Reviews for Silencio
Shymmeri chapter 13 . 10/29
Fun fact: My 11th birthday apparently fell on the night of the full moon that year. Neat.
lizzie08 chapter 2 . 10/19
I meant Secrets on my last comment, not Silencio. Sorry about that!
lizzie08 chapter 1 . 10/19
Just swiftly letting you know that i have just re read this story for the nth time and it still gets me to tears. The last few chapters still hurt, but I've now accepted that there was no other possible way of ending such relationship without putting either of them in danger. I just hope that it doesn't damage Hermione's mind, it wouldn't be fair. Still love your stories even after all these years. So happy to see you still update Silencio too!
Guest chapter 15 . 10/11
it's very good with a twist. one of a kind. I love it and emotional too!
Aliceblueberry chapter 15 . 10/6
It's quite a sorrow ending... Good job it's not all that traumatic. (The memories can recover eh, so last hope) And it's reassuring to know that it has a sequel! (I've read chapters of Secretes updated so far LOL)

Silencio itself really fits in the original Harry Potter series! I love your depict of Draco's and Hermione's characters. The bold and wild side of Hermione is so cute!

Above all, wonderful story! And best wishes on Secrets :-)
dramione1603 chapter 1 . 9/29
the ending made me cry. i really loved it but it was so sad.
ofwizardsandowls chapter 15 . 9/29
It might surprise you, but i actually really appreciated and respected the ending more so than any other one you could have provided. this is my second dramione fic and i loved your dialogue. the things they said were so well versed with their characters, it was great. pLS, complete the sequel ?
sama chapter 15 . 9/17
omg I loved it, thank you for this :)
Kangleejae chapter 15 . 9/2
Can you add more chapter? It was sooo good
MuddySlytherin92 chapter 15 . 8/26
I woke up this morning still heartbroken. This was amazing, you're amazing, THANK YOU for writing this
MuddySlytherin92 chapter 15 . 8/25
My heart! I need the sequel
adabanadelic chapter 1 . 8/18
Hi I am your new reader from Malaysia. keep up the good work!
BookGeek98 chapter 15 . 8/5
Amazing story
Un Mi-joon chapter 15 . 7/30
Ok. So I spend my day off reading this story without noticing it's genre. Stupid me. Now, I can feel my heart aching. Great story.
cquoise chapter 9 . 7/28
'it's my period, you moron' i'm laughing so hard
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