Reviews for Saving 06
xfxgdf chapter 5 . 7/28/2008
Okay people, listen to me. Milliardo Peacecraft, or Zechs(06) Merquise as he is known is the 06!

gundam pilot 06 Zechs merquise, pilot of epyon (or tallgese depending on when)

06 is not a random (beautiful !, silver haired!, silver eyed!, Mary Sue!, New Type) woman, who by pure coincidence seem to take few personality trait from all the pilot.

Now aside for that.

The Sankaritar seem to be the only piece of technology that can discover if the one you are screwing is your soulmate. tough luck for Trowa and Quatre who are just boyfriend. Oh well...

Oh and you better check the definition of empath in the dictionary because empath do not imply reading other though!

oh and Quatre saying yes ma'am to some girl? and just accepting what she said. like that...Well for teeneage terrorist there are just confiant about any random (...) girl they came accross.

Oh and she is under all the doctor ... you never watched the show ne, you have no idea where the doctor came from, you just heard about there is a reason why there are five doctor and five gundam!

Zechs (the 06 pilot) do not have a doctor!.

oh and the story is so full of cliche (hn, injustice, caffeine rush)

In the end, she his a Mary Sue, and the story line is pretty weak, and not well though out.

You should watch the anime, or if you do not have acess, read some info on gundam wing and not fanfiction!

ps "half feline dna" I did not talk about that because well, its kind of speak for itself...
SSJ-Jolt chapter 11 . 7/26/2008
You update with an ass load of chapters and what happens...? Not a damn thing. All your doing it pissing people off! Whats more putting so many songs into a fic rather then writing the actually story only makes you look more and more like a complete novice. Your putting no effort into your work and no one will want to read your drivel.

What readers want is actual content, not your romantic fantasies! Wake and smell the roses, writing is meant allow you to escape reality, not enact that what you wish was reality!

Enough of this and get back to the actually storyline!
Knyghtshade chapter 5 . 11/13/2007
Snicker. WHat is it with the girls beating up on Fei? Oh Right he deserves it. HAHAHAHAHAA!

I've got my girl Solaris beating on him to. It's his own fault. If he would just quit with the weak onna comments.

Duo almost always gets the cat Dna. For good reason. He's alot like one. :)
SSJ-Jolt chapter 5 . 11/13/2007
Thats cool. I forgot the description of the Gundam anyway.

Oh and I just looked up Duo's Docter... its Proffessor G.

Heres some more info for Hyaku Shiki and Zack...

Description: Despite following the basic design of the Wing Zero the Hyaku Shiki is rather more toned down. As an Attack Use Mobile Suit it is outfitted for both Ground and Space combat. It’s shoulders are smaller then the other Gundams and it’s armour has less fancy details on it’s facing edges. On it’s backpack it mounts a pair of vertical wing like devices called ‘wing binders’ which packs additional thrusters and apogee motors for increased manoeuvrability. It’s head is also distinct in it’s departure from the Wing Zero design, it’s overall shape is similar despite the front of the head being more pronounced it also lacks the trademark V-fin on the forehead instead opting for large antennas on each side of the head, also the optics aren’t visible in the large black ‘sockets’ in the face. It’s model number suggests it may be a second generation Hyaku Shiki…

Other Notes on Zack: In the pilot order he is considered Number 00. He is also a Newtype who has mastered the ability to use his mind as a method to enhance his machine’s performance further.
SSJ-Jolt chapter 4 . 11/12/2007
not bad... but not spectacular... It's got promise if you can manage to add more detail to the next chapter. Oh and heres my character submission and his Gundam...

Model number: XG-00100HS

Code name: Gundam Hyaku Shiki

Unit type: Attack use Mobile suit

Manufacturer: Zack Shrike (Based on design of Wing Zero supplied by the scientists and designs stolen from Romefeller Foundation’s Colony X-18722 manufacturing plant)

Operator: Zack Shrike

First deployment: Unknown

Accommodation: pilot only, in standard cockpit in torso

Dimensions: head height 16.7 meters

Weight: Unlisted

Armour materials: gundanium alloy on Movable Frame body

Powerplant: ultracompact fusion reactor, power output rating unknown

Performance ability levels: fighting 160; weapons 120; speed 190; power 130; armour 120

Equipment and design features: sensors, range unknown; anti-beam reflective coating on armour

Fixed armaments: 2 x machine guns, fire-linked, mounted on head; 2 x beam sabre, stored in recharge racks in hip armour, hand-carried in use, can be linked pummel to pummel as a double bladed sword

Optional hand armaments: 1x Beam Rifle, power rated at 4.2 MW (can punch through Gundanium), hand carried in use, can be stored on clamp on rear waist armour.

Optional Equipment: Shield with anti-beam Reflective coating

Notes: The Movable Frame body grants the Hyaku Shiki unequalled agility by turning normal Mobile Suit construction principles literally inside out. By transferring the main support structure to an internal skeleton on which all the thrusters, fuel tanks and other components with armour only on the most critical components the joints have freer movement and the suit weighs less overall. The anti-beam coating turn the Hyaku Shiki into a true terror on any battle field, allowing it to either reflect smaller beam weapons or scatter the blast from a buster rifle. It was meant as an emergency unit should the Gundam Boy’s fail but Zack field’s it regularly against the Gundam Boys as a way of showing he is a superior pilot, even to the point of out classing Heero in a one on one fight. The entire machine has a shining golden colour to it.

Name: Zack Shrike

Age: 22

Appearance: Zack has sharp blue eyes and a handsome face. He has short unruly black hair that he never combs. He always wears a white t-shirt and green cargo pants when going casual. When in his mobile suit his outfits will suit the environment, deserts he will wear light clothing that will breathe or just go shirtless, in space he will wear a space suit, and so on. His body is actually rather lithe despite being well built from training for greater speed then strength.

Personality: Despite his hating the Gundam Boy’s and constantly wanting to prove how weak they really are he is actually a really kind hearted and loving individual to his friends. He is really the sort who would rather die himself then see a friend die. He is also a pervert who is known to sneak up on girls like some sort of ninja and grab their chests from behind.

History: Zack was originally intended to pilot the original Gundam the scientists where building, however they later revised the design into the Wing Zero and decided Zack didn’t suit the design. When the scientists parted ways they sent Zack a copy of both the first Gundam and Wing Zero’s designs and asked him to build his own Gundam for use in case their new pilot’s ended up failing. Enraged that he was passed up again he infiltrated Romefeller Foundation’s Colony X-18722 manufacturing plant and stole copies of the designs for the Wing Gundam Seraphim, Lucifer, Derringer Arms, T'ien-Lung, Deathscythe Guilty and Sandleon and built his own machine using their notes and his own ideas. Once the Golden Gundam which he named ‘Hyaku Shiki’ meaning Type 100 he vowed to prove he was a superior pilot then the ones chosen by the scientists. Rumour has it he’s not all hot air on that…
SSJ-Jolt chapter 3 . 11/8/2007
Ok the writing is average and I can see potential. Just do me a favour. Please, if your going to do yoai DON'T focus on the sex side of teh relationship, I know a fair few homosexual males and Homo relationships are no different from straight relationships. Just the 'who'se on top' is a little more blurred. Please keep that in mind when writing, please.

Also may reviewers submit thier own Gundams/Mobile Suits along with pilots for you to use in the fic? I have several ideas...
Weissangel24 chapter 3 . 11/8/2007
This is really turning into a good story. Keep going! :)