Reviews for The Moment It Began
Alex chapter 11 . 2h
Yeah, I take STAAR, the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness, and I doubt someone who hadn't been prepping vigorously for them could do them years after learning the material, especially subjects like history that are just a lot of memorized facts
Alex chapter 4 . 4h
I wonder how he would feel if he knew how similarly Harry was treated.
Alex chapter 1 . 5h
Wow, how even… well, only one thing to do at that point I suppose.
Minaly22 chapter 121 . 7/25
Marathon complete! Yay!
Very nice story. And i see that you are going on an Aladdin spree now. Mind if I bother you with a plot bunny on my profile?
MrsFiddlesticks chapter 123 . 7/14
I just finished the whole thing in almost one sitting. This story... Was absolutely amazing! I squealed over Severus and Lily, I actually cried over them twice, and I fell absolutely in love with your writing! I think my favourite part was your characterisation of Severus. In my opinion, it was the most realistic and well written character development I've ever read in fan fiction. I'm so glad you wrote this!
June Ellie chapter 1 . 7/4
Thank you so much for this story. It's been a long time since I've found a Harry Potter story that touched me as deeply as this one did. It reminded me of how magical this series was, and just how deeply I loved it when I was growing up. Thank you for bringing back my first love.
Guest in Europe chapter 77 . 6/28
Apologies for raising the school graduation thing - I noticed it in your previous chapter but submitted my comment from this one, obviously, before I had read your suthor's note!
Guest in Europe chapter 77 . 6/28
I'm absolutely LOVING this story, especially the steady, believable character development. It's also fantastic to read something that is basically well-written. I know one shouldn't expect perfection in fan-written tales, but sometimes the standard of literacy is beyond low. So, a double pleasure.
A couple of Brit-nitpicks: the Evans wouldn't face medical bills - our health system is free at source. I know many Americans consider that second only to communism, but it works for us and means the dear Evans family can just focus on the health issue; next, it's not possible to get married in your backyard (aka garden) in Britain, even now, let alone at the time your story is set - church or registry office would be the options for Lily & Severus; lastly, we don't graduate from secondary education, we just leave. Nowadays, some schools have adopted the idea of a prom at the end of the final year, but there is no parading across the stage, valedictorian speech or throwing of caps in the air- that is reserved for university, where one graduates after being an under-graduate (clue is in the name) for three or more years.
All that being said, I love your story and thanks, On to the next chapters.
misuky7 chapter 124 . 6/25
I cannot wait to read the sequel. This story was a masterpiece, truly. I was enamoured while reading this. Severus and Lily are perfect together in this, it was unlike anything I've read with them. :3
Sarah chapter 121 . 6/22
This is the longest FanFiction I've ever read but it was TOTALLY worth it. I loved this story so much, and normally I don't like AU fics but this one was different. It felt so canon in a way, and everything fit so nicely. It's a very believable story. Time travel is really hard to get right, but you did it REALLY well in this story. I mean you thought of every little thing, I kept waiting to read something that didn't make sense but it came together perfectly. I LOVE that Tobias snape killed voldemort with a gun that was pure genius and I totally didn't see it coming. I also really liked that petunia and Sirius got together, I've never thought of them together before but I like it. And I loved that everyone ended up being friends and got a somewhat happy ending. Probably the best Harry Potter fic I've ever read so good job you should be very proud of yourself!
Good Idea chapter 119 . 5/12
I found Voldemort's death quite fitting! And your right; it was unexpected!
Good Idea chapter 116 . 5/12
How could you kill Regulus like that! He is one of the best characters in the series!
lemon-rind chapter 124 . 5/8
Brilliant. Thank you. Good job!
Nikki Pond chapter 121 . 4/29
That was unexpected. I didn't expect Tobias to be the one to defeat Voldemort by using a gun. I'm glad u add Draco here. He's my fav. character ;)
AnnaDruvez chapter 66 . 4/24
I have watched my mother go through cancer. Twice. She died from the last round. I just wanted to say that I think you handled the event with all the sensitivity and compassion I could have hoped for in a writer.

I haven't read the next chapters, but I'm really hoping you give Mrs. Evans a bit of a break - since it seems like she wants to keep her hair. Not everyone loses theirs. My mother, for instance, didn't. Oddly, that was a shame. We had a lot of fun browsing wigs before she went for chemo. They were expensive, of course, but we laughed like crazy at the idea of her going for blonde or black hair. I suggested a clown wig as a joke, which had her giggling for quite a while after.
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