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Paige SJ Black chapter 9 . 1/21/2014
Nooooooo wyatt died
Paige SJ Black chapter 3 . 1/21/2014
Wow that was eventful
charlotte chapter 9 . 4/11/2013
this is a really good story
its a shame Wyatt died though because i liked him when he was good and not evil.
Lost Epiphany chapter 9 . 3/27/2011
Ahhh, so she did reverse the spell? That makes more sense. I guess I was just too impatient to realize that in Chapter 8, she hadn't gotten home yet to reverse the spell.

Jett and Melinda together? Yay or nay?

Such a nice ending, sneaking that next power in there right before. I loved the electricity description used along with the premonition. Fit perfectly at that moment.

Overall, such a great story to look back on and read. It's obviously up there on my favorite Next Generation fics. Great way to end it with a feeling of... this is just the beginning sort of thing. I appreciate that along with the fact that you ended up coming back and finishing this when you could've left it to dry.
Lost Epiphany chapter 8 . 3/27/2011
"She examined her surroundings—darkness, cut regularly by streams of moonlight which illuminated the dust that danced to the chirping of crickets—and sighed."

-This was definitely one of my favorite descriptive lines from this chapter. The cutting of the moonlight through darkness was very creative.

Some things did take me a few seconds after first reading them to fully understand. Most likely due to the fact that I just haven't read this story in quite awhile.

All of the battle and action scene description was top-notch as usual. I had to re-read a few times but in the end I got what you were getting at.

Killed of Wyatt, eh? I'm kinda glad you had the balls to do that. Strays away from the happily ever after theme that Charmed has mostly been associated with at endings. It feels bittersweet with her being able to keep her powers but having to lose Wyatt. Really teaches a lesson, I like that.

I did also like how you included the reference to Chris being good with temporal folds and such. I'm curious how you have him connected to his other AU life in ways or if it was just the knowledge of his family telling him what happened years ago.
Active Engaged chapter 9 . 3/14/2011
Not sure how I feel about the title. I get why you chose it, and it’s very fitting, but I don’t really like it.

Like I said above, I really hope these wounds are reopened in Torn. Melinda blaming herself, Chris blaming Melinda, Piper being generally angry. And Leo? What’s up with Leo? After someone tried to harm Wyatt in season 6, I recall him going haywire. And that was when Wyatt was still young. Has he learned from his mistakes, or will he go on a hobo-dressed killing spree again?

The conversation between Jett and Melinda was a nice inclusion. It was really touching.

LMFAO. Verging-on? Oh hell no. :P

Thank you for thanking me. I need to sign in on MSN more…
Active Engaged chapter 8 . 3/14/2011
Damn! I just lost the better part of my review. Apparently when I copy and paste things into Word, Word stops responding. I’ll re-write.

I don’t really have any problems with the general storyline, actually I rather like that you chose to kill off one of the main characters, it’s unexpected. I think everyone was expecting Melinda to end up feeling good about herself, special even, so I guess it’s cool that you decided to shock your audience.

Oh Sally, I almost forgot about her. Good of you for reminding us about one of Melinda’s motivations.

Hmm, the lipstick and mirror. Were they mentioned in another chapter? Or just added now?

Not that I really care, because I like them. It really reminds me of River Song, and her methods of deviation. Even though they are quite different. Does it grant Melinda the power of persuasion? Like Nora Zehetner in Heroes, or is it something a little bit different? I seriously doubt that she takes away their free will completely.

I love the part about the faint taste of magic and strawberries lingering on his lips. You know the part I mean.

[quote]or was she just shimmered into the wrong cave?[/quote]

Sorry to point it out here, but everyone knows it’s a typo.

The part about N’ghala’s fireball and Melinda, although nothing too new, was epically written. I actually found myself really enthralled by the story.

Just when you think Melinda is changing, becoming less naïve, more like her mother. Strong. We discover that she is just as naïve as ever. But that’s really part of her character isn’t it?

Now THAT is a scene I would love to have seen on television. Yeah, sorry for saying that, but I really would. “And you shouldn‘t have interfered in the first place” and the scene that follows were played to perfection. I like that you had all the action concentrated in that little piece, shocking the audience (yeah, I have to stop saying that. Or maybe you should stop doing it. :P) and then the aftermath, and then darkness.

Chris was in a critical state but then we find out that he was back to full health? Not even a scar? A little one on his face? Haha, kidding. Kinda.

Jett is a character I have always liked. I don’t really know why, we don’t know much about him. But I like the way he thinks. Becoming a hobo just so he could subtly stalk Melinda, and not showering just to keep up the act. Hilarious.

Overall, it was a nice chapter. A really good conclusion to a well thought out short story. Now, I await Special references in Torn. And well, Torn in general. :-)
astral knight chapter 6 . 8/22/2010
Onto Pangs:

"Wyatt struggled to move his limbs, trying to push himself up so he could kick the seer's ass into oblivion." Pretty much screams Brandon. :)

- Right now, I'm really loving N'Ghala right now. Such a bitch. And she should be with a name like that. But honestly, I really don't think that Wyatt would call her a bitch. I think it was a bit much, for Wyatt, at least.

- "The Twice-blessed," Should the b in blessed be capitalized?

- "Wy, I can't orb!" Wy. I like it. It's convenient.

- And the little part where N'Ghala was actually saying that Mel was wise was well needed. Hopefully it brought a little light to the over protective brothers.

- The emotion smoothie cocktail. Possibly my favorite part of the chapter. Clever, very clever. Kudos.

- I liked the summer paragraph as well. Once again, bringing witty and sarcastic Mel even in the emotional of times. And I sensed a continuation fro the smoothie bit. But didn't "Wy" and Chris go to Magic School. Or am I thinking of Trinity...? Sorry.

- I actually felt remorse for Melinda. The description of the paragraph just pulled me into it. Nice.

- Piper. Those two paragraphs were some of the best in the story and from my past readings.

"You're a Halliwell," she told her, pride resounding in her voice, "and if there's one thing I know about Halliwells, it's that we are fighters."

"We're a family of survivors," Piper softly said, still smiling at Melinda, "And I'm counting on you so that we'll always be."

-Hands down my two favorite lines. It was such a well written part of the chapter. The tone of it. Those small actions, the tucking of the hair and the halted interruptions. It was beautiful, it really was.

- And after reading the A/N at the end, a small thanks to Ro for the tuning.

Obviously, a big step up from the previous chapter, both in action and emotions. Will get around to catch up with it pretty soon. Great Job!
astral knight chapter 5 . 8/22/2010
Another story I need to catch up on.

It was short, very short.

- I liked how you added more depth to the mother/daughter relationship between Piper and Mel. The bickering really put a bit more into the chapter.

- The fact that you added Paige's connection to the boys so that she could sense them was well thought of. Actually it reminded me of when Wyatt sensed Leo when he was trapped in that water tank in the s5 monkey episode. It's blood sensing blood, so that was cool.

- N'Ghala's backstory was original. Not all evil is just demons and warlocks. They may start out good, but an action turns them. So check for that.

- Another effect of her spell. She's actually in her premonition, like Phoebe was. But I liked the stating the obvious line with Phoebe.

A somewhat...quiet chapter. A little boring, but the ending made up for it. It was a good short read. Nice job!
xhoneybee chapter 1 . 7/28/2010
This is great! I love it! Will there be any credits for it on your youtube channel? Well, I'm off to read Torn now :D
E. S. Tripp chapter 7 . 4/8/2010
I definitely enjoyed this. I like Melinda's character and the fact that everyone is very protective of her. The relationship between her and Piper are spot on for a mother-daughter relationship and the little details, specifically the bit about the potions and how she uses her new powers without thinking are great. I am wondering if Jett Chaseman had a bigger part in the story before you first discontinued this. Will we see more of him in Torn? I really hope so!

So far, this really good!
KarlaCharmed chapter 3 . 4/3/2010
Nice description in the opening. It's also a nice change to see a character want to be magical, and in Melinda's case, even want to improve and advance her powers. I love her attitude too :P

There's a lot of tension there between Piper and Melinda. You portray Piper to be very angry at Melinda. Maybe it's just fear or something? That maybe Melinda's powers won't grow? I don't know. It just seems a little hostile.

That was a nice scene, great writing as per usual. I really do wonder where the hell the premonition power came from though?

The fight scene is pretty nice. Good mix of emotions and action. And I see now that Melinda is special because she holds all 3 charmed powers. Very nice, original idea.

WOAH! Very, very nice ending. Massive cliffhanger. I look forward to reading the next chapter. I only realised I really missed your writing after reading this. Great story. You are one of the few people who deserve the attention their writing gets. I'm looking forward to reviewing more :)
Amanda chapter 7 . 9/4/2009
"Special, Chapter 7, Preparations" - Review

How long have I owed you this review for?

Alright, the chapter's nice. Not brilliant. Just nice. If it had been realeased pre-'Torn' then it might have been "better", if that makes any sense?

So only are short review,

I enjoyed how you wrote Phoebe - very annoying S6 empath-esque. It looks like empathy will always make Phoebe ten times more irritating, eh?

Love this line: '“Melly!” The high pitched shriek broke Melinda’s chain of thoughts. She was finally there, again.'

And this is favorite quote of the chapter:

'The older woman pulled away from the hug smiling. “Ooh, I am so glad that you got over all of those horrible feelings,” she cooed. “All of that anger, and frustration, and self-guilt,” she continued, as Piper began to get annoyed.'

I quite liked the two (?) relativley subtle inclusions of Melinda's TK in this chapter.

The potions explanation was quite nice.

The next chapter should be fun. I can't wait for more N'Ghala!
actlikesummer chapter 7 . 8/14/2009
This is an awesome story! I love how protective Wyatt and Chris are. Please keep writing.
Savior Witch chapter 7 . 8/5/2009
Glad to see this continued. You definitely kept going with some of "Special"'s already pre-defined characteristics.

Characters were all spot on, especially Piper and the Annoying Empathic Phoebe.

Nice nod to Circe in this chapter. I also particularly enjoyed how you tied it into a stun potion of all potions. Looking back at the mythology I know about her, the stun potion would be the most realistic to come from her.

Glad to see Leo put some of his knowledge to use here. I also like how you created that backround for potions. I also noticed Rory did something similar in "Matriarch". Anyways, I think it's a great idea for potions to be a neutral force of magic. Although, looking back, I can only remember one episode where this episode wouldn't fall into good continuity with "Charmed". Remember when the COs threw the potions at Bacarra in "A Witch In Time" after the two Bacarras stole their powers. The potions didn't work then. Oh well, small thing, and I still really enjoyed your explanation.

I also liked the "wall of fire" potion. I always wondered what a defensive potion would do. I guess a wall of flames is a good way to go. I could imagine a force field of some sorts as well.

I loved when Melinda slammed the book shot with her TK. It's actually really nice to see her getting such a quick handle on that power. I wonder in the end if she'll actually get to keep her new powers, or at least finally get one of them.

Finally, nice dramatic ending dialogue. Nice touch.

Great chapter. Probably one of my favorites, if not my favorite, even without a battle scene.
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