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lilawonder chapter 35 . 7/18/2010
This was a great story. Very imaginative. I only wish you had some line breaks between the shifting POVs. It was also nice to read a story where Wilson is a hero lately in canon and fanon he is a jerk. You're very talented. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

Jack Cassidy chapter 35 . 2/28/2010




I think this has to be one of the best, very well written and layed out, fanfictions I have ever read!

Has to be in my top 10, NO make that top 5!

I wish people would write more fanfictions like this.

Thank you so much for writing and uploading this!

I'm so happy I found this :D
squeakyfingers chapter 35 . 6/29/2009
impressive crossover. i really enjoy House and Medium, so it was great to have them mashed together like this. seriously spooky stuff. great job!
CPAnthoni chapter 35 . 6/10/2009
Very impressive story.
Frathworth and Butts chapter 35 . 4/18/2009
..Wow, this story is amasing. The epic creepyness of Bill Faulkner was the most aggravating thing I've read in a long time. You have really succeded in creating a fictional monster. (and I'm not ashamed to say I'm relieved you killed him off, the bastard had it comming.)

I think my favorite part of it all was when House finally regained some of his sences and his "House-yness" shines through during detox in that creepy cult. I was all "YES! FINALLY!" Was not a big fan of Stefan either, that guy was wierd. Moreover, the whole Bill-Cuddy ordeal you came up with is utterly brilliant yet it made me so angry. I swear, I wanted to magically appear in the story and slap some sense into her. But as I mentioned, Brilliant.

The way you fitted Allison into the whole senario was very good aswell, it felt like in one of the medium episodes. She has a big part but she keep herself in the background as much as possible.

One more thing before I end this review. I am SO happy wilson didn't trust Bill. That would have made the story a very bad one, because I don't think House would have stood a chance if Wilson hadn't been the man he is. Applause to you.

Thank you for sharing this incredible story with us! I very much enjoyed reading it!

Have a great day!

Paradisa chapter 3 . 4/16/2009

I really enjoy reading this story!

It is very good!

But there is one sentence in this chapter I dont get:

"Ist dieses verboten?"

I dont see, how it fits into the context, but maybe I am just blind.
andhearts chapter 35 . 3/23/2009
Oh man! This is AMAZING! Very well written and everything! :D I love the way you have the characters. It felt like I was watching a movie, the descriptions were just that great. I've never watch medium, but it sound like something I would want to watch. Hm... I may go look it up, but I've never liked the girl who plays the main character. The actress makes me frown, but her character seems alright... oh well.

My favorite character in this has to be Dead Kid. I LOVE him. I love the dreams that Allison has. They really fit. :D

Wonderful story! Keep up the awesomeness.
ferryboat George chapter 35 . 10/9/2008
Wow! That was one of the best fanfic stories I've ever read. Totally gripping. (kept me up to 12:49 am too) I've never watched Medium, never interested me, but it was really nice to read a House crossover that wasn't 'crossover person becomes sick and House is called in'. I've read some great stories of those, but really, it's just the same as the show, and the beauty of fanfiction is it can go where the show can't. This story takes that possibility to it's full potential. The only thing I was disappointed in was the quick wrap up. It seemed a little less detailed than the rest. I really wanted House to find out (if he could be convinced to believe it) that it was the kid he couldn't save who saved him.
GVBW chapter 14 . 9/8/2008
terralynn chapter 35 . 3/25/2008
You could totally change details about the characters and publish this as original fiction. I'd buy it.

That was amazing. I was so impressed both by the pace of the story and by its cohesiveness - you didn't include anything that felt unnecessary. Those are hard qualities to come by in fanfiction, I've found. Very addictive story - I'm saving it to my computer so I can reread it sometime, which is something I just don't do.

So - bravo! :)
Feefolay chapter 35 . 3/15/2008
I've been reading this fic all along - and I must say it has certainly been an interesting ride. Your style is not always easy to follow, and yet it manages to pull you in - not unlike Faulkner's mindgames. I know nothing about "The Medium" or the character of Allison, and was drawn totally by HouseMD, but that did not matter as you certainly brought all your characters to life. I am not usre how I feel about Cuddy's role in all this - I find it hard to think she would fall so easily, but Faulkner seemed to have "powers" beyond those of your average cult-figure. Anyway, thank you for an engaging and thought provoking piece of fiction. This one will keep me thinking for a while.

Sinister Scribe chapter 35 . 3/12/2008
well, that was an excercise in stamina

i have to say i'm not overall sure that i liked this fanfiction but i was definitely ensnared by it. it was a lot of heavy reading and issues layered over each other. I personally would have preferred it if Cuddy had been a bit more freaking outraged over having hers and House's minds raped but then that's just how i see her character.

You got the dubois family down well, wilson too, i can't write wilson.

A thrilling read if slightly harrowing.

ciao, $cribe.
Birdhearted chapter 35 . 3/9/2008

I just want to say that while I made the grevious mistake of not reviewing this story, I greatly enjoyed reading it. You're an amazing writer, and I was really quite scared at some points, almost convinced that House was going to die. I greatly enjoy the closure you supplied, and I must say that Faulkner got what was coming to him... Amazing, amazing story.

nomad1328 chapter 35 . 3/9/2008
Sad to see this one end- but it ended well. Excellent job on this. I love the rain in this scene and the House/Cuddy bits. I like that he hasn't changed, but that it's affected him. So what's next on the agenda?
Betz88 chapter 35 . 3/9/2008
Well. By God, you've done it! You've crossed the T's, dotted the

I's, tied the laces and wrapped up the loose ends. You sent me on an airplane ride that took my breath away and fooled me at least once in every chapter, no matter how hard I tried to second guess you. I even "Squed" at the end ... you know ... like those silly teenagers do ... when House and Cuddy took their joyride into that "cool place" ...

Wilson and House on the hospital roof in the final scene was the icing on the cake.

As Harlan Ellison said once: You can put 'em thru hell, but they gotta be back on the bridge of the Enterprise before the closing credits ... or something like that.

You did it.

Congrats on a job beautifully done!

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