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Guest chapter 1 . 9/8
(Sneer) I too, would be screaming if l saw the weasel's ugly mug...
Guest chapter 15 . 8/31
(Sneer) Shame about her taste in men or should l say, the weasel? about scraping at the bottom of the barrel, you can't get any more desperate than the ugly,
filthy ginger blood traitor.
Guest chapter 1 . 8/31
(Sneer) And l don't know how people look at you without throwing up, weasel..
exoticexol chapter 2 . 7/18
Okay, I have to admit, I'm a little reluctant to continue reading. You see I just really dislike it when the time fics change her name. but I will try to look past it.
tycoon.mami chapter 29 . 5/10
Please don't leave it at this, this is too close to the finish line. Great story, please update soon! Xoxo
Nikki Pond chapter 29 . 4/14
I would never understand love and how it works, but it's a good thing. Love in unpredictable. Even in many ways.

I got interested when Tom has the reason to be possessive with Hermione now that he finds out she's carrying a piece of him. But I got my eyebrow raised when they went a little snogging faster. And maybe the attraction. I'm surprise Tom didn't ask Hermione how she got a piece of his soul when he found out. Though it got interesting quicker when Tom mentioned that he put up a little dose of love potion. I suppose the interesting most of all is how Tom handled Hermione. I honestly don't see Hermione OOC.

I think what really got me hook is the fact Hermione is his Horcrux. I mean, that is a realistic reason why he should keep her close to him. But that doesn't mean he would never hurt her since he is capable of that even to the only people who he allowed he cared about.
damonismyhomeboy chapter 29 . 4/10
So I literally spent the whole night reading this; and for someone who has never gotten farther than a few chapters into a tomione fic, I must say, this beautiful work was a wild exception. Of course, some ooc is necessary for the sake of a couple like this one, but you did it so gracefully and gradually. You kept the foundations of both characters, but you manipulated their experiences as a way to shape them into what they are.

You are incredibly talented and I hope you continue this fic!
MelodysSing chapter 29 . 7/6/2014
Sooph chapter 29 . 6/16/2014
Aww, please finish the story, you said you only had a few chapters left :3
Guest chapter 29 . 4/21/2014
This is my first time reading Tomione, and I have not been disappointed . . . Apart from Hermione's OOCness. However, the plot is brilliant, Tomione's relationship fascinating, and of course, we all want to know: will good triumph evil? I have hope that you'll update soon.
JasperWhitlockIsTheStud chapter 29 . 4/7/2014
I think I just swooned. Gawd, the amount of power Hermikne has woo! It's wicked. I love it.

Frankly, I really am hoping for a happy ending but that would be trivial. I am so bloody happy he finally said it. Accepted it. You've given Tom so much development and tranformed him into the most oddest ball out there. The whole "no matter how many times I split my soul, I will love her" really got me.

I am thoroughly liking how Hermione knows her goal albeit she loves him. This is such a beautiful story and I frankly, am lost at words at its beauty.

Really cannot wait for the next update and eager to find you'll end this. Thank you.
JasperWhitlockIsTheStud chapter 25 . 4/7/2014
Oh boy, am I glad I began reading this story despite it having reviews about "Hermione being controlled way too much by Tom". I disagree majorly. Frankly, I would say it is Tom that is in trouble *wink*. I mean he has split his soul more once now and have not taken potions like Hermione has (the tiny love ones) and still shags her senseless. Dare I say, he is wrapped around Hermione despite knowing all about her identity. IT MAKES ME SO HAPPY. Albeit, I am not saying he is not in character because hell I have never seen Riddle be so sync with his future Voldemort character in other stories and that is a huge compliment because I have come across quite the collection of Tomione.

In general, I think you are a WONDERFUL writer and have everything spot on. I mean, the development, the characters and the hotness *fans herself* everything, I mean everything is perfect. I have been devouring this tale since last night forgoing my preparation for finals. It was/is worth it. I adore your author's note in the beginning as they give me a good laugh, especially, the whole "Tom being more fun to write than Draco. He is messed up, man" I AGREE WHOLEHEARTEDLY. He is messed up but oh so addicting that I do not blame Hermione one bit but again, I feel she is more in control than our Tom here.

I am going to continue reading this and get caught up. Eagerly, will wait for the update but once again, YOU ARE BRILLIANT! THIS STORY IS BRILLIANT! EVERYTHING IS JUST ... BLOODY BRILLIANT. :))

Take care! xo
thestaganddoe chapter 29 . 3/18/2014
jonie92 chapter 29 . 2/1/2014
This story is absolutely amazing :) Please continue it
confused chapter 29 . 11/17/2013
I'm just very confused about the story. It has a decent plot but the way Hermione allows Tom to control her is not only out of character, but I can't imagine any girl allowing a guy to control her like that. He practically puts her into harm's way and then she willingly allows herself to be swept away by him when there are no reasons why she should be captivated.
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