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Guest chapter 63 . 1/21
You bitch! Lol, you are really jus H!
Guest chapter 62 . 1/21
The scene with Sev flying Lily around was pretty cool… erm, in fact it was frigidly cold. Why!? Warming charms were mentioned a few times in canon - for example they were used by prefects on lower years walking to Hogsmeade… how could both of these two NEWT level students not know them?

I’m assuming he’s taking advantage of the Prince vaults - after all, what would be the point of them sitting unused? Hopefully he’s figured out that using a Prince property - with old, established Pureblood wards - would be the best way to keep his ladylove safe. If not, he’s letting his emotions rule his common sense, namely the worthless concept of wounded pride for the treatment of his grandparents towards his mother - none of which are alive.
Guest chapter 61 . 1/21
Ya know, I really should have seen that coming. It wasn’t Lily, but a sense of accomplishment, of importance, that Severus was lacking and that fits brilliantly.
Nice job of working into it slowly, well done.
Guest chapter 59 . 1/21
A good realization - though it scares me that in his quiet moments he feels empty without Lily… perhaps it has simply been too long since I was young and in love?
Then again, another person cannot make you feel 'whole', he's got to have a purpose. I could think of a few ideas!
Guest chapter 58 . 1/21
Sev was behaving in a way that would make a Gryffindor proud :(

Situational awareness is just not this guys forte :/
Guest chapter 57 . 1/21
Damnit. I hope they find some proof of Peter’s changed heart other than the fact that he did not go with the DE’s. Then again… that’s an amazing turn about from who he was just weeks ago…

"There's better," Lily commended. "Don't you ever doubt yourself. You just asked me to marry you, and I said yes. Sev, I love you for who you are, and when you asked me to spend the rest of my life with you, I could think of nothing I would rather do than walk through every part of life, both the good and the bad, together. Together, Sev. Not alone. You're not alone. I'm here with you, for you, always."
"Always," Severus echoed, the most sacred word to him. He blinked several times, watching at Lily's tears fell, mirrored on his face. His arms had unfolded as she had spoken, and now he enveloped her once again, his always and forever.

Nicely done. It seems that at least half of the SS/xyz fics try to work this in and almost all of them feel forced when they get to it. Not this, in the genuine emotion of the day, it fits so very well. Nicely done.
Guest chapter 56 . 1/21

the image of the interior being warm and comfortable, feeling like a fuzzy sweater or the embrace of a loved one.

Who is this and what has he done with Severus Snape!? Lol, this was pretty great, an insight into changes that were not forcibly shown to another, but rather the musings of a man who had been radically altered from the one who died in a pool just as deep with his regrets as it was his blood.

I was so impressed with Sev’s proposal, what a wonderful moment!
But you are so desperately cruel to them!

The Dark Mark was in the sky, leering down over the village, and from an alley a short distance across the street, a girl screamed, "Someone's just been killed!"
Severus withdrew back into the jewelry store and turned a heavy gaze to Lily. "The ring will have to wait," he said grimly.

Guest chapter 48 . 1/17
Assuming Sirius has learned his lesson (*coughs* not likely! *coughs*) Severus may turn out to do a pretty good job as Head Boy. I do wonder at other DE's in the school though...
Guest chapter 40 . 1/17
So, I know I've been less than gentle in my criticisms, and perhaps you have wondered why I'd bother reading (if you care) so I thought I'd point out one of the reasons I'm still, darkening your review box:
If he was being given another chance at life, then the least he could do was bestow the same compassion upon others. What would the purpose be of keeping everything to himself?

Severus's mind gaped at these thoughts. Was his cynical mind truly formulating them? Foreign visitors though they might have been at first, those thoughts were now inhabitants in his mental territory. They had settled and made a home for themselves.
I Freaking Love this imagery, the implications of a long history of carefully organizing and protecting his mind side by side with the shock he feels at 'foreign thoughts' having made their home in his mind. Writing like this is what keeps me clicking Next.
Guest chapter 39 . 1/17
OK, this is how bad it has been (in my mind, at the least) for Severus:
As I near the end of the chapter, the last sentence I could read (before paging down) was:
A small smile tugged at Tobias's mouth as he stepped out the door. Just before closing the unwarded door, Severus heard two words stated so plainly:
So, I can't see what's next... but my mind conjures:
Yeah, I figured Tobias was going to end up dead on Sev's doorstep because he cancelled the security.
Maybe that's just me, but that's what I meant by how long the angsty crap had been the normal day-to-day for young Mr. Snape.
Perhaps that's changed? It is a Romance/Drama, not a Dramatic Angst rating... I'll settle for Drama/Romance at this point. Consider me carefully hopeful.
Guest chapter 35 . 1/17
annnnnd getting bored.
Ron's teaspoon is the Pacific ocean compared to this idiot's depth with the way he keeps ignoring the obvious and forcibly turning aside blatant words like LOVE and US.
Sorry, but a drowning man grasps at anything in reach... yes, sometimes that flailing can knock away help, but Every Time?
He either IS suicidal - emotionally - or he's not... Shoving aside the one person who treats him with kindness is going to happen - at first. When it happens every time, time and time again it really makes zero sense except to draw out the angst for the sake of angst.
Guest chapter 31 . 1/17
You're bloody relentless is what you are!
It's good, but... damn woman, you're making it all but impossible for Severus to be redeemed from his original fallen path :(
Guest chapter 17 . 1/16
I honestly do not like it when authors undermine their own stories - as you have in your A/N. You've built an incredible tension in this chapter. It creates a desperate longing in your readers to know what comes next.
Then you prance in and pull back the drapes and shine your happy little sunshine in... Why!?
Why go through all the effort to build such a wonderful scene only to blithely throw it all away with a few patronizing assurances? Do you not think your readers mature enough to handle the wait for the next page to load?
I write this to you as someone who is published, and wants to publish more: Let the darkness build, let the trouble hurt, let the suffering linger.
After all, what good is redemption if you were never in any danger of falling?
Guest chapter 16 . 1/16
I have to say I'm disappointed with "the Kiss", especially after that long run of dramatic, rather intense episodes in their lives. I'd hoped that there would be a bit more intensity to their first display of romantic love. :/

That said, this is a very well crafted tale thus far. Sev doesn't simply 'get better' or 'learn from his mistakes'. If anything, he has 20 years of terrible life to overcome and I think you've done a great job showing how hard it is to turn back from darkness.
You're also making great strides to show that Sev has a good heart - giving us tangible reason for Lily to see something in Severus that isn't based on the past where he introduced her to the magical world and helped her realize she wasn't crazy ;)
LittleBittyPretty1 chapter 125 . 1/16
Thank you for posting this story! It was a very good read and definitely worth my time!
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