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RJP chapter 47 . 3/23
3 Questions. 1 does murrue plan to marry mu or is she shutting him out of their child's life? 2 when they find misty' cryogenic pod and that message pod virus that shuts down the nirvana will the archangel be crippled as well? 3 will murrue or mirialia telepathic screams kill or cripple someone when they give birth?
Bleach5700 chapter 47 . 3/13
Hey Stravag, a nice and long chapter as usual that is enjoyable. My review for today will be about what degree of copying ability will your version of the Harvesters be capable of. Now for anyone else reading this review and is familiar about the Vandread anime, will know that the Harvesters are capable of copying mechanical units that have been completely modified the Paxis such as both the Vandreads and the Nirvana herself. However, when it comes to other units, that shows a big question mark since canon verse has never shown them copying anything other then the Paxis units so one has to wonder if the copying ability is limited to units that radiates Paxis energies? The reason I'm asking is cause unlike the Nirvana which has been completely integrated to it's Paxis unit, the Archangel is a different story since it's more along the lines of partial to half integration rather than full on integration unlike how the Nirvana is. Also, currently none of the the Archangel Team's mobile arsenal has been effected by the Paxis, which makes one wonder if the Harvesters are even capable of copying the mobile suits when they have no current connection to their Paxis Pragma? Heck, one might assume that it will stay away from trying to copy the Archangel since it is show in your previous chapters that the Archangel Paxis was afraid of the Lohengrin Cannon which makes one wonder does it forgoes making Archangel Copies or makes one that has much less capabilities then it's original model? Also, is there a chance that by examining the wreckage of the Vandread and Nirvana copies, the Archangel Team can come up with their own version of the combining ability shown by the Harvesters that can be mass produce and be used by regular units rather than just the effected Dreads and Vanguard?
Dragoon725 chapter 47 . 3/5
Hello Stravag, nice chapter as usual. As for what I have to say for this chapter's review, I am going ask about a few things about the Vandread universe and how they effect the timeline. For example, I'm not going to say anything about how the Nirvana is going to handle the Urchin Ships since if they don't die by the weapons on the Archangel they are going to die at the hands of the Archangel Team mobile suits team since they have nothing but kinetic spikes as weapons which is not going to penetrate Phase-Shift or Gundanium Armor though I can pretty see there being a heck lot more Urchin's than the lonely 1 ship sent in the canon Anime. However, since you said that you were going to spice things up since obviously Freedom Guard has copyrights over the 'make mobile suits' idea, I'm pretty sure your going to add another set of enemies to give the Archangel team some trouble since currently aside from the Seed Ships, the Harvesters have been limiting themselves to kinetic weapons only which is probably going to change since they probably will get an idea that physical weapons are ineffective against the Archangel Team and the Archangel herself though the grunt will probably be less used since they will take more resources to build than the regular cube fighter. That being that the new grunt enemies will probably be having energy weapons to shift the balance in their favor much earlier than canon timeline. This new threat will probably make the Archangel Team R&D Team focus on increasing their anti energy countermeasures since now that I think about it, the Archangel doesn't really have much in the way of defense against energy attacks. There's the Gundanium Alloy which gives them high resistance to low-grade beam weapons and those anti beam depth charges from the original Seed verse, but otherwise they don't have anything that can last for more than a few moments like those anti beam chaff canisters that are used in the UC and 00 verse or the staple energy shields. While energy shields may be placed on the Archangel by the Arch Paxis, I don't think it's a bad idea to actually think about making those anti beam chaff defense since it will give them more defense options to use and can be make certain tactics suited to the situation at hand. True, anti-beam chaffs will make it that the Archangel Team and the Nirvana unable to use their energy weapons while the chaff field is there, however it's not like both teams completely rely on beam weapons. Both teams has a mix of beam and kinetic weapons in the mix while the Harvesters usually focus on one aspect for each machine type.

Lets go towards another topic which is Meia. Now for everyone who has watch the anime, then you will all know that Meia is claustrophobic so she can't ride a Vanguard that has limited room which makes one ask: should Meia ride a mobile suit during the desert planet mission that happens after the encounter with Urchin Ships? Somehow I highly doubt the Archangel Team is going to hand over their mobile suits to pilots that has no experience driving a robot mech especially since in this current part of the timeline, most of the females still have the proverbial stick up their butts syndrome and think of the men as ants below their boots. Which will make Meia pretty much out of the running since it wasn't till after her near-death experience that she actually starts to lighten up. With how her attitude now is just as bad as Barnette, the chances of her getting a mobile suit is pretty much none. Though if she does make it out, maybe she can lighten up by talking with Athrun since both of them are actually quite similar if you think about it. Both are very serious at their duties and both of them have lost their parents due to a tragedy. Athrun still has his father but with how they act with each other, more strangers than parent and child so one can say that he no longer recognizes what his father has become.

Now for the reaction that the Nirvana crew had when they saw the ass kicking damage that the Hydra missile did, I thought it was well written and it suited the situation. Currently, the Nirvana crew thinks that this is a temporary alliance and that most of the crew still think of themselves as the superior ones that they can beat the Archangel Team if things get dicey and the alliance is called off kind of similar to how Coordinators think of Naturals back at CE. However, this is more of their ego talking and not their common sense since the Archangel Team has much more combat experience with them and are more heavily armed and prepared then what the Nirvana group is prepared. In some cases, the Nirvana crew is similar to the Desert Dawn only better equipped and better trained. After all, it's one thing fighting Vanguards that have shitty mobility. Fighting a crew that doesn't have any of those problems and have no problems sinking a ship with no weapons and their contingent of space interceptors will be somewhat similar to how the mobile suits curb stomp the mobile armors of CE. Also, pirates usually fight against low defended enemies which is definitely not what the Archangel Team is. Lastly, they have not faced their Lohengrin Blaster Cannon yet which going to be real fright once they realize that if the Nirvana crew tries to back-stab the Archangel, nothing in the world is going to stop them from being vaporized by holy freaking antimatter.

The very last topic I'm going to speak about has do with those Harvester Carrier Ships that appears near the end of season 1. What I wish to know is if you are going to use it for much more than it's original design. The thing that always bugs me is why can't Gascogne when she captured and hacked into the Carrier, didn't she program the ship to build other things than simply the Seed, Urchin, and Cube ships? Because personally, I always thought that the Carrier ship also was also a factory ship that builds it's own units with resources that it has collected. If that is the case, than couldn't she uploaded the schematics for things like the Dreads or the Vanguards to give her a much bigger variety? Since she obviously took control over it, it's not like the Harvester Paxis ships can't be overridden and be controlled by someone else that is not on their sides. The biggest reason I put this topic up is the fact that when Freedom Guard was still alive, he didn't use the captured Carrier ship for anything else other than how Gasco used it in the original canon. Which was a bummer since I can totally imagine it building Freedom Gundam mobile dolls for it to use against the Harvester Paxis. The Freedom copies that were used by the Harvesters as well as most of the advance Gundams such as the Nirvana, Destroy, Raider, Forbidden and Calamity copies had a shard of the Harvester Paxis as a power core. So I don't really understand why that the Gundread Nirvana crew couldn't have repaired all those Gundam class mobile suits and use it for themselves or upload their designs for the Carrier to reproduce on their side? If they were worried of those evil Paxis, all they needed to do was use the big Paxis core to purify those Paxis shard so its full of their energy or even completely replace the power cores with their Nirvana Paxis Shards as a replacement energy source. It had all seemed like a pretty big waste since they could have converted a large amount of their enemy firepower for their own use similar to how your Archangel Team does it as a large amount of their firepower is from liberated enemy assets. Also, if the Carriers carry the designs to make new units for them to use, couldn't the Archangel Team use the Strike Freedom MP design library to make themselves a whole bunch of new weapons along with all those manufacturing equipment that the Strike Freedom Nano machines are currently making for the Archangel? It will definitely speed up the constructing time and allow them to construct their weapons much faster than with an average assembly line considering how fast the Harvesters can build their fleets and grunt units. Heck, just having those cannons on the carriers firing on the Harvesters will be a big boom since other than the Archangel, there are no big caliber cannons used in Vandread universe aside from the Harvesters.
synbad2 chapter 47 . 2/26
I have just one beef about this chapter. You have Murdoch get, for all purposes, sliced open by flying shrapnel on Day 11 at 2200(ish). Then -less than 8 hours later- back to work in the hanger. While I understand that this is the Archangel, anything less than 24 hours is just ridiculous even with magic.
When Athrun was electrocuted by the Esper (ch22) he was out for what I'm guessing to be a few days and even then, stayed in the infirmary for a few more days.
NHO chapter 47 . 2/22
Oh, this is horrible, hilarious idea.

Strike Witches verse. For magical, pantsless girls based on famous WW2 aces with magical plane boots and Neuroi. Magical shields, interesting abilities, possibly fun opponent.

Just idea of Magical Knights in Strikers is inherently funny, Murrue in Strikers is doubly so. Triple that for Kira and Athrun.

On enemy side... Neuroi looks and techs are somewhat based on weapons from original timeline. High-level ones are inspired by Wunderwaffe. Hence, as most advanced bit of military tech on the planet, Archangel and it's mobile contingent would be the best target to copy. Here you go, persistent shadow opponent. Black, covered in red hexagons, menacing, regenerating, spouting hilarious battery of beam weapons, Neuroi Archangel.
psyraptor chapter 46 . 2/16
Hey again. Just curous if the name of murrue/mu's child has been decided? (I'm hoping for a girl but would welcome a boy) Cuz I'd see murrue naming him/her after her mentor Haliburton, but that's just me.

Uhmmm RA/RA2 would work too. CnC tiberium dawn is technically right after yuri's revenge with kane using the soviets ressources to jumpstart nod just before the tiberium laced asteroid shows up and impacts saragevo. So kane would still be present and could even see the archangel as another ticket to ascending and just plain gtfoing from earth because, weĺl, he is an alien.

Tech wise i find the tib sun verse would be a great play ground, more than RA, but thats me. Political hyjicks though, RA hands down. I can just imagine Tania's reaction if she sees the archangel emerge from the water "shit, how do they expect me to blow THAT up" her and her olympian swimming stamina and one hit naval KOs. She'd get along famously with the cooks. RA's apparently none pacifist Einstein would probably drool over the ship, especially the praxis. And how would you rate refractor towers stat wise? Also, just realised mirage colloid mirage tank. Behold the gundam tree!

The though of reading yuri get bonfired for trying to MC any bonded knight, or anyone under murrue...oh god especially her CHILDREN...holy shit grab ankles a kiss ass goodbye.

Anyway i would welcome an RA visit, but my heart is forever Tiberium suns. It was my first game in the cnc library so yeah, but not my call. Also i know you said you werent sure if magical or not for next jump youve technically alternated equally since the start cept for bad future C.E, so i say go magical or hey mix the two with lyrical magical girl nanoha. I would love to see the stats on divine breaker. Nanoha is basically a gundam transformed into a magical girl that has a knack of befriending her defeated opponents, hell even falling in love with one of them. Also the thought of the whole crew having devices...okay maybe not. Thats basically doubling the character pool.

Has ghost in the shell been proposed yet? Id love to see a hacking duel between the major and kira and/or athrun whichever has the better hacking skills. Would probably not be actionpacked mobile suit wise but i can imagine alot of infantry action and politics.

Anyhoo, looking forward to next chapter, may the dice roll ever critical success for you and failures for your

Ryuma085 chapter 47 . 1/22
Well Stravag, if you have watched the recent episodes you must have found out that IBO decided to put beam weapons into play, though so far it is limited to only the Mobile Armor and not mobile suits and the fact that beam weapons are ineffective against nano-laminated armor because of the Ahab particles reinforcing the nano-laminated armor. However, I'm skeptical about how effective nano-laminated armor is against energy weapons that isn't powered from an Ahab generator since in my opinion, the nano-laminated armor protection is only effective against weapons made from Ahab Particles. Also, as impressive as it is, nano-laminated is still armor derive from a type of paint which makes it a little hard to believe that this paint is so effective against both beam and physical weapons considering that the other Gundam universes uses armoring that is much more powerful such as Gundanium or E-Carbon plating yet is not as effective against heavy beam weapons. Another fact is that despite it being powerful, it can still be burned off which leaves a bit of mixed up since beam weapons are weapons of extreme heat which means that they should be burned off when being hit with it even once. In my personal opinion, Nano-laminated armor is more along the lines of a temporary version of the Hyaku-Shiki anti-beam coating which means that while it can take beam weapon fire, it can only take direct hits once or twice before being fully burnt off and it can't take a continuous beam hit so if it was hit by a beam that lasted for more than a few seconds than it is toast. Ride's mobile suit shows this as after it was hit once or twice, it started showing damage from the beam weapons even though it was only in contact to the beam for a short while. Also this means that while it is slightly effective against beam sabers, it would only be effective for a moment so if the beam saber is in contact for more than one touch and go than the armor will give away since the nano-lamination will have worn off by then. Also, just because the beam weapon look impressive isn't the same as focused damage output, while it was powerful enough to destroy an agricultural plant, we must remember that there are other beam weapons that aren't as flashy or wide as what was seen and they were capable of blowing things much more sturdier than a civilian plant (which isn't going to be sturdy enough to face heavy military weaponry of any kind especially since it's only meant for farming and not full out war) like punching right through a colony wall which must be very sturdy in order to handle the harshness of space. A known fact is that IBO beam weapons were produced before mobile suits were invented, so rather than being powerful enough to destroy armored vehicles, they were more along the lines of area damage than focused damage, which makes one wonder exactly how focused the beam damage is compared to all those other beam weapons from the other Gundam universes since so far only one energy weapon of IBO has been confirmed so far. Lastly of all is that when talking about Gundam we can't forget that beam weapons aren't the only energy weapons involved as there are plasma weapons from CE which definitely burns at much higher temperatures than regular beam weapons, Anti-Matter Cannons, the Buster Guns/Rifles and laser guns of AC, those GN trans-am weapons and etc. The point being that they is still a lot controversial talk about how exactly effective Nano-Laminated armor will be to energy weapons from the other Gundamverses and considering that the Archangel is armed with multiple different types of beam weapons from CE, AC, UC, Battle Mech, and Vandread it makes one wonders how effective will they be if your story ends up with them ending up in IBO universe not to mention all those physical weapons with some of them exceeding the pure power of those Dainsleif rail-guns that the Archangel possess.

PS. One other thing to note is that mobile suits were only effective cause these energy weapons were somewhat like the typical charge-up type weapons which means that after it finishes firing, it takes some time for it to charge up it's beam cannon again which leaves it open to attacks which means that they can target the beam cannon to render it unusable. Also, if we go by typical giant Mobile Armor logic that both UC and CE go by, these giant Mobile Armor can't be produced in huge numbers probably below even a dozen units which means that energy weapons couldn't become effective enough before all the unmanned Armor units were destroyed and then sealed away and considered lost technology before advancements can be made to make it more powerful and deadly. To put it another way, it pretty much means that despite their wide spread damage, the beam weapons in IBO can still be considered as prototype weaponry that were meant to be field tested in open combat but were mostly destroyed and put in the back burner before the guys who invented beam weapons could fixed all the bugs with it which was why their focus damage output could be considered somewhat low compare to other heavy beam weapons carried by other big Mobile Armor like the Destroy and Psycho Gundams. At the most, it was merely meant for heavy damage against civilian structures rather than extremely hardened military armoring since it was purely meant to destroy humans specifically which means that they would mostly be aiming at cities with huge populations rather than focusing on military bases. This is also one other advantage that other Gundam universes has over the IBO which is that their beam weapons aren't limited to one shot continuous cannons before require to charge up again which means that they can overwhelm Nano-Laminated armor from multiple shots that burns the armor too quickly for the IBO mobile suit pilots to contend with and have a much shorter reload time than IBO does.

Another thing that I'm wondering is how effective are those Dainsleif rail-guns against Gundanium and Phase-Shift armor since we see them being capable enough to pierce through Nano-laminated armor, Nano-laminated armor is still weaker than both Gundanium and Phase-Shift armor in terms of defense against regular conventional weapons since they can still be harmed by machine guns and physical melee weapons (though it does take quite a few hits before it pierces through) while Gundanium and Phase-Shift armor has taken hits from conventional hits that have a lot more punch like rail-guns from the CE era and the AC dober guns and capital size missiles that are meant for taking down ships without much damage. Another thing is comparing how much stronger these Dainsleif rail-guns are compared to the other heavy shell firing weapons that places like CE and AC uses since an AC dober gun is capable of taking down regular mobile suits and CE rail-guns are capable of taking down mobile suits that aren't armored with Phase-shift and while I understand that Dainsleif can use a specific type of rounds that punches through Nano-Laminated armor, Gundanium and Phase-shift are considered near indestructible when facing against physical weapons which the Dainsleif is. I'm not going to say that these Dainsleif's can't possibly damage Gundanium and Phase-Shift armor since there is those Phase-Shifted Penetration rounds that are used in your Jokers Wild fanfic that can penetrate Phase-Shift armor from CIWS rounds which are normally considered meant for only distractions or to shoot down missiles. However, it doesn't change that Gundanium and Phase-Shift armor has a higher defense value than Nano-Laminate when it comes to physical weapons so it is a little bit of a toss up since I don't know specifically how powerful those rail-guns are when used against mobile suits with a conventional warhead like how the Gundam Flauros is when compared to the other shell-firing weapons that I have mentioned and not mentioned since so far, Flauros can only use it's rail-guns while it is grounded and in it's transformed mode which means it's not usable in space unless it has some solid ground to use as a firing platform. Also we can't forget that in the end, Gundanium is an actual alloy while Phase-Shift is a armor shielding system that protects the armor while on the other hand, Nano-Laminate is paint armor so while it has an impressive defense for an unconventional type of armor, paint is much easier to bypass than actual armor plating, armor shielding system, and energy shields. Also, there is no reason why the Archangel Team can't replace their suits fusion reactors with Ahab Reactors and than painting their Mobile Suits with Nano-Laminated Paint therefore furthering increasing their defense with Nano-Laminated Armor over Gundanium and Phase-Shift alloy. Heck, with 5 genius scientists that made all 5 Gundam from Gundam Wing, they can possibly even create a superior version of Nano-Lamination that doesn't require an Ahab Reactor.
chm01 chapter 47 . 1/11
damn it Kira! you should've go SEED on her ass! now Barnette is gonna impossible, and now the intergalactic organ traffickers had a taste of what the archangel can do, and I wonder how long will they take to wise up and adapt (in canon it was relatively fast if I remember right)
Knives91 chapter 47 . 1/3
Solid transitional chapter here, hoss. I liked the competition and the general exposition overall. I expect that the coming culture shenanigans will get... heated. And amusing. Because Yzack never struck me as subtle.

Great writing! Hope your new year is going well!
extremeninja909 chapter 47 . 1/3
Thanks for responding to my review.

I like these types of chapters, the chapters when violence is low and interaction is high. This like was probably due to the high amounts of violence and actions that occurred here and there.

Now I like to direct your attention to a universe that revolves around technology and magic combined: Tenchi Muyo. The Tenchi Muyo arc that I had watched was Tenchi Muyo! GXP and Tenchi Muyo! War on Geminar.

I want to say that the Archangel team needs a short break after all that fighting by going into a universe that involves with less fighting and more on the comedy. I like to see Seto Kamiki Jurai, the "devil" princess and ultimate matchmaker perform match making operations that would make it so funny.
Barricade chapter 47 . 1/2
Still here reading unfortunately not a lot of time to really reply in detail anymore. That and I never really got into VanDread all that much, although I know the rough basics/background of it all.

One thing though that you might want to address (sooner/later) is whether or not the Archangel can 'drag' one or more escorting ships along for the ride whenever it does a dimensional jump. So as to bring along those that want to see the multiverse, bring along allies that are in a bad situation (jump timer goes off in the middle of a battle that their allies will likely die in if the Archangel leaves), or the crew has expanded faster than the Archangel itself/herself could keep up with thus they had added a second ship to the fleet. And so on.
Rc1212 chapter 47 . 12/30/2016
Always good to see more of this!
Finnzo chapter 47 . 12/27/2016
Well, looks like I caught up in this story at just the right time! Quite enjoyed the chapter and like how the interaction between the two crews is developing as well as how it is speeding along the integration of the Pirate Crew. I have also recently started picking up your Jokers Wild series, liking it so far, and it gives me a bit of insight as to some of the improvements we might see aboard the Archangel in regards to the nano-machine facilities and the effects on our recent empaths in the crew. Looking forward to more of what this story has to offer and the insanity that will result from the eventual interaction with the Terrans of the Vandread Universe, they were rather psychic power-houses as I recall from the last few episodes of Vandread.
NHO chapter 47 . 12/25/2016
Well, nice chapter. A bit slow on action and significant plot progress, a bit heavy on foreshadowing. But the fact that chapter is in is good already, thank you.
Culture clash is... culture clash, and I honestly can't say much more about it, sorry.

So, about revisiting Cephiro and shadow people: one needs to remember that Nova is about as much of Shadow or Enemy Without for Hikari as she is her own person. I am biased a bit here, she's my favorite character in the show, so I am feeling that it's because most people miss important bits about her. Yes, she's linked to Hikari on emotional level, she got everything Hikari denies in herself or unable to access due to emotional problems shunted into her. Then she got dumped into place in the middle of magical apocalypse to survive on her own and adopted by Debonair. This is important - she's not creation of hostile magic, she's Hikari's desire to be loved, among other things, separated from her due to intense self-hatred post-Pillar. A lot of her hostility is not inherent, it's learned behavior, not that it makes her less terrifying. In summary: Alternative AAA universe where Magic Knights got home, but Nova got dumped into wandering Archangel would also be quite feasible. I need to make this an full-blown essay and quote on people.

I may have told this before, but X-Com verse is nice place to visit. Both original, around first alien war or right after - to poach all those suddenly jobless, highly trained specialists in tactical combat and field scavenging of everything they previously shot down. And XCOM2, new one, for working with resistance. Archangel complements Avenger amazingly and increases strike power by incredible amount.

And now, for something completely different. Doom. Because demon invasions are always fun way to trim population of characters.
RedemptionWarrior chapter 47 . 12/25/2016
Looks like Kira should have practiced his shooting some more. Then again, compared to the fact that he apparently never bothered to touch a gun other than to throw it before that fateful encounter in episode 45, I'm really impressed. Personally, I'm of the opinion that Kira's capable of learning anything he feels like learning, considering how quickly he adapted to piloting Mobile Suits from merely watching Murrue do it.

Those Hydra missiles were quite impressive for their first outing. Definitely enough scrap to make loads more. After all, quantity is a quality all its own. And showing off that the nanomachines were properly programmed was pretty cool too.

And the culture clash continues. Definitely fun to watch. It was one of my favorite parts of the show, though I've currently only watched the first season. I do like the thought of other Vandreads appearing, though the other canon ones will be interesting to see appear too. I really wonder how everyone will react to Hibiki's Vanguard uniting with Dreads other than Dita's.

As I've been getting more into Battletech, I've been curious about the Mechwarrior RPG side of it. So, I was wondering, how would the various pilots and Magic Knights stat up on a Mechwarrior character sheet?

Finally, I hope you had a Merry Christmas! I eagerly await your next chapter of AAA.
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