, the effects are really nice. There is a youtube video where someone made their custom techs for the first game that are quite spectacular.

Another Universe that I can say that while extremely dangerous, but can also be extremely rewarding would be the Disgaea Universe. For example, if the Archangel Team can utilize the Character Creation system than they can have a potential limitless amount of troops or engineers for the Archangel. There is also the part in Disgaea 3 where you can actually buy skills and magic abilities and implant them into themselves allowing them to use it naturally without taking long amounts of time to learn them. Sounds like a very good way to get stronger with not just the the main Archangel fighters but for the entire team as it means that they can get super-human techniques and magics. The weapons in the Rosen shops are also a great bonus as at the top level, its possible to obtain weapons superior to even the Magic Knights Escudo made swords.
Wraith Five chapter 44 . 5/12
Well, I just started reading this fic a few days ago. I've barely been able to put it down! I've been walking around everywhere reading this on my Kindle. (Hell, I even had a hard time putting down to study for final exams!) This entire thing is flat-out AMAZING. Quick question: is Soukyuu no Fafner (Fafner: Dead Aggressor) a possible destination? It would be entertaining seeing people's reactions to mechs THAT big. (On a related note, can you reveal a list (full or partial) of possible destinations?) On a related note, it would be a little odd to see them thrown into modern-day Earth. THAT is a nasty political climate to be thrown into, not to mention the reactions to the number of nuclear reactors (one per mech, right?) and the thermonuclear engines... XD (I wouldn't advise doing a full-length segment of it if it happens, I think a one-shot would probably be best...)

I enjoyed the Wing segment. As soon as the subs and underwater Mobile Suits were mentioned, I had it. It's been a long time since I watched that. As for other possible destinations you've mentioned, I think I'm most praying for a stint in Gundam X. As far as UC Gundam goes, I'm hoping for some point during the Unicorn episodes. (I can't help it, I love the art style and characters in there. Even the many insane ones. Not to mention, I think the technology at that time would be better developed to handle the Archangel's tech. Also more probable that they'd get a funnel system legitimately at that time than earlier in the UC, and everyone knows Kira's only at his best when he can destroy enemy craft in more at least 6 directions simultaneously... lol) Oh, and 00 Gundam would be great! (I think Season 2 would be a little more appropriate for them, since Gundam vs. Gundam combat tends to end badly for both parties, and if they end up in Season 1, there's a distinct chance for them to get hired to fight against CB. I'm trying to figure out who would love to get an equivalent to the GN Fangs the most, probably Athrun...) Damn... I don't know which one to pray for... I love all of those. TOO MANY CHOICES! For non-gundam technology universes, Star Wars would probably be my number one suggestion, and I haven't seen too many good Gundam-Star Wars crossovers that aren't 5 years dead. (Dear god, it would be 'mobile suits versus basic mobile armors' (GINN vs. Mobius) all over again, but I soooo agree with Winblades on the Rogues and Wraiths. Wraiths especially. Face and Phanan, pre Iron Fist (the book). 'nuff said. (Oh God... get the Archangel involved in piracy operations. THAT would be insane and (IMO) oh so appropriate. XD)) Also, Metroid. Ridley versus a Gundam would have AWESOME potential (given that damned dragon's resilience to EVERYTHING), and Admiral Dane would probably drool over the combat potential behind a Phazon-enhanced mobile suit, much less a basic one...

As far as 'magic'-type destinations, I'm not too well versed in fantasy universes, but Nanoha would be... interesting... assuming you could balance out the sheer size of a mech in that environment. XD Oh God... while it would be HORRIBLY un-balanced, having them end up in one of the Legend of Zelda games has some hilarious potential. "Demon Lord? Meet my good friend Mr. Positron Cannon. Mr. Positron Cannon? Meet 'target.'"

I'm not sure whether this would count as a magic or tech destination (possibly both), but there is the Dragon Ball universe. I mean, without some serious assistance, Frieza or Cell vs. the Archangel would have a horrifying conclusion... but having capsule technology would me

General remark: I think your method of using dice to determine things is incredibly brilliant and incredibly simple-sounding. I've never heard of an author doing something like that! You, good sir, are a genius. There aren't many (any, I think) fics that have kept me so enraptured that I've started re-reading them within a few hours of completing my first read-through. Also, I have burst into literal out-loud laughter so many times I've lost count, but this chapter definitely holds the record ("Mister Alien!" triggered outright laughter EVERY time). And while it initially pained me that it looks like Kira is going to end up with someone other than Lacus, I find I don't actually mind! (KxL and AxC are two of my OTPs, in fact my personal headcanon is that Athrun and Lacus have more of a sibling-like relationship than anything else. You can blame Maileesaeya for that... even though it was originally from someone else's fic, I read hers first... *shrug*)

Well, I'm planning on going back and leaving a few reviews on some of the more significant chapters in the fic when I get the time. Unfortunately, I'm going to be on the road for the next few days (from here to home is a 17-hour-long drive TT-TT), but I'll try to do it when I get the chance!

Wraith Five

EDIT: I only meant for this review to be a few sentences, maybe two short paragraphs, long. I tend to leave rather... detailed... reviews. I apologize for any wall-o-text, but I've had a few authors guess at me being psychic for how accurate I've been with some of the guesses I've dropped in my ramblings. XD And on that note, sorry for the long bit on possible destinations. ;D

EDIT 2: Holy crap... I wrote that first edit, then DOUBLED the length of the review... O.o

EDIT 3: I need to stop writing this review... Must. Press. Post... PRESS IT!

EDIT 4: Oh, G Gundam would be hilarious on SO many levels. I'm already actually laughing at the idea! ("PRESS THE 'POST REVIEW' BUTTON, DAMMIT!" Fine... pressing it. Holy shit... that's a LOOONG review...)
Terrace4 chapter 44 . 5/3
Ok, some stuff I forgot to mention in my previous review.

First. The armament on Hibiki's Vanguard. I think that Archangel Team might loan him one of their spare beam sabers. Given the relative size differences, what would be a normal one-hand sword for a mobile suit turns into a two-hander sword with a blade longer than the wielder is tall when used by the Vanguard. Might take a while for them to come up with the idea, though.

Second. I think most of the Archangel Team will have little patience for Pyoro's more irrational antics, particularly when he tries to name Ezra's baby "Pyoro-2" ("That's it. You don't get to name anything. *Ever*").

Third. I'm still waiting on those custom Striker packs :)
sabaku-no-yokho chapter 44 . 4/30
Sorry, I forgot a suggest. for the next univers... Vision of Excaflown!
Zarbak's empire Vs Archangel ! Muah ha ha ha ha ! Tough tough... too laughting...
other suggest for a scene... Van's Ass vs Yzak shoes : who win?
and the last : any zarbak's golem for the team and Nycol (remind Blitz ;-) ).

minute... where is Nycol in this chap ? Is he the traitor ?
Knives91 chapter 44 . 4/25
A "bit of a funny bunch"? That, good sir, might be the single biggest understatement I have ever read. A shrink would take one look at them, toss their pad off the side and walk away with a, "NOPE."

Good writing boss man! I await further shenanigans!
sabakunoyokho chapter 44 . 4/24
Yes! a new chap! and a good!

Now, how the 'earth' 'mankind' will meet Archangel? drones vs Gundam! one place for the price of two!

and who is the corps unknow and where is it?


the next universe will a fantasy than the rythm or a other SF?
if not
I bet the next plan is Code Geass in first and Macross/Robotech in second. I imagine Lelouch and Suzaku vs Archangel. he he he he he.
Guest chapter 44 . 4/22
This fanfic is awesome! Can't wait for the next chapter! (even though that may take a few montages considering how perfect the grammar is and how long the chapters are) Keep it up!

Also, Anyone think the dice will land on another Gundam series or Macross?
Also Kantai Collection (ship-girls bascally)...
SatelliteCannon chapter 44 . 4/22
Ah, I've been wanting to see a Vandread/SEED crossover for a while, especially since the other one on this site has no interaction between the casts of both series.

I'm still pulling for a visit to the Arpeggio of Blue Steel world, though. What better way for the Archangel itself to truly shine than in a setting that wholly consists of battles between ships?
Deathzealot chapter 44 . 4/21
Well looks like I was right we are now in the wonderful crack!happy world of Vandread. When I saw this in my inbox I really did not want it to be Vandread for I wanted something a bit more serious and stuff but right now I must say I was quite surprised that I enjoyed this chapter more then I thought I would. I almost thought we were only going to be in this world for a bit due the bit earlier in the chapter where the Paekis tripped the Archangel's Jump Drive. Speaking of that having a Paekeis reator is really going to make things really interesting in the scheme of things for the Archangel Team.

That said I liked that the Elementals got a chance to shine in this chapter for they have in the backrground for the last few chapters which is quite sad for I like them. Or rather I like the pounding they give to enemies. I found it interesting that the Archangel Team still sports the full two points they had back in the Battletech world. I would think they would have taken a couple losses. Heh. That reminds me of one of those old story ideas for a side story of this story that I mentioned way back when... (a year?) Where the Archangel ends up back in their world and they are now so powerful they lay waste to anyone who attacks them, which included a ZAFT fleet under Le Crueset an entire Earth Alliance Orbital Fleet unde Sutherland. Another attack would be a Blue Cosmos Cell when for some reason the crew of the ship wondering somewhere on the planet. This cell gets their butts kicked by the crew and retreat back to their base where said base soon falls under attack by a full Star of Elementals wiping them out to a man. That picture makes me cackle evilly just like the latest chapter for your Joker's Wild series.


Moving on. I was quite amused to read some of the reviews from the last chapter. There was a small handful who guessed correctly but a few other guess where way off-base, with a couple for Arpeggio which made me laugh. For the last few sentences of the last chapter made it clear they where in SPACE not underwater. /rollseyes/

Anyways I hope the next chapter will coming alot sooner for this looks like to be an interesting stop for the Archangel and crew. But I think the next Joker's Wild chapter shall be next then the Sigma story before we get back to this one. /sigh\ Can't have them all! Till then my friend...
KPheonix chapter 44 . 4/20
Can we say shenanigans? Because I definitely saw shenanigans in this chapter, and more shenanigans to come.

Where to start? I had a feeling the Paeksis would try something. While I believe it tried to help the Archangel, from this chapter I see it would have tried to integrate the ships as well if it had gotten past the Gundanium. Dropping a Paeksis seed though? I don't know what to think there. Isn't the Paeksis itself a bit temperamental? Rejecting pilot input and hiding elsewhere? I doubt Newman will be all that happy that his control can be overridden in such a way.

One question comes to mind. Why is it that the RUne gods did nothing to stop the Paeksis from infiltrating the ship and what happened to the 'presence' that was upgrading the ship and absorbed the Dimensional jump device?

Crew exchange? Oy vey. Jura, Paiway, and Amarone get a good look at the wall and are suitably disgusted. Hopefully, the Mejere women won't be near the paired humans on the Archangel. Good thing, this was resolved quickly. Magno and BC knew they had no chance whatsoever and Mama Bear Murrue Ramius is not one to cross lightly. She was getting her crew and her beau and father of her child back one way or another.

It seems to me Casgogne went up against the kitchen. Bad move on her part. Always fun to see what antics the cooks get up to. Glad you delivered. I would really like to give some props to the Pirates...but I can't. BC got one of the cooks but the guy wasn't all that worried. He trusted in his team, believed in his captain and even tried diplomacy. Magno on the other knew when her goose was cooked, and BC's idea to use Miri, Tolle, and the cook as bait in spite of Tolle's injuries? Not a good idea on her part. Considering she's a spy and Miri was right there when BC pulled that stunt, I'm certainly hoping she'll keep an eye on BC for her spying antics.

Kira took Ryback's lessons to heart. Properly uses a gun rather throwing it like a shuriken as he originally did in SEED. Why was BC grimacing when Kira called her captain? His male roots can't stand the fact that a guy is deferring to a woman?

I was going to ask what happened to the Magic Knights but you answered that question already. Really hoping the missing crews get back to their ships and also wondering what got supplies got swapped? Will the Pirates even give back said supplies being what they are in the first place?

This chapter was worth waiting for. Looking forward to more. Til next time.
Arm514ve chapter 44 . 4/20
Defiantly a great chapter and can't wait to see the next one.

though poor Meia, claw gashed then smacked by a pipe. (Favorite of the Vandread Pilots)

the portrail of the gundam scientists in this chapter spot on. and I laughed so hard of Jura standing up to the Vaiete initially.

also don't know if it was your dice rolls or what but no one stopped Ditta from Chasing Hibiki through the entire event? kinda surprising considering the ruckus they were making.

Vary interested to know how the semi-sentient Archangel will meld and morph to compensate for the Sentient and powerful Pegsas 2 or Archangel Pegsas. So much anticipation for next chapter.
Hunter092 chapter 44 . 4/19
You finally updated you magnificent bastard :)
hellhound-d.o.w chapter 44 . 4/19
Vandread, now that is an under-appreciated series. I can see a lot of headaches for the Archangel crew from dealing with them. A lot of laughter from Magno Vivan as well. Pity they left the ZnT universe so soon, there were a lot of potential new volunteers there. Also a lot of people I would love to see shot by them. I can't wait to see how the Paxis empowers the Archangel and if it will affect any of the MS's. And the reaction of the crew to seeing the Vandread combinations.

As for the EA/ZAFT battles they will be returning to eventually, I'd almost want them to accidentally drag an enemy with them there just for them to have a challenge. Either that or I can see them deciding to keep travelling after fixing their original universe either from wanderlust or to visit the people they've left behind or met and liked.

No noticeable errors that I saw when I read through it the second time. One in the last chapter though, used 'sorities' instead of 'sorties' near the end of the chapter, but that is all that stuck out at me. Keep up the good work.
Terrace4 chapter 44 . 4/19
Oh, boy. I can just SEE the hilarity that'll occur in Hibiki and Dita's antics, especially in the reactions of Archangel Team. I'm imagining someone makes a call to Vandread Dita after they first combine, and maintain an excellent poker face at the positions of the two, before collapsing in laughter after the call is ended.

Lots of other stuff, however, will just cause them to search for booze, such as if the actively dating/married women of Archangel Team have to warn Jura off from their respective boyfriends/husbands when she gets it into her head to become the first woman from Meijere to make a baby with a man (and that's a near-direct quote from her in the anime, even though she has no idea how that works). In canon, Jura decided on Hibiki as the most appropriate choice. Here, her potential pool of candidates is much deeper.
dsgundam00 chapter 44 . 4/19
Good chapter... I kind of thought that the archangel would fuse with the other two ships... but this worked out great too... everything else though was what I had in mind when waiting for this update...
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