Reviews for The Moment It Began
sheepcat01 chapter 34 . 8/6
I know this story has been finished for year, but I just can't believe NO ONE'S addressing the point that Sirius really tried to get Severus killed with the so-called "prank" he pulled? I mean, Dumbledore saw the encounter in Severus' memory, he witnessed that Sirius regretted not having killed Sev and STILL he decides to ignore it?
barbi-black chapter 121 . 7/30
Maybe the best fic I have ever read because of its so many and mixed qualities, and it has already been 13 years since I started folowing the page. Congratulations, you are an amazing romanist
FFfan26 chapter 121 . 7/17
SO sorry if the review below was confusing- I logged in to review 2 stories that I really really enjoyed and got them mixed up .

I thought you story was really good, love the idea of Snape getting a second chance- it always pained me that he never got a happy ending after doing so much for Harry and died before he could say even say thanks. Keep up the good work.
FFfan26 chapter 120 . 7/17
I thought this is quite possibly one of my favourite harry potter fan fics so far.

I loved that you made Snape the father and without "tarnishing" the relationship between Lily and James, very cleverly done. I thought the pacing was excellent, far too often you read stories where Snape rescues Harry and all Harry's issues are dealt with in a chapter or 2.

Keep up the good work, looking forward to reading more of your work.

(BTW I very very seldomly review, so seldom I forgot my log in and had to re-register so I could tell you how much I enjoyed this.)
MakoPeanuts chapter 28 . 7/15
this was so sad I almost cried.
AbsolutelyAbbie chapter 3 . 7/5
I love this. I love that Snape gets a second chance to redo things with Lily- I cannot wait to see what you have planned for their last two years of school and adult life together, which never happened. I just finished re-reading the last Harry Potter book last night.
Thank you for writing Severus Snape to be so gentle with Lily Evans this time around. I can't say that he was a kind person underneath the hard shell of bitterness, but he ALWAYS loved Lily, so it makes sense that he would be kind and open with her. I can't wait to see where this story goes.
crossfire922 chapter 4 . 7/1
I realize this story is finished but... Lily is being really really rude here. He's clearly in a mood and she gets insulted? Thats really harsh.
mxaniotakis chapter 124 . 6/25
Hello there! Just wanted to say how awesome your story has been.
It captivated me (took about 3 days to finish the whole lot of it.)
I would like to see a sequel of this one actually.. (Harry Potter crossover perhaps?)
ValykirieRevolution chapter 121 . 6/24
Wow, this is brilliant. I really like where this went and the way you used canon to extrapolate on what could happen. Just awesome. :) How did you know where to diverge and where to stick to canon?
Five Shades chapter 25 . 6/21
This is a lovely story...and as someone who has JUST watched all the movies for the first time EVER and still reading the books...let me just say that the story of Severus Snape broke my heart into a million pieces. Thank you for writing a second chance at life for him. I am looking forward to seeing what you have planned for him and Lily. I have especially enjoyed the internal struggle he is having regarding his past life. I am so glad you are making him work through it instead of having him be all ok with everything. It's a very interesting process.
Michael chapter 57 . 6/16
I read this fan fiction a while back, and I absolutely loved it. I saw it mentioned in an email to me from this site and I remembered how much I loved it. These last two chapters elicited the same amount of emotion from me as they did the first time I read it. This work is so amazing that I could read is just as many times as I've read Harry Potter (which is a lot) and I'll still be just as entrapped as the first time. Thank you for this magic and know that I look forward to finishing it for the second time.
Skyeline chapter 3 . 6/15
be still my heart 3
Skyeline chapter 1 . 6/15
great start. congrats on completing your novel!
Guest chapter 119 . 6/14
thought it was the best thing in a really good story. Caught me by surprise.
Guest chapter 115 . 6/14
I wondered if Rita would rear her ugly rear.
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