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This Fangirling Muggle chapter 121 . 22h
Oh wow. This is my favorite story now! I love the plot and that Tobias twist was amazing. It's so long and well written and great! You are amazing.
This Fangirling Muggle chapter 119 . 22h
NOOOOOOO THAT WAS FANTASTIC! I was screaming up in my room when I read that, that was such an epic plot twist! I loved it, I think it suits Voldemort great. It's perfect. Oh wow, this has been my favorite story that I've ever read!
This Fangirling Muggle chapter 78 . 2/7
argh. f u this is sooooooooo ggggreatttttttttttttt! can't stop reading! i'm so shipping sirius and petunia now!
This Fangirling Muggle chapter 56 . 2/6
This Fangirling Muggle chapter 10 . 2/6
Holy crap! I just saw that there are 124 chapters in this story! That is amazing. I could never write that much! It's a lot to read, but this story is so good that it's worth it!
Lucy Kalyn chapter 121 . 2/2
Thank you so much, Sindie, for writing this fanfic! I absolutely loved it and it has been the favorite one that I've ever read. I loved the plot - and writing more than 100 chapters! - it was wonderful all the way through. I really love long fanfics, and this one was really satisfying. Also, thanks for linking the other fanfics based on this one after this chapter (that was really useful). I loved Snily and also Petunia & Sirius. In addition, it was awesome that Tobias killed Voldemort (yes, so ironic!). I also loved Regulus and the way you developed his character, although his death was really sad. I know it had to be like that in this story, but now I'm tempted to read/write some Regulus fanfics . I had never really thought about Regulus after reading the Harry Potter books because he was a really minor character, so it was nice that you wrote about him. Sorry for this long comment, but, really, THANK YOU SO MUCH for reading this amazing fanfic! I'm definitely going to share this fanfic with my friends.️️️
TJ Jordan chapter 122 . 1/18
Okay, so anyway, part of my review got cut off, but I just wanted to say that you did a great job on writing this story and thank you for sharing. :)
TJ Jordan chapter 121 . 1/18
Well, I have to say that this is perhaps the only story on fanfiction that actually made me think: "Holy crap! Is there even an end to this story?" And I don't mean that in a bad way. It's actually a compliment here. Seriously, I highly applause you for following through with your story and completing it the way you wanted to. The moment I saw that this was written in 2007 my mouth nearly dropped. I think I was in sixth grade at that time. Which reminds me, when did you originally finish this story (as in the Epilogue chapter)? Yes, I know the date says 2014, but that means for one of the 'Continuation' chapters, not the Epilogue. But, anyway, back to the point. I originally meant to leave a review for each other, but the moment I started reading... I just couldn't stop. Every day and night I'll be up reading each other, wondering what will happen next. When I got home from work, your story was the one thing I was looking forward. If I'm correct, I believe I finished this story in two weeks and boy was it a hell of a read. ;)

Moving on, I thought your writing of Snape was actually pretty good. I thought you got down exactly what you needed to present for his character. Severus Snape has always been an interesting person to me in the Harry Potter novels. And in speaking of which, the moment when we learn about his past with Lily, I cried when reading the flashback sequences in Deathly Hallows. The dude really has lived a terrible life, one that makes me feel bad for all the harsh words and death threats I've given him in the past (opps). While others are right that Snape did indeed choose this life, I also believe that others played a part in sending him down that dark road too, especially when it comes to James Potter. This is a guy who lived with a drunken dad and a mother who driven into depression (btw, was your portrayal of Snape's parents canon or original?), influenced by those who were into the Dark Arts, was sorted into Slytherin, living with Pureblood Nazis (oh yeah, I went there), and was bullied by those who could have helped him see the error of Slytherin's ways and go down the right path. And yes, he did have Lily, but even then it all boils down to the fact that Snape was just a kid back then. Kids are more gullible than we may think. Just as Gryffindors are surely to follow the ways of the nature of their own house, Snape is also in the same position to follow Slytherin's.

But I'm getting off track again. The journey of Snape's second chance in this story is very well done and handled cleverly. At first I was afraid that Snape would become 'good' a little too quickly in the beginning chapters. But instead, you presented us with a more detailed story that shows us the struggle and hardship of his transformation. Yes, he had the motivation and the right reasons to change, but there was always the journey that needed to be explored. And you do very well in exploring the areas of what it would be like for Snape to try and change. I understood, sympathized, and even felt everything that Snape was going through with each chapter.

As for the other characters, I thought you did a good job with them too. Seeing others like Dumbledore, James Potter, Sirius, Remus, Peter, Mr. and Mrs. Evans, Snape's father and mother (can't remember their names), Voldemort, and so many others. I liked that you had Snape and his father have some emotional moments and also forgiveness. But the one that stood out from them all would have to be Snape's mother. I mean... dear lord! I cried when I read the chapter where Snape learns she committed suicide (talk about dark, including the way how you showed the freaking body!). I was really hoping we would have gotten a moment when they both could have lived a happy life in his final year at Hogwarts. But, then again, it did add to the story and also kept things fresh and interesting. It was nice to see Hagrid as well (although, I do wish we gotten more of him, but he isn't part of the main story).

I like Lily and her relationship with Snape from beginning to end of this story. You provided the right amount of compassion, love, determination, and also limitations of her character. It would have been easy to have her be a one-dimensional kind of person. But you did a good job of showing that she can be loving, sad, sympathetic, and angry, even some at the same time. I originally was worried on how the relationship between her and Snpae would go, but you did alright. I'm glad that you touched upon other certain relationships, like with her parents, sister, and including James and the Marauders. In speaking of which, it felt refreshing to see Lily and Petunia patch things up and actually get along.

Another thing I want to talk about, involving Lily, is her reaction to finding out about Snape's first life from the alternate timeline (or original timeline, you know what I mean). I really thought you captured the right kind of atmosphere and emotions for that moment. I didn't want to see her leave Snape after being shown the truth, but I also knew that it would have been a very appropiate reaction to see from her. And like I said before, it wasn't one-sided or immediately made Lily seem one-dimensional, but rather a nice mix of emotions that made her feel all the more human. I liked that she was understanding but yet also conflicted. It felt right to see her process all of this and come to the conclusion that she forgives him and that her love is more than enough to get past it. I especially love the scene when she gets made at her 'first-life' self for not forgiving Snape. It felt nice to see her see the error of her mistakes and realize that Snape was lost. I have to admit that I was surprised and a little shocked that you decided to have Snape reveal the truth about his first-life. I was thinking he wouldn't reveal it to after I made it past chapter 30. But you did surprise me and I was glad that you took the route that I didn't expect you to take. You did a great job with the reveal and also Lily's reaction to it. :)

As for other things to talk about, I really liked that you put Snape in the same position as Harry from the Order of the Phoenix. It felt good to see him being admired for standing up to Voldemot and even showing courage and respect for others. But the absolute best would probably have to be seeing Snape train Hogwarts students. It just felt uplifting and badass for his character to do. In speaking of which, I really do wish we had gotten more chapters involving that, especially the characters of Rose and Emily (I really did like those two). Which brings me to another thing I love about this story, is seeing that there are those in House Slytherin not being so bad as we were originally meant to believe. You really showed how Snape is not only changing, but also inspiring others to change as well. And while I do love the character of Harry Potter, this is something Rowling never really accomplished with his character, as you did with Snape here.

Okay, so with the positives out of the way, its time to talk about the negatives I have. Now, just as a warning, if you don't want to read about my negatives, then skip this whole paragraph. I won't mind. I will try to be professional when in this area, but I apologize if I in anyway hurt your feelings. One major problem I have is that this story at times feel like it drags in certain areas. One moment we'll something intense, exciting, or emotional going on, but then find I feel that some chapters afterwards fall into the ''filler-category''. And while I do love that this is a very long story, I do feel that some chapters aren't needed or didn't add much to the story. Second, I felt that Snape at times felt a little too repetitive in terms of his reactions and emotions towards things and people. For example, we will see Snape making progress in how he acts to James, Dumbledore and others. But sometime later, we get Snape snapping back to how he originally acts, being angry or rude, which makes the previous progress from before feel like a step-back. Now, I originally didn't mind this in the beginning and a little of the middle, as it goes to show that he is still learning and that his past will always be there to haunt him in so many ways. But after a while, it got old and even felt like a bit of noticeable minor problem that only made Snape seem more like a jerk and was still holding onto the past. Like I said, minor problem, but noticeable. Third, I really do wish we had gotten to see Snape become 'actual' friends with James, Sirius and Remus. I get why you didn't show it fully happen, but I was kinda hoping for it. Fourth, while I understand this one, I felt that there was a little too much slash and negativity towards Dumbledore. Yes, even I agree his actions involving Harry are questionable, but like you said in your story, he isn't perfect and is bound to make mistakes. Fifth, I felt that there were some subplots that weren't needed. Like the Muggle World discovering the Wizardry World. While I nice concept for a separate story, it felt rushed and not that well developed, even feeling separate from the main focus. And sixth, I felt that Voldemort's death was a little anti-climatic. It was great to see Snape's father have a heroic moment, but I was expecting something more. Once again, I deeply apologize if any of my negatives upset you. It wasn't my intention.

In the end, I have to say that I do like this story and did a spectacular job at writing the journey of Snape's redemption and second life. And yes, I did read the 'continuation chapter' and while I did like it, I felt that the Epilogue was the best place to put the review on. Seemed more fitting. I really tried to go over everything I could, but there is just so much I can talk about that it is almost impossible to remember it all. But I think I went through every
Risa chapter 77 . 1/17
But some Scottish schools do have them
Guest chapter 66 . 1/15
When I started reading this chapter some days ago, I didn't know Alan Rickman suffered from cancer, too. Now he has passed away :(
Guest chapter 66 . 1/15
I was reading this sory and took a break and checked facebook. I saw that Alan Rickman died. My heart is heavy
Trinity chapter 37 . 1/10
Love it

Lena T. Rose chapter 123 . 12/31/2015
I don't think I ever finished this story...but I have now and I must say it is still one of my favorites.
leo chapter 124 . 12/31/2015
Give me another big story like this
monacrespa chapter 76 . 12/27/2015
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