Reviews for Archangel's Amazing Adventures
Bleach5700 chapter 46 . 7/13
Nice story here! Really original and creative and not so extreme canon like a lot of fanfiction story-lines follow. I am making a comment about Dragoon725 take on the upgrades from the CE universe and I have to say while it is a very good review, it is not totally necessary to make a whole new Striker Pack for 105 Dagger as the X Astray Backpack on the Dreadnought Gundam will suit Morgan's 105 perfectly. After all if one stops to think about it, the X Astray Backpack is more or less nothing more than an upgraded version of the Gunbarrel Striker and it is very similar to how a Striker Pack works so with a little modification is it wholly possible to turn the X Astray into a Striker Pack compatible unit for the Dagger. Also one Tidbit you forgot to mention about the GuAIZ and Dreadnought differences is that other than the fact that the armaments of Gundam are upgraded version of the GuAIZ, the waist weapons are DRAGOON beam reamers rather than arrestors.

Also about the Dreadnought H being turned into a Striker Pack while it does has it's merits as most of the upgrades for the Dreadnought H is mostly due to the backpack on it's back with few improvements towards it's main body other than the two Armure Lumiere Handy, forearm-mount lightwave defensive barrier emitters and the beam sub-machine gun from the original Hyperion Gundam. However all of this is Stravag decision so we will see if any of what is in all these extremely long reviews are actually integrated into the story. However, if they are integrated than I highly suggest to make the weapons from the Dreadnought H and Hyperion Sub-machine Gun powered directly form the machine through direct contact rather than being connected through cables as these cables can be cut or shot off rendering these weapons without any source of power.
Dragoon725 chapter 46 . 6/6
Hey Stravag hope you update AAA soon. As for today's review, I'm just going to comment about the possible upgrades for the Archangel Team arsenal from the Archangel ship home universe or the UC universe for either it's mobile forces or the ship itself. For Mu La Flaga considering that the Strike Freedom Gundam has a whole database full of weaponry and mobile suit designs, why don't you try getting the Archangel Team to build the Dreadnought Gundam? Other than the fact that the Dreadnought Gundam has a DRAGOON System backpack, an improved beam machine gun as well as phase-shift armor, the Dreadnought is more or less the same model type as the GuAIZ which makes it easy since Mu is already using a GuAIZ mobile suit which means a little modification can easily turn the mass production mobile suit into an actual Gundam. Not to mention that in the end, Mu's real fighting strength is using remote bit weaponry as without Gunbarrels or DRAGOON's he is at most an slightly above average pilot when using mobile suits in general. Which he's is automatically at a disadvantage when it comes to traditional mobile suit combat as anyone who knows about his shitty performance in the Strike during Gundam Seed can comment about when he is not in a Gunbarrel or Beambarrel equipped mobile armor. Also you can make the backpack replaceable with a second backpack system based on the Dreadnought H for a variety pack system for atmosphere combat operations when space combat isn't available for the DRAGOON system to be deployed. After all, it's not like they don't have the data to make a DRAGOON system as it was listed in the manual of the Strike Freedom MP to be capable of using DRAGOON's which means it should have it's designs on how to create the system within it's database. Not to mention it is not out of the ordinary for them to be able make it similar to the Strike Pack system. P.S(regarding about having energy shields for either the mobile suits or the Archangel, both the Dreadnought and the Hyperion Gundams both possess the earliest known energy shields that is 360 degrees on a mobile suit for Gundam Seed as it says on wiki that the DRAGOON backpack of the Dreadnought gundam Gunbarrels can be used for a tetrahedral beam shield at a 360 degree angle. This is a possible design for not only the mobile units of the Archangel Team but also for the Archangel itself as unlike energy shields like Gundam 00 GN Field or Code Geass Blaze Luminous system, the Armure Lumiere Lightwave Barrier's of the Hyperion Gundam can actually shoot from inside the Lightwave Barrier in comparison to above two energy shield systems that requires said shield systems to be shut off before they can start the shooting again. Not to mention that this tech would be much easier to replicate since it made it's depute in the earlier timeline in Gundam Seed from where the majority of the Archangel Team Seed era members came from in comparison to the superior but ultimately much harder to replicate and a few years later in Seed timeline Positron Reflectors). P.P.S (Technically speaking, while it was not meant to shield the ship as it was meant to shield the relay stations for the EA superweapon the REQUIEM, it is possible to put an energy shield on a space ship in the Seed Destiny universe as it has been done as the EA had placed huge Positron Reflectors emitters on the bows of their Drake-class Ships).

Another upgrade on my mind regards into the aging Gunbarrel Striker Pack that is currently on Morgan's 105 Dagger as despite it's usefulness, it's clearly showing that ballistic weapons are still inferior to most beam weaponry and is limited in usage since they still need ammunition to use. I'm thinking about possibly have the Archangel Team design another Striker Pack, this time based on the TS-MA4F Exus which is the successor unit to the Moebius Zero. The reason I'm thinking this is cause the Exus is clearly a superior unit compared to the Moebius zero and unlike the Gunbarrel Striker where it's Gatling Gun couldn't be used when attached to Striker pack mobile suits, the linear guns can be modified to shoot like the Strike Freedom's waist rail cannons. Also the Exus Barrels are equipped with beam blades so they can used as bladed bit units which is a huge plus from the Gunbarrels. Heck, if you want more firepower for the "Exus Beambarrel Striker Pack" you can even do things such as replace the linear guns for either a pair of Agni Hyper Impulse Beam Cannons or the Impulse's Kerberos High-Energy Long-Range Beam Cannons so you can pair of whoop ass guns. Or you can modify the Beambarrel's gun barrels to be capable of switching what type of rounds there firing like maybe a multi-barrel system of sorts capable of switching between beam, gauss, lasers, railgun rounds and such, increasing it's overall power and making it more versatile. You can also modify it's storage system for missiles making it capable of either storing missiles or increasing the Beambarrel's size making it capable of storing bit units to increase the number of remote weapons flying around like 00 Fang units or even funnels since the Strike Freedom has weapon designs from the UC era AND it possesses a Psycommu System which if I remember correctly is a key component when it comes to remote weapons in the Universal Century universe.

Another thing is the making of stealth technology. Since the Strike Freedom possesses both design info for both the Seed and UC universe should the Mirage Colloid System be in it's database? If it is I don't see why they can't revive that technology since they desperately need stealth tech as currently they have no actual mobile units that is armed with stealth tech. True, putting on a phase-shift mobile suit makes it just as vulnerable as it's original suit the Blitz but if you put on those who don't possess the phase shift that it opens a great amount of options that they did not have ever since the Blitz was destroyed. Heck they can even implement the system into the Archangel ship since it had a tremendous success on the Girty Lue so I do not see why it can't placed on the Archangel.
synbad2 chapter 11 . 6/4
Rereading from start
Might be old but a few Gripes (spelling, differences, etc.)
1. Misspelled Duel, Dule: When Yzak tells the Magic Knights not to use magic
2. Mu's Timber Wolf: you stated that it was painted in a maroon similar to his mobile armor. At this point, Mu was flying the Moebius Zero, which in my best reckoning is more of an orange-red. The Exus from SEEDDestiny would be considered maroon.
Siegfried Knighthawk chapter 46 . 5/17
I present the only shits and giggles worthy reason to send the Archangel (AAA) to the Final Fantasy 8 world; the only shuttle I've seen in fiction to mount a capital class weapon (read oversized charged particle cannon). (I got this info of the Final Fantasy Wikia page)
Ragnarok airship
"Esthar's space shuttle. Based on an ancient Centra legend of the Dragon Ship. Esthar's finest scientific technology was used to build it. Esthar's flagship, until it was used to send Adel's Tomb into space."
—FFVIII Info Corner

The primary airship of Final Fantasy VIII, the "Super-High-Mobility-Flying-Ship" Ragnarok (飛空艇ラグナロク, Hikūtei Ragunaroku?) is far faster than any other vehicle controllable by the party and is capable of autopilot flight, in which the player can choose a location from the largest map view while on the world map and the ship will automatically fly there.

Ragnarok airship
-2,850 tons (without propellant, charge, nor occupants)
-3,314 tons (with one third propellant, full charge, and full occupancy)
-3,450 tons (with full propellant, full charge, and full occupancy)
-108 meters
-77 meters
-54 meters (at rest)
-65 meters (when flying)
Max Speed
-11.8 km/s
Crew Size
-4, plus a navigator and a wireless operator.
-Ten additional occupants.
Main Armament
-609mm Charged Particle Cannon (x1)
Secondary Armament
-152mm Multi-barreled Laser (x2)
-Retractable mandible 'claws' (x2)
Main System
-Reaction-model 12-step compression turbines (22,500kg propulsion) x2
Auxiliary Engines
-Reaction-model 6-step compression turbines (2,480kg propulsion) x4
DMbusta chapter 46 . 5/1
...oh, and I forgot this one!

The series is roughly of the same tier of sci-fi that this fic is, and it would be interesting to see what their reaction is to the ship girls. The only thing is, whether to use the anime or the manga for inspiration.
DMbusta chapter 46 . 4/30
Love the fic so far! I know you probably get a lot of suggestions for universes for the Archangel to visit, but here's a few.

Some 80s mecha action there. The protagonist, Eiji, is like Kira in a few ways, and I think the Archangel team would fit in well in the New York 1999 arc.

It'd be interesting for the Archangel to visit a post-Industrial Revolution-like time, and it might be interesting to see some of the suits they dig up, and I hear there's some Turn-A influence in SEED, so it would be interesting to compare and contrast the two.

Again, interesting setting, and given the interplanetary civilizations the Archangel has seen, it would be interesting to hear the team's take on the Galactic Alliance of Mankind.

High school comedy aside, this series is pretty military, and it would be interesting to get some lower-tech mechas like Arm Slaves into the picture.

Okay, now I'm imagining the AI party with Archangel Paxis, Strike Freedom's AI (which could use a proper name IMO), Al, Chamber, and REI...

It'd be interesting to see how a super robot series could be melded into things (it helps that a lot of GGG's tech isn't quite so fanciful as many other super robot series).
SPOILERS: The end of this series also left 3G in a situation comparable to the Archangel, so it wouldn't be so odd for one team to stumble across the other somewhere in the madness of the multiverse.

Okay, I just know I'm gonna regret suggesting this. I just keep getting images of the Second, Fifth, or Eighth Doctor (Fifth especially) stumbling into the Archangel. Make of this what you will.

I actually haven't finished this series yet, but given that we've seen Rayearth and Final Fantasy, I think it would fit in given its fantasy/mecha setting.

I recall hearing you mention Robotech a few times. I personally keep thinking of Macross Plus and Macross Frontier as fitting in with Gundam SEED.

Another rather offbeat suggestion. It comes form Tomino during one of his 'LOLTomino' phases. I mainly suggest it for the desert world setting and the possible reaction the team will get once they realize there's such a thing as gas-powered mecha.

Just thought I'd share this with you!
Sabaku no Yokho chapter 46 . 4/14
Ah Hail CSS Starvag for this beautiful 47e update! Ha hail this great writer for the advance of the new errance of Ulysse! Ah Hail...
Ah sorry, message for my taff...
Ah... no chap number 47 again...
Ah men...
What do you want to take us otage of the waiting? To send you at Akama Island of One Piece?
To pass at the techno-logic.
I saw many gundam series.
In UC universe, it's come that in the big lines :
gundam 8th MS squadron
gundam star dust memory
Z Gundam
ZZ gundam
gundam : rebellion of char
gundam unicorn
... time jump (against 20 years more or less)
gundam F-91
Crossbone gundam
victory gundam
... (against 6 or 7 centuries, see more)
turn A gundam
... (Against 4 thousands years, maybe)
gundam G no reconquista

Maybe in the last, it can be possible to find MS under nano-skin, exemple REZEL Command, Kasthriya, or other...
What do you think?
UDLLORD chapter 46 . 4/8
I still hoping the one shot destination be (Valrave the Liberator) that is good for a one shot destination pilots that are good for the Arcangel team.
Deathzealot chapter 45 . 4/2
Hi Stravag,

Long time no see. I recently decided to reread this story and I noticed a few things. You still have ranks go all over the place. During the AC Section you have Noin as a Lieutenant, Captain, and Commander all in one chapter. Then Miri is identified as an Ensign, then a Lieutenant, and a couple times as Crewman. This is after her promotion by the way. Another contender is Murdoch, he is an Ensign in one chapter and later back to a Chief Petty Officer. Also his name had been misspelled a couple times, so is Hikaru. The last contender with the ranks is Chevalier, you have him as Lieutenant in that ORBAT at the end of that chapter which is noted as a volunteered demotion, and later is called Commander again.

Also noticed something else, especially during the last few chapters. Got a bit confused on who was piloting what. For example, during the first battle against the Harvesters I thought Mu was flying his Zero but then he acted like he was in a mobile suit therefore most likely that orange-painted GuAIZ he got back in that Alt-CE World. Since we have the pilots jump between different craft like Tolle flies the Buster and sometimes the Skygrasper, while Mu jumps between the Mad Cat and his new GuAIZ. A few others jump between MS, Gundam, or Battlemech therefore needs to be a bit more clarified during the battle.

That said I am eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this story and hoping we get the Heavyarms back in action when would be really useful against the Harvesters. I don't know if I mentioned earlier but I loved the new Archangel update. Triple Barreled Gottfrieds. Upgraded Valiants. More Missile Tubes. Damn. Talk about really becoming a Mobile Fortress and I thought the first upgrade with the BT weapons made the Archangel truly into a Mobile Fortress. I also liked that the Jump Drive was added to the Engineering Spaces. Since it kind of was weird having it near the front of the ship.

One last thing before I end this review with a idea I have. Is there anything else transferred between Gaia and the Archangel since they still have a sort link with each other via the Esper Summons. I mentioned awhile back when you revealed that possibility that it can be used as a very thin supply line for the Archangel. Which would be an interesting way of transferring supplies. Also do the Archangel know about the troubles that are going on with Gaia and the invasion that is happening from the previous unknown side of the planet. For it would be interesting to see the Archangel dropping into the midst of the invasion, since you did mention the ship may make back to Gaia in the future. Though you did mention the same with Cephiro and the Inner Sphere. Anyways I am just jawing right now moving on to my mentioned idea.

I also like to mention that I have a idea for a Archangel's Amazing Adventures Side Story, therefore stand-by for I might write up a quick one-shot to preface the idea later especially with Camp NaNoWriMo this month. Basically it introduces a second ship that starts hopping around like the Archangel and may cross paths with the ship in the future. Which ship I am going to keep close to the chest. But let's say it is going to be interesting and linked to this story in a way.

That is about it comrade! I hope you come up with the next chapter of this story soon. Till then Ciao!
KPheonix chapter 46 . 3/24
Shit is happening. Barnette cannot stand the idea that a man could hand her ass. Had Kira been less distracted, she'd havr been a casket in space by now. Looking forward to their rematch. Also looking forward to what Jura will do when she hits her baby obsession. Will she go after Hibiki or will she go left and right for different men? Hopefully some don't get taken over by their little brains. The harvesters rea their ugly heads now. Reminds me of the first battle against the mobile dolls that the Jokers experienced. You can't demoralize a computer, but it'll sure ad hell demoraloze the soft and squishy human. Another character i'm waoting to rear his uvly head would be Rabat. He fared pretty well against an intrained Hibiki; but will he have the misfortune to run into a certain cook? I'm still wotried about Paiway. She was an annoyance for a while in the show. How much more trouble will she cause with an expanded crew? Especially one that doesn't even hang around the same ship? i may have to reread the chap for more stuff to comment on. Till next time Stravag.
SabakuNoYokho chapter 46 . 3/16
I really think and a crossover AAA and robotech first generation(SDF-1 Macross vs zentradi) is a very plausible probability.

Why? a Valkyrie has three modo: Fighter, Robot, Gerwalk why high speed, manoeuvrability and agility. but no arms for CQC. the concept is for a long/mid range fight.

but a basic MS have more armor, shield, beam gun and saber for less speed. perfect for mid/close range. they can fight better in SDF. a combo with NUNS and Archangel's Team is possible or not?
Ryuma 0085 chapter 46 . 2/28
One more thing about one of the places that the Archangel Team may being traveling to. While the series is not over yet (or close to ending since I personally think that there is definitely going to be a second season), I personally think that the Gundam verse -Iron Blooded Orphans- universe will get their asses handed to them even faster and harder than the Mass Effect universe. For one, it clearly says in one of the descriptions that Iron Blooded Orphans has absolutely zero energy weapons which is an OP advantage towards the Archangel Team as that means since there is beam weapons in that universe it would also mean that their mobile suits, ships and armored weapons has absolutely no protection to energy weapons which means even a very low grade maser like in FF6 will blow right through any armor that they possess (Mass Effect does have one or so energy weapon types just extremely little variety and extremely ineffectively when compared to how the majority of the Gundamverse uses them). It also means that both close and long-range combat is completely out of the question for the native mobile suit pilots as it means the beam sabers just melt right through any melee weapon that they are using. The Natives won't be able to use any of the energy weapons that the Archangel Team possesses even if they somehow get their hands on some of the beam weapons since not only does none of the native mobile suits have the means to use beam weapons as they were built to use it to begin with but they have zero idea on the theory behind those beam weapons so they have zero ability to reproduce said weapons. Also, an absolute dependency on melee weapons means that phase-shift armor and Gundanium will absolutely rule this world as both are considered virtually invulnerable to physical weapons which is what all the fighters in Iron Blooded Orphans used regardless if they are Tekkadan or Gjallarhorn. So this is pretty much the same scenario as my review of chapter 41 only this a lot more extreme since unlike the tech in Mass Effect (which is still a pretty advance place despite the absolute dependency on mass effect weaponry), Iron Blooded Orphans in regards to fighting capabilities is extremely behind when it comes to weapons technology in comparison to the other main Gundam series with the only exception are the Gundam Build Fighters universe and that is because in that world it reflects much of the real world in where Mobile Suits are nothing more than science fiction.
RedemptionWarrior chapter 13 . 2/24
Yeah, Flay trying to keep to her "plan" just doesn't fit what I know of her by this point, but likely it was your dice that said she jumps the crazy line.

And I think I should probably clarify what I mean for each thing I had suggested in the earlier reread review.

*Tribes Ascend has a major focus on infantry combat and their ability to ski to increase speed. Seemed like something of a potential boon to the Archangel's non-mecha units.

*Armored Core seems kind of a cross between Battletech and Gundam to me, durable mecha that can move pretty quickly and the tech doesn't seem overpowered compared to the Archangel in the AC3 era and earlier.

*Xenogears, a bit harder to determine, but I don't think the Archangel would be outclassed, especially your boosted one.

*Power Rangers, that depends on what era you have them go to, but there are a few where it'd be interesting to see the full scope of what the villains can unleash without the Archangel roflstomping them. Like the Zeo Rangers, the Machine Empire was shown to be huge when it invaded Earth, but still followed the monster of the week of the previous seasons.

*Finally, The Centurions... A cartoon I had watched when I was a kid where a small team of men with cybersuits have specialized plug-in parts teleported onto them with a verbal command. Another one that I figured would be an interesting choice for bolstering the Archangel's infantry.
RedemptionWarrior chapter 10 . 2/17
So, I'm on a reread and... Honestly, the only parts that are difficult for me to read through are the ones involving Yandere Flay. As far as my knowledge of SEED goes, she should have been well on her way out of that phase by the time your version of the Archangel was pulled into Cephiro.

On a different note, a few series I'd put up for eventual cross-over are: Tribes Ascend, Armored Core, Xenogears, Power Rangers, The Centurions... I had more, but they've slipped my mind.
Massacrer chapter 46 . 2/7
Hmmm, perhaps Iron-Blooded Orphans might be written in this story?
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