Reviews for The Moment It Began
ankitmahat chapter 5 . 10/6
This is the most pathetic piece of shit I've read so far in this site. How the hell can a 38 year old mature and powerful wizard act anything like this. This is so pathetic.
ankitmahat chapter 4 . 10/6
What a crappy start. Seriously. He had lived for so long and after he comes back, this is his response to life. This is pathetic.
Foxy-Floof chapter 81 . 9/30

No, I'm not tearing up.


Definitely, absolutely NOT BAWLING.
Foxy-Floof chapter 69 . 9/30
Oh man... I went through a lot of crap with my big brother. And I'm so grateful we were able to patch it up.
Harivardi fangirl chapter 66 . 9/28
So true about the cancer part.. I've never met anyone with cancer before but now I kind of understand how hard it is for the people around the patient, the ones near and dear to them. I believe in God to some extent, but I believe in karma the most. Anyone who does a lot of kind things deserves to have an amazing life, I think, which is why DON'T HARM LILY PLEEES ;)

yeah that's my mood swing sorree
Harivardi fangirl chapter 65 . 9/28
Oh my gods. you actually used "always".. the most emotional word said by snape EVER (other than Lily, haha)
my eyes are just sweating haha, no big deal..
Harivardi fangirl chapter 36 . 9/27
NONONONO PLEASE NOT VOLDY MOLDY Please tell me he won't get the Dark Mark! If he does I'M NOT GONNA READ THIS (I'm gonna be too depressed haha)
(Actually I'm too hooked to this story to stop hehe)
Harivardi fangirl chapter 31 . 9/27
OH MY GODS OH SHIT I DID NOT EXPECT THAT.. DON'T TELL ME SIRIUS IS DEAD!? I literally stopped breathing at the last line
Harivardi fangirl chapter 28 . 9/27
Wow. Severus' last words to his dad were.. Not even venomous, but it somehow had me staring at the screen for a good five minutes, reading those lines over and over again. "We're damned men, you and I." Oh yes, my life is damned now too, after reading that beautiful painful line.
Harivardi fangirl chapter 25 . 9/27
Oh my gods. That poem has me in tears.. HOW ARE YOU NOT THE BEST AUTHOR IN THE WORLD I mean I bet people would pay MILLIONS to read that beautiful poem because WOW. I definitely would pay millions and basically worship you at your feet, haha . I guess you're my new inspiration now, I really want to write like you someday
Harivardi fangirl chapter 12 . 9/27
"Severus could look at his forearm and be reminded that it was free of the Dark Mark and that his other arm was around the woman he loved" This line really stunned me.. Your writing is BRILLIANT and I'd love to see an original book from you, good luck publishing!
Guest chapter 16 . 9/10
Ok. I try guessing. Umph. Eileen will recover very slowly and not fully. Then Severus will remember the healing factors of chocolate. She will have chocolate on a regular basis which will do her some good. She will visit her parents home and will recover some more. She will get some gobstones to have fun.
In the end, she will be able to live on her own but still need calm and predictability and quiet, but she will know how to get them and keep them.
Tobias will need shelter in winter. At some point he will join AA. When he is sober, the magic wards will not be able to stop him, because that house belongs to him. He owns this house. Magic law will be obeyed. Think of Kreacher.
Avery and Mulciber are quite dumb with bad grades, so they seem unworthy to become deatheaters.
Sirius and James will have an accident with the motorcycle, leaving James scarred and Sirius feeling guilty. Their friendship becomes weaker, and Sirius turns to Regulus and Andromeda for support.
Thus, Regulus does not become a deatheater either, and Andromeda does not marry Ted, at least not yet. This will prevent Walburga from going mental.
Thus, Voldemort has much less supporters and tries to get the Elder Wand. Grindelwald tells him , so he can fetch it from Dumbledore. But he will never be able to truly own it, because he is very afraid of death.
Dumbledore and Slughorn manage to lure all the horcruxes into Riddles diary, where they start a self help group for split personalities. In the end, they commit suicide by uniting which makes one super horcrux who is much healthier and more powerful and gains influence on Voldemort. Voldemort not liking this influence destroys the Diary then realizes it was wrong and commits suicide. Therefore being able to get reunited with the super horcrux while dying. Everyone is very happy. The end.
Umm chapter 27 . 9/3
So I know this is already complete, but I just need to voice something.
Why the HELL would her body still be hanging there? Whoever found her had to have told someone and that someone had to have told Dumbledore. That's three people. Why did Dumbledore, WHO KNEW, let Snape see her like that? Why didn't he warn him?
PurdyBaby chapter 121 . 9/2
I love it! Amazing! Yay!
PurdyBaby chapter 94 . 9/2
I love this story sooooooooo much! Have been binging it all day! Can’t put it down! *riotous applause*
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